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The water in the pool felt good against the warm air of summer, the girl’s skin sticky from a long day’s work outside. She had been trying to find a job for months before she finally got one at the local store’s gardening center. Because she had to stand in the sun all day long and her pool was out of order, she figured that she could take up her neighbor’s offer. He knew that her family didn’t have the money to fix their empty pool and graciously offered his pool to their service, but only if there were no guests in the house.

Ann knew that people were coming in a few days from France and was happy that she could have the pool to herself. Her parents had told her that the French travelers were going to be coming soon and the 17-year-old decided that she had to enjoy the water while she could. So, she had pulled her bikini on and headed to the water.

Back and forth, she swam, her mind filled with thoughts of her life: her recent break-up, her job, her parents constantly fighting. Minutes went by before she heard a large truck pulling into the streets nearby. Ann shrugged it off and figured that the shuttle was just dropping off the older members of the community that couldn’t drive. She kept swimming, her arms dipping in and out of the water with precise strokes.

With another length swum, Ann was startled to see the back door open to a tall, skinny man with dark hair and eyes. A couple girls and another guy stood behind the stranger, all looking rather good to Ann, all staring at her strangely.

“We are staying here,” the first stranger said, his French accent apparent in his broken English. All Ann could do was freeze and stare in shock at the strange people in front of her. She hurriedly made her way out of the pool, apologizing for her presence. The heat from her blushing cheeks added more to her embarrassment as she fumbled with her words and sandals. Turning back around, she felt her breath get stuck in her throat: the stranger closest to her looked exactly like her most recent ex and his muscles were ripped underneath his shirt.

Just the sight of his muscles sent a tingling through the deepest depths of her pussy. Ann blushed deeper as she noticed his dark eyes looking her up and down. She made her way to go, but was invited inside for a drink. Her awakening pussy persuaded her to accept the invitation and made her way into the house.

Hours went by, the sun finally settling below the mountains, as the group talked and laughed. Pocket pool, game consoles, and drinks kept them amused as Ann’s tingling cunt kept her swimsuit bottoms wet.

Booze kept the travelers smiling and laughing as the night went on, the girls shooting glances at Ann every so often. Ann’s eyes rarely left the man who looked so much like her ex; his name, she had learned, was Jack. The other guy, blond hair and green eyes, was known as Tyler and the girls, both with black curls, were Janice and Ally.

Jack flirted with Ann, had his arm wrapped around her waist, kissing her temple every now and then. The feel of having his lips on her temple hardened her nipples of her pert breasts, her breath quickening ever so slightly with each plant of his lips. She was engrossed with talking to Jack on the couch when she heard Ally moan.

Ann turned around and gaped at the sight in front of her, the tingling in her pussy strengthening to electricity. Ally was sitting on the burgundy pool table, her slim legs opened wide as Janice’s fingers were digging deep inside her open pussy, their mouths dancing as Janice’s other hand was playing with Ally’s sagging breast. Only a few feet away from them was Tyler , stroking his hard cock as he watched the girls intently. Pre-cum glistened on his long cock as he fisted his girth with slow strokes.

Nimble fingers on her hardened nipples shocked Ann as she turned to Jack, his bulge apparent through the loose khakis he was wearing. Without hesitation, Ann placed her hand on his covered cock and stroked him through the fabric as his tongue swiped across her lips. She opened her mouth and the two shared their tongues, their hands still busy with each other’s bodies. Jack’s pinching fingers made Ann moan into his mouth, her moan making his hard dick twitch excitedly.

Her fingers unzipped Jack’s pants and had pulled his length out of his pants, her pussy hot and moist as she heard Ally’s moans turn into small screams of satisfaction. Ann squirmed with anticipation as her hand pumped up and down, spreading the single drop of pre-cum around the tip with her thumb. Jack shivered at her touch and bit her lip as he gently pushed her back onto the pool table.

Jack lifted her young body onto the table’s edge and ran his hands up Ann’s white thighs, stopping as his finger tips gently brushing against the beginning of her swimsuit. Ann’s free hand wrapped around her partner’s neck as her other arm propped her up.

On the other side of the table, Ally was being pounded by Tyler ’s long cock. Janice had her wet pussy rubbing across her girlfriend’s face as she fed her nipple to Tyler , loving how hard he suckled her tit. All three were moaning, close to orgasm when Ally covered Tyler ’s cock with her cum. The scent of Ally’s sweet pussy juice made Ann stroke Jack’s cock harder, her other hand fondling his balls.

Jack pumped into her hand as he nibbled and sucked on her neck. His fingers brushed down between her legs to rest on her covered pussy lips, the wetness evident to him as Ann felt his hard meat thicken with cum. Ann moaned, urging Jack to sink his fingers into her waiting snatch. He smirked as he pushed his fingers deep into her cunt, his fingers pushing her swimsuit into her hole.

Ann pressed her body into his and bite into his shoulder, the smallest taste of blood touching her tongue. His fingers pumped in and out of her tight pussy as his teeth buried into her neck. Her hips were pushing back and forth to get his fingers deeper inside her. The cloth of her swimsuit rubbed across her velvety inner walls and she curled her toes as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He untied her swim suit and aimed his cock at her gaping cunt, her wetness glistening on her slit. Ann writhed in pleasure as she felt his head tapping lightly on her clit before sinking into her depths. His hips slowly worked his length inside her hot, tight cunt and soon pounded her forcefully, his cock almost popping out of her hole before he pushed to her cervix.

Soft screams echoed in the house as Ann and Janice were being pounded away like bitches in heat. Ally held her cum-filled hole above Ann as she feasted on Janice’s big, hard nipples. For the first time in her life, Ann was face-to-face with a dripping pussy. With hesitation, Ann stuck out her tongue to lick the spread pussy lips presented to her. Pussy juice and Tyler ’s cum saturated her tongue and forced her to dive into Ally’s muff with gusto.

Ann’s mouth stuck onto Ally’s exposed mound and flicked her tongue over Ally’s hard clit. Her tongue slithered in and out of Ally’s pussy as she sucked on her whole mound, Ann’s own cunt getting filled with cock. Ann’s wet pussy slapped against Jack’s hips as his balls bumped against her tight ass.

Jack fucked Ann hard, her juices splattering against his skin as he watched her eat Ally’s pussy. His hands left Ann’s hips to stick two fingers up Ally’s wide ass, his other hand gripping one of Ann’s tits. Ally’s ass hugged Jack’s finger as he pumped in and out of her, his fingers matching the pumps of his cock.

A hot load was in his cock, ready to shoot deep inside Ann’s pussy. Jack jammed his fingers deep into Ally’s ass as he forced his cock head into Ann’s cervix. As white cum painted the inside of Ann’s womb, her pussy convulsed around his fat dick and soaked him with her own cum. Ann rode her orgasm with her face covered by a wet pussy, getting a face full of girl cum covering her lips. She swallowed the last of Tyler ’s cum from Ally’s cunt and swallowed the mix happily.

Tyler groaned as he pumped Janice full of cum, her tit deep in his mouth. Ally moved Ann off Jack’s cock and held her ass open for him. Jack spit on Ally’s ass and shoved his cock into her hole, his fist digging Ally’s horny pussy.

Ann could only stare at the group of fucking animals for a short minute before Tyler planted his lips on hers. He worked his tongue down her neck and around her stiffened nipples. With Tyler greedily feasting on her pert tits, Ann enjoyed his massaging hands on her ass cheeks. Her reverie was broken as she felt his finger sliding up her virgin ass. His finger buried deep in her anus as he brought his young slut down on his hard dick, Janice’s cum helping Ann’s pussy slide easily onto his cock.

The 17-year-old was hefted against the walls as the traveler pounded into her used pussy, her cunt crying out with pleasure. From the wall Ann saw the girls eating each other’s pussies out, Ally taking Jack’s hot cock in her tight ass. The sight shook Ann as her nails scratched down Tyler ’s strong back, marks clearly visible on his skin.

Once he felt his cock drenched in her juices, Tyler pulled out of Ann’s cunt and thrust inside her ass. Ann’s eyes welled up in pain as he fucked her relentlessly, his tongue still licking her hard nipples. The pleasure she was getting from her spit-bathed nipples eased her pain until it completely disappeared.

“Pound my ass. Oh yeah, fuck my ass!” Ann cried out for him as she felt her pussy pulsing uncontrollably: she was close to coming hard again and she knew that he was close to filling her ass with cum. Tyler let Ann’s ass take every last inch of his horny cock and shot 6 ropes of thick, white cum. His lips sucked her tit hungrily and sent her throbbing pussy into overdrive, her cum soaking his skin.

He laid her back on the table and pulled out of her hole with a pop. Janice got out from under Ally’s body and went to suck Tyler ’s cum out of Ann’s tired pussy. Ann cried out as her back went rigid, she had never had a girl eat her pussy before and she was enjoying it. The soft licks on her red pussy soothed her as she felt another mini-orgasm building within her cunt.

Janice only latched onto Ann’s pussy long enough to suck out Tyler ’s cum before going to get the hot sperm from the source. Her mouth bobbed up and down Tyler ’s thick cock as Ann made her way out of the house as quietly as she could: she was running around naked, but she was not willing to grab her swimsuit just in case the travelers started to fuck her again.

Ann ran to her house with cum running down her leg before heading straight into the shower, not even seeing her neighbors looking at her with lust
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