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If you have any objections against the themes of the story, I suggest you stop reading. If you want more simply rate postively.
I was fourteen years old when I first had my first sexual encounter with another boy, well boys. It began with party that I didn't even want attend, and thought it was going to be a waste of time and boring!!! My mother and I were invited to one of her co-workers (family) parties. She really didn't know any of them that well, but really enjoyed her co-workers accompaniment.

So, she dragged me along because apparently this was a event where the co-workers families had to attend. So I asked my mom the first reasonable question that I thought of "Is their going to be anyone my age?"

She replied with a descending tone of "no, Danny their will not be." "but, why I am I going to then?" she replied with "Sorry honey you HAVE to but, there is going to be kids just younger you, I think." (when my mom gets serious I rather not go against her)

Awesome, I get to hang out with some brats. I mean I was going to High school this fall.
Okay here is my deion: I am as noted before 14, Caucasian, pretty skinny, I do not work out yet, and averagely at 5"6, I have brown eyes with light brown hair.

The day of the party arrived; to my astonishment the place was HUGE. However, the people it was a ton of adults, I was still that where I really couldn't talk to an adult for more then 5 minutes and they were children but most of them were girls like, 5-9 year old girls, yeah I don't think they really wanted to talk either. So, my mom said "go to that room that’s where the other boys are." While motioning me off like a pest.

I walked in to the room and, there were two boys only. They looked pretty nice, I mean for looks too for their age I guess they were pretty cute, but they weren't that young they were both 11.

"Hi" I said. The first one said "hi" in a soft, light pitched voice. The other one said, "hey what’s up?" in a much more dominate voice. I asked "what are your names?" in a cooling tone the light pitched one replied with a smile "Matthew." the other one "Tommy."

Matthew had an angelic face, slender body, not too tall, not too big, but had a wonderful smile. Tommy was a tad bit more chubbier, but by no means was fat, he is taller then Matthew, and his ‘body language” is a really dominant one, like he owns everything.
Now, I wasn't so sure in my sexuality, actually, I was just horny all the time, literally turned on by anyone of any gender.

As the time passed, (2 hours) I actually enjoyed their company it was pretty fun. We played video games, and talked, and played games that I haven't played since I was their age. So I took a quick bathroom break, did my business, and returned to Matthew and Tommy but as I returned they immediately broke in laughter.

I asked them, "What happened?" me being a little confused. Matthew broke his laughter and said "You forgot to zip your pants, dude." "Oh" blushing and I looked and you could clearly see my dick bulging out of my underwear. I immediately but my hand down, and started to zip my pants but Tommy interrupted me “hey, umm can we see it.”

I just stood their, my hand on the zipper and started to gawk. Matthew and Tommy looked at each other and shared a brief smile before Matthew continued “yea, actually we just kinda wanted to see one to see like, what’s ours gonna be like.” Tommy kinda in a seductive way said “yea, don’t worry about it.”

Well, I was horny as fuck, and they seem to be okay with it. So I tremendously took off my pants, then my shirt. Leaving me with my undershirt and white underwear. Tommy motioned me on with his hands, and that was enough, I removed my underwear revealing my fully erect 6 and 1/2in cock.

They both were now gawking at my dick. “That’s huge oh my god.” Tommy said. They’ve probably never seen another dick so they were heavily exaggerating it.

So, now was I smiling a lot more confident said “hey, how about you show me yours.”
This time they still glanced at each other but this time they had a “I’m not so sure” face on. I pressed on “it’s only fair, I showed you mine, you have to show me yours.”

I guess they couldn’t go against that logic. So both Tommy and Matthew took off they’re clothes. They looked so, innocent with their slim bodies, and classic super-hero briefs.

Matthew exposed his 4 and ½ incher, and Tommy with his 4 incher. Now all of us naked, Tommy popped the question nervously “hey, Danny can I hold it, your dick I mean.” Matthew butted in “yea, we’re just kinda curious.”

So I let Tommy hold my dick, (I didn’t really need too much persuasion at this point) “it’s so firm and strong, I wonder what it tastes like.” Sure enough Tommy puts his red succulent lips on my dick.

Matthew’s face was unforgettable when, Tommy stuck my dick in his mouth. Tommy proceeded to suck, and churn my penis in rolls of salvia, making the ever so faintest grunting noises.

Matthew came closer, and went down too, and started licking my hanging pair of balls, as if it were a lollipop, he fondled with it, and it made the scene that much hotter.

Tommy engulfed my entire cock and was going back and forth vigorously now, smacking against my pubes.

Matthew was trailing a bit deeper now, licking in between my balls and asshole.
It felt like heaven.

Tommy face, was in such a manor it looked like he was in a shitload of pain, but he is loving this, what a slut I thought.

Matthew went even further and is now eating out my ass.
With all this tension, I had enough, I erupted inside Tommy’s mouth, I came like I never came before, it was thick ropes of cum that he so, easily swallowed, and licked his lip after that.

Now, I look at Matthew, give him a big grin and ask “wanna take this,” (grabbing my dick) “up your ass?”

Matthew chuckles, but says “hell yes, screw me over right now Danny.”

So I lay down search for lube in the nearby night stand next to the bed in the guest room. Find it apply some, regretting that there are no condoms, I’m like whatever, I’m too horny now.

Matthew gets on top and I begin to buckle my hips as I message his nipples, and say “this is a nice view.” He chuckles again, and almost says something but I cut him off by shoving my dick up his ass. I say “oh yeah, that’s it.” as I Grab and caress his nipples.

Matthew looked like a squealer, so I took it slow, guiding him, letting him adjust while slowly but rhythmically thrusting my cock up his virgin ass.

Matthew groaned and moaned, but I kept my pace. Matthew, in the quietest of tone “Fuck me harder, Danny, fuck me until I can’t take it anymore.” That was enough for me, I took that as my queue, and gave a mighty thrust, he instantly roared in “ahhhhh.” Tommy took that, as his queue, and quickly put his fully erect dick in Matthew’s face, shutting him up, and giving Tommy an opportunity.

I vigorously, charged my dick and started to pound his ass. You could hear my balls starting to slap against him, when I got a glimpse of Matthew’s face, he looked in pain, but the same time having the best time of his life, that turned me on more, and promptly pounded his ass faster and harder.

I felt a spark, as if I was gonna explode, it was too much, and Screamed “ouuu shit, I’m cumming!” Took my penis out of Matthew’s ass, and Tommy also took his dick out his mouth, and started stroking his dick, but I had enough, I moaned very loudly then, I took his face, and came all over it.

White, sticky, semen all over his face, hair, and lips, a few moments later a saw Tommy’s dick erupt on his face as well, releasing everything he had.

Afterwards, we were kinda speechless, but then Matthew smiled, and said “wanna go to the bathroom and clean up.”
Tommy and I chuckled and simultaneously agreed “yes!”

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2012-10-13 21:46:54
it began,when my wife was at party she was drinking, got turn on took her tits out,44dd, than when into bedroom where she fucked 7 guys/ i watch was turn on. suck and fuck her pussy when we got home, said she loves fucking my friends. we been back a few times.

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2012-10-02 08:22:24
it began, when i first deep throat a very long cock, after he cum in my belly, i was hook for life.

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2012-03-30 11:19:53
feeling a cock burst in your mouth,is a great taste

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2011-03-02 20:55:46
Yep, work on grammar and spelling, please, or give it to someone who's good with English to edit for you. Otherwise, fantastic theme and plot.

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2010-12-06 05:01:50
Excellent story with a hot theme. I'd love to find out what happened next. The only critcism I have is your grammer. Ask someone to proof read it for you before you print it.

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