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after the beach incident my lust for my sister becomes uncontrolable
it had been a whole week since the beach incident and my sister ocuppied my thoughts constantly. for some reason this summer i started to get an unnatural crush on my sister within a few weeks i became so attracted to my sister kate that i struggled to control my self when around her.

i thought i could keep it under control but then we went to the beach last week and she asked to rub lotion on her back i got so turned on just by touching her back that i came in my suit and on her back fortunatly she never knew the difference. a week has passed and my feelings only got more intense that week i laid awake at night thinking and fantasizing about her.

i had this picture in my head. it was morning and kate woke me up still in her sleeping clothes made up of a tank top and panties no bra. i looked her up and down then as i wake up the i just grab her ass pull her onto my bed and straddle her.

"mitch what are you doing?" she would say.

"what do you think?" i would say. my hands moved along the front of her chest catching my fingers along her tank top pulling down to just above her nipples then just squeeze and fondle her breasts my hardon was poking out of the slit in my underware. while moving my hands around to her back side sliding on to her ass. so firm yet soft and curvy. her panties came of and i consumated my lustfull desire right there.

then i came back to reality. i had no idea what to do because i knew my fantasies would never come true. so i decided just to ogle her until another opertunity like the beach pressented itself i figured it would be later rather then sooner. lucky for me i was wrong. opertunity came on the fourth of july.

my sister mabey sexy as hell but shes know slut. in lake tahoe where we lived the fourth of july is pretty crazy the entire area is lit up with fireworks as all the hotels and casinos have their own shows and there is alot of drinking. so i was suprised. when for the first time my sisters friend, who could be described as a bimbo or easy, convinced her to go to south shore. they were over at our house. talking

"we won't even be able to do any thing there" kate argued "we cant get in the bars clubs or casinos we arent even out of highscool"

"it doesn't matter normal rules don't apply when you have these" my sisters friend briefly cuped her boobs.
my penis started to twitch.

"i dont know if i like the idea of using my body to get things i shouldn't have." she said.

"kate have you looked in the mirror lately your a gorgous knockout. besides you don't even have to do anything whenever we go to a club or a bar and a bouncer or bartender is about to card you just stick your tits out, put a smile on and give a complemet or be flirty say somthing like 'wow this place is really great.' or 'next time i come i'm bringing my sister' ".

"well i guess thats not a problem. but lets go now"

"uh sorry kate but you cant go any were dressed like that." my sister was wearing sneakers and some nice jeans and a sweater'.

"hold on sweetie i brought some clothes." then they went into my sisters room. i checked the clock it was 7:00 PM and almost dark. (that may seem peculiar for it to get dark that early in the middle of the summer but it does in lake tahoe because the whole area is surrounded by mountains hence the early darkness)
about five minutes later i was about to get a snack when they came out. holy shit i thought. my sister was wearing the sexiest thing i ever saw. she had on heels that made her ass just look too hot. it was covered by an almost miniskirt but not quite that slutty. i had never seen her with her belly exposed her abdomen was flat yet still curvy i dont even know how. then her top that was the best part i didn't even think she was wearing a bra. it looked even better because it was a little small because it was her friends. you couldn't
see as much cleavage as her bathing suit but the small size made her tits pop right out.

needless to say my lust was stonger then ever i got up to say goodbye kate gave me a litte hug and her boobs pressed against my chest and i was inches away from comeing in my pants again and i would have if so much as a fly had touched my dick.

after they left i headed into my room pulled down my pants gave literally three tugs and blew my load. i watched some tv then passed out on the couch. i dont know how much time passed but i woke up to a heavy thud i struggled to get fully awake then i froze right next to me was kate she looked pretty fucked up i looked at the clock. "holy shit its almost three." i got off the couch

"kate wake up. kate comeon" i said to her i gave her a little shake "kate go to bed" i shook her again i looked down her boobs gave a little jiggle. then i started to lose it. i slowly reached down onto one of her tits. i didn't cup it at first i just placed my palm flat against it then gave it a litle shake i leaned closer to her the i inhaled. before that point i never really got close to a girl she smelled great i looked down and realised my hand was now squeezing. now i totaly lost all self control. i leaned to her tits and stuck my face in them my other hand was sliding under her top.
and then i felt her nipple i kept caressing and squeezing instingtively my hips began gyrating on her leg humping it. i pulled her top below her boobs with my free hand then i went to town.

the sent, groping and humping was way to much stimulation. i felt my fluids coming then splat there was jizz all over her before i could even try to aim i was spent i started to freak but then i just kept going when i finished my session. i had no idea what to do.

then it hit me the clothes wern't even her's so i quickly went to her room and got some of her night clothes i undressed her then i saw it, her pussy i really wanted to have sex but my common sense won that battle i finished dressing her and had a final few grabs on her ass and chest. then i went to bed.

my last thought before falling asleep was "I want more."

to be continued.....

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You should stop writing now, and learn how to spell and punctuate your sentences. The story line is hard to follow because you keep loosing your train of thought. I give you 0/10. I won't go on because if I did I would become RUDE

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