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A newly divorced daughter returns to the shelter of her LOVING family
Tanya’s Homecumming
by BrettJ © 2010

Timothy Tate was waiting impatiently at the airport for his daughter’s plane to arrive. He was feeling mixed emotions about seeing her again. Eagerness to see Tanya, happiness about her moving back home and anger over the circumstances that had led to her return.

Tanya had moved to California with her fianc? years ago, over her parent’s strenuous objections. Neither Timothy nor his wife Aneta had liked Carlos very much. Their daughter Paris put it succinctly. “He’s an overly macho, overbearing jerk, even if he does have a big cock!” 15-year old Paris had snarled.

“Just how do you know that, young lady?” Aneta grilled her youngest daughter.

“We all went to the beach when they were visiting last summer and the swim trunks he was wearing didn’t hide much,” Paris told her mother. “I’m sure it’s nice to be fucked by a cock that size, but it’s not a good reason to marry someone.”

Aneta sighed. Paris always had a blunt way of putting things, but the younger girl had a nasty habit of being right. A year after she made that statement, Tanya had called and said the marriage was coming to an end and she was moving back to Florida. She refused to say why, simply stating “Great fianc?lousy husband.”

Paris was thrilled to see her much-older sister. Aneta had been a successful career woman when she learned she was pregnant with Paris and she wasn’t quite sure what to do. As far as Tanya was concerned, it was a no-brainer. The plucky little 13-year old had always wanted a sibling, so she went to all of the classes at school she could take to learn about babies, she babysat, she changed diapers, she did whatever necessary to alleviate some of the burden on her mother’s shoulders. Paris had been inconsolable when Tanya moved away and had sulked for weeks.

Timothy nearly didn’t recognize Tanya when she walked towards him and gave him a big hug. She was now blonde and very tanned, plus there were two things that hadn’t been there the last time he had seen her. Tanya saw them all staring and laughed.

“Oh, the girls … yeah. I thought bigger tits might save my marriage, but nope. He was still a jerk, but they did a nice job and I’ve been working out to get the curves to go with ‘em. Let’s go home everybody, I’m tired and hungry.” Tanya grinned, hugging a teary-eyed Paris again.

Aneta had prepared an overly-lavish meal for her daughter’s return. “What’s the point of being a caterer if you can’t indulge your family every once in a while?” The attractive brunette smiled warmly. Tanya enjoyed every mouthful and as she looked at her parents, it was hard to believe they’d been together for over 30 years, since both were 16. They had married at 18, over the objections of Timothy’s parents, but Timothy worked hard and now owned 3 Automotive Dealerships. Once he’d bought his first, he backed Aneta financially as she set up her Catering Business. Both of them were nearing their 50’s, but living healthy, looked much younger. The only one that seemed to look older was Paris, Tanya thought. Her baby sister hadn’t had that body when she’d seen her last summer. She was glad Carlos wasn’t around anymore; the cheating motherfucker wouldn’t have been able to resist sniffing around Paris.

The following afternoon, the two sisters were lounging around the pool, sipping some OJ. Paris couldn’t help staring at her sister’s new body, her physique and new chest were just impossible to ignore. “How any man could be crazy enough to give up someone as hot as you is beyond me, sis,” Paris complimented her.

Tanya grinned. “Thanks. I can honestly say the problem wasn’t our sex life, that man could fuck for hours.” Tanya thought it was quite enjoyable to be able to have an adult conversation with her sister. “The problem with our marriage was that all of those hours weren’t mine.”

“Ouch,” Paris winced. “What a shit.” She leaned forward and whispered “Tell me something. Does Carlos have a big cock? Is he as big as Daddy?”

Tanya was surprised that her sister could be so forward, but she was a young woman now. “Yes, Carlos is well-hung, it’s one of the reasons I married him. But how would you know about Daddy’s cock?”

“Oh, I’ve seen Daddy’s cock lots of times,” Paris said coolly. “Daddy’s got a really big one.”

“I – I don’t believe you,” Tanya said, somewhat unnerved by this latest revelation.

“It’s true.” Paris leaned in close again and whispered “I’ve also had Daddy’s cock in my mouth and in my pussy. Daddy loves fucking me. He says I’m almost as good as Mom.”

Tanya nearly choked on her drink. “You – you can’t be serious? You’re fucking Daddy? Dear Lord, does Mom know? She’ll fucking KILL you.”

“Mom knows, sometimes, she’s there with us. I’ve made it with her too, lots of times,” Paris took another sip of her drink. She was enjoying shocking the normally-unflappable Tanya.

“Now I know you’re shitting me,” Tanya told her sister. “There is NO way Mom would condone you fucking Daddy and there is NO way Mom would make it with a girl. She’s not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I, I’m bi. Listen, you remember our old neighbors, the Callahans?” Paris asked.

“Sure, of course.”

“Well, before they moved away when Mr. Callahan got a new job, they were out with Mom and Dad and they all got a bit blitzed. Rebecca Callahan confessed that she’d always wanted to make it with Daddy and Jon Callahan said he’d always been attracted to Mommy’s dark beauty. Turns out the Callahans are swingers and had been for years,” Paris said.

“Holy shit,” Tanya said, her eyes never leaving her sister’s. “Keep talking, this is all absolutely unbelievable.”

“There’s a lot more to the story,” Paris smiled. “Rebecca got her wish; Daddy was just drunk and horny enough to fuck her. He says she’s a real redhead too and a nasty, hot fuck. Mom figured if Dad could do it, she could do it and she told me that Jon isn’t circumcised and it was really weird fucking a guy like that.”

“Oh, my God,” Tanya said, still finding it hard to believe Paris was telling her all this.

“It isn’t over yet,” Paris grinned. “Mom and Dad went over to their house a few nights later and both of their kids were home. Heather Callahan and her Mom double-teamed Daddy while Jon and Matt Callahan fucked Mom. Then all of the women put on a show for the men and Mom got her first taste of pussy. She was hooked and I know she really digs Heather, because they E-Mail each other all the time and even have Phone Sex. Our parents were sponsored into the Swing Club by the Callahans before they moved and they’ve been having fun with me since shortly after that.”

Tanya found it hard to believe all the things her sister had been telling her until Aneta walked out to the pool in a swimsuit she wouldn’t have worn a year earlier. It was the skimpiest thing Tanya had ever seen her mother wear and it didn’t really hide anything. It was also evident that Aneta had been working out or exercising in some fashion, because her body was smooth and lean.

“Mom! Your suit …”

“Oh, do you like it? I wouldn’t really bother with one, but we do have neighbors …”

“I’ve never seen you wear anything so outrageous!”

Aneta smiled and grinned at her youngest daughter. “Didn’t the little slut tell you our secret? I know she did and it’s all true darling … your father and I have been fucking up a storm and our favorite piece of ass is your sexpot baby sister. We’re very proud of what a nasty girl Paris is and how well she takes to anything sexual. We’re training her to be our personal little slut and when she’s eighteen, we’re going to take her to our Swing Club and introduce her to all our friends. She should be ready by then and Paris will blow their fucking minds!”

“Dear God, mother!” Tanya was still reeling from everything Paris had told her and hearing her mother speak in so frank a manner was equally shocking. Her parents had always been very open and honest about sexual manners, but this was beyond anything she had grown up with.

“Paris darling, are you feeling horny?” Aneta asked, licking her lips.

“I’m always horny Mother, even more when you’re around,” Paris purred.

“There’s my girl,” Aneta smiled. “It’s a bit too hot out here and I don’t want nosy neighbors watching us, so why don’t you come inside and service me? Your Daddy’s having a nap, but I’m sure when he wakes up, he’ll want to fuck that tender little pussy of yours. Tanya, if you want to join us, that would be lovely. Your father’s been saying since you got home that he’s dying to get his cock inside of your cunt.” Aneta walked away, her buttocks swaying and Paris scampered after her. Tanya stood on the deck on the pool, not really certain what she was going to do next. Was she in or was she out? Oh Lord, she couldn’t condone their behavior, could she? Paris was only 16 and both her parents were fucking the girl, training her to be their sex toy, it was evil and sick and wrong.

Despite her knowing that, the more Tanya thought about it, the more aroused she became. Paris was a saucy, delightful little bitch and Aneta still had that sensuality that Tanya herself had tried to emulate. Her Daddy was 10 times the man Carlos would ever be and it HAD been such a long time since she’d had a good fucking. Did she want to jump into the deep end of life and swim in a pool of decadent sensuality?

Tanya had transformed herself physically; did she have the courage and the bravado to transform herself sexually and mentally?

Tanya made her decision and put her heels on. She walked indoors and could already hear low moans coming from Paris’ bedroom. She didn’t hesitate; she just opened the door and walked in.

Aneta’s pussy was suspended over Paris’ mouth; the young blonde was eating her mother for all she was worth. She couldn’t see Tanya, but Aneta noticed her right away. Tanya motioned for her mother to keep quiet and she moved between Paris’ long, tanned legs and slid her tongue deep inside her sister’s cunt, tasting pussy for the first time in her life. Aneta got a thrill seeing her older daughter join their games and an added thrill as Paris’ tongue shot deeper into her box.

“FUCK!” Paris screamed when she was able to speak again. “Oh sis, I’m so glad you’re going to join us, I’ve wanted to fuck you too, ever since you got home! Your new body is fucking sexy, not that there was anything wrong with the old one. Mommy’s had me for a while, let me lap your cunt. Have you ever had a woman eat you out?”

Tanya shook her head. “Let her baby, she’s fucking incredible. I trained her myself.”

“I’m not as good as Mom, she’ll send you to the moon, but come on sis, straddle my face. Mommy, you can go behind and play with her tits or eat my pussy, whatever you want! Let’s make a lot of noise so Daddy wakes up and joins us!”

Tanya was still thrilled by that prospect, she straddled Paris’ face and her younger, sexy baby sister began to eat her. No man had ever eaten her as well as Paris was doing at that moment and Aneta’s hands were freely roaming all over her daughter’s body, exploring her sexually. Tanya was in a sexual free-fall and she just let herself be lured into her family’s addictive lifestyle.

Tanya climaxed on her sister’s licking tongue and then, it was Aneta’s turn. She just gazed at the magnificence that was Tanya’s new body and smacked her lips in anticipation. She was soon lapping and slurping, patting her daughter’s cunt with the palm of her hand as she ate her pussy. While she was doing that, Paris had asked if her sister was ready for more. Tanya knew what that meant and nodded “Yes”, she grinned as Paris lowered her cunt to Tanya’s tongue. Tanya noted her sister and mother both shaved their pussies, she herself kept a small landing strip to prove to potential lovers she was a true blonde. Lovers … never in a million years did she ever dream that after leaving Carlos, those potential lovers would include her own family. She felt so wicked, a sexual libertine and her tongue was really digging the taste of pussy. Tanya hadn’t expected … to be honest, she honestly hadn’t know WHAT to expect, but she wanted all she could get. She could wait to taste her Mom and realized that in the matter of 1 hour, her life had been completely transformed.

“Baby, you’re really getting to your sister, isn’t she sweetie?” Aneta complimented her daughter while talking to Paris.

“Ohhh yeah Mommy, she’s a natural-born slut, just like you, just like me!” Paris sighed. Tanya knew her sister had meant that as a compliment and she took it that way and ate her even harder. She was rewarded with a large gush of pussy cream flooding her face and before she knew it, her mother was there to lick her clean. It felt nasty and it also felt sexy.

“Oh Mom, Oh Paris, that was amazing, I love you both,” Tanya sighed, her body trembling with all the new sensations she was experiencing.

“You’re one of us now darling, you can stay here as long as you want and Paris and I can promise you, you’ll never be bored,” Aneta smiled, fondling one of her daughter’s big tits. “I must say baby, they did a nice job on your tits. These are magnificent.” Aneta started sucking one of her daughter’s tits and then Paris began working on the other. Tanya groaned as another orgasm began pushing forward.

“I’m glad to hear you’re one of us, Tanya,” Tim smiled from the doorway. Tanya saw her Daddy was also in tip-top shape and she saw that his cock was as impressive as Paris had stated and it wasn’t even HARD yet. Tanya intended to remedy that right now.

“Come over here and FUCK me Daddy, FUCK me and make your slutty older daughter truly one of you,” Tanya groaned. “Put that cock inside of me, that’s what I want, more than anything.”

Timothy let his daughter stroke his cock and then he let her take it in her mouth. He smiled with pride at his wife and youngest daughter as they made love beside them. They were all a family now, perhaps not a traditional one, but happy beyond measure.

“Once I get you hard Daddy, you have to fuck me until I beg you to stop,” Tanya said between sucks. “Which might not be for 4 or 5 hours … I’m a very horny young lady and I know that I have a lot to catch up on!”
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