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My first attempt please be honest
This is my first attempt at putting my little daydream fantasies onto paper, so to speak. Please let me know what you think or if you would like more. Thank you.

My name is Dan, I’m 37 yrs old and I have been raising my daughter or at least I thought she was my daughter for 14 yrs now. Her mother, my whore of a wife died at child birth, right before she died I guess she knew it was coming and had to clear her conscience, so she told me she had been screwing around our whole entire relationship and could not be sure who the father of this little angel was. Anyways needless to say I was devastated. Never the less though I had gone through this whole pregnancy thinking she was to be my precious little princess and no one was gonna take that away from me. So I raised Ashlyn without giving it a second thought.

Yet here I stand just outside my living room watching as my precious 14 yr old princess is about to get it on with some loser and it’s really pissing me off that that’s not even her poor sap of a boyfriend. It seems the apple has not fallen so far from my dead wife’s tree, so to speak. Well I am not gonna let this shit happen in my house. She wants to be a whore I’ll show her how a whore gets treated. I storm in there pull this punker degenerate off of her and shove him towards the door. He’s a scrawny thing and I can tell by the way his mouth is gaping open he’s afraid for his life. I’m not a huge guy at 5’ 9” but I weigh a good 200 lbs, I take pride in how my body looks, so I try and work out at least 3-5 times a week. I could smash this kid into next week without even breaking a sweat. Anyways, I tell him to get the fuck out and don’t ever come sniffing around here again. He takes off running with his pants fallen down to his knees. All the while I got my princess screaming at me that this is so unfair and that I should mind my own business. I finally turn around and look into her big beautiful green eyes with the makeup all running down her face from crying and say I didn’t raise you to be no whore, so this shit stops here and now or I’ll make sure you know what a whore is and how she gets treated.

Now Ashlyn whether or not she is mine has developed my stubbornness and temper and there is no way she’s taking this. She comes right up to me with her 5’ 2” maybe 100 lbs soaking wet self and tells me to get bent. Well I completely lost it. I grabbed her by her upper arm dragged her over to the couch, sat down pulled her over my knee, yanked up her to short mini skirt and started smacking her ass. I don’t even know when I started to notice that she had the skimpiest little black lace thong on but when I did and I have to tell you my cock did a little twitch. With every crack I watched that tight little ass do a little jiggle and I found myself thinking all sorts of nasty thoughts. Like how easy it would be to shift her just right so that her leg would fall to the side and give me a better view of that smooth pink little pussy. Like how it wouldn’t take any effort what so ever to hold her still while I gave her a good fingering. Like how with my experience I could just lick her to the quickest orgasm of her life. Enough, I say to myself this is my daughter. I jumped to my feet letting her fall to the floor. I watched as she scrambled away with her skirt all hiked up and her tight little ass beat red from the harsh spanking I had just given to her. True to her personality though she stands up straightens herself out, throws her beautiful waist length black wavy hair back and says that she will fuck who she wants, when she wants and how she wants. Just like that I was seeing red all over again. Now I’m fuming, my cock is still throbbing and all I want to do is throw her down on the floor and give her the fucking of her life. So I do what any good father would do. I step back, take a breath and hatch a plan that will break her of her insolent willfulness.

I slowly start to unbuckle my belt. I watch as her green eyes go as big as saucers. You can tell she’s starting to re-think what she’s just said but it’s too late. She has to be taught what a whore gets treated like or that’s all she’ll ever be. I pull the belt free and say to her in the most sternest voice I know she has ever heard from me, take off your clothes. She starts to cry and then begs, Daddy no, please don’t do this. Daddy I’m your little princess, Daddy please. Funny how I’ve been just Dad now for a couple of years and now all of a sudden I’m “Daddy”. It’s too late now though the horse has left the stable. I again say, take off your clothes. Just for emphasis I snap the belt between my hands. I watch and can see that it is slowly dawning on her that there is no give in me anymore. She starts with her shoes first, the socks, and then the top comes off. Her black lace bra matches with the tiny black thong, the lace of the bra doesn’t even cover her creamy mounds. You can just about see her little nipple poking out of the top of the lace and all I want to do is give them a little lick. Suck them into hard tight little buds. Dam it what is wrong with me there goes my cock again. Head in the game I have a purpose here. She stops there and looks at me with the most pitiful eyes and tries her hand at begging again. I say get on with it, everything off NOW!! The bra, skirt and panties come off in a huff. You have to hand it to her, for a 14 yr old she’s a tough little cookie. Now as she’s standing there butt ass naked I explain the rules. You act like a whore, you get treated like a whore. From now on until I say differently while you are in this house you are to remain naked. If you step out of line, sass me back or roll your God damn eyes I will take this belt and beat you with it. Is that understood!! As she stood there naked she stammered out a ye.. ye.. yes sir. Good, I said. Now get the fuck in the kitchen and do the dishes. I thought as scared as she looked she’d run out but she didn’t I swear she sauntered out, I even think I caught her eyeing the bulge in my jeans and giving her lip a little lick. Her little tight ass swaying like a calling card. If a calling card said come fuck me that is. Ugh, I adjusted my poor strangled cock and went to make me a stiff drink.

Not even 5 minutes passes and I can hear her in the kitchen yelling at Boomer, our 160 lb Bull Mastiff. I laugh to myself, this can’t be good. I go to the kitchen to see what’s going on and there’s poor naked Ashlyn standing at the sink trying to do the dishes but Boomer is in there with his head shoved up between her legs trying to lick her goodies. Now here’s a good punishment for my little whore I thought to myself. I cleared my throat and said Ashlyn open your legs for him. She tried to turn around and argue with me but Boomer had her pinned up against the sink counter. Daddy she wailed stop him, Daddy please oh my God you’ve made your fucking point stop him. I hate to say I was that close to giving in until she cursed which is not allowed in my house, so again I said Ashlyn I told you to open your legs and if I have to say it again I’m gonna say it with the belt. I figured this would put her over the edge, Boomer would get him a little treat and then this whole thing would end and we could go back to just getting by. But I tell you as she opened her legs, he began to lick for all he was worth, that big tongue of his was going from her brown puckered little asshole to her clit, she started to give little moans, I about came in my pants. Watching her 14 yr old tight little body, legs all spread wide, her beautiful black hair flowing down her back, fingers gripping the counter edges as tight as she could. That was one of the most hottest things I have ever seen in my life. Before I realized what I was doing my zipper was down, my throbbing cock was in my hand and I was stroking it. When she let out a scream for her very first doggy caused orgasm it was more than I could take. I stalked over shoved that beast away with all my might and rammed my 9” thick cock into her dripping wet pussy straight up to my balls. Oh my God it was like heaven!! Her teenage pussy was the tightest thing I have ever put my cock in. I was crazed with the sensation, it was like silk in there all, hot & wet. I could stay in there forever. I gave her a minute to get used to my size and then I started to glide in and out, a nice slow steady pace. Then my hands were all over her. Gripping her slender hips, grabbing her perky beautiful teenage tits, pinching those hard little nipples, I couldn’t stop myself. Evidently neither could she because she started to meet me thrust for thrust. A frantic pace was being set. We were striving for one goal and that was to reach pure bliss. I reached around and started to flick her swollen clit, she let go a keening moan with her orgasm and I went right over the edge with her. I have never come harder in my whole fucking life. As we stood there all hunched over the sink panting, Ashlyn looked back at me over her shoulder and smiled. She said Daddy I do believe that was the best fuck of my life. All I could think of was I hope that paternity test has the answer I never thought I would pray for…..

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2015-09-16 17:17:10
This is pretty good for your first story. I liked the content/story line. It needs work on punctuation, grammar, and shorter paragraphs would make it easier to read, but overall a good start. Well done.
to the people who say that this is a disgusting story, because of the beastiality, well it is tagged with a beastiality warning, so they have no excuse.
Keep writing.....from Misterjedi.

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2014-02-26 04:21:07
oh god, i wish I could fuck my aunt and watch her get raped by our dog.

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2013-02-18 16:22:10
This is a disgusting story. Dog fucking? Gross!

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2012-12-15 02:01:27
I want so badly to get with a girl who would fuck her dog and her dad. 20 years old I'm just saying. heisman_4 5@ y a h oo

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2012-11-05 21:19:35
very very hot has me wetter then id ever been fuck me!

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