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a brother suddenly developes a lust for his sister
when i was 16 years old i started to want to be with my sister, sexually. it started out around the time i turned 16 at the time my sister was 17. being 16 i was naturally aroused and horny 24-7. i was still technically a virgin. although i had two girlfriends before.

then one day in the around the begining of summer i started having dreams about my sister. i dreamed that i groped and fondeled her parts and had sex. then in my waking life i found myself staring at her ass and breasts when she wasn't looking and getting really turned on, she had more effect than any of the girls at school.

one day i was chilling in front of the tv. when my sister walked in the door looking hot as ever.
"hey mitch!" i looked up

"yeah what?"

"im thinking about heading over to the beach want to come?"

this caught me a little by suprise. you see my sister and I had never really been close we didn't really do stuff together. at the core we werr not all that different. we had similar personalities but i think since we were a year apat and different genders it wasnt really kosher for us to hang out.

"sure kate i could really use some out door time"

a few minutes later we had changed and were out the door. during our walk we hardly said anything aside from "wow its nice out" or "i bet the water will be good". i guess she was just dazed. while i was catching quick glimpses of her figure. my sister wasn't busty but at almost 18 years old she had an amazing set they were big at least a d-size i would not find out until later. as for her other features she was tall for a girl but not like model tall just a little shorter than my 5' 10 or 9. during our walk she was dresed pretty conservitively a pair of board shorts and a green tanktop. my eyes worked their way down to her but. her ass was amazing it was very shapely but by no means big it was just perfectly suited to her figure. to quote
You Don't Mess With The Zohan: " She has a perfect ass to breast ratio." At the time i didn't quite know how good her legs were, because she almost always wore jeans, but i had high expectations. even now her shorts were amost down to her knees. so all i could see was the bottom part.

when we finally arived at the beach it was packed. of course it was the middle of summer and the temp was perfect probably the mid 80's. i looked at my kate, in the eyes finally, and said "damit kate where are we going to go"

"relax mitch i know just the spot. follow me" we walked along the beach. there were at least a hundred hotties but my eyes could not leave my sister. whe went though a section of trees and sure enough there was a small, maybe 200 feet, stretch beach with no one on it and a nice bit of sunshine.

we laid out the towels and blanket and ate a litle snack. my sister said "i'm going to soke up some sun" i was busy finishing my sandwich so it didn't register. i utterd somthing like ok or sure then i looked up. she had taken her shirt off revealing her beautifull body her tits looked amazing in the bikini she had on. the suit had good clevage but not completly. almost as if saying "you want more" and "you can look but can't touch". but my eye candy wasn't finished she stood up an took of her shorts revealing a matching bottom that made her ass look amazing, just ripe. i decided couldn't stick around as my allready mini boner was turning into a full on hardon. i figured if kate saw she would freak or at least get uncomfterble.

"hey kate i'm going to go cool off." i said pointing to the water. she wasn't however aware of the double meaning of that phrase.

i just got into the water and my hardon was subsiding when....

"HEY mitch!" kate yelled "come over here!"

i ran back over to her she was rubbing lotion on her legs. i tried my hardest( no pun intended) not to stare and i think i was succsessful. my mind however was racing with lustfull thoughts.

"uh what is it sis?" i muttered.

"can you do my back?"

i tried so hard to keep cool but she was making me so hot. i felt like this was the start of a cinemax movie.

"uh sure" i said just barly keeping my cool. "what do i do?"

"its easy just put some lotion on your hands and rub it into my back untill its gone." with that she turned around and laid on her front and undid her strap.

i started with her shoulders just rubbing lightly i sort of got into it telling my self "you can do this"
then my boner came back harder then ever i almost freaked but then i remembered she couldn't see me then the worst happened i came in my pants. it had never happend before i guess in retrospect its normal for a sixteen year old when they are stimulated.

then a stream hit her back. and i almost shit my self with fear. but i got a break.

"remember mitch put the lotion on your hands then my back."

still in partial shock i said "s-sorry"

"its ok finish rubbing that last bit then thats good" i snapped out of shock realizing that she didn't suspect any thing so i proceeded to rub my semen into her back i don't why but it felt really sexy.

to be contiued...

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2016-11-17 11:06:57
too short -_-

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2016-06-18 02:29:55
a, uh, STICKY situation[pun intended]


2016-04-23 20:56:01
Very short and vague. You also need to learn to capitalize the first.word of a sentence.

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2014-04-21 15:22:01
That was the worstttttt!!

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that was the shortest worst story and a waste of 8min of my life

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