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Summer was finally here! I pulled my hair out of my tight ponytail and let the dark strands flow freely down my tanned shoulders. It was the last day of grade nine and I was so ready to get out of my itchy polyester uniform and into some sexy bikinis. I linked arms with my best friend and we cheered as we strutted out of Saint Virginia’s School for girls.

My best friend, Lucy was delicate and small, she had curly strands of blond hair that fell around her face. Her emerald eyes, ruby lips and fair complexion made her look like the angel she was. We contrasted each other well, me, having dark features and acting more like a devil than an angel. But that only made us closer. I waved to some friends and Lucy shouted to me,

“Come on Michaela!” she was eager to get to our favorite summer spot: the riverside.

We wasted all afternoon by the river sitting on the grass, half naked after stripping off our constricting uniforms. We looked forward to the crazy summer parties and remembered our year. As dusk came we gathered our things and walked back to my house nearby.

We were already in bed when Lucy nudged me and said,

“Lets go down to the river, I’m way hot.”

“Sure,” I said.

Lucy began to rummage around for a bathing suit but I grabbed her elbow smiling mischievously. Lucy squeaked in protest as she realized what I meant but didn’t fight, she always gave in to me.

We walked to the river in the dark.

When we arrived at the water’s edge I began to peel my clothing off without hesitation, exposing my still small breasts and my firm ass. The curves of my sun-kissed body glowed in the moonlight. I felt sexy as I stood up and dove into the river.

I watched as Lucy undressed, her boobs were larger than mine and I noticed she had stared shaving her pussy. She silently dove in, her porcelain skin was shinning and she smiled self-consciously. I thought she looked beautiful.

We slowly became more comfortable as we enjoyed the feeling of the cool water hugging our exposed bodies. Lucy grabbed my hand and giggled, we could hardly see anything, the night had darkened and become alive with midnight sounds.

I pulled Lucy into a tight embrace and I could feel every inch of her body pressing up against my own. I felt rush of something I had never felt before spread through me starting in between my legs and moving all over. I knew Lucy felt it too because she moaned and pressed her body into mine.

I wanted Lucy badly right at that moment, so I leaned in and kissed her soft lips. I had always been pretty straight, getting lots of guys but it was different with Lucy.

She grabbed my hair and poked her tongue into my mouth.

We were both virgins and had never gotten too far with any guys, just a little kissing but nothing serious. I had a feeling that was going to change very soon.

Lucy and I heard the water splash behind us. I realized we were being watched.

Suddenly I felt a rough hand on the curve of my back, I turned around sharply but the night was too dark and all I saw was blackness. The man’s hand fondled my tits then worked their way down my body. His palms felt like sandpaper but they were oddly pleasant as they rubbed me in circles.

At first I was very scared, my body stiffened.

His other arm drew Lucy in and he began to kiss her as I had left off. His fingers grazed my vag and the same feeling grew inside me once more. I relaxed, melting into the unknown man’s touch.

The man rubbed me down there, giving me shocks of hot pleasure going through my body. He pushed two fingers up my tight pussy and I didn’t resist.

Gently but with much strength he grabbed me under my thighs and drew me into him. I didn’t think at all, I heard Lucy kissing the man from behind and a hardness between the man’s legs.

It was painful yet pleasant as he pushed it inside me. Still holding me tightly he began thrusting back and forth. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, it was the most wonderful sensation I had ever had.

I wrapped my legs tightly around his thick waist and began to move with him back and forth. He remained silent as I moaned and groaned, feeling my wet pussy caress his large cock.

The man had complete control over me; I wanted nothing but his huge dick sliding in and out of my slippery love canal. The fullness inside me was the best feeling I had ever felt.

The pleasure mounted and suddenly I couldn’t take anymore. I felt an explosion of fireworks filling me from head to toe. It was an overwhelming sensation, my body spasmed and I forgot about everything except this man’s touch.

The man’s muscles quivered and I knew he was feeling what I had felt. He groaned and pulled out of me. His lips brushed my ears as he whispered to me,

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

My mind cleared as he moved away. His voice had sparked my memory and I suddenly knew who this mysterious pleasure giver was. I called out softly,


I grabbed Lucy’s delicate fingers and pulled her behind me out of the water, back to the house. I battled feeling of confusion and embarrassment. Somehow, however, remembering the sandpapery touch on my skin those feelings disappeared and gave way to simple pleasure.

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2010-12-05 10:40:35
great plot, excellent writing

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2010-12-02 16:21:53
very sensual, i wish my dad could do this

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2010-12-02 16:21:46
very sensual, i wish my dad could do this

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2010-12-02 16:21:27
very sensual, i wish my dad could do this

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