That evening when Mindy got home she rushed straight to her bedroom and dove beneath the sheets.

“Sweetie are you ok?” Her mom shouted from the other side of the door. Between sniffles Mindy managed to respond and shut her eyes away from all the torment Chad had put her through in the last three weeks.

“Yeah I’m fine mom. I’m just a little tired I think I’ve got a cold coming on.”

Her mom was slightly concerned by her erratic behaviour but as girls go her hormones were raging and her state of mind was bound to get upset from time to time. So her mom left her to her self.

“If you come down later Mindy I’ve prepared some nice hot vegetable soup.”

She got no reply so thought it best to give her some time alone. She fell into a heavy doze exhausted after what had happened. To think how stupid and ignorant she had been, upset at the things Chad had put her through. And now it was only to get worse she couldn’t bare the whole neighbourhood and school friends listening to that recording, what could she do? The police was one option but then Chad was sure to show everybody her little secret she was stuck.

When she awoke she tipped her satchel free, and spread across the bed the obscenely slutty clothing that Chad had ordered her to wear for school the following day.

It consisted of a mini skirt that was so short; if one wisp of wind blew it would expose her ass and pussy. And that wasn’t the worst of the attire oh no. He’d also instructed her too wear the skimpiest tightest fitting thong you could imagine.

“When you wear this Mindy you are to pull it right up into the confines of your ass and pussy. I want the string really embedded in both your holes. And if you dare just dare pull this skirt any lower I’ll make sure everyone in school knows what a shit eating little whore you are.”

As she thought back to those words it made her cry. The top too was a very slutty low cut girly t shirt, which clearly showed her budding breasts. If any boy or man wanted a look at her tits they were basically on display. This was complemented by long knee length pink ankles socks which had little love hearts on them and 4 inch heels. She was to look a real slut.

The next day she scurried out of the house as quickly as she could. If her parents saw her like this they were sure to ground her. That was the least of her worries.

As she sat in class that day she knew she was the talk of the town. Faint whispers and chit chats could be heard all through the day. “What a fuckin slut she is, I cant believe she’s gone from miss perfect to that.”
One of the girls in her class said and that was just the start. All the boys gawked at her I mean she was begging to be fucked dressed like that. Hey if Chad had his way he’d have the cum bucket prance around the school naked carrying a ball and chain around her neck.

He met her as instructed in the gym hall. A few of his buds and a few other guys she didn’t know were working out and flexing there muscles. They all stared at her when she pranced in all petite and like.

“No teachers are here as its recreation time slut puppy. So why not you give the guys in here a nice warm welcome by sitting over there on that bench.” He directed her to a sit up bench that was situation directly in front of the twenty or so guys that were working out.

“No Mindy not like that.” Chad tapped his skull and pointed how he wanted her to present her self. He ordered her to first remove her panties and then sit on her ass with her legs spread as wide as could be.

“The rest of the dudes and my buddies in here are to work out now. It’s your job to give them a picture perfect view of that cunt hole whilst they train. Jeez guys need something to look at when they work out and your hairless pussy fits the bill perfectly.”

She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She didn’t even protest at Chad’s orders and quickly assumed her position. She opened her legs and drew back her barely anything skirt.

“You see now everyone can admire your beauty Mindy whilst the train.”

And so they did and not without a boner here or there too. Can you imagine how fourteen and fifteen year old boys react when a girl is forced to spread her legs and show her pussy on demand, it’s unthinkable, but we all know what was going through there heads.

He made her stay there for half an hour. Boys passed her and winked, she blushed of course turning a deep crimson in her embarrassment. “Hey girl you gonna let me fuck that hole of yours. Why you got it on display like that?”

Chad told her that if any boy asked for sex she was to say she was a cum dump whore and if they wanted too they needed to speak to him. Yep that’s right Chad was beginning to think with his business head. He’d decided to take full advantage of Mindy’s situation and before long he’d be pimping her mouth out at lunch times and after school in the boy’s restroom.

Thankfully for her the bell rang and she picked her sorry self up from the bench and put her thong back on.

“Good stuff Mindy.” Chad scoffed as he took her by the neck. Say you remember what I was saying about this Friday and the five of us coming over to fuck you?”
“Yes what about it, you changed your mind or something Chad?”

Jesus she really was dumb did she believe that she had any hope what so ever that Chad would change his mind, surly not.

“Well it’s not five guys any more. Its ten and not forgetting the guys from basketball practice them too. And you do know ninety percent of them are black guys. Well there’s gonna be twenty or so guys round your place fucking your brains out cool eh? There’s more but I’m gonna keep you guessing on that……..”

He laughed and walked away with his buddies all of them groping there fat cocks in their pants. Oh yes the fun for Mindy was to get much worse.

As it was Friday Mindy was fortunate enough that her sadistic boyfriend was training with the coach and told her that he wouldn’t need to use her tonight. She decided she needed to relax the best she could. She ran herself a nice hot bath with Radox and sank into the warm water. Her bones ached and her pussy and ass burned after what she had endured.

But it wasn’t the physical pain that got to her it was the mental aguish that was making her so ill. Her brain whirled continuously with the knowledge that she was now practically owned. She was in a real rut, no where to run or hide. Sure she could escape run away from home but to where? And what money she had was nothing more than twenty dollars.

Just before she slept one of her girlfriends Stacey called her up. “Hey Mindy, listen we need to talk. Is everything ok with you and Chad?”

She wished she could tell one of her best friends the truth but she couldn’t. “Yeah he’s ok I’m just going through a hard time with school my grades have slipped a but and my mom isn’t the happiest.”

“It’s not your grades I’m worried about Hun. Its you Mindy what’s happening, you seem so drawn out and lifeless I haven’t seen you smile in a week. And it’s not just that what the hell were you wearing today at school?”

“I’m just going for a new look that’s all. Chad says he likes it and I want to make him happy he is my boyfriend you know.”

“I understand that but Mindy I’m gonna be honest you look like a real slut.” And then it dawned she stopped for a moment in the world that was around her and realised that’s what she was nothing more than a slut.

“It’s just who I am god Stacey can’t you accept me for who I am? You’re my friend aren’t you I need your support.”

“Listen I gotta go but if Chad is making you wear those clothes or something I think you should reconsider dating him. Anyway see you later.”

And she wished she could stop dating him. In actual fact it wasn’t a relationship anymore. If everyone knew what had happened to her in the last weeks they were sure to be on her side. But they couldn’t know, never. She cried herself to sleep wishing she had never met Chad Leister.

That Saturday night Chad had a free place to himself. The big bonanza was staged for the following Friday at Mindy’s but for tonight he wanted some me time with his precious little girl friend, so he invited her over.
He took her into the Lounge and brought through a tall glass of lemonade and vodka.

She was so angry but rather taken back by his attitude. She imagined that when she got round there would be a hoard of young boys there ready to fuck her ass and make her suck there cocks, but she was wrong. Chad sat down beside her and took her close to his arms he hugged her and planted a kiss on her head. This really fucked with her emotions why was he being so nice?

“Ok Mindy I think it’s safe to say that you know your position with me by now. You did the right thing jeez how I would feel if the whole school knew I was a shit eating whore. I think I’d rather die.”

“So would I Chad, so would I. Why do you do these things to me? You’re making me ill very ill I just can’t take it anymore.” She wiped a falling tear from her eye.

“You put yourself in this position and now I’m afraid you can’t get out of it. It’s not my fault you’re an ignorant whore. I didn’t drink the piss of a guy or lick an ass full of shit. You did and now you pay the price.”

She gazed at him, remembering the times she missed having with him when they were together, “IS there Chad, anything just anything I can do to make you delete that recording?”

He laughed and slapped her cheek with his back hand. “Don’t be stupid Mindy I have right now what every boy could only dream of. I have you at my disposal and that’s why I invited you around I’m not to let this chance go begging that’s for sure.”

He handed her a note pad which displayed a number of bullet points each with something written next to it. “Remember for the last time, I am here to fully take advantage of you. I LIKE TO IDULGE MYSELF IN SICK DEGRADING SHIT MINDY AND THIS HERE IF YOU READ WILL TELL YOU THOSE THINGS I WANT TO TRY. DID YOUR FATHER NEVER TELL YOU TRY EVERYTHING ONCE?”

Her hands shook profusely as she read through what he’d planned for her. She was that close to breaking down she thought she could kill herself.
Each week for the next three weeks she was to complete a task.

1) Fuck me and my twenty buddies at your house this Friday.
2) Drink the piss of me and my buddies at your house. (As a toilet fixed to the wall) you will be chained up so you can’t move with a spreader bar in your mouth, then each guy will piss in your mouth as and when they choose. You will stay there for the duration of the night.
3) Assume an all fours position whilst Jimmy lets his dog Boxer (which is a Doberman) fucks your brains out.

Her face was a real picture. She sat there utterly mute the hairs on her arms stood to attention. Her face was as white as snow and her eyes just stayed fixated in one direction.

“Hello, hello, is there anybody there!” Chad waved his hand in front of her face trying to get her attention. “That’s what’s happening Mindy so get used to the idea.

“You can’t, can’t please oh please Chad no. Oh my god I’ll die I know I’ll die.” She held her head in her hands and wept uncontrollably.

“Once you’ve got over the shock Mindy come up to my room I want a first class ass suck just like you gave Tyrone, I’m tired and I want to go to bed just first you can suck my ass for forty minutes. Think how easy that will be compared to what lays ahead. And he left her crying like a little child.

Yeah Chad was sick, but how else was he to fulfil his sick fantasies this the only way, and she would be the star of the show.


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