Daddy has finally come home
Part 7

Recap: Cody was empowered with the knowledge that his 5’7”, 115 lb, 34-c cup breasted mother was fantasizing about bedding him and Cody wanted to see how far he could push his mother. With Mark his father on his way to the airport to pick up Terri’s father Tom and his sister and Terri fast sleeping upstairs Cody took full advantage of the situation of being alone with his MILF of a mother. Cody woke early Sunday morning only to see his mother dancing alone in the kitchen preparing breakfast. With her nightgown that came down to her mid-thigh and the top plunged down to the top of her stomach. Maria a tri-athlete with a perfect body looked absolutely stunning and the fact she wasn’t wearing panties pushed her son Cody over the edge and he took matters into his own hands and fucked his mother right there on the kitchen floor.

Introduction: As the Chalmers home has been the focal point of the teenage kids having sex right under the noses of Mark and Maria that came to an abrupt end last night. Cody and Terri were caught in the backyard having sex but at the same time Mark and Maria were in the kitchen role playing pretending to be the teenagers in the backyard. Now, Terri’s father is on his way home from the airport and she was petrified of what he may do to her for fucking Cody. Tom knowing full well what the kids were doing was normal he just wanted things get back to normal between Terri and himself.

Meanwhile upstairs at the Chalmers home:

As Cody jumped into the shower to clean the scent of his mother off of him the running water was loud enough that Carina his older sister began to stir in her bed. When she finally woke looking at the alarm clock it was only 7:45 in the morning. The hot soft glow of the morning sunrise was pushing through her drapes on to her bed it was going to be another glorious sunny day. Then as Carina rolled over she saw her little padawan Terri sleeping like an angel. Smiling on the inside she leaned over her and kissed her ever so softly on the lips, waking her softly and passionately, “Good morning sweetie.”

As Terri felt Carina’s lips on hers she began to spring to life on this Sunday morning. Carina’s kisses were becoming ever more passionate as she pushed her tongue inside of Terri’s mouth. Carina’s hands as usual went to Terri’s childish B-cup breasts. Carina’s touches where bringing on tingling sensations of pleasure while Terri began to rub her eyes letting the warm sunrise of another day bring the new hope that her father is going to forgive her for having sex with Cody the day before. Once Terri was fully alert she reached up to pull the back of Carina’s head tight to hers while adding her own tongue of passion to Carina’s kisses. Terri wanting to return the pleasure she was receiving let her hand explore downwards to find Carina’s special wet spot between her legs. Carina a professional groper also found Terri’s pussy with ease and began to caress her moist slit as well.

For the last ten days both girls woke each morning like this groping and kissing one another and finally bringing each other to orgasm before anyone would come in and wake them. For both girls it was the best part of the day when nobody expected anything from them and they both could share their semi-lesbian love for each other. Although they both would never divulge their lesbian love making to anyone, they both love boys and their cocks so much more. Their special love making was meant just for the two of them and their special friendship that others just wouldn’t understand. As Carina stopped kissing Terri, Terri finally was able to take a fresh breath, “Good morning honey. Damn how is it that you get me so wet so quickly every morning?” Then the two of them went back to kissing and caressing each other’s bodies. “My dad is coming back today and he’s going to kill me when he finds out I fucked your brother.”

Carina’s finger’s were nudging Terri’s pussy lips open, “Don’t worry Terri I’ll be right by your side to protect you, I promise.” Terri climbed on top of her older lover pushed Carina’s pants down past her knees and buried her face between her thighs and began to eat her low-carb breakfast of pussy. Carina reached up to her lover’s ass and removed Terri’s bottoms and moved her tongue to her younger counter parts vagina. They both very lovingly and passionately lay together quietly eating each other until the both finished giving each other an orgasm. When they finished they slipped their robes on and followed the aroma of fresh bacon being made downstairs to the kitchen.

Maria, Carina’s mother, just allowed her son to violate her like she was a two dollar Singapore prostitute on a Saturday night. As she was cooking for the kids she was floating on cloud nine as she listened to the oldies station still high on her endorphin rush that exploded into a massive orgasm fifteen minutes earlier. She heard the girls talking to one another as they came down the stairs and quickly looked herself over making sure there was nothing out of place. The new incestuous event made her feel like a new woman who just experienced sex for the first time. As the girls entered the kitchen she turned to greet them both with a big smile, “Good I’m glad that you’re both up. Why don’t the two of you pitch in so we can get all this finished quicker? Then we can all eat together.”

Terri walked over and gave Maria a hug and her usual kiss on the cheek, “Okay what would you like me to do?”

With the fresh euphoria of her son just fucking her brains out made Maria giddy like a high school girl. She grasped Terri around the shoulders and hugged Terri back and could smell the fresh vaginal orgasm from her breath and could only conclude that it must have come from her daughter Carina. The rich aroma of Carina’s orgasm lingered around Terri’s mouth and Maria realized that her daughter and Terri must be more than two girls thrown together to share a bedroom.

Maria realized at that moment that all the kids must be having sex right under her and her husband’s noses. With this new epiphany Maria was disappointed that she cut her husband Mark off from sex while Terri stayed with them. It seems they were the only two not having any sex in the house on a regular basis. Maria just realized the error of her ways and that problem would be corrected the next time Terri stays at the house. Maria snapped back from her thoughts and instinctively kissed Terri on the cheek like she did every morning, “You know something Terri you are such a nice polite young lady. You know there are times when I wished you were one of my own kids.”

Carina had already jumped in to help as she was flipping a pair of eggs in the pan as her mother moved over to her and kissed her on the lips. Maria was given a treat as she could smell and taste the faint hint of Terri’s orgasm on her daughter’s lips. Carina smiled at her mom and said, “So where is daddy? Usually he’s the one who likes to make the big Sunday breakfast.”

Maria said, “Oh he got up early to pick up Uncle Tom from the airport.” She then looked over at Terri and put her arm around her, “Don’t worry Uncle Mark is talking with your dad to smooth things over for you honey. Don’t worry when your dad gets here I’m sure that everything is going to be just fine, don’t worry about a thing Terri. If anyone can reason with your father it’s his best friend.”

Cody had finished his shower and all he could think about was his mother’s velvety pussy. He dried and dressed quickly to get back downstairs so that he could try to stick his cock back inside of her. He came flying down the stairs and ran into the kitchen but as he entered there sitting at the table consisted of his whole roster of women that he has fucked in his young life. Remaining cool as a cucumber Cody smiled and said, “Good morning ladies. Everything smells so good.” Cody made sure not to make eye contact with his mother to make sure he didn’t give anything away but the women could care less about him as they were all more concerned about Terri. “Hey when is dad getting back with Uncle Tom?”

Carina chirped, “He left a long while ago they should be home any minute. You should be more sensitive for Terri because you know how Uncle Tom can get sometimes.”

The words weren’t out Carina’s mouth when the front door opened and Mark said, “Hey guys were home.”

Terri eyes went wide with excitement her heart began to pound like it was going to explode out of her chest. No matter what she did she still missed her father terribly he was gone for ten days after all. Besides she knows that the work he does is kinda dangerous and each time he leaves her might be the last time she ever sees him. She stood up as the chair fell backwards onto the floor and she didn’t care as she sprinted out of the kitchen through the living room.

Tom shouted out, “Hey there’s my huggy bear?”

As Terri was running she hadn’t noticed that her robe was opening and that she was naked underneath. When she got close enough to her father she leapt in to his arms. Terri being a gymnast she was able to leap rather high off of the ground for her size and her thighs came to straddle her father’s shoulders and her arms wrapped around his head. Terri only being 85 lbs seemed light as a feather and she kissed her father repeatedly on the forehead, “Oh daddy I’ve missed you so much.”

Tom stood there having no choice with the display of affection being showered on him by his daughter. Tom held his daughter in place not wanting her to fall and was treated to his daughter’s wet pussy staring back at him. The robe covered her body so that no one else could see she was naked only Tom was given the special present of seeing her wet pink pussy. He could smell her fresh orgasm as it has a very unique aroma that he knew all too well. Tom’s voice was muffled between his daughter’s legs as he was trying to make the best of the situation and said, “I’ve missed you too honey.” Tom became daring as his lips pressed outwards as he pulled her hips closer to his mouth then his lips met his daughter’s pussy lips and he kissed her ever so passionately.

Terri wiggled her hips around his face as her father knew just how to kiss her pussy. Terri felt a shudder that started at the base of her ass and went all the way up to her head. Her head tilted sideways and with her eyes closed she whispered ever so lightly, “Yeah daddy I’ve really, really missed you.”

Tom took in a very deep breathe. The slight hint of an orgasm hit his nostrils and a strong peach smell overwhelmed him as he drank in his daughter’s youth. Tom realized that any lengthy protracted, unhealthy position, like this one where his daughter’s legs were wrapped around his face would seem unusual with so many people looking on. He quickly helped her down to her feet as he kissed her on the forehead.

Terri quickly closed her robe but wrapped her arms around her father, “Daddy I’m so happy that you’re home and safe. Please don’t leave me for so long again, do you understand me?” Terri stepped back and lightly smacked her father with an open hand on his chest. She then went to her tip toes and kissed him on his lips, “I’ve missed you, missed you, and missed you so much!!” Her doting was too much as she kept kissing him over and over again on his cheek. She was acting as if she was a long lost lover who finally was rejoined with her one true love. Her doting was making everyone else very uncomfortable.

Tom smiled, “Well, if you convince Uncle Sam to let daddy take shorter trips then be my guest and while you’re at it call the Joint Chiefs on the behalf of your father. Now how is everyone else?” Tom pulled his daughter to his side as he made his way into the kitchen where he was greeted with hugs, kisses and handshakes from everyone else.

Not wanting to share her daddy with anyone she hugged him once again, “Come on we just started to eat are you hungry? Come sit next to me daddy.”

Tom smiled and took the chair next to his daughter, “I’m not hungry Mark took me out to eat some breakfast already. You eat then you can pack and I’ll take you home.”

Terri’s smile was ear to ear, “I’m not really all that hungry and I’ve already packed last night all I have to do is change and we can go.”

Maria was keeping busy around the kitchen by bringing fresh plates with eggs and bacon for everyone else. Mark noticed that there was a special glow around her face but when she bent over to put a dirty plate in the dishwasher her mid-drift nightgown rode upwards revealing to not only Mark but Tom as well that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

As Mark sat at the table gazing at his wife’s small round naked bottom Carina chimed in to break the spell of his wife’s pussy and said, “Hey Uncle Tom did you hear that daddy is taking me up to Rutgers to see the campus this next weekend?”

Tom turned his attention to Marks lovely young daughter, “So you have narrowed your search of Colleges down and Rutgers is one of them?”

Carina’s hand fell into her father’s lap making it seem natural and said, “Well, I was going to wait to tell everyone later but if the campus is nice I think I will go to Rutgers.” Carina began to squeeze her father’s upper thigh sliding her hand up to his crotch then down to his knee, “That is if daddy approves.”

Mark looked deep into his daughter’s eyes seeing the game that she was playing with him and liked her velvet like touches to his inner thigh. Then he looked over to his best friend to try and hide that his daughter was bringing him to full erection right there at the breakfast table and said, “She’ gotten a full academic scholarship for their Engineering School so I’m all for Rutgers.”

Terri had finished eating and excused herself to go upstairs to change. While she was upstairs the conversations around the table became very ordinary. When Terri returned to the kitchen she was wearing a lovely cotton sun dress with small flower print. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail with a pink bow and she was wearing a cute pair of sandals that accentuated her lovely painted toenails. “Okay daddy I think that we have imposed on the Chalmers long enough, I think it’s time for us to get home.

Tom noticed that his daughter no longer wanted to be in the house and took her hint and stood up and thanked Mark and Maria for taking care of his daughter yet once again.

Tom stopped at his house earlier and brought his classic MG coupe to pick up Terri. His MG is his favorite possession besides his daughter. Once they were settled in the car there was sheer silence for twenty minutes or so as they drove home. Terri was afraid of what her father’s ramifications were going to be now that they were alone. Tom sat silently letting his daughter stew in her own quagmire of despair waiting for her to break the ice and she said very nervously, “So, how was your trip daddy? I’m glad to see you not hurt this time.”

Tom kept things short, “Fine. How was your stay with the Chalmers? I heard that you and Cody have become quite a bit closer?”

Terri began to deflect, “It was long – really – really long daddy!

Tom took his time as his trips were always an issue between the two of them. Terri always felt abandoned when her father left on trips. “Sweetie, you have a general idea of what daddy does for a living, right? Sometimes when the job isn’t finished I have to extend my time away from you. I am sorry when that happens but that is not my fault when that happens. You know I don’t like be separated from you at all! Unfortunately I’m in the military and orders are orders.” As his words filled the air Tom’s hand fell on Terri’s small inner thigh and he began to caress is softly up and down close to her pussy. He noticed that the little vixen wasn’t wearing any undies.

Terri always loved her father’s soft touches it made her feel like a true woman but she didn’t want to give in so quickly to her father she wanted to make him suffer as she was trying to deflect his attention away from her having sex with Cody. Terri’s response was flippant, “I know – I know – you’re a good soldier.”

Tom seeing that he couldn’t take the same tactics that he does with his staff with his daughter, “I’m sorry but there are times when daddy doesn’t have a choice in things he does for the military. I wish you would come to terms with that.”

Terri moved closer to her father and she put her arm around her father’s shoulder while her other hand went down to her father’s upper thigh. Terri wanted to excite her father like he was doing to her, “You could call me when you are away just to make sure that I’m okay and let me know that you’re okay.”

Tom couldn’t come right out and day he was a spy, “I promise that I will do the best I can but you have to understand that there will be times when I will not be able to contact you because of my circumstances. The only reason that I do not call is to protect my home and my home happens to be you honey.” Tom was agreeable to his daughter’s embrace and he took his hand from her thigh and placed around her tiny teenage frame. Pulling her close to him he kissed her on the forehead, “You are my whole family and it’s my job to protect you. Terri you are my prized jewel there is nothing in life for me if you were taken from me, I love you more than you can ever imagine.”

Terri seemed to just melt into her father’s side making her feel like they were one, “I love you too daddy. I just wish that we could be together more that’s all.”

Tom said, “Are you sure that I’m your only love? I’ve heard some interesting things about you and Cody! What happened there?”

Terri took a few moments to collect her thoughts. “It’s not what you think it is. Carina and I – okay let me start over. I’ve really had a crush on Cody for a few years now. He’s a hottie for a younger guy but he’s nothing like you daddy. Carina and I have been pushing him into situations where we might have some kind of sexual contact.”

Tom grasped her a little tighter, “So, you’ve gone and grown tired of your old man?”

Terri chose her words very carefully, “I’m not tired of you, daddy. I know that you are constantly with other women and I just wanted to see what it was like to be with another man. I have needs too you know daddy – those needs have to be filled – when you are gone for such a long time – I start to look in other places.”

Tom came to a stop sign and leaned down and kissed Terri full on the lips. “I have no problem with you and Cody. What I have a problem with is that Mark told me that he wasn’t wearing a condom. Look if you want to fuck him that’s fine. Just take the precautions of Cody wearing protection so you don’t get any kind of STD’s okay?”

Terri began to rub her father’s crotch as she could hear just a bit of jealousy in her father’s voice, “I didn’t make him wear a condom because I’m on the pill daddy you know that. Besides you don’t wear one with me plus I love the feeling of a bare back man you know that.”

Tom was becoming aroused by his daughter’s soft touches, “Yes, we know that I’ve taken your virginity but they don’t know that, right?”

Terri began to smile, “They actually believed that I was a virgin. If they only knew how long you and I have been sexually active.”

Tom said, “And let’s keep it that way, okay? I think that you are going to follow very well into your father’s footsteps you’ve fooled their entire family for so long.”

Terri smiled, “Yeah I know. Carina thinks that she has me wrapped around her finger but it’s really the other way around. I have her so sexually confused right now she doesn’t know if she wants to be straight or a lesbian. Here’s something you don’t know, Cody and Carina have been fucking for over two years now.”

Tom said, “Get the ‘F’ out of here!!! The kids are having sex?”

Terri said, “Well, if you don’t believe that one then here’s a real good one. While Cody and I were fucking in the backyard Carina snuck back into the house from the movies and caught Mark and Maria fucking in the kitchen. To make matters worse they were role playing. Maria was pretending to be me of all people and Mark was pretended to be Cody. I think that your best friend in the whole world wants to fuck your little girl from what Carina said. What do you think about that?”

Tom said, “You are just making this up so that you don’t get punished for getting caught. How many times have I told you – if you’re going to do something bad make sure you don’t get caught! Why? Because not only does it come back on you but it always comes back on me. ”

Terri said, “I can tell better lies than that daddy. No, it’s the truth. Here’s something else interesting when Carina caught her parents Uncle Mark pulled out really fast from Maria and actually shot some of his junk on Carina’s leg.”

Tom playing stupid had already heard this story but just wanted to hear his lovely daughter tell her side of the story, “Are you sure she just didn’t make it up?”

Terri giggled, “Carina wouldn’t lie about something like that. She told me that she was turned on watching her father fucking her mother so much that she is going to make it her mission to try and seduce her father – just like I did – right daddy?!!”

Tom’s heart came up into his throat realizing what a little vixen his daughter was, “You never told Carina or anyone in their family that you and I are – you know – making love with each other?”

Terri had her father’s balls literally in the small palm of her hand, “Absolutely not!!! These belong to me and me alone. You’ve trained me well daddy!” Terri was tired of playing with her father’s penis and finally fished his half hard cock out from his zipper. “Daddy – do you mind if I gave you a blow job? You know how I love to eat your cum daddy.”

Tom smiled, “Well, if you insist.”

Terri noticed a small scratch on his shaft and she played it off as it could be just anything. It was when she opened her mouth to suck his cock when she caught the scent of strange pussy on her father’s cock. Terri stopped and pulled her father’s face to hers, “So who’s cum is all over you daddy? You mean to tell me that you’re so damn lazy you can’t clean yourself afterwards? Tell me all about this scank that fucked my father?”

Tom came clean as he always told his daughter it’s better to tell the truth, “I met two stewardesses on the plane. They worked their charms on me and before I knew it they made me part of the mile high club.”

Terri was upset, “What about this little scratch here? They damaged MY COCK!!”

Deep inside Tom felt a sense of pride that his daughter was jealous of other women fucking him, “Well, honey we were on an airplane and there’s a lot of turbulence and all so accidents just kinda happen if you know what I mean.”

Terri was still upset as she stroked him as he drove the car. She lifted her hand off of her father and smelled her palm. “Oh daddy, come on you fucked their assholes too? I mean you couldn’t wash up when you were done?”

Tom said, “I did wash it I swear. I did the best I could in the airplane bathroom but there is just so much I could do, sorry. I guess you didn’t have any time to wash your pussy either right? I mean when you jumped up and had your legs spread open around my face I smelled your fresh orgasm too you know. So, you’re not so innocent either! I mean did you let Cody fuck you again just before I got home?”

Terri’s face blanched red, “No, not Cody – well – Carina and I were fooling around but Cody was in the shower and I didn’t have time to clean my snatch daddy. Besides we helped Maria finish cooking breakfast and I wasn’t expecting you until the afternoon. By the way why did you come so early anyway?”

Tom back peddled a little, “Well, Mark unexpectedly showed up at the terminal. The stewardesses invited me back to their apartment and you know.”

Terri was waiting for the other shoe to drop, “And I know what?”

Tom knew he couldn’t lie to her, “And we were going to spend the morning fucking one another okay. I’m sorry honey but you weren’t supposed to find out and you definitely weren’t supposed to find out this way that’s for sure. If you hadn’t got caught fucking Cody then Uncle Mark would still be at home and I would have two naked women pleasuring me right now. I taught you to be careful and sneaky but you got sloppy and got caught so don’t blame me.”

Terri let go of her father’s hard cock and slid away from her father and she leaned up against the window and in a very harsh sarcastic voice, “I’m sorry daddy!!! Is that what you want? You wanted to fuck those two strangers instead of spending the rest of the weekend in bed with your only daughter?”

Tom realized that he actually hurt his daughter. He didn’t think she would mind as he had bedded other women before when on a mission and told her about it but apparently this was a much bigger deal. “No, no, no, no, no!!!! That’s not what I meant you took what I said the wrong way and I’m sorry. The fact that two other women wanted to take me to bed doesn’t mean anything has changed the way I feel about you. This was just an extended one night stand and that’s all. I don’t even have their phone numbers I swear.”

Terri was still a little peeved at her father, “Oh I see, so you were going to fuck two airheads then come pick me up and fuck me tonight? You wanted to pass on their STD’s to you daughter?”

Tom knew better than to lie, “Well, yes – without the STD’s thing. You weren’t supposed to find out. Besides look who’s calling the kettle black here, don’t forget that you bedded Cody. I don’t believe that you only had sex with him just the one time while I was away either.”

Terri said, “Well, I did find out about your little escapade didn’t I?!!! Just like you found out about me and Cody and you act like you don’t even care that I fucked another guy at all. You were away for ten whole days and you didn’t want to come get me right away? What is that daddy? You don’t care about me anymore do you daddy?!!! You can turn this little rat trap around right now and I’ll just stay with the Chalmers until I find a place of my own WITHOUT YOU!!!!”

Tom with all his strength reached over for his daughter as she was smacking his hand away from her. This wasn’t her first temper tantrum, like any young girl it just seems to be in their blood to be able to throw them anytime they want. Finally after a minute or so he was able to get a hold of her dress and he pulled her over to him and held her tight to him, “Now huggy bear you need to stop this scorned lover routine right now.” Tom released her and Terri sat next to her father and Tom’s hand went back down to her knee and Tom sang in a cute voice that you would use to amuse a baby, “Here comes the creepy itsy bitsy spider looking for a place to hide!! Oh where, oh where can the creepy little spider find a place to hide?”

Terri rolled her eyes to the back of her head and giggled as this was one of the oldest games that she and her father would play. Terri opened her legs and lifted her dress and confirmed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Terri grabbed her father’s hand and placed over her vagina, “The spider can hide right in here daddy?”

Tom’s middle finger slipped inside of his daughter. He was always amazed how she could go from point A to Z so quickly and then forget anything she just said or did. Tom played it off because she was calming down as he was fingering his daughter. He had to pass up on two world class pussies so his daughter’s going have to do, “I don’t like the fact you are not wearing any panties.”

Terri opened her legs farther apart because her father had a knack of finding her g-spot rather easily. “I didn’t wear any panties because I knew that you and I were going to fool around once we got home!!!”

Tom smiled, “Mr. Spider always finds way of making your pussy nice and wet doesn’t he? I’ve missed you so much huggy bear. I’ve missed your tight pussy honey!!! Come on honey I want you to suck on daddy – you’ve got me so horny honey.”

Terri’s eyes rolled in her head, “Are you kidding me? There’s no way that my mouth is even going close to that dirty cock. You need to wait until we get home and you wash it – and I mean wash it properly.”

Tom began to chuckle, “You are growing up so fast. Two years ago when I would come home from the gym or playing softball you couldn’t wait to get my sweaty cock and balls into your mouth.”

Terri put her hand on her father’s and began to help him get her off. As Tom was bringing his daughter to orgasm Terri decided to forgive his father for his small indiscretion and said, “Well, daddy once you clean yourself and if you’re still a good boy – and I mean a good boy – maybe – just maybe – I’ll let you fuck my asshole tonight but I’m not promising you anything!!”

Tom realized how rare it was for his daughter to offer him anal sex. Tom turned and looked at his young daughter, “You really did miss me huh?”

Terri kissed him on the lips, “You know how much it hurts me when you fuck my ass but I really want to try again.”

Tom kissed her back keeping one eye on the road, “I keep telling you the more you let me do it the easier it becomes and the better it’s going to feel just like when you were a virgin two years ago.”

Before they knew it they were home. As each one of them disappeared to their separate rooms Terri yelled out, “Daddy put all your dirty clothes out in the hallway and then a shower and that’s an order young man. I’m going to unpack and start a load of wash.”

Tom quickly got out of his clothes and put his laundry in the hallway. As he opened the door there was his 14-year-old daughter standing outside of his door with a laundry basket and he handed her his dirty skivvies. Terri turned and Tom watched her naked ass slowly traverse the steps and he went back inside to take his shower. Terri separated the clothes and as she made her way back up the steps her father was standing next to his bed. Terri looked at her father he had broad shoulders and you could see that he worked out as his pectoral muscles were well developed and defined. He had a six pack and for a guy who was forty. The thing that she really liked was his cock that hung between his legs. It was a soft white, sleek, circumcised and when it was hard made her lose her mind when it’s deep inside of her pussy.

Terri walked into her father’s room and hugged his 6’2”, 170 lb frame with 4% body fat. Tom is trained in five different types of martial arts that he holds black belts in each. He runs a 5k before work every morning and works out every day before his lunch break also he is a Navy Seal or a killing machine. When Tom wrapped his arms around her she disappeared inside of his embrace. It made her feel so safe and warm every time he hugged her, “I want you to make love to me all night, daddy.” Terri wrapped her hands around his waist and her hands were squeezing her father ass cheeks. “Daddy you have such a better body than Cody.”

Tom responded, “Ah that’s because he’s not in the Navy young lady.” Tom’s hands went down to her ass and his cock pushed up between their stomachs and he quoted Viper from Top Gun, “That’s because we are the instrument of policy.”

Then Terri moved her hand between their stomachs caressing the tip of her father’s penis and together Terri and her father finished the movie quote out load together, “The tip of spear. So we had best be sharp.” They both began to laugh as Top Gun was their favorite movie to watch together. “So daddy is the ‘tip of your spear ready for battle?’ Are you ready to fly some sorties inside of your daughter’s love canal?”

Tom snapped to attention with his hand to his head giving her a salute, “Yes Ma’am I am prepared to do battle!!! I am ready to put my cock on the line to accomplish giving you as many orgasms as possible before you pass out or I cum inside or on you, Ma’am.”

Terri said, “I expect nothing but the best from you Captain! Are you prepared for battle?”

Tom tossed his daughter on the bed, “I am prepared to do whatever it takes to remind you that I am the best lover you will ever have.” Then he jumped on the bed on his back. As he lay there his daughter crawled between his legs and gave him a real evil smile. “Honey, now be gentle I had every intention of telling you about the other girls.”

Terri smiled don’t worry daddy I’m not upset. She pushed her father’s legs up to his chest and spread his legs. Terri’s head disappeared from view and all Tom could feel was her wet warm tongue licking his balls. Then he felt her tiny hands open his ass cheeks. The next warm sensation was the tip of his daughter’s tongue push inside of his asshole. Tom’s cock shot straight up and he grabbed it and began stroking himself as he heard his daughter, “That’s it daddy let me watch you jerk off while I eat your asshole.”

Tom in a very light exuberant voice said, “Honey not that I’m complaining or wanting you to stop but why are you tossing my salad?”

Terri spit on his asshole and peeked her head around his cock, “I don’t know what that means but I figure if you lick my asshole then I should do it for you every once in a while.”

Tom said, “Tossing someone’s salad honey means eating asshole.”

Terri said, “Oh okay. Then I’m tossing your salad.” Her father’s balls were resting on her forehead as her tongue danced between his rock hard ass cheeks.

Tom said, “Don’t be shy honey eat my ass like daddy eats yours. Get your tongue all the way inside.”

Terri said, “So you want to watch your little girl’s tongue disappear? Stick it deep in your asshole?” Terri spent the last ten days eating Carina’s pussy and asshole so she treated her father’s asshole just as if it was Carina’s pussy.

Tom said, “Hold on a second honey.” Then Tom rolled over on all fours, “Come on honey let me make it more comfortable for you.”

Terri let her father get comfortable, “Daddy put your head down on the pillow and arch your back a little. Come let me see that pretty asshole daddy.” Spreading his cheeks once again Terri went back to work on her father as he played with his cock.

Tom loved the wet sensations of her tongue crossing over his asshole. He couldn’t believe that his good fortune and her tongue were turning him on immensely. Then the faster he jerked off and her tongue pushing inside of him he now understood why women love to have a tongue deep in their pussies, “Come on honey don’t stop you’re going to make me cum. You want daddies cum?”

Terri said, “Hmm-mmm, you want to feed me your cum daddy? You like me eating your ass so much you’re going to cum all over my mouth aren’t you?”

Tom’s hand was like white lightning, “I’m going to cum in it so you can swallow it.”

Terri upped the ante, “Maybe I’ll gargle your cum.” She went back to pushing her tongue back inside of her father.

Tom couldn’t hold back any longer he hadn’t cum this fast since he was a teenager, “Are you ready?”

Tom stood up from being on all fours on the bed and Terri came up to her knees as Tom began to jerk off in front of her face, “Give me your man pearls daddy. You want it all in my mouth?”

Tom could feel his cum traveling up his shaft, “Yeah open it.” As Terri opened her mouth Tom was very carefully depositing stream after stream inside of his daughter’s mouth, “I love it! It looks so good having my teenage daughter eating cum.”

Terri took her father’s head into her mouth and began to suck the rest of his semen from his shaft holding onto the other hundreds of thousands of semen inside of her mouth. She then took her finger and pushed the rest that was on her face inside of her mouth and then she gargled it just as she promised then swallowed the whole load. “Did you like my surprise daddy?”

Tom’s knees were weak and he fell to his knees facing his precious daughter as a sense of pride welled up inside of him. He hugged her, “I love you so much sweetie I just can’t put it into words. Give daddy some time to recover and I will take care of you I promise.”

End part 7

Don’t forget to leave some constructive suggestions to move the story forward. I appreciate all of you taking the time to read the things that come out of my sick, twisted and perverted mind. Stay tuned as things get really get steamy in the next chapter as Emma Watson takes her boyfriend out to find a strange random woman to join them in a threesome. Until next time enjoy.

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, "we do not believe that the feednig tube should have been pulled".Why did so many Christians on the Right, who insist Christians should obey governing authority, talk about defying officials and forcing their way in to save Terri?Fair question; I did that. Perhaps, and this doesn't justify it, our frustration with some of the other things Galli refers to (evidence not being considered, inhumanity of not allowing even Communion to be administered, etc.).Why does the Religious Right consider this a test case of whether the nation believes in the culture of life or the culture of death, when the legal case hinged on whether Terri wanted to live or die?Red herring. I don't know that the "Religious Right" considers this a "test case of whether the nation believes in the culture of life...". I don't think that the "Religious Right" (whatEVER that is) frankly cares what the polls say about this issue, but only about what is RIGHT.Why have many devout believers who believe in the Resurrec

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