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The first guy I sucked after being married
My husband and I wanted to get away and have some fun so we booked a 5 day cruise. We had never been on a cruise before and got a really good deal. Being an exhibitionist and my hubby a voyeur, I promised him that I would not bring any panties or bras and wear revealing clothes the entire trip. He also likes it when I act really slutty and let guys play with my tits and pussy and I play with their cocks till they shoot their cum all over my hands. I knew one of his fantasies was to watch me suck a stranger’s cock, but I was not ready for that yet and I knew that when the right guy showed up, I would do it for him.

There were quite a few kids on the cruise and because of it, we were not able to get as wild as we like to when we are away. And not having packed any underwear made it interesting. Quite a few waiters, bartenders and others on the cruise were also aware that I did not have any underwear with me. Especially in the dining room for dinner. We requested a table for just the 2 of us and the first night I wore a dress that was low cut and fairly short and flowing and as I slid onto the seat at the table I made sure to let my dress to ride up my legs and our waiter got a great view of my pussy. He was tall, handsome and from Croatia and he actually stuttered when he saw this. What a great start to the cruise. He paid extra special attention to us the entire cruise because I always made sure he saw my tits and pussy every time we were in the dining room. He must have told the others working there because whenever we walked into the dining room there was always a few extra waiters hanging around our table. I never disappointed any of them and I am sure I was the main topic of their conversations. Even the chef always made it a point to stop by our table every night.

We spent a lot of time in the night club on the ship because there were no kids allowed in there and I was able to flash a lot of people. The night club had a balcony area above the dance floor and we always made it a point to sit up there. When Paul went to the rest room the first night, he saw that the way I was sitting up there, anyone who was looking up at us could see I had no underwear on. So I know that a lot of guys and gals got great shots of me flashing my tits and pussy every time we were in the night club.

The last night we wanted something to remember the cruise with and I went in the club alone and sat at a table up on the balcony and Paul followed and sat at the bar where he could look up and watch me. I ordered a drink and after a little while 3 guys from Scotland came in and when they saw me they made there way to the balcony. Paul and I had seen them in the casino and in the nightclub and I know they recognized me because I always made it a point to lean over when I was near where they were and they did get a great shot of my tits. They asked if they could join me because there were no other tables and I said yes. They asked where my husband was and I said he was not feeling well and was in our cabin. They were cute, and when I finished my drink they bought me another and then another. We talked and they asked me to dance and I danced with all of them, very seductively. I made sure they saw that I had no underwear on and no bra and they were all enjoying the show I was putting on. They again ordered me another drink and now I was feeling very good and a little tipsy, as well as horny.

They knew that now I was getting a bit drunk so they moved us to another table and we were now sitting in a booth near the back of the night club where it was dimly lit and I was in the middle of them when one put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him while massaging my shoulder. As he was doing this, he pushed the strap of my dress off my shoulder and when it slid down my arm, my right tit fell out. I giggled and pushed the strap back up and we all joked about it and he pushed it down again saying that he really likes the view. I looked at him and as I reached up for my other strap I said that they should see both because the view was twice as good and pulled the other strap down, exposing both tits to all 3 of them. Their eyes bulged out at this and it shocked them for a second. Then they all agreed that it was better seeing both tits. As I sat there with my tits exposed and drinking my wine they were all saying how wonderful they were.

Being as tipsy as I was, I then said that they could feel them if they wanted to, and immediately there were 2 guys rubbing my breasts as the third guy watched. My nipples are very sensitive and this was starting to really get me wet. I reached down into the laps of the guys on either side of me and both their cocks were hard and I rubbed them through their pants. One guy then slid his other hand down to my leg and was slowly working it further up my thigh. And then the guy on the other side of me did the same thing. I then leaned over and kissed the guy on my right and his tongue pushed past my lips and explored my mouth as his fingers made small circles around my clit. The other guy was now slowly pushing a finger into me and all I could do was moan as he pushed a second one in me and was thrusting them in and out. I was so overwhelmed by the situation that all I could do was sit there with my eyes closed, my head on the should of one guy and enjoy what they were doing to me until I could not stand it anymore and I had a fabulous orgasm and had to ask them to stop.

When I finally came back to reality they were all just staring at me and could not believe what just happened. I did not know where Paul was and when I looked up, I saw that he moved to a table not far from us and he was able to see what was happening. I thanked them and told them I really should be going, but they all were saying that I couldn't leave them this way. They wanted me to go back to their cabin and take care of them. I said that I could not do that, but would take care of them right here. They kept asking me to go back to their room until I reached over to one and unzipped his pants right there at the table and pulled his cock out and started to jerk him off. Paul was not far away and was able to see everything. This guy’s cock was not long, but was very thick and I had to used both hands. When he was ready to cum, I wrapped the end of the tablecloth around his cock and he shot his load into it. I kissed him and then turned to the guy on the other side and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and started to jerk him off. His cock was longer than the first guy and much thinner. As I was stroking his cock and kissing him the third guy was moving to the other side of me because he did not want to miss out on this and he started to rub my tits and play with my pussy while I jerked his friend off. Again, when he was ready to cum, I wrapped the end of the table cloth around his cock and he shot his cum into it.

Now here I was, sitting next to these guys still with my tits exposed and my dress pushed way up past my pussy and if anyone walked by they would have a great show, since it would have been obvious that I was jerking them off. I then turned to the last guy and he already had his cock out and it was huge, at least 10 inches long. When I saw this, my heart skipped a beat and I am sure there was a look of surprise on my face. He was still playing with my tits and I was still horny as hell. I reached over and touched it and wrapped my hands around it and started to stroke it, still looking at this amazing site in front of me. As I was stroking it with both hands, I looked up and had to kiss him with me pushing my tongue into his mouth. I could not get enough of him. I then looked over at Paul and then asked this stranger if he would mind if my husband watched this. He was surprised by this question and then joked by saying he wouldn't care if everyone on the ship watched this. I said good, then looked over at Paul and motioned for him to come over. The guy was a little nervous at first, but Paul said hello and acted as if everything was normal. I then said to Paul "This is huge and I want you to see this" as I lowered my lips to the tip of his cock and kissed it and then kissed it all the way down one side and back up the other to his tip again. I was still stroking it with both hands and then sat up and said to Paul "I need to suck this, is that ok?" and he said ok, but maybe we should go somewhere else. I said no, I wanted to do this here and then I unbuckled his pants and pushed them down his legs so I could see all of his cock and his balls. Paul pushed the table out a bit and I got on my knees in front of this giant cock and started to suck on it and stroke it with my hands. I licked it and his balls as well as trying to get as much into my mouth as possible all the time looking over at Paul. This was his fantasy and I know he was enjoying it, but I was to. I gave this guy a really great blow job and when he was ready to shoot his cum, I took my mouth away and jerked his cock till he shot his come on my face and tits and then I licked his cock clean.

After I finished, I looked up at him and thanked him as I stood up, pulled my dress back up and grabbed Paul's hand and we walked to our cabin with this cum still on my face, in my hair and on my tits. We passed 2 young boys, maybe 13 years old on the way to our cabin and we just giggled as they probably had no clue what it was on my face and hair. When we got to the room, we made love for hours.

As we were departing the ship the next morning, we did not see these guys, but I am sure they are talking about this back in Scotland. That was the first time time I sucked a strangers cock since I met my husband, but it definitely was not the last and only the start of more adventures to cum. Now I knew I was addicted to this lifestyle and I realized that I loved sucking cock. They are all so different. Hope you enjoyed this. Let us know and we will post more articles on how I went from being the good little Catholic girl to now where my husband is my cuck and I get to fuck and suck other guys all I want as he watches.


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