Roy Hammer continues his quest to make other men's wife's his sluts
When Becky and Tim came back out, Yvonne was in the process of fixing lunch and Becky offered to help. They ate lunch on the patio and Roy noticed that Tim was trying his best not to look at Yvonne but was not very successful. Roy took time to look at her himself and immediately saw why Tim was having a problem. The thin sun dress Yvonne was wearing was made almost sheer but the sun behind her and it was very obvious she was not wearing anything underneath, just as Roy had instructed earlier. In addition, her nipples were still hard and protruding through the thin material. He smiled at spoke up.

“It’s okay Tim. You can look at Yvonne all you want. She’s not allowed to wear anything under her dress when she’s with me. She’s a beautiful woman and I’m proud she’s willing to show off her body.”

Tim seemed embarrassed at first but then he remembered that he had fucked this woman barely an hour ago and had seen her in all her naked glory.” “She is very beautiful”, he said calmly.

Roy looked at Becky for her reaction and noticed she was looking at Yvonne too. She saw him looking at her and spoke very calmly. “Do you always prefer that woman go without underwear when they’re around you?” she asked calmly.

Roy laughed lightly. “Yes. I like women who are proud of their body and not afraid to show it off.”

She shrugged and turned to look at Tim. “I see you watching the girls in college who always go without bras. Do you want me to go without one?”

“Duh!” he said quickly. “I think it’s such a turn-on when I see nipples sticking out through a blouse. I just never thought you would go without one.”

“You never asked,” she said quickly.

Calmly, she walked over to Roy and turned her back to him. Pulling up her blouse, she looked over her shoulder. “Unfasten my bra for me please,” she said softly.

Roy reached out and released the snap and let the ends go. Becky took a deep breath and then reached into the sleeves and pulled the bra out just as Yvonne had done earlier. She walked over to Tim and tossed it on the picnic table, then stood in front of him. “Now, do you want me to go without panties too?”

He had a look of total shock on his face. He was learning something about his young wife he had never suspected. “Sure!” he said.

She reached down and pulled up her short skirt to expose her panties. “Take them off of me then,” she said. “That way, you can’t complain later.”

Tim looked over her shoulder at Roy who just shrugged and then he reached down and slid his hand inside the waistband of his wife’s panties and pushed them down. She held his shoulder as she stepped out of them and then dropped her skirt and calmly turned to face Roy and Yvonne. “Now,” she said calmly as she looked directly at Yvonne. “These men have two women to gawk at.”

Yvonne let out a big laugh. “I’m going to like you young lady,” she said.

“I think that calls for a drink,” Roy said. “Yvonne, can you go in and get everyone whatever they want?”

Becky spoke up quickly. “We’ll both go,” she said and reached out to take Yvonne’s hand as they walked towards the back door.

They were gone well over 10 minutes when Tim spoke up. “I think they got lost,” he said.

Roy smiled. “I think you should learn to be patient,” he said.

About that time, the two women walked out of the house with Becky carrying a tray of drinks with Yvonne walking beside her. Both men smiled as they saw the way the women were dressed now. Yvonne had loaned Becky one of her sheer gowns and their bodies were clearly visible through the thin fabric as Becky sat the drinks down on the table.

“Here you go guys,” she said happily. “I think you’ll find what you want here.”

Roy smiled. “I think what I want doesn’t come in a glass,” he said as he walked over to put his arm around Becky.

She smiled and looked into his eyes just as his lips met hers. Seconds later, the thin gown she wore was around her feet and Roy had her laid over the table. Tim appeared in a state of shock for the moment as he watched Roy slide his big dick into his young wife. He shook his head then and walked over to the table and dropped his pants and put his dick against his wife’s cheek. Without hesitation, Becky opened her mouth and began to suck him while Roy fucked her. That went on for several minutes before Roy stopped with his dick pressed all the way into Becky’s pussy.

“Your wife seems ready to try just about anything,” he told the young man. “Let’s try something else.”

Tim shrugged and pushed his dick deeper into his wife’s throat. “Man, she doesn’t do this very often. How much better can it get?”

Roy laughed. “You ever fucked her ass?”

Becky suddenly spit Tim’s dick out of her mouth and looked at both men with concern. “No!” she said quickly. “I don’t know if I can do that.”

Roy looked at Yvonne and then back to Becky. Yvonne knew he wanted her to calm the young woman. “It’s not as bad as you might think. I took Roy’s dick in my ass and he’s a lot bigger than Tim. You should try it. You might even find out you like it.”

Becky now looked from one of them to the other before quietly replying. “I’ll try it,” she said as she looked directly at Tim. “You better stop if I tell you.”

His smile got even bigger. “Don’t worry baby. I’ll take it easy.”

Roy reached down and picked Becky up in his arms with her still impaled on his big dick. “I know something that will keep your mind off of it,” he said as he walked both of them towards the lounge chair and lay back with her straddle of him and his dick still impaled deep inside her pussy. “I’m going to keep fucking you while Tim fucks your ass,” he told Becky.

“Oh noo!” she said quickly but he cut her off by wrapping his arms around her and crushing her to his chest. His mouth locked on hers and he kissed her deep and long right after he motioned for Tim to move behind her. Her pussy was soaked from fucking Roy so long and Tim used her natural juices to coat his finger. Slowly, he pushed his finger into her ass and heard her moan loudly into Roy’s mouth. He pushed farther still and felt his wife begin to relax. He withdrew his finger and placed his dick at her small opening. With one push, he went in an inch and held still. Slowly, he pushed harder and finally felt her ass open for him and then he was all the way in. He had watched enough porno movies to know he needed to let her adjust to him and he gave her a minute before he pulled out as Roy pushed in. It took them a few strokes before they got it right but after that one of their dicks was either in her pussy or ass with every stroke. Roy felt her body shiver and pulled his mouth away from hers just as she let out a scream.

“Oh god!” she cried. “I never thought I would let anyone fuck my ass and now I have two dicks in me and I love it!” She turned her head and looked back at the smiling face of her husband. “Fuck my ass hard Tim!”

Becky was so wrapped up in what was happening she didn’t notice Roy motion for Yvonne to come closer. He calmly reached out and took her hand and placed it on Becky’s titty. “Feel of her titty baby. It’s so soft and the nipples are longer than yours. Play with it.”

Becky was totally oblivious of Yvonne’s hand at the moment as the men fucked her slowly, keeping her mind occupied. Tim was smiling as he watched Yvonne play with his wife’s titty and wondered just how far this would go. He didn’t have to wait long. With a smile, Yvonne leaned over and took Becky’s titty in her mouth and sucked hard on the nipple. Becky let out a loud moan.

“What are you doing to me,” she cried. “Oh, this is all too much!”

She didn’t push Yvonne away though so she reached over and began to play with Becky’s other titty as the men began to fuck her harder and faster. Finally, Tim couldn’t stand it any longer and plunged in with a loud moan and pulled her ass back against his throbbing dick. With another moan, he exploded in his wife’s virgin ass and she let out another loud cry,.

“Oh god Tim. That felt so good! I’m cummmmming too!”

Roy had been waiting for her to climax and began to fuck her pussy hard and deep and exploded right behind her cries. She cried out again as his cum filled her and then slumped against his body. Slowly, the men pulled out of her and Roy slipped out from under her so she could lie on the lounger. With a wink, he motioned to Yvonne and Yvonne approached the young woman with a smile. She leaned over and kissed Becky tentatively as her hands stroked Becky’s sensitive body. Becky was shocked at first but she hesitated to push Yvonne away. Yvonne took advantage of the hesitation to reach down and begin to finger Becky’s swollen and cum filled pussy. Seconds later, Becky was cumming again. Yvonne quickly dropped to her knees and placed her mouth over Becky’s sensitive pussy and began to lick and suck on it. Her tongue moved from Becky’s pussy to her ass and then back again. When she felt Becky’s hands on her head and pushing it harder against her pussy, she knew she had made a conquest. She continued until Becky came to another loud climax. Slowly, she set up and looked from the men to Becky. There was a smile on everyone’s face.

“God baby!” Tim said finally. “I’ve never witnessed anything that hot before.”

Becky was barely able to talk but she responded in a very quiet voice with a smile on her face. “Me either,” she said. “But I hope it happens again soon.”

Over the next few hours, she was not only fucked by both men again but she and Yvonne engaged in sex alone with Becky learning quickly how to bring another woman to climax with her tongue. Yvonne was delighted as well as the men. Tim told Roy he was glad they had trespassed. Otherwise he would never have found out how wild his wife could be.

When they took a rest, the young couple quizzed Roy about how he managed to have such a nice home and he told them about his job. Becky was quick to tell him she had a friend who was a qualified and very proficient interior designer who needed a job real bad. She also made sure to mention that her friend was very beautiful. Her friend’s name was Carla and she and her husband had just bought a new home when Carla suddenly lost her job because the company was having financial difficulties. Now, her husband’s job as a long haul truck driver barely paid the bills and Carla had told her she was afraid they might lose their new home. Roy promised Becky he would see if there was an opening at Kelly Enterprises. If so, he would have Becky bring Carla by to talk with her.

When Roy asked them to stay the night, the young couple was quick to accept. They all slept in Roy’s big bed and Roy found that Becky was almost insatiable, even begging him to fuck her ass. He was not surprised that she was able to take his big dick in so easily. Tim fucked Yvonne several times and then he and Roy double teamed Yvonne while Becky sucked on her titties, much to Yvonne’s delight. When they left early the next morning, Becky was proudly wearing only her skirt and blouse and Tim was delighted to see her nipples poking out so prominently.

“Maybe she’ll let my buddy fuck her now,” he whispered to Roy as they walked out.

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