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This is the first story in what I hope will be a long list of new stories bassed on Japanese Anime.
Little Trouble in Dolcett Japan
Story #: Ani-Can 1
Copyright ©2006
Written: September 19 2006
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed by: KaosAngel
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The day started like any other everyone in the Tendo house now waking to a new day except for Ranma and his father Genma who spent all night training in the dojo to wrapped up to realize it was already morning until Kasumi called from the kitchen, "Breakfast is ready" was heard by all in the house, who then entered and sat to eat.

"Hear that boy?" Genma said stopping his latest punch just before it hit Ranma in the face, "Ya pop sounds like we been training all night" Ranma replied ignoreing the fist in front of him and making his way to the kitchen, "So Kasumi, what's for breakfast?" Soun had asked his oldest daughter, "Well father today I have prepaired a pot of rice and pickels to go with some of the left over girl-bacon and sausages from when we roasted Nabiki last week" Kasumi answered.

Kasume at age 25 was passed the age where a girl can be roasted by anyone at anytime, Akane Kasumi's younger sister who just reached the roasting age of 18 was still too young for a proper roast so Kasumi and her father soun had decided to roast Nabiki the middle sister at age 20 she was perfect and had been delishous, she had been spitted by her father Soun and Genma then roasted over an open fire in their large backyard.

"We are almost out of meat father" Kasumi had told him just after breakfast concluded, "Is there none of Nabiki left in the fridge?" he replied stunned, "We will be out of her meat by three days time, im preparing a piece of her rump roast for dinner tonight but there isn’t much left" she said and pointed to the piece of rump on the counter waiting to be heated up.

"Well then we will have to get more meat" He said looking into the dining room where the rest of the family were sitting letting their food settle, Ranma and Genma of course were not there having departed back to the dojo to finish their fight, "Father, you don’t plan to roast Akane do you?" Kasumi said having seen him eyeing her from his position in the kitchen, "Well Kasumi you know how expensive meat is, and she is all that we have left" Soun said with a tear in his eye.

"You can roast me father" was Kasumi's reply stunning her father, "That nice of you Kasumi, but if we roasted you who would prepare you?, you can't cook yourself" he said with more tears, "I guess your right father" Kasumi said and went back to her preparation of Nabiki's rump roast for dinner, "Let me know when you have spitted Akane and ill be right out there to get her on to cook" Kasumi said humming to herself, "Ill let you know when we decide to do it, the time is not right just yet" Soun said as he walked out of the kitchen.

A short while later Ranma and Akane are running down the road late for school as always both at 18 took alot of the same clases together with a small difference, Ranma as a boy was learning how to spit and roast meat, Akane as a girl was learning how to be meat, Akane didn't know it yet but by the end of the week she very well might be meat.

Once Ranma and Akane were close to the school they heard the bells begin to ring, "Oh no Ranma were gonna be late" Akane yelled with fear in her voice, Akane had reason to fear being late any girls who arrived at the school late were marked as lunch, they would be taken to the kitchen and slaughtered and cooked for the hundreds of other students, everyday a few girls were always late, maybe they wanted to be roasted was all anyone could guess.

Ranma being the faster one picked up Akane and ran for the school gates and passed them just as the last bell chimed and the gates were locked, on the outside of the school gates stood 5 girls who were then taken, stripped, and stamped with "Today's Lunch Meat" on their rumps, some of Akane's friends were among those stamped.

"AH OH, when they little Wahine's what be late, being made lunch" the headmaster said standing behind Ranma and Akane watching the 5 unlucky girls as they were being taken to the cafeteria, or were they the lucky ones?, some of the unstamped girls definitely thought they were.

The school day ended at the sound of the final bell Ranma and Akane along with sone of their friends decided to go to Ukyo's for a snack, "So you think Ucchan is open yet?" Ranma asked walking along side Akane on top of the chain link fence, "Sure she is, look there's a line forming already" Akane replied walking into a run and Ranma following closely.

The closer they got to Ukyo's Okonomiyaki Restaurant they could see the line of people not only forming a line but fighting to get closer to the entrance everyone wanting to hear what Ukyo was announcing to all of her loyal customers Ranma and Akane fought their way thought the crowd until they were standing aside Ukyo and could hear her clearly.

"That’s right everyone as of tomorrow I will be closeing down my restaurant Okonomiyaki Ucchan" Ukyo said to Ranma and Akane's surprise, "What?" was Ranma's only stunned answer, "B-B-But Ukyo why are you closing" Akane Managed to speak out also stunned, "I have decided to finally make my most challenging Okonomiyaki ever" She said with pride, "Okonomiyaki Ukyo, made with real Ukyo meat!".

There was a moment of silence as everyone took in what they had just heard announced, "I will begin tonight, it will be ready in the morning, so until tomorrow morning were closed and then after that were closed for good" she said as she turned and walked inside the restaurant, Ranma and Akane following closed and locked the door behind them.

"ARE YOU NUTS!?" Akane shouted load enough for the still stunned customers outside the locked door could hear, "Akane this was always my plan when I was good enough to fulfill it" Ukyo said looking as serious as she dose when fighting a battle, "Ya but its still NUTS!" Akane replied, "Back me up hear Ranma" she added looking toward Ranma who was siting at the grill eating a fresh Okonomiyaki Ukyo had made for him, "Why it ain’t got nothing to do with me, if that’s what she wants then I say go for it" he replied swallowing his bite hard.

"Thanks Ranma honey, I knew you would understand, that’s why I feel good asking the two of you to help out" She said looking to the two of them, "What do you mean help out?" Akane asked still fuming, "Well I can't exactly cook myself can I?" Ukyo replied brushing back her hair, "I knew you couldn't leave me out of it" Ranma said finishing his Okonomiyaki and heading for the door, "But Ranma honey I need you and Akane to help, I can make all the ingredients and put it all together up to a point, but I cant cook myself or add my meat to the Okonomiyaki mix" She said in a pleading begging voice.

"Will you help me Ranma honey?" Ukyo said dropping to her knees and putting her hands together begging him, "Oh alright ill help you" He said helping her to her feet, "RANMA YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" Akane screamed, "YOUR BOTH NUT'S" She added and stormed out of the restaurant Ranma following after her.

Ranma walking behind Akane now headed home, "Look Akane, it's no different then when our father’s cooked Nabiki" He said walking up to her so they were now standing side by side and walking down the street, "I guess your right Ranma, but I can't see a girl really wanting to be cooked like a piece of meat" She said with a shudder, "You've never thought about being spit roasted?, or oven roasted?, or slaughtered and butchered???" Ranma asked coyly, "Yes Ranma I have but not the way you think" She replied.

Several days later "IM HOME" Akane said as she slid the front door open and kicked off her shoes followed by Ranma with the same look of confusion on his face he had since the day they helped Ukyo fulfill her dream, "What's for dinner Kasumi?" Akane said walking into the kitchen hearing Kasumi humming the same little tune she likes to hum when she had a piece of girl-meat to cook, "Oh just some left over Nabiki rump roast" Kasumi answered taking the hot roast still in the shape of its former owner out of the oven and placing it on the counter, "I think father wants to have a word with you, Akane, he is in the dojo".

Akane still followed by a confused Ranma walks into the dojo to see Soun and Genma training, "SAOTOME SCHOOL ANYTHING-GOES MARTIAL ARTS FINAL ATTACK, TEETH OF THE FEARLESS SPIT-GIRL" Genma shouted as he lunged toward Soun with out stretched arms and fingers hitting Soun over and over very fast, "AHEM" Akane intoned catching their attention, "Ah Akane" Soun said greeting his daughter, "Ranma my boy" Genma in similar fashion greeting Ranma, "Kasumi said you wanted to talk to me".

Akane knelt down in martial style in front of her father who could only look toward the ground instead of the eye's of his youngest daughter, "Akane" he said, "I know you just reached the roasting age last week after we roasted your older sister Nabiki" He added looking into her eye's now, both Ranma and Akane knew what was coming next, "Girl-Meat is very expensive you know that, well we are almost out of Nabiki-Meat, Kasumi is preparing the last piece of her rump" He said looking deep into her eye's now, Akane started turning red, "YOUR OUT OF YOUR MIND" she shouted and stood up, "YOU WANT TO ROAST ME?" she shouted again, "Now Akane I didn't say that" Soun replied as calm as possible.

"Oh, then what are we talking about?" Akane said retaking her seat, "Just chopping off a few of your limb's enough for a few days" Soun replied, "THAT’S JUST AS BAD!!" Akane shouted jumping to her feet again and storming out of the dojo Ranma following behind her to her room, "I bet your gonna say its no different from when our fathers roasted Nabiki or when we helped Ukyo cook her self into her own Okonomiyaki" Akane said softly with a look that said she would cry any moment, "No I wasn't going to say nothing like that, I think those two have lost it too, but Akane there’s something I gotta know" Ranma said siting on the bed next to Akane, "What’s that Ranma?" she replied wiping her eyes.

"Whadyou mean when you said, "not the way you think"." Ranma asked "Oh that, I think about the day ill be roasted every day since as long as I can remember it probably started around the time my mother was spit roasted by my father the same way him and your dad did Nabiki and all I can think is how much I don't want that to happen to me" Akane said as the tears rolled down her face, "Then ill make sure that while im around it will never happen to you!" Ranma replied.

Ranma and Akane walked back down the stairs, "Akane are you ready to be prepared to roast?" Soun asked her as she entered the living area and walked passed Soun and Genma, "Ya we need meat for the rest of the month" Genma said looking to Akane salivating, "YA WELL I BET PANDA MEAT TASTE BETTER THEN GIRL-MEAT!" Ranma said as he grabbed the collar of his father's shirt and flung him into the cold water pond in the backyard, Genma instantly turned into a large black and white Panda Bear holding a large wooden sign that read, "What was that for?".

"If your so worried about meat pop why not let us roast you?" Ranma said walking toward the pond to his panda form father holding a new sign that read, "Come closer!" Ranma moved closer to the pond and before he had a chance to realize Ganma grabbed him and pulled him into the icy cold water, "What’s your problem old man" Said the beautiful red headed pig-tailed girl that now replaced Ranma next to his father in the cold pond water, Genma holding a new sign that read, "If your so worried about Akane we could roast you!!" That’s when Ranma realized he was standing in the pond, looking down he saw that like the million times before now he had turned into a girl.

"BUT IM A GUY" Ranma shouted, "Not from where im standing, you look pretty girlish and good enough to eat to me" Soun said while Ranma and Genma got out of the cold pond and reentering the house Ranma looked at Akane, "Ok ill take her place on the spit" Ranma said in a high pitched feminine voice, "Ok my boy, after dinner tonight Soun and I will take you out to the backyard and spit you good, just like we did Nabiki" Genma said siting next to Ranma with a hot water kettle that he had just dumped on his head and changed back into a human man, Ranma however was a girl now for the rest of her life witch would not be much longer.


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