I was lazying down by the pool in our back yard...just wearing baggy short and pumped up with 2 viagra tabs.
i was expecting to have sex with my wife but she was call away unexpectedly to her fathers hospital bed and would"nt be home for days
while lounging by the pool....all i could do was watch my hot..very fucking hot 14 year old daughter sunbath....she was lying on her stomach in a nice little sexy 2 piece bikini...just looking at her hot little ass made my 9 inch cock trob...fuck she was one beautiful little peice of ass and for months now all i could think about was fucking her teenage ass....
Daddy can you rub suntan lotion on my back before i burn?
of course would be my pleasure

i squirt some lotion on her much maybe..but i was planning on rubbing it into place my little girl would never have dreamt possible....i start on her shoudlers and down her back..all the time with my eyes peeled on her jail bait bum...

hows that hunny? is that nice?
mmm thats lovely dad
the top of you biniki strap is in the way baby...can i open it for a minute?
if you like daddy

i open the strap and start rubing the lotion in all hands sliding down to the top of her bikini bottoms...daring myself to go futher...the feel of her skin is having an unbelievable effect on my cock...its never been this hard....i start rubbing the lotion in to her legs....

maybe i should open the 2 side strings on your bikini bottoms sweetie? so i can get all of your little bum cheeks?
what....but ill be naked daddy
thats ok baby, sure theres only the two of us here wouldnt be right
listen baby...its ok , most daddys like to see and touch there little girls naked bodies..especially if there as hot and sexy as you shouldnt be talking like that
baby....your a little fucking tease..walking around all day in your bikini wriggling your little must know your turning your daddy on? dad..maybe i should go in and get dressed?
your going no where baby...not till you take care of daddy hard cock first
oh god dad...ples.....

i open the two straps on her bikini..and pull it of her completely

no baby..thats better...time for me to start molesting you ...if your a good"ll enjoy it..if not..makes no difference to me..we can do this the easy way or the hard way

i start rubbing the lotion in to her butt...

spread your legs baby girl...

she does and i squirt lotion all over her 14 year old naked ass...rubbing it into her butt cheeks..down in to her ass crack...down till im rubbing it into her little super hot..super tight pussy

do you like that baby you like the way daddys molesting your tight little pussy?
mmm this is wrong daddy
i know baby..but it feels so bloody good.....i think its time for you to suck daddys cock now baby

i walk to the front of the lounger that my little girl is lying on...i drop my shorts to the 9 inch solid hard cock pops out right in front of staceys mouth

open your mouth baby..time to take daddys cock...i push my cock to her lips but she keeps her mouth i reach down and smack her bottom hard

open your fucking mouth baby...i told you..easy way or hard way

she opens..and my cock slides in...thats it baby girl...lick it and suck it..just like your mammy does. god it feels so good....the feel of a young girls tounge on my cock is amazing

thats it baby..your doing great...suck it..good little girl...your making your daddy so happy....

all the time shes sucking me im rubbing lotion into her ass...i pay special attention to her anus...slowly i stick a finger in her ass...

thats it baby...

i pull my cock out of her mouth and slap her face with it

do you like sucking my cock baby...did you like my finger in your ass?
mmm yes..or mmm no?
yes daddy
good suck my cock tell i cum baby..and swallow my load..ok baby..and ill go back to molesting your teenage asshole

she scucked me like a little tropper..and all the time my cock was in her mouth, i finger fucked her ass

after 15 mins of sucking i could feel my balls starting to fill up

thats it baby girl..keep sucking..daddys going to cum soon..thats it sweetie....dont stop...

i pull my cock our and start jerking it..

open your mouth

she opens just in time to catch my first load

thats it baby swallow daddys cum...swallow the cum that made you

one load into her mouth..two loads then 3 then i shove my cock back into her mouth...suck it dry baby..suck it clean...and she does

my god...14 year old girls are easy train

now get your hot little body into the shower..and go to your room and wait for daddy to come and teach you how to take 9 inches in your little pussy and ass

are we noy finished dad

were not finished till i say were finished...for the next few days your daddys little sex toy....your daddys for as long as i want you baby..ok

ok daddy

to be continue......

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