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Tracey awoke, sore and bruised after last night's abuse.
Tracey took some time to realise where she was – or where she wasn’t! She wasn’t in her own bed, In fact, she had no idea whose bed she was in.

Then the reality of yesterday struck her, when she looked down and saw the blood on the inside of her thighs and felt the pain between her legs and deep in her anal passage.

The reality hit her like a bad dream – but it was all too real. She had been fucked, sucked, gang-raped, abused – you name it.

She went to get up off the foreign, smelly bed but was unable to move. She had been hog-tied, so there was no escape from this nightmare.

It was light but she had no idea what time it was. Voices and footsteps was all she had to tell her that people were up and about. A LOT of voices. Much more than she remembered from the nightmare that was last night.

Loud country music started up. People yahooing and giggling made her realise that it was afternoon at least, maybe early evening. She was feeling hungry and thirsty. What was more worrying was that she was actually feeling horny! Why, she wondered?

It wasn’t long before the door opened – there was Benny saying, “Now you will meet your new best friends doll. I’ve organised a 3 day party in your honour.”

He untied her and dragged her screaming out of the bed by her hair, onto the patio, where there was a DJ playing rock music, loads of people drinking, dropping pills, singing, partying, snorting, dancing, whatever. Most wearing little or no clothes.

“Friends, sex maniacs, lesbians, lend me your lears – here is the sexual buffet I promised. This is Tracey. Anyone who does NOT use and abuse her, is not welcome back to any of my famous parties!” he announced, throwing Tracey onto the floor.

It took less than ten seconds for, of all things, two lesbian dykes [ Bobbie and Barb] to grab her by the hair and lay her down on the wooden floor. One started sucking her pussy whilst the other took off her panties and lowered herself onto GT’s face and demanded that she lick her clitty.

Tracey had no choice but to obey [the fear of being punished by Bernie made her do what she was told]. For ten minutes they swapped between licker and lickee, before they both came! The onlookers hooted and cheered.

They turned her onto her belly, then one spanked her arse with her hand, whilst the other put on a strap-on dick, which she soon had the tip of against Tracey’s sphincter.

“No please!” pleaded Tracey.

“She said ‘please’”, said Bobbie, “Let’s not disappoint her!”

With that, the false cock was rammed up Tracey’s anus, at which she almost feinted with the pain. It was the fattest thing she’d ever had fuck her arse. Bobbie started hammering away like it was a real cock and soon came again herself. Barb had her hard, long tongue inside GT’s pussy along with 2 fingers, and before much longer, despite the pain, Tracey reluctantly cum all over Barb’s face.

“She loves pain people – who’s next?” shouted Bobbie. As the 2 dykes left her, Tracey was ashamed at her own body’s reaction to this abuse – but she realised that being abused was what really turned her on!

Immediately the dykes were replaced by the Thompson triplets, brothers [Tim, Tom and Terry] well known for their vicious and callous treatment of females in the town.

“Well,” said Tom cruelly squeezing really hard on Tracey’s nipples between his fingers, “let’s make the slut scream for mercy.” With that, Tim forced Tracey’s legs apart and, without any warning, forced his fingers into Tracey’s pussy, 2, then 3, then almost 4, before saying she was tight! He went to the kitchen returning with a slab of butter, covered his right hand in it, forced a lump into Tracey’s pussy, then started to push his whole hand against her pussy lips.

She screamed like a banshee; Tom was still squeezing her nipples like a vice, Terry pulled out his rigid 7” cock and forced it into her mouth and down her throat pumping in and out and making her gag, then Tim gave a huge push and his fist entered Tracey’s pussy, fisting her to the loudest scream you could ever imagine, almost biting the end off Terry’s cock.

Nonetheless, it made her squirt cum, much to the boy’s amusement. “She likes pain alright,” said Tom, “Let’s make her happy.”

Tim had the whole of his fist stuck up her cunt and was moving his fingers around inside her vagina. He pulled his fist half out, stretching her cunt lips, before ramming it back inside her, bringing scream after scream. Meantime, Terry was deep-throating her, holding the back of her head and soon pumped the whole of the cum in his balls down her throat.

With a popping sound Tim pulled his fist out of Tracey’s cunt, at which Tracey just managed, “Arrrgghhh.” Tom, being an arse man, turned her over onto her stomach, pulled her hips up so she was on her knees, rubbed his 8” prick to full erection, spat on his helmet, then just rammed his rod into GT’s arse. Man did she scream!

And yet, Tom soon was aware that he was somehow being lubricated! Tracey’s arse must be excreting some sort of fluid? Who cares, he thought and just gave her a hard arse-fuck, spanking her cheeks, pulling her head back by the hair, humping like a steam train for a good ten minutes until he filled her bowels with his jizz. Many times later he wondered about that experience.

The boys being satisfied, at least for now, took off to the bar, leaving Tracey in a mess on the floor.

She heard, ‘Come on Honey, let’s clean up,” and was pulled to her feet by a very debonaire older guy, who she later knew as ‘Clive’.

He directed her into the main house, took her into a marbled shower, washed her all over, literally inside and out, with shower cream. He finished by sitting her onto a bidet and cleansing her insides as thoroughly as her skin ensuring the water spouted first up her cunt, then up her arse. The cold water had a soothing effect.

In a complete daze, she was led into another room of the mansion. She felt refreshed, but still nervous – with good reason!

She was led to an outdoor area – a barn that seemed very large, but was only lit by candles – very eerie! There seemed to be many people in the group, but their shapes were indistinct. They were standing in a circle and chanting some strange words. There was the odour of herbs burning. She realised that the smell was cannabis. The air was heavy and heady.

At one end of the building was a figure in a shroud with what seemed like the head of a goat.

“On your knees before the Lord Billy Phallus,” commanded a voice, hands pushing her down on her knees and her face to the ground.

Once again she felt helpless and vulnerable. She knelt, with head down and arse up in the air assuming this man was the ‘Lord Billy Phallus.’

“Let the Lord Billy be admitted,” chanted a voice.

She heard a barn door open some way distant. A strange animal sound and cloven hooves met her ears – the horrible truth dawned on her – it was a real goat!

Before she could move, she was held fast. “Honour Lord Billy Phallus, Honour Lord Billy Phallus,” they all chanted.

Tracey thought this was fucking crazy – like some second rate cable channel movie. It was very soon to become just that –fucking crazy!

Hooded helpers lifted ‘Lord Billy’ onto her back. A hairy ‘object’ was pushed against her pussy lips – the goat’s cock.

‘Billy’ made a gurgling sound then heaved himself forward, finding his target first time. He thrust his engorged prick inside her, making GT scream, “Oh God, NOOOOO.” It was huge. It’s pre-cum stung her insides. The front hooves dug into her soft flesh jamming her left breast on the ground and Billy humped unmecifully quickly. He fucked her for what seemed like ages, penetrating deep inside her cunt walls, finally bellowing before squirting his cum juices inside her swollen and bloody pussy.

He dismounted and butted her uplifted arse, knocking her several feet across the floor, snorted and turned away.

“It is done,” said the one with the robe and goat’s head. “Let all Billy’s and Nannies now indulge as they wish!” he commanded. There was a rush of movement as numerous bodies, male and female, groped her, squeezed and pinched her breasts, arse cheeks, pussy – all over her body, all at the same time. Tracey was suddenly pulled on top of someone [a “Billy”] whose prick was thrust into her swollen pussy, whilst another [a “Nanny”] parted her arse cheeks and started to thrust her tongue into her anus and licked and sucked like a hoover. Another ‘Billy’ saw his opportunity and stood astride the “Nanny” and forced his swollen cock into Tracey’s mouth.

She was thus fucked, sucked, licked, squeezed, pinched, fingered, fisted, licked and used by all and sundry ‘Billys” and “Nannys” for several hours.

She could hardly breath let alone scream. This was a total nightmare. Why had she not just been a normal ‘nice’ girl, she wondered? Why did she tease guys like she had? The so-called thrill of being a “PT” was not so thrilling now! This was the sort cum-uppance Prick Teasers { “P.T.’s”} risked suffering had she but known it.

What really got to Tracey was that despite the extreme abuse, she actually had innumerable orgasms, even squirting sometimes, and enjoyed so much of the attention! She had a great relationship with a wonderful guy, who truly adored her, found her sexy, loved her, yet she had had so many fantasies about being used and abused. Why was she never satisfied?

This was not what her dreams promised – this was a nightmare, which wasn’t over yet.

She was grabbed and blind-folded.

“You are a prick-teasing mare, who must be taught a lesson” said a soft voice from somewhere close by. It sounded like the ‘goat’ man? “An indisciplined mare needs a strong stallion to teach her how to behave,” said the freaky voice.

The sound of cloven hooves and ‘clip clop’ sounds again startled her. What was more scarey now was the sound of . . . yes, a horse strutting and snorting through his nostrils!

She felt herself being strapped to an elevated V shaped table, her legs wide apart in the ‘V’.

The snorting of the young stallion grew ever nearer. The sound of hooves like a spanish dancer was scary.

“Please don’t do this to me,” she begged. “Relax my dear, or it will be more painful,” said a female voice nearby.

Suddenly she felt the weight of a hairy, horsey chest, just as she felt hands opening her pussy lips and the head of something huge pushing at the opening.

“Oh no please” she pleaded, to no avail.

A horse’s prick has no rules, so he just thrust forward and forced Tracey’s cunt lips open wide. She screamed. He [ the horse] pushed hard again, opening her already abused pussy lips even wider. This was far worse than being fisted.

One great thrust and he was fully inside her, pushing against her cervix. He humped and humped unmercifully, as only a stallion can, pushing the table back with each thrust.

Her cunt was stretched like when a baby’s head was delivered, except it happened every ½ second instead of only once! The stallion whinnied, made a huge heave, which drew a scream from “GT” like she’d never before been so unbelievably tortured, then spurted litres of cum inside her, spilling out over thr floor.

She orgasmed and squirted again as the the stallion thrust into her. Even she couldn’t believe that she would react this way.

Someone turned a hose on her, directing the rush of water inside her abused holes.

Tracey was almost unconscious by now, but was hauled back into the main house and laid out, like a starfish, on a sort of lazy susan revolving table top.

Partygoers were invited to enjoy their fantasies and used her as a toy. She was again fucked, sucked, licked, spanked, fingered, fisted – you name it! Her screams only adding to the pleasure of the abusers.

She finally succumbed and lapsed into unconsciousness, waking up in hospital 2 days later, telling the medical staff and police that she couldn’t remember anything!
Sore and bruised inside and out, she slept and had dreams that made her whimper and cry out, “I hope he comes again soon.”

When awoken by a nurse, she lied that it was a religious dream about the second coming – except it was about a totally different cumming that she dreamt!

For the first time in years she prayed. For more wild parties . . . .

… to be continued.

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2013-04-27 12:59:22
You did NOT do your homework. You write 'The sound of cloven hooves...'. A horse's hooves are NOT cloven. They are solid.
Pig's hooves are cloven. Always verify your facts if you are not sure of them.

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2013-01-13 12:28:10
I do mix it up BUT with the same things. Like my rinnung & cardio. I do the same machines BUT I do mix up the intensity & workouts so that I am not doing the same thing. Sam with weights. I do them all the time BUT every workout is different. I don't do the same routine 2 times in a row.I do want to try Pilates & yoga so maybe I will in 2012.Eager to hear about the 105 degree workout. Always intrigued me!

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I want this done to me

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2012-01-05 09:15:04
hi ho silver ride her cowboy

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that was kinky in many different ways

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