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Same girl encounters a guy in a alley way
Part two from The Misadeventures read part one first to get this one.

I start walking my way back home from the restaurant eager to get out of there, all those eyes watching. I start to hear footsteps behind me; I look behind me no one is there.

"Get a grip you’re being paranoid" I think to myself and start walking faster. "I just want to go home."

Out of nowhere a hand grabs my wrist pulling it behind my back, a shot of pain courses through my arm, as the hand guides me into a dark alley. I was about to scream in anguish when another hand with a hanky covers my mouth and stuffing it in to muffle my cries. I go to grab his hand, clawing away at it with my own remaining free hand, but he grabs it too and pulls it back behind me.

"You fucking tease, I hate girls like you." I heard a very strong deep voice say in my ear, he then started kissing down my neck. I felt nearly paralysed in his grip, as I lifted my leg up trying to stamp on his foot.

"Ha you little slut you weigh nearly nothing, you really think stamping on my foot is gonna hurt me? You are a twat really." He puts me right up to his chest so my hands are wedged from his chest and my back stuck there I couldn't wiggle my way out of his grip, I felt him undoing the buckle on his belt. He got his belt and started to tie my hands together behind me, I spat the hanky out.

"Help! Please someone help!" I shouted as my last resort.

"Fucking bitch!", he grabs the hanky off the floor and stuffs it back in my mouth, "Yeah it’s dirty now you shouldn't have chucked it on the floor you dirty bitch" He gets out a cloth and starts putting that in my mouth too. He ties it behind my head pulling my hair with it, I scream again but again just muffled.

"You’re a teasing filthy whore and I'm gonna give what a whore wants" He slaps my arse I jolt from him.

"We all know a dirty whore like you just wants a nice hard cock inside her." He slaps my arse again, I yelp from the pain, he slips one hand up my top lifting it and my bra up, and my nipple hardens as it feels the cool night air. He tweaks my nipple so hard turning it all the way round nearly, I just start to cry through the pain feeling the tear drop down my cheek.

"Nips are hard, must mean you’re a horny bitch". He teases slipping his hand down my belly into my skirt, and then down into my panties, he puts a finger straight up my cunt.

"We are a horny cunt aren’t we?" He brings his wet fingers from where I was horny from my encounter with the lady. "Sniff yourself" He puts his fingers right near my nose making me smell my own aroma. I just struggle more trying to get his grip off me. He brings his face next to mine and starts sucking on his fingers.

"You taste very sweet bitch." He starts putting his wet fingers over my nipple making it glisten in the low lighting of the street lamp.

"You have such pretty pink nipples". He moves his hand to my other breast letting that one feel the cool air too; it hardens from his touch of his hot saliva glistening as well. He starts tweaking that one all the way round, another shot of pain, another muffled cry.

"Please just hurry up and leave me alone." Was all I was thinking, knowing I was getting wetter and wetter with his touch, my body such a traitor enjoying his rough handling.

He starts taking down my skirt, revealing my pert bum cheeks covered up by my panties. He slaps my arse again and again I can feel it tingling with each slap as he spanks me moving from cheek to cheek, making sure they both get his firm hand.

"Always thought red would suit you my dear." I saw him grin evilly as he carried on slapping. I had my eyes closed just taking each brutal slap. He stopped bending me right over, I swear he was going to drop me head first into the pavement, but his arms were strong, keeping me up.

"You really shouldn't wear white panties, your soaking look." With that he ripped my panties off me, I screamed and bit hard on the handkerchief. He put them right in my face showing the wet patch. "Go on I know you want to have a sniff" He pushed it under my nose while he lifted me back up straight, then put it back under his nose licking the damp patch.

"Oh well this is just unfair me tasting you, I'm sure you want a bit." Not quite sure what he meant, he undid the tie a bit, loosened it from the back and took out the hanky. He stuffed my panties in my mouth, and tightened it up again.

"Don't you just taste so sweet?" He says as he starts slapping my arse again feeling it tingle. I taste the pussy juices on my tongue. I completely give up hope, just letting him spank my arse; it no longer hurts it had become that numb. I feel him slip his finger in so roughly, and then he starts putting another finger in, and another. I feel as he starts stretching my pussy, four fingers in now just in and out I feel myself rising with excitement. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I'm gonna cum the bastards making me cum!" I start to panic not wanting him to have the pleasure of knowing he was getting me to my climax. He was slapping my arse with every other push of his fingers in my pussy, and my traitor of a body backing on to them wanting them inside more.

"Oh yeah you’re a fucking whore look how many fingers I've got in you." It was more to him then to me, as while I was backing up I felt something warm and wet dripping down my crack into my tight little arsehole. I pulled away but he pushed me back on to his hand, picked me up by my waist and just hammered his hard cock into my tight bottom.

"MMMMFSSSSSSS!" I scream as he pushed into my hole, never have I done anal before, it hurt so bad.

"Take it out take it out, it hurts please take it out." I practically screamed in my head it hurt so bad. He was pumping his cock in hard and fast every pump putting an inch in more and more. His four fingers still in me at the same time his fun rubbing up and down my clit.

"Oh my god I'm gonna cum oh mmmm, fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Horny little slut you’re cumming all over my fingers." I feel his fingers wiggling inside of me while he keeps ramming his cock.

I feel a wave of ecstasy again as he rubs harder on my clit still stretching my arse hole to accommodate his cock. With a final slam of his whole body I feel the last inches of his cock go in me feeling his balls slapping against my inner thigh. He starts to go faster and faster, his breathes quickening.

"That’s it slut make me cum in your arse it is so tight, you’re my little cum slut." He starts to go slower doing long strokes in and out of my pussy. I can feel his cock twitching inside of me as he ejaculates in my arse I feel his juices just filling me.

"That’s a good slut take it all" He moves slowly in and out making sure I get every last drop. He takes his cock out and lowers me back down still wiggling his fingers in my cunt.

"Look your arse is still gaping for more."

He grabs the hanky that had been on the floor and stuffs it up my arse like a plug leaving it hanging out a bit like a tail. He slaps my arse one more time.

"That was great. And by the looks of it you liked it too." He takes his fingers out of my cunt and shows the juices on his finger tips. He puts his cheek next to mine and starts licking his fingers.

"Mmm you taste so sweet." With that he lifts me up above his shoulders pins me against he wall and starts licking my cunt taking all my juices in his mouth. I am exhausted from my climax and just dangle there letting him do what he wants.

He licks up my last juices and starts pushing in the hanky further and further up my arse. I try to push it back out but he just slaps my arse.

"Stop pushing it out, I want it in, it stays in." He slaps my arse one more time then carries on licking while pushing it further and further in. I wince with every push the rough cotton goes in, he manages to fit it all in my arse.

"OK you’re all clean here now slut." He brings me back down. And it is the first time I see him face to face. He was the waiter from the restaurant! He has dark brown hair, brown eyes, a muscular face, with a boyish grin with a slight tan.

"Ha you recognise me now, if you tell on me to anyone I'll share these with your friends, parents, work colleges." He showed some DVDs to me. I looked at him puzzled and drained.

"This is of you going under the table playing with the woman. And a few of your shows from online. Oh yes I know you’re a dirty little slut on a website. And I don't mind sharing it with everyone. So if you scream when I un-gag you it goes to everyone you know. Understood?" I slowly nod trying to fight back the tears. "Good. I also get to play with you anytime I want." He unties the cloth from my head taking out the panties from my mouth, realising the cloth was actually a waiters towel. He takes my panties out of my mouth and puts it in his back pocket.

"A souvenir" He grinned proud of what he just done.

"Shame I have to undo you, you look so fucking sexy all tied up." I spit in his face. "Fuck off you disgusting bastard".

“Now now, don't be so bitter I let you cum first.” He wipes the spit off with my panties, replacing them back in his pocket. I go red at the thought of my body reacting the way it did. I tried to fight back the tears. He brings me closer to him hugging me while untying the belt around my arms. I feel him kissing and sucking my neck, which is my weak spot and I softly moan.

“I can be kind to you, or treat you as the whore you are. You’re my fuck toy get used to it.” He whispers in my ear, the belt already going back around his waist, he starts walking down the street.

"See you soon whore." He shouts waving his hand.

I adjust my top covering my still erect nipples.

"Ahh, shit, shit, shit." I say as I slow pull out the hanky he stuffed up my arse.

"Fuck that stings ahhh!” I give it a final big tug and the last of it comes out. Gosh it stung like a bitch. I chucked the hanky in a nearby skip and ran home feeling his cum going down my inner thighs.

I get to my house and quickly soak up all of the cum with my skirt before going inside.

I run up stairs in case some more cum drips on the floor. Turning the shower on, I jump in not waiting for it to heat up. I pour the shower gel on me and just scrub, I feel so dirty. My arse red from all the slaps still stinging as the water washes over my pert bottom. One day and I become owned by two people. I shake the feeling off and scrub myself once more. I still feel aches from where he pulled my arm behind me and tied my arms behind my back.

I step out the shower put on my pyjamas it is then I notice on my neck a love bite. Damn bruising easily.

end of part 2

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