Roy's continued conquests of other men's wives
Chapter 4

Becky was sitting with her arms propped on her knees and Tim had his back towards them as they walked into the clearing where they could be seen. Alarm immediately showed on Becky’s face as she screamed and reached for her blouse and quickly covered her titties. At the sound of her scream, Tim turned around and saw them approaching. He quickly grabbed his shorts and put over his crotch as Harry stopped within a few feet of them.

“Who the hell are you?” Tim said angrily.

“I happen to own this property,” Harry said sternly. “You’re trespassing,” he continued as he pointed towards a tree behind the two young lovers.

Tim quickly turned to look where Harry was pointing and saw the faded sign in the tree, “POSTED – NO TRESPASSING”.

“I – I” Tim stuttered. “I didn’t see the sign, Sir.”

Yvonne knew Roy was just trying to scare them and she stood back silently for the moment as Roy continued. “Well, that’s no excuse. I could have you arrested and charged with indecent exposure as well.”

“Please Sir,” Becky said as she began to cry. “We thought this land belonged to the University.”

“It did until I bought it,” Roy countered quickly. “So now what are we going to do with you two?”

“Please don’t call the police,” Becky said in a broken voice, her tears now very evident.

“We’ll do anything you ask if you just let us leave here,” Tim said.

Roy shrugged and looked at Yvonne. “What do you think?” he asked. Yvonne immediately got into the act.
“I don’t think they were really trying to cause any trouble Harry,” she said thoughtfully. “Maybe you should think about it. After all, they did offer to do anything you ask.”

“Yes they did,” he said as he turned to look at Tim again. “Did you mean it?”

“Yes!” Tim answered quickly.

“Okay,” Roy said slowly. “I won’t call the police under one condition. You come over here and eat my fiancee’s pussy and your pretty little wife sucks my dick.”

It took a second for his words to soak in and then a look of astonishment appeared on both their faces. “You can’t mean that!” Becky said quickly.

“Oh but I do,” Roy said quickly as he took out his cell phone. “It’s either that or I call the police right now. I may even call the College Dean. He’s a friend of mine.”

“Please sir,” Tim said in a passionate plea. “Don’t do that. We’ll get kicked out of college.”

Roy just shrugged and looked at them sternly as if waiting for a decision. Finally Tim looked at Becky and spoke softly. “I don’t think we have much choice,” he told her.

She took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. “I don’t guess we do. I told you we shouldn’t have come up here.”

“Okay. Okay,” Tim said quickly. Then he looked back at Roy. “Let’s get this over with.”

Roy looked at Tim for a few seconds and then turned to look at Yvonne. “Take your clothes off,” he told her.

Now she was the one with the look of surprise. “What?”

Roy laughed lightly. “Take your clothes off and go over there in front of Tim so he can eat your pussy. Becky is going to come over here and suck my dick while he does.”

Yvonne exhaled strongly and then reached to loosen her skirt. As soon as it dropped at her feet, she was pulling the blouse over her head. Tim’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

“What’s wrong boy. Is this the first time you’ve ever seen a real woman naked?”

Tim had a hard time getting his voice but finally spoke up. “Becky is actually my wife and we were both virgins the first time we had sex,” he said in a hoarse voice. “We’re waiting to move into the couples dorm but right now we’re still living in coed and it’s not very private.”

Roy motioned to Yvonne and she walked towards Tim until she was standing right in front of him and then she spread her legs slightly so that he was looking directly at her smooth pussy lips.
“I’m going to enjoy this even more then. Get busy,” Roy said sternly.

When he saw Tim lean forward and began to lick at Yvonne’s pussy, he turned his attention to Becky.

“Now you come over here,” he told her as he loosened his shorts.

She got up slowly and he couldn’t help but admire her young nude body as she walked towards him. Her pussy was covered with fine hair. He would take care of that later. He waited until she stopped and knelt in front of him before dropping his shorts to expose his big dick.

“Oh my God!” she said as soon as she saw it. “I can’t get that in my mouth! God Tim! He’s so big!”
“Try,” he said as he put his hands on her head and pulled it towards his dick. She struggled at first but then she began to take him in a little at a time until she had about half his length in her mouth and then she began to strangle.

“Take it easy,” he told her quickly. “You’re doing fine.”

He looked over at Tim and saw that Yvonne was now lying on their blanket and Tim was between her legs licking at her pussy with gusto. Yvonne’s hands were on his head and she was obviously enjoying it. Becky began to move her head back and forth while she gripped his dick with both hands and Harry realized she was really good at sucking dick. It was obvious she had a lot of practice with Tim. He just had to make her want to fuck him now because he wasn’t going to rape her. Remembering what he had heard when the two were fucking, he pulled her head away as he spoke.

“Let’s go over there by your husband so we can relax while we do this,” he told her.

She released him and then followed him meekly as he led her to the blanket and set down beside Yvonne. Becky got on her knees in front of him and looked quickly at Tim and then back at Roy. He motioned for her to start sucking him again and she leaned forward to take his dick in her mouth. As soon as she started sucking on him, he reached forward and cupped her pussy. He felt her body tense at first but she kept his dick in her mouth. Smiling, he massaged her pussy softly and then pushed his finger inside of her. When he heard her moan around his dick, he pushed it in deeper and began to finger fuck her slowly. As he did, he looked over at Tim and Yvonne and saw that Yvonne was now sucking Tim’s dick while he continued to eat her. He smiled when he heard Yvonne’s moans.

“Fuck me Tim,” she moaned softly. “Please fuck me!”

Tim’s head popped up suddenly and he looked at her with shock on his face. “Are you serious?” he asked quickly.

“Yessss,” she said. “Put your dick in me and fuck me hard.”

He looked quickly at Roy and then Becky, wondering what he should do and saw Harry shrug his shoulders.
“You better fuck the lady son. She doesn’t like to be disappointed.”

Tim’s eyes got bigger but he quickly shifted around so he was now kneeling between her thighs. Yvonne spread her legs wide and reached out for him. “Hurry,” she said.

A smile suddenly appeared on Tim’s face and then he was pushing his dick into Yvonne’s soaked pussy. She picked her legs up and wrapped them around his waist and pulled him towards her. “Suck on my titties while you fuck me,” she pleaded in a sex starved voice.

He didn’t have to be asked twice. Becky had been so busy trying to get his dick in her mouth that she hadn’t noticed what was happening with Tim so Roy reached down and pulled her head up. He nodded his head towards the other couple and her eyes got wide.

“Oh my God!” she said. “He’s fucking her.”

Ro just smiled and pushed his finger in deeper. “Ohhhhh,” she cried. “Push it in deeper.”

He smiled, content that she was ready. “I have something that can go in really deep,” he told her as he pulled her towards him and laid back. “Climb up here and take my dick in your sweet pussy.”

Her eyes got even bigger when she saw it standing straight out from his body waiting for her. “I don’t think I can,” she said. “Your dick is too big for my pussy. Tim’s took my cherry and he’s a lot smaller than you.”

“Of course you can,” he told her. “I’ll help. Now come here.”

Slowly, she crawled towards him and he lifted her to straddle his body. “Now put it in your pussy,” he told her.

She had a look of dismay on her face as she put the head of his dick at her pussy and then started easing down. From the second it first penetrated until she had all 8” inside her pussy, she was moaning louder and louder.

“Ohhhh my God!” she moaned over and over again as his big dick worked it’s way into her tight pussy. When it was all the way in, she gazed deep into his eyes in amazement. “That feels soooo good!” she cried as she began to ride him.

Roy reached out to play with her titties and pinched the nipples between his fingers. The harder he pinched, the quicker she rode his dick. Finally, he released them and reached down to play with her clit. The second he touched it she started moaning as the climaxes started racking her body one after another until she became so weak she just stopped. Rolling over, Roy picked up her legs and pushed into her as deep as he could go and her moans got even louder. Soon, she was clutching at him, begging him to fuck her harder and faster. The harder he fucked her, the more she wanted. When he finally erupted inside her soaked pussy, she began her final long climax and her arms dropped to her side in exhaustion.
Harry looked over at Tim and Yvonne and saw that the young man was still fucking her hard and deep. He smiled and crawled off Becky’s body to lay beside her. When he put his arm across her body and cupped her titty, she just smiled and cuddled against him. It was at least ten more minutes before Tim finally exploded inside Yvonne’s hot pussy and he almost went into shock when he saw her eyes roll back in her head as she fainted.

“Relax,” Roy told him with a laugh. “She does that when she cums hard.”

When Yvonne finally opened her eyes again a few seconds later, Roy just smiled. “I take it you enjoyed that,” he said.

“Oh yesss!” she said. “I haven’t had anyone fuck me that long since I was in college.”
Roy then looked at Becky. “I hope you enjoyed it as well.”

“Yes,” she said quickly. “I can’t believe you got that whole thing inside my small pussy but it felt really good. ”It was in so deep I could feel it bouncing off my cervix. Tim has never fucked me that deep before.”
Harry then looked at Tim. He had a big smile on his face.

“I don’t have to ask you if you enjoyed it. I know you did.” Tim just laughed. It was apparent he wasn't too upset about his wife's comment on his size.

When they were all dressed again, Roy turned to the young couple anjd spoke to Tim. “Why don’t you and your wife come up to the house with us. I think Yvonne might be convinced to fuck you again if I can fuck Becky again."

Tim looked at his young wife with big eyes. When he saw her smile in agreement at him, he turned back to Roy.

“All right!” Tim said gleefully.

Roy looked at Becky picking up her clothes. “Don’t bother putting on anything but the skirt and blouse,” he told her with a wink. “You won’t have them on long.”

On the way back to his house, Roy let Yvonne and Tim walk in front while he and Becky followed behind. He had an arm around her waist and calmly slipped his hand under her skirt and a finger into her soaked pussy and then pulled it out and licked it.

She gave him a big smile. “Tim’s never done that before,” she said with a smile.
Roy laughed. “I think I’m going to make him eat my cum out of your pussy when we get to the house. After I fuck you again, of course,” he said as he slipped his hand under her blouse to play with her titties while they walked.

As soon as they walked into the house, Roy showed Tim and Becky where to find the bathroom. When they left, he walked over and kissed Yvonne lightly.

“I never did find out how old they are,” he said.
Yvonne laughed. “I did. He’s 21, she’s 19. They just got married two months ago. I didn’t want to be accused of having sex with a minor.” She then gave Roy a big smile. “I told him to bring some of his college friends next time.”

Roy laughed. “Maybe Becky will do the same.”

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my wife did the same with one of my best friends except i didn't get to fuck his wife she gave him some on the dance floor and then commited to any thing he wanted he'd come to the house and take her for ice cream then back to the house for dessert which was her he even td her what to wear alot of silky and nylon stuff which he could see even if i was along he had her all wrapped up doing as he said she still wants him to come over some 30 years later

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Well told Story, but the inter-changing of the names between Roy & Harry & ???? made it confusing to try & following the storyline?
But it seems every reader except your "Proof" reader caught that series of mistakes.

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Hey Joe, I've been meaning to watch these foverer (had to remember at home, since I don't have flash in my office), and finally got around to it. Very, very nice. I really wish I could have been there.

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LOL you fucked up on harrys name by calling him roy bvut it's a good story anyway


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Thanks for the comment. I caught that after I published this and there was nothing I ooulc do but fix it in futher chapters. Harry is the main character in my other stories and I got wrapped up in writing.

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