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The saga continues
Sunday was nice, we didn’t do anything but eat and have sex. Well that and Daddy watched some football games. That night I slept in bed with Daddy again. That night after he fucked me, I told him “I love you” but all he said was “That’s nice” and rolled over and fell asleep. That hurt. Every night that week we slept together and it was great. Mom was coming home sometime late Saturday, so Friday was to be our last night alone. As a treat, Daddy was letting me order pizza for dinner. When the doorbell rang, Daddy gave me the money to pay for it. I was scared but excited, because it was the first time someone other than Daddy would see me as a girl. The delivery man was some skinny guy in his twenties with scraggly hair. He handed me the pizza and said “Fifteen dollars miss”. I took the pizza, put it on the front hall table, turned back to him and gave him the money. “Thanks miss” he said with a wink and left.

As soon as I closed the door, Daddy was right there with an angry look on his face. “You little whore, flirting with that man” he said. “I didn’t say anything, I just paid him” I pleaded. “I saw him checking you out, ogling your tight ass, because you dress like a whore” he raged. I was wearing daisy dukes and a cropped t-shirt, but that was what Daddy had given me. I tried to tell him, but he wouldn’t listen. He grabbed my arm and dragged me with him while muttering under his breath. We went into the basement, to his work shop.

Stopping at a workbench, he bent me forward, and secured each of my wrists to the bench with a plastic tie. He then unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them and my panties to my ankles. He looked around, then picked up a wooden ruler. He raised his arm and brought the ruler down hard on my tender ass. I cried out, but that only spurred him on. He rained blows on my defenseless bottom and thighs until I was numb. He stopped, but when he looked at me rage was still in his eyes. He stepped in front of me, while opening his pants.

Freeing his cock, he grabbed my face forcing my mouth open. He then began to force feed me his whole cock. If I gagged, he would pull out then slap my face. “Whore” he snarled “you better get it nice and wet cause that’s the only lubricant you’re gonna get.” He continued to fuck my mouth and I did my best to produce as much saliva as I could. Tiring of this he pulled out and went behind me. He pried apart my cheeks and spit hard onto my puckered hole. Not pausing, he drove deep into me, not stopping until he was all the way in.

It hurt so much because of the lack of lube, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He assaulted me fast and hard, pounding me. He was slapping my ass with one hand while gripping my neck with the other. All the while he called me names. “You bitch, you slut. You think your pizza man can fuck like this” and so on. He was really scaring me, so I tried not to cry or do anything to make him more upset, even though I hadn’t done anything wrong. Even through his anger, my tight ass was starting to get to him, as he became more turned on. He slipped both his hands under my shirt and bra and began to twist my nipples hard. His breath was becoming ragged and his strokes shorter. With a gasp, I felt him stiffen and he began cumming in me. It was a long orgasm but he finally pulled his cock out. “Clean off my cock with your filthy tongue, you dirty slut” he growled, not leaving until I had cleaned every inch. After I finished, he turned, and left me tied to the bench. I heard his heavy footsteps climbing the stairs.

After a minute I heard the T.V. go on. I was down there like that a long time. I felt real cold because the basement wasn’t warm to begin with, and I didn’t have a lot of clothing on. To make it worse I couldn’t move and I was getting cramps in my legs. I must have fallen asleep in that position, because the next thing I remembered was Daddy shaking me awake. He cut the ties off my wrists and had me follow him upstairs to the kitchen. Once there he gave me a slice of pizza to eat. It was cold, but I was so hungry I didn’t care. He sat down and said “Chrissy, I’m sorry about what happened, but I get so jealous I can’t think right. When I saw him looking at you I was so mad. Tell me that you forgive me.” I told him I did because I was afraid he’d get mad at me again if I didn’t. He seemed happy and didn’t say anything as I continued to eat. After I was finished, he took my hand and led me up to his bedroom.

He took off his clothes and started to kiss me. He kissed my mouth and then started kissing my neck, which I like. After a few minutes he said to get on the bed. “Because your ass is probably sore, get on your hands and knees” he told me. I did what he told me. I then felt him apply some lube to my sore asshole. He then slid his thick cock into me and began to fuck. He was fucking a long time, cause he had come that night , as well as he had drank a lot of beer. He told me that this position was starting to bother him, so I should lay on the bed on my stomach. Daddy got on the bed and knelt between my legs. He placed the head of his cock to my hole, then squeezed it all the way in. Once he was in, he lay on top of me with his whole body. He was on his elbows, but it still felt like he could crush me.

He fucked me for a long time that way, slowly moving in and out. Finally he raised his body up some and started to move faster. After a few minutes of this he told me “Oh yeah Chrissy, that’s it, your sweet ass is going to make me shoot.” He drove all the way in and I felt his cock cumming in me. When he was finished, he pulled out, rolled onto his back and went to sleep. I lay there awake for a while. I didn’t really want to sleep there that night but was afraid not to. Finally I lay gingerly on my side and went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning still on my side, but my legs were pushed up towards my chest and Daddy was on his knees fucking me. “We have to take advantage kiddo, your mom will be back today” he said while continuing his thrusting. He must have been at a while, because after a couple of minutes he pulled out of me and scrambled over my face. “Open for breakfast” he said and started to shoot. I did my best to catch it all because he would get mad if cum was on the sheets. After he finished and my mouth cleaned him, he told me to make him breakfast and bring it to him.

I made bacon and eggs and coffee and brought it up on a tray. Daddy was sitting up in bed and smacked his lips in anticipation. “While I eat I want you to suck me and get me ready for round two.” I didn’t want to, knowing he hadn’t washed down there since before last night but I had too. It tasted gross but his cock responded to my mouth quickly. When he was done eating he had me straddle him and put it in me. He had me bounce up and down while he took it easy. I always liked this position but Daddy didn’t often do it because he wasn’t in charge as much. Today he was lazy and allowed me to ride him until he came. I had an erection, But I knew better than to play with it in front of him. When I tried once, Daddy slapped me and called him a whore. Since he treated me as a girl, his attitude to women was extended to me. Women were there for his gratification, but shouldn’t enjoy it too much. The pleasure was for him alone.

After round two he told me to shower and then to change the sheets in his room and open the window to air the room out. While I was in the shower I managed to take care of myself. While stroking , I remembered how good it felt riding his big cock and I came quickly. After the shower I made sure my face was free of make up and got dressed. After that I started doing all the housework that had to be done. It was getting late and I was in my room when I heard the phone ring. A few minutes later Daddy came to the room and told me to sit down. “Chris “ he said “there’s some bad news. On the way home there was an accident. A drunk driver hit your mother’s car and she didn’t make it. I’m sorry.” After telling me this he left without saying another word.

I was in a daze the rest of the day, although I know Daddy was on the phone some more that day. For dinner we had leftover pizza. During dinner he gave me some news. Since the accident was near my uncle’s town he had identified the body. She was being shipped to the funeral parlor in town, but because of the injuries there was no way to have an open casket so she would be cremated. My uncle would be coming for the service, but my grandma wasn’t coming. She was in a bad way losing her daughter and couldn’t bear to take the same road. My uncle would see about putting her house for sale while in town for the service. I slept in my own bed the next few nights, until after the funeral.

The next day at breakfast Daddy wanted to talk with me. He told me not to worry, because since he had legally adopted me that was in order. He then told me it was best we make a new start of things. He had been thinking of selling the garage, even before the accident, but now he was determined. With the insurance policy of Mom’s, and the sale of the garage and house, he would have enough money to pay for his kids college (his oldest was going to start next fall) and for him and me to move to a new town. He said we can buy a new house and in a new town where no one knows us I could be a girl all the time. “Would you like that honey?” he asked. I just nodded. “Also Chrissy I called your school and told them with what happened as well as us moving soon that you wouldn’t be going back.” “Ok” I said.

In the next few months, Daddy sold the house and garage. He had also traveled to eastern Pa. and had bought a new house outside a town called Stroudsburg. During this time I didn’t go out much and lived as a girl. Daddy bought me more clothes, everyday things you could wear, not just sexy clothes. Right after the funeral he expected me to resume my “womanly duty”. I had to satisfy him whenever and however he wanted, and without any obstacles he wanted it a lot. Soon the day came that we were to leave for our new life. We left early in the morning so that I could travel as a girl and no neighbors would see. The only things worth mentioning about the trip was a few times I had to give Daddy a blowjob while driving and he would pull into every rest stop and fuck me. Then we arrived at our new home.

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daddy should have ben killed off by now or in prison

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he could be nicer to the poor kid and stop acting like a sexiest pig! just saying, they could BOTH do the house work and pleaser each other......

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