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Meet Maya, an Asian hottie who is NOT shy
I’m Not A Stereotype
by Maya Hatashita as told to BrettJ© 2010

Author’s Note: I am not the “Brett” of the story, although readers, isn’t he one lucky S.O.B?

I very nearly blew the opportunity of a lifetime because of my temper.

No one would really blame me. I was just so sick of hearing “Wow, you’re really tall for a Japanese girl” or even cruder “Boy, you’ve got really big boobs / tits for a Japanese girl” or after one or both of those “Wow, you’re really out there for a Japanese girl.”

Well, why should I conform to any stupid stereotypes? I’m 5’7” tall and I’ve got a great 34C-23-34 figure and I work out. I didn’t grow up in Japan, we came here when I was 6 and I’m 16 now. My parents both speak Japanese fluently, I don’t, although I do have a small accent … comes from living with them, I guess. My friends aren’t Japanese, so I grew up living like any other girl.

My parents are free-thinkers too, so they didn’t mind a daughter who appreciates the hot body nature gave her and dresses to flaunt it. I like short skirts and high heels, I like lacy underwear, I like low-cut blouses and I love sex. The boys in my classes notice me and so do some of the girls. Nope, I’m not conventional in that way either. My first experience was with a friend of mine, Lacey, a yummy black girl that knew what she was doing, let me tell you. We were two hot-to-trot 15 year olds and if the boys wouldn’t fuck us because we were virgins, we decided to take care of it ourselves. Lacey and I were lovers for 6 months and remain “friends with benefits”. Pussy is great and I love a night out with my girls, being all feminine and stuff.

But I also am a true cock-slut if the guy knows what he’s doing. I like my sex wild, romantic is fine every so often, but I’m a wild girl and not afraid to give a guy a wild ride. I’ve contemplated fucking a few of my teachers to raise my Grades to get into a good University, but honesty, I really don’t care about that shit, y’know?

I didn’t really have a steady guy, I’d gone through a bunch, but most of them either treated me like a fragile little doll or just were looking for a piece of ass. I wanted someone in between.

It was a Wednesday night and I was working in the Comics Shop I my older sister co-owns (one stereotype that does apply – I dig Manga and Anime) when a voice from behind me says “Wow, you’re really …” I almost lose it and spin around and see …

… one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve ever seen. He was holding a pile of the latest Marvels and DCs, plus a few graphic novels. Dressed neatly in a blue blazer and dress slacks, he wasn’t typical of the customers we usually got on New Comic Day. I’d never seen him before … my loss.

He put down his books by the counter and finished “… you’re really the owner? A woman owning a Comics Shop, how cool is that? You’re a very attractive young woman at that.” Holding out his hand, he said “Hi, my name is Brett. I teach a course on comics and Popular Culture at the University.”

I held out my hand, I swear I was shaking. “I’m Maya, the co-owner.” (Okay, I fibbed a bit, but I do own 5% I earned for working extra hard). “My sister owns 50%, but she had a family emergency, I don’t usually work this late on Wednesdays.”

Brett grinned, he had amazing eyes – they seemed to go from brown to a green when he smiled. “Ah, that’s why I’ve never seen you. I’ll have to start coming in on a different day.”

Fine with me handsome, I thought to myself. He appeared to be about 30, nicely spoken, sandy hair with a smattering of grey and very confident. We talked a bit about comics as modern mythology, in-between my ringing in the customers who wanted the latest X-book or Secret Final Crisis Wars or things like that. It was nearing closing time, but I wasn’t closing and Brett noticed. I don’t look my age, thank God, because I think he was really into me. And fuck, was I ever into HIM.

“I’m sorry; you’re closing in 5 minutes. I’ll get out of your hair, Maya; it was lovely to meet you.”

Like I said, I go after what I want. “Brett, you’re not keeping me, I was just going to go out and get Pizza. I’d love it if you’d join me; I’m enjoying our conversation very much.”

If he seemed put off by a woman asking him out, he didn’t show it. He nodded, waited until I rung off the till and we went out for Pizza. He wasn’t even intimidated by letting me pay.

I didn’t want this evening to end, not at all. I had finally met a guy who seemed very comfortable in his own skin who let me be me. I was really turned on by his age and experience and I knew I was fucking wet down there. I took his hand a few times as we talked, to let him know I was interested in him “that way”. I was going to break one of my cardinal rules, I knew I was … I was going to fuck this man on our first date. If he found out how old I was, it didn’t matter … he got me so turned on, I would have done my level best to make him see past my age. I don’t look my age, so why should I act like some dippy teenager. I asked him to walk me home, knowing my folks were helping my sister with her emergency, their sick grandchild, and likely wouldn’t be home tonight. It was fucking risky, but I’m a ballsy chick. We lived only a few blocks from both the Pizzeria and the store. When we got to my door, I turned around and kissed him, hard.

“I’m not normally this forward, but I have never met a man I clicked with this fast. If you can deal with what I’m going to tell you, I’d like for you to come inside … screw coffee, I want us to get out of our clothes and fuck each other’s brains out.” I then proceeded to tell him that I was only 16, he laughed when I was done.

He pulled me close to him and kissed me again. “I figured out you were younger than you were acting, but after a while, I didn’t care. I wasn’t sure if it was just me, but Maya, you’re the most spectacular woman I’ve ever seen. I was going to take a cold shower when I got home, but I guess it can wait. I don’t give a shit that you’re a young lady, you’re a very desirable young lady and damn, do I want to fuck you!”

We practically ran the inside the house to my bedroom, our clothes flying everywhere as we stripped. I was impressed, he had a nice, lean body … the Prof worked out and I could see him taking in my own body and enjoying the view. I am a bit of an exhibitionist so I spun about as I tossed my skirt and blouse to the floor, leaving on my thong and heels.

“Oh-my-fucking-GOD, you’re gorgeous,” Brett groaned as he pulled me close. We stumbled to the bed and I was on top of him, getting the remainder of his clothes off. He smelled good, the scent of Old Spice, which I like, wafted to my nose. I inhaled his scent and nuzzled his neck, a bit of scruff rubbing my cheek. I kissed down his body, he was nicely hung too, and I wanted fucking yummy cock in me, soon!

We did things to each other with our mouths, he was as good as many of my girlfriends and when I finally mounted him, I used every trick in the book to get a great fuck out of him. He was … perfect. I got a fuck that was beyond great that night. Smooth and practiced, but energetic and vital, he wasn’t at all intimidated by my age or my wild nature, he took in all of my body and loved ever inch of it. He told me he loved the golden tone of my body against his, my pussy, my legs, my tits, but he loved my cute little smile most of all. Brett was the kind of guy I had been looking for and I made sure he got that shower, although it wasn’t cold and I was in there with him. By the time we finished, the water HAD gone cold though, but we didn’t really notice that. He was still moving deep inside of me, my nails digging into his shoulders as he fucked me against the shower stall. Brett was one tireless fucker, he got his stamina from riding his bike to and from work, he told me – a 10 mile ride each way.

I suppose none of you will be surprised to hear I’m still seeing him. Brett comes in on Thursdays to get his books now and we spend the night together at his apartment. I think he might just be “the one”, but for now, he’s “my steady guy”. I’m not sure if it’s too soon to be thinking that way, but I have always been older than my actual years. I never thought I’d ever see myself thinking along those lines, but the sex is fucking incredible and he’s totally cool with all of it. Brett’s going to be put to the test in a few weeks, Anime North is coming up and I’m doing some Cos-Play with Lacey. I think I’m going to go dressed as Psylocke from the X-Men and Lacey will play Storm. Brett’s going to come with us and he has no idea what characters we’re going dressed as and exactly what naughtiness we have planned for him back at the hotel. If all goes according to plan, I’ll then have a very good idea of where this man is meant to fit into my life. Wish me luck.

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2010-12-06 15:05:13
I love this Story, This lady is so completely out of the Box. We need a part 2 and byound.

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