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I thought some might enjoy true little blurbs about the sex in my life - pt 1
As I look forward to my 66th birthday in a few weeks I thought I would cronicle a few of the more interesting sexual experiences that have happened to me over the last about 50 years. These little mini stories are true but may not come out in exact detail do to a somewhat fuzzy memory as time passes. They are somewhat in order. The first one was definately first and the last one happened last week.

When I was in my mid teens I was 6'0" and weighed 147 pounds and stayed that wieght till I was between 20 and 21 and married. I was kind of a geek with black rimmed plastic glasses like Buddy Holly wore, and a funny (as I look back at it) short haircut. I was into sports like golf, bowling, hunting and fishing rather than the major ball sports like baseball, football and basketball. I was one of the best students in science classes but average in classes like english and history. I was not one of the A crowd. When I was 21, less than a year after getting married, I was 202 pounds and every pound was where it should. Now I am 215 and still in pretty good shape for my age except that a little of my chest has slipped down to my tummy. I am hung average with about a 6-1/2 inch erection. Well, enough of the background. Now, on with the stories.

From 12 to 16 I was interested in sex but never got it to happen. I got to see and feel a few boobies and showed my cock to a couple of girls in a movie theater and went skinny dipping in a creek at the back of a farm with one girl that I liked. This would have turned into sex except that her father called her in from the house and caught me waiting for her to be able to come back out. I remember when she first stripped, she had thick black pubic hair (I had hardly any) and she looked down at herself and giggled and said, "Pardon the underbrush." Three other guys that I hung out with and I would have jerk off sessions together but we never touched each other.

At 16 I got my first serious girlfriend. My father had a one men plumbing, heating and electric business at the time, and sometimes I would go along with him on his jobs. He took me with him one job to a farm in the next town. They had five kids and I wound up playing rather than trying to help my dad. The middle kid was a skinny little girl that had just turned (xx). We hit it off and shortly we were off buy ourselves ignoring her other siblings. Dad went back for a second day to finish the job and I went along. Karen and I spent the whole day together. After that we wanted to be together and my dad would take me to their farm to spend time with her. Her folks liked me also and were happy to have me come visit. It wasn't long before my visits became overnight stays (in one of the boys bedrooms). Out in the barn, the kids had arranged the hay bails to form a secret clubhouse. Karren and I would spend a lot of time there, kissing and finger fucking. She loved to have my finger burried in her twat but playing with her tits wasn't allowed as they were just starting to develop and she said that it hurt to have them touched. Karen knew all about sex from being on a farm and watching the animals fuck.

One day it happened that we were alone. I still don't remember why. We went into her parents bedroom, got on their bed and decided that it was time for us to do what she had many times watched tha farm animals do. My cock was rock hard and I was excited to be ready to put it into her almost hairless pussy and get my first fuck. I put on the condom that I had been carrying in my wallet for the last year and pushed at her opening. She was tight and dry and we had a hard time getting me into her. We never noticed or thought of the reason why there was a jar of vasoline on the nightstand. Finally I got my cock into my first pussy. About a minute later I blew my load and pulled out after painfully (for her) popping her cherry. We looked down and because of the hard time of me pushing into her dry pussy, I had ripped thru the end of the condom and it didn't hold back a single drop of my cum. I had filled her without protection. We worried till a couple weeks later when she had the second period of her life. Maybe it was because of that scare of something else, but we drifted apart and soon were not seeing each other anymore.

I got my second girlfriend shortly. She was in another town again but only about five or so miles from mine. I met her when my dad and I stopped at their house because they had a sign out saying that they sold fishing worms. I started seeing her at her house. Either my dad would drop me off or I would walk or hitch hike to get to see her. She was again younger than me. Dianne was only 4'11" and only weighed 91 pounds. I tried to get something sexual going with her but her mother had told her that sex was an awful thing that she would have to let her husband do it to her after she was married, but that it was only something you tollerated not enjoyed. Dianne wasn't very interested but I kept trying. Finally, just before I left for college, she was at my house and she let me fuck her thinking it would keep me wanting her while I was away. She told me that she planned to leave home and come out to live with me in a few months when she could arrange it. She never did.

One interesting thing that happened while I was going with her was that one night I was out and spent some time with another girl from her same school. Durring the evening I had gotten a few feels and a few kisses but that's all. She told me that she was cold so I let her wear my car club jacket. Before she returned she wore it to school. When little Dianne saw her in it she sharted a fight right in the school hallway. I soon heard about it back in my school and from what I heard it was quite a fight. I don't remember the second girl's name anymore but I remember that she was a lot bigger than Dianne. I admit that it was a thrill to know, and have it known in two schools, that two girls were fighting over me.

I took the train to college. On the train ride, a slightly older girl sat next to me even though the car was mostly empty. The first thing I noticed was that her hair was up in rollers. She was quite sexually forward. Well, within a hour or so we had found an empty sleeping compartment and I got laid again. I never saw her again after that train trip.

The next semester I drove to college. One day I was driving down the road in my old convertible when I picked up two hitch hikers. It turned out that they were indians. They invited me to visit the reservation. They said that that evening there would be a community get together and they would introduce me to a nice young indian girl. Sounded interesting. We went to their adobe house ans sat and talked. Ith house owners wife was there. She was short and very chubby and only had about half of her teeth. I had no idea how old she was nor did I remember what they said her real name was, or if I was even told. When I think of her I think the name Honey Bear. The men drank as we talked.

Soon a third man came to the door and said that it was time for the home owner to go work on the reservation project that he was scheduled to work on. he said that he was not going to go because he had company. It grew into a large argument and soon the home owner went to the kitchen and got a big knife which he used to make a couple big slashes across the chest of the guy in the doorway. The second man that I had picked had passed out from drink. The cut man staggered out and away. I was trying to hide in the big old chair that I was in as the guy with the knife was between me and the door. He basically told me that he was in the right and asked me if I agreed. My reply was a soft, "Yes sir." Soon the reservation cop was there and took him away till they could decide what had happened.

Honey Bear then told me that she was sick of reservation life and her husband and that she wanted to go with me and be my woman. I ran out the door and jumped over the drivers door into my car and sped off as fast as I could. I never got to go to the get together and meet that nice young indian girl. Much later in life I did get to spend a night with an indian woman. It brought back memories when she went to give me a blowjob and stopped to take out most of her teeth first.

The first girl I met at college, I met at the pool. She was wearing a leopard suit with one shoulder strap. The first thing I noticed was her big tits. I saw her several times and we had a fun spot under some bushes where we went to neck and I got to play with her tits. One day she took me to meet her parents. He was one of the professors. He took me aside and asked me if I knew that she was not yet quite 14. I was worried about that and stopped seeing her.

I met my wife to be at school on a blind date. After a month or so we were having sex. It was fun but very vinilla. She was raised Catholic, and was a virgin, so only used the rythm method of birth control. It did not work well and after several months together she was pregnant. That was unwanted but OK as we did love each other. I asked her to marry me and she quickly answered yes. I remember a couple interesting times that both took place in my car. The first one was on the way back to school after I had gone with her to meet her parents. We had stopped for a little sleep at a place overlooking the ocean. We had fucked in the back seat and just after we had dressed and gotten back in front, a cop knocked on our window to see why we were there and to make sure we were of legal age. The other was at the back grounds of campus. Again it was just after fucking in the back seat and she was still pulling her pants up when the campus cops pulled up. They were checking everywhere they could for some stolen property. I know exactly what day our daughter was conceved. It was holloween as that was the only night for weeks on either side that we had been able to make love. I guess our daughter is a trick and a treat. We moved back east and got married when my wife was just starting to show.

Our wedding night was interesting and fun. It was just after an ice storm in Niagra Falls. We took the bus there and literally slid into our motel after getting off the bus. Although we had been having sex for months, we still stayed up all night fucking on our wedding night. I kept count and that night I filled her with twelve loads of cum. It was also the first time she gave me some oral sex.

Well, this is getting a little long and there is still a lot to tell. I am going to stop here with my little true tid bits. If some of you are finding it interesting and enjoying following my sex life, let me know and I will continue writing more.


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Actually this is kind of fun and interesting. Hopefully we will all dodge the bullets through life. There were some good points that should be developed further.

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It was okay kinda boring. Lol maybe because I lover rough sex but it was still a nice story here and there :)

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Mighty useful. Make no mitsake, I appreciate it.

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