Billy Broome shacked and haunted by his emaciation in Feltham was led writhing by two prison guards into his cell. He kicked and screamed with all his might but to no avail. Officer Malinski was as hard as rusty old nails and wasn’t about to take any nonsense from an unruly rookie on the wing.

“You could have gone the easy way!” he went “Squatted down and coughed as I asked of you. But no you decided to act the big tough kid. Well let me tell you one thing kiddo, when the boys on D win hear of the prized asset that awaits them you can kiss goodbye to your safety.”

“I want my lawyer I want to see my lawyer.” Billy screamed thrashing about but it was no use.

“Lawyer?” Remarked officer Malinski with a sweeping glance at his colleague. “Any chance you’re to see your lawyer is well and truly over. What you need is good hard discipline, Randall what you say we drop him off on the Muppet wing?”

Billy froze in his stride and he was forced to hunch over on the floor. His arms were held firmly in a tight prayer by the two officers.

“What’s the Muppet wing?” He asked, scared at the suggestion, he knew by there tone it couldn’t be good.

“Well the Muppet wing is where all the freaks and mentally retarded boys go. Boys who have been raped and abused all of there lives. Boys from dysfunctional backgrounds embroiled with hate and lies and anger and violence.”

“What’s your background Billy? Who are your parents what do they do?”

Before Officer Malinski got a reply his colleague Randall flipped open a chart containing Billy’s notes. “Turns out he’s some country kid Jim. Some middle class white trash with parents who work the farm.”

“Huh, you want be sowing no seeds in here Billy. You may be taking some seed down your throat or up you virginised ass but that’s about it.”

The two officers laughed and Malinski threw Billy into the corner of the cell. He landed on his back and his neck twisted with the force of the impact.

“Don’t leave me in here please!” He pleaded anxiously to them both. Officer Malinski threw his keys into the air catching them ignoring Billy’s pleas. He turned to Randall and cupped his shoulders with his broad hands.

“Say old buddy what you fancy tonight shall we try this ass out for measures. My dick is hungry for some fresh boy ass.”

Billy couldn’t believe his ears as the sick and vile words flowed out of officer Malinski’s mouth. He stared on in utter shock at the spectacle before him.

“You know he is a real cutey. Top of the range pussy boy shit, but I got a better idea.”

“Yeah what?” Malinski asked intrigued at his colleague’s suggestions.

“Instead of takin him down the Muppet wing what’s say we bring one of the Muppets here. You know that big fat ginger kid with no teeth. The one who strolls about the place all day half naked with a big fat boner. I’m sure he’s ready to blow a load in this kid’s mouth.”

Officer Malinski stroked his chin, “Oh yeah I remember now, the one who raped that eleven year old kid when he was twelve the big fat one with a massive cock.”

“That’s the one. He parades around all day with that boner sticking up from his crotch it leaks all over the place and the nurses have to wipe it up and shit, its sick.”

Officer Malinski chuckled, “That’s because I keep feeding him these extra strong Viagra’s. I’ve forced him to walk round half naked too. It makes it worth while goin down there, something to laugh at.”

“Please don’t set that kid on me.” Billy wailed he was really beginning to get scared now why did he have to go and smart his mouth off like a stupid punk kid?

“Oh were brining him down al right. You should have thought of that before your unnecessary out bursts. But I guess dumb kids like you will never learn. Randall you wanna do the honours?”

He handed him the keys to the Muppet wing, and smiled wickedly at Billy.

“I’ve got some business to take care of here first. Give us ten minutes and bring the fat ginger kid I’m sure he has a taste for fresh pussy.”

As the officer left Malinski casually stripped down his jeans and pulled his boxers off. His rock hard erection stood up impeccably at nine inches, pre cum leaking from the end, dripping on the floor. Billy gazed on in horror, much to Malinski’s delight.


“Alright Parker, move it!” Randall screamed towards the obese ginger kid. Malinski was right this kid was a mess. He had all but one tooth which stuck obscenely out of his jaw like Draculas other brother. His face was a wash with grime and dirt as though he hadn’t bathed in a week. And the stench he radiated was enough to make even the toughest man heave. Officer Randall had to cover his nose with a small cloth to avoid inhaling the putrid stinking smell.

As stated he wore neither trousers nor underwear. And true to Malinski’s word his big fat boner, pumped full of Viagra jutted upwards from his groin. His big balls drooped low, hanging like two large bird’s eggs. Every so often spurts of pre cum shot from his cock end splattering on the floor.

“You can take that dumb smile off your face too.” Randall ordered to the boy whose beaming and somewhat scary smile was enough to make anybody cringe, even an officer.

The ginger kid licked his lips; scratched at his stinking balls and huffed.

“Now that’s better you awful mess. I know that beast is ready to shoot its creamy load but you just wait and see what we got brought in.”

He picked his pace up as they descended the long corridor. Officer Randall stood directly behind him tapping the boys backside lightly with his baton, just enough to keep him in a steady pace. As they reached the cell Randall received a call on his radio, it was Malinski.

“Listen Randall make sure you give the kid from the moo moo farm and the rookie a little time together. Just lock the cell and meet me up in the office.”

With the orders from Malinski in place Randall swatted the kid on the ass a number of times and whispered in his ear. “Go on now do your worst!” He pointed with his finger at the adjacent door and gently pushed the fat kid through.

There crouched on the floor, squatting completely naked was Billy. His legs were spread, and his perfect, unfucked puckered ass hole came into view. The mentally retarded rapist kid almost shot his load there and then. Billy trembled as he heard the boys stomping large feet behind him, drool fell from his mouth and splattered on the floor. He sure was horny. Without further a do he knelt down and cupped Billy’s balls with his dirty hands. He squeezed tightly sending waves of pain through Billy’s body.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Billy wailed tears falling from his cheeks. They fell lightly onto the long strings of cum which officer Malinski had deposited on his face and ordered him to leave. He looked adorable, a fifteen year old boy naked squatting in a prison cell with long strings of creamy, thick cum covering his face. And there was nothing he could do about it.

“I’m not gonna hurt ya. Just gonna enjoy ya. Ya know how much drugs and shit they pumped me full of I’m a vegetable. I’ve had so much Viagra pumped up my shaft that I haven’t been able to cum for nearly two weeks. So listen up fish for that screw bastard Malisnki to let me have my way with such a pretty thing like you, well I sure hell am gonna have my way with you. Will be like Timmy all over again.”

Billy scared out of his wits crouched perfectly still whilst his small balls were manipulated by the ginger beast. “Whose Timmy what you mean?” He asked.

“Timmy’s the kid I raped before I came in here, the last of five kids I raped before they caught me. His asshole sure was fucked after I finished with him, even heard he needed it re constructing was that bad. So if you want a pussy instead of an ass hole for the rest of your life I suggest you shut the fuck up whilst I use your shitter to ram my meat up ok!”

This kid wasn’t joking, for sure he was fucked up and Billy couldn’t handle it. He wept like a little child as the ginger freak mounted him from behind. He felt his egg sized stinking balls against his ass hole and tried to do his best to imagine he was some place else. He had never been fucked before, he wasn’t even gay!!!!

“This gonna take about fifteen too twenty minutes of pure pleasure fucking. So be my bitch and take it like a whore and I’ll go easy. Remember all you are to me is a cum dump one tight unfucked unused virginised cum dump and I’m about to use you hairless ass hole, ha-ha.”

And so It went, and for Billy an experience he would never forget- sure he’d have much worse experiences and turbulent times at Feltham but this was the eye opener, the de flowering the mating of two males in sexual lust, (well rape) to put it bluntly.

His puckered little ass hole was no more, as inch after inch raped and pillaged his ass pussy. “I told you to un tense will be easier on you.” The ginger kid said hoarsely repeating himself for the second time, but Billy wasn’t listening. As the rod penetrated in and out all he could do were to bear down and grit his teeth thus making him clench his anal sphincter. Hey the retarded kid was trying to be nice to him, offer him help and guidance as he fucked him like a lustful dog, but like all new rookie fish they like to do it there own way.

It seemed like hours had passed as the relentless fucking continued, Billy felt violated and dehumanised by the experiences I mean he was being raped? And who was there to save him his mummy and daddy? No they disowned him long ago after the pain and suffering his incarceration had put them through. The prison guards the only people he thought there to protect him had given him up and to whom? A fucked up mentally ill boy with a fat stinking cock which as of now was embedded in his ass hole nice!

“Make a woof sound doggie. I love a new fish to howl like a bitch dog whilst I fuck her deep, come on give us a woof?”

Apart from the evident moans Parker got no answer and became annoyed. “I don’t want to ask you twice rookie or it’ll be my foot long shit in your mouth next!”
Was Billy hearing him correctly, foot long shit? No it couldn’t be it had to be a figure of speech or something, but surly not that he were to empty his bowels in his mouth?
Instead of finding out he complied, “Owwww, owwwww woof woof.”

“Ha-ha that’s it fido you are now well and truly a bitch come on give me seconds I wanna deposit my cum in your hole whilst I hear you moan.

Humiliated beyond belief, he howled once more, “Owwwww, owwwww, woof woof, grrrrrrrr.”

And with the final noises he felt the ginger boys cock stiffen up and deposit a massive load of cum in his ass. As he slowly came to a standstill he pulled his half erect cock with a slurp from Billy’s ass. The kid just crumpled to the ground sweating profusely and crying. Without a word Parker stood up and gave Billy a firm kick to the groin.
“Not bad rookie next time we meet ill introduce you to some other sick things I like to try out on new boys. Oh and one other thing as far as things go I’m gonna make sure every con in this prison knows you the new bitch in town and ready to use and abuse when they want to.”

He left Billy in a pool of his own filth, cum oozed from his ass hole and dripped onto the floor. He surly had been fucked well and truly, but it was nothing to what officer Malinski had planned.

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