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What's Your Poison?

Once there lived a mother who had two sons who were very young. The mother only gave milk to one son and neglected the other son.
The milkless son decided to apply poison on his mother's breast so that the other son would get killed.

When he woke up the next morning he found that his father had died.

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2013-06-20 01:06:49
all of u just go suck ur dads balls

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2012-05-30 18:21:15
They treat these things like nniothg! LMAO Whoa did you hit something? Yeah. A *person* I'm on the run oh ok. do you want the extra dna removal service? it's on sale!

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2012-03-27 15:12:24
ThiS iS a fuckin jokE


2009-06-07 15:44:24
And then what happened??


2008-11-27 06:28:35
ayyo fuck it you ruined the joke

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