Hours seemed like days, and days seemed like an eternity in hell. Elaine’s mouth was parched, her lips dry and cracked, the painful fishhook piercing in her lips and outstretched tongue were beginning to heal in place. Both nipples remained nailed to the rough oak table stretching each breast far to the sides, burning as they stretched her skin and nipples. Her hands were nailed in place, as was each of her labia. Each of these wounds hurt her incredibly, throbbing, aching, and imprisoning her in place, but each was too superficial to cause serious harm.

She was unable to move from the table without ripping them free, and even if she did her legs were still bolted in place with steel straps. Even if she worked up the courage to tear her flesh and then somehow freed her legs, Elaine knew she was still locked in a stone room, behind a steel door. But worse than all of that, worse than the brutal 2 hour rape she had received, worse than the blows to the side, worse than being pissed on, worse than drinking it, the worst of all was to hear it and watch it happen right in front of her over and over and over again. Over twenty times she watched it, ever image, unable to fall asleep as she suffered in agony. She watched Doctor Karl hammering her to the table, tattooing the degrading slogans on her face and ass, she watched as he shaved her beautiful hair, as he fucked her virgin ass, and as he pissed in her mouth.

Eventually she became groggy and delirious as she became dehydrated and sleep deprived. Pain was overcome by hunger, thirst and fatigue. Hopelessness replaced fear. Soon she drifted off in an unnatural slumber and slipped into unconsciousness. She drifted in and out between the nightmare and sleep, each time reminded of her situation before she slipped away again.

She became dimly aware of the door opening, and Doctor Karl returning, but slipped into unconsciousness again. She heard him talking, and felt a needle in her arm. She felt more pain and then the sensation of movement, then warm dreams of a far off place somewhere, from her life before.

Elaine opened her eyes again for a moment. She was in what looked like an operating room, but realized the walls were stone. She looked down but could only see a surgical drape, she began to gag, something was in her throat, “Oh god was it his cock again” she thought as she started to choke... and then blackness.

When Elaine opened her eyes again she was strapped to an old hospital bed with psychiatric restraints, large leather straps around her wrists and ankles. The straps left her just enough slack to reach 1/3 of the way across the bed, but not enough to undo the opposite strap. The room was very similar to the one she was tortured in, and she was sure it was in the same house. She regained consciousness and began looking around frantically. There was an intravenous poll beside her bed, and fluids running into her arm. She felt weak, and her mouth was dry. She licked her lips, which felt unnaturally full and thick. Her breasts hurt and she rubbed them, realizing to her alarm they were many sizes too large. She had always had large breasts, but these were freakish. She sat up looking down at her naked body. She was thinner than ever in her life, almost skin and bones, her tits were ridicules, like 2 beach balls mounted on her chest, with a large metal ring through each nipple. She looked at her pussy, both labia were pierced 10 times each and fitted with stainless steel grommets like shoe lace holes, and her clit had been removed. Elaine rubbed her face, stainless steel grommets at been fitted to the four corners of her mouth and in the middle of each lip and in each nostril. Her lips were ridiculously fat, she didn’t realize it but Doctor K had injected them will collagen while she was sedated. She rubbed her head and found her hair was nearly 2 inches long.

Elaine thought to herself that she must have been there for months for her hair get that long. What had happened to her? What had he been doing to her she thought frantically? Why had she been unconscious for so long? Elaine rubbed her neck and found there was a large bulky metal dog collar around it, with several metal boxes attached to it. She tried to pull it off but found no way to release it.

Elaine tried to scream for help but found she only hissed out air and mouthed the words. She did know understand why but Doctor Karl had cut her vocal cords when she was sedated and she would never scream again. This only filled her heart with more terror. The monster had changed her; he turned her into a sex toy and her life as she knew it was indeed over forever.

An hour or so past, she grew more terrified as each second passed realizing that sooner or later he would come back through the door. She kept trying to talk, but only muted whispers came out, he had taken her voice.

Another hour passed, and soon she heard the click of the lock in the door. The door creaked open and she could see the backlight image of Doctor Karl, wearing only leather boots, carrying something small in his right hand. He approached grinning. Elaine thought she was going to have a seizure, she cringed in panic and fear, her mind flipping out as he approached.

“Aww I missed you fuck pig” he sneered as he walked in “I was worried I had lost you, I went away a few days and when I came back you were nearly dead. I managed to revive you, and then... made some… surgical improvements. Some of the other girls weren’t so lucky, two died…”

Elaine thought to herself “Oh my god there are others!?!”

Doctor K stared at Elaine for awhile and then suddenly burst out laughing “So Elaine you’ll think this is funny… I sent that video to your mom and dad… I demanded $500’000 for your safe release... and those fucking idiots actually paid it to me! They actually fucking paid me and I never returned you, can you fucking believe it!?”

“And the best part, the best part is that they both killed themselves the last week…” Karl said laughing.

Elaine’s heart broke; she felt a pit of hopelessness and despair brew in her stomach as she cried silently. She couldn't even process the horror of her situation. 'Was he lying? Was she really stuck her forever? Could this be happening'

“So fuck pig, I want to introduce you to your situation, you are now my fuck toy and I prefer anal, you live for my amusement, you have nobody in the world, and you now look like a circus freak” Karl stated in a matter of fact tone.

“You are locked in my dungeon; however you will soon be allowed to go upstairs. I have placed a special electronic collar around your neck. It’s not unlike the ones they put on people under house arrest, however it can perform multiple functions. Charlie made them for you girls, he’s a genius, and you’ll meet him tonight. The collar is essentially several devices rolled into one, it is a GPS tracking collar, a shock collar, remote strangulation collar, two way radio, and most importantly it contains enough plastic explosive to blow your fucking head clean off” Karl recited the speech that he had said a dozen times with boyish enthusiasm.

"You will cooperate with everything I say or that foreplay from the night we met will seem like a warm bath. If you don't cooperate, or you are too slow to obey, I will shock you, like this…” Karl pushed a button on the remote and Elaine convulsed painfully unable to control her body, electricity short circuiting her nervous system, she let out a muted whimper and a hiss of air instead of a scream and collapsed back on the bed dazed and in agony.

“Now the reason I woke you up is that I am having a fetish party tonight, and you are invited. Well actually you are the public entertainment, you and the other girls. You will fuck, suck and rim all of the guests, and you will let them piss on you. You will not hint at any time you are not a volunteer. If you do, when it is over I will nail you back on that table and leave you nailed there until you die this time. You know I’m not fucking kidding when I say that don't you?” the Doctor laughed again.

Elaine starred in horror and slowly nodded her head in agreement. She was terrified; this was too much for her brain to process. She had never even dreamt people like this existed; it never even occurred to her that someone could dream up this sickness. How could he be having a party like that? That doesn’t happen does it? Surely someone would call the police for her.

Karl just stood there smiling at her, knowing she would cooperate, they always did. He could see the confusion and horror on her face, he knew he was violating her in ways she could have never imagined and it made his cock rock hard. He knew she would do as she was told, she had no choice. His grin widened. She hadn’t seen her knew look in the mirror yet, he knew that would make her cry. Karl was indeed a doctor, he had even had training in surgery, but he was an amateur plastic surgeon at best. He had fucked her face up, but that didn’t matter, he would make her wear a hood at the party, and the guests would like her tits. Karl left the room and returned after about ten minutes carrying a large mirror and a bag.

Karl held the mirror at the foot of the bed. Elaine looked up and was suddenly silent. She looked at the mirror with surprise, and then tried to scream again, followed by more tears. Karl had injected enough collagen into her lips to make her look like a cartoon whore. In addition to the “Fuck Meat” tattoo on her forehead and “Put cock here” and “Your asshole here” on her cheeks he had tattooed whore makeup on her face, gaudy eyeliner, blush and lipstick he had pierced her lips and nose and he had given her a face lift, pulling her skin way too tight. She looked like a cartoon whore, especially with the ridicules basket ball sized tits on her skinny 5 ft frame.

Elaine sobbed looking at herself in horror. 'She used to be beautiful, why would he have done this to her' she thought.

Karl pulled a latex outfit out of the bag. "This is what you will wear around the house from now on." The outfit was a full sleeve, crotchless latex French maid outfit with holes for her breasts to poke out. The outfit had thigh high lace up latex boots and a black latex hood with eye, mouth and nose holes. Two bright red pig tails attached to the sides of the hood that looked like real hair. Karl threw the outfit on the bed in front of Elaine.

Karl walked over to her and released her wrists and ankles. Elaine rubbed her wrists still looking at herself in the mirror. She tried to ask why, but only a hiss came out as she mouthed the words.

“Put it on fuck pig” Karl motioned

Elaine started to shake her head, but Karl pushed the shock button and she collapsed back on the bed again shaking violently as the taser in her collar went off. She let out a muted scream, again more of a moan and hiss. When the shock stopped Elaine sat up and began to frantically dress herself in the outfit as Karl stood and watched impatiently. When she was done Karl grinned in approval. “Good”

Karl then produced 10 tiny padlocks from the bag and tossed them on the bed. “Lock them through the eyelets in your pussy lips to lock it shut”

Elaine fumbled with the locks and padlocked her pussy closed as she was instructed.

“You’re name from now on is Anal, Elaine is dead. You will let all of the men here tonight fuck you in the ass. I am going to hide 10 keys around the house, if anyone here tonight gets your 10 keys then they get to fuck your tight teen pussy too” Karl said smiling “Got it Anal?”

Anal nodded her head, crying silently.

“Good” sneered Karl “you’re learning, you might make a good fuck toy after all. I'll be back to get you just before the party starts" Karl walked out of the room and locked the door behind him.

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