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Here we find ourselves at Okonomiyaki Ucchan's Restuarant where we find out what happened durring Ranma and Akane's days there while they helped Ukyo fulfill her final dream.
Ukyo's Last Okonomiyaki
Story #: Ani-Can 4
Copyright ©2006
Written: October 4 2006
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed by: KaosAngel
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The school day ended at the sound of the final bell Ranma and Akane along with some of their friends decided to go to Ukyo's for a snack, "So you think Ucchan is open yet?" Ranma asked walking along side Akane on top of the chain link fence, "Sure she is, look there's a line forming already" Akane replied walking into a run and Ranma following closely.

The closer they got to Ukyo's Okonomiyaki Restaurant they could see the line of people not only forming a line but fighting to get closer to the entrance everyone wanting to hear what Ukyo was announcing to all of her loyal customers Ranma and Akane fought their way thought the crowd until they were standing aside Ukyo and could hear her clearly.

"That’s right everyone as of tomorrow I will be closing down my restaurant Okonomiyaki Ucchan" Ukyo said to Ranma and Akane's surprise, "What?" was Ranma's only stunned answer, "B-B-But Ukyo why are you closing" Akane Managed to speak out also stunned, "I have decided to finally make my most challenging Okonomiyaki ever" She said with pride, "Okonomiyaki Ukyo, made with real Ukyo meat!".

There was a moment of silence as everyone took in what they had just heard announced, "I will begin tonight, it will be ready in the morning, so until tomorrow morning were closed and then after that were closed for good" she said as she turned and walked inside the restaurant, Ranma and Akane following closed and locked the door behind them.

"ARE YOU NUTS!?" Akane shouted loud enough for the still stunned customers outside the locked door could hear, "Akane this was always my plan when I was good enough to fulfill it" Ukyo said looking as serious as she dose when fighting a battle, "Ya but its still NUTS!" Akane replied, "Back me up hear Ranma" she added looking toward Ranma who was siting at the grill eating a fresh Okonomiyaki Ukyo had made for him, "Why it ain’t got nothing to do with me, if that’s what she wants then I say go for it" he replied swallowing his bite hard.

"Thanks Ranma honey, I knew you would understand, that’s why I feel good asking the two of you to help out" She said looking to the two of them, "What do you mean help out?" Akane asked still fuming, "Well I can't exactly cook myself can I?" Ukyo replied brushing back her hair, "I knew you couldn't leave me out of it" Ranma said finishing his Okonomiyaki and heading for the door, "But Ranma honey I need you and Akane to help, I can make all the ingredients and put it all together up to a point, but I cant cook myself or add my meat to the Okonomiyaki mix" She said in a pleading begging voice.

"Will you help me Ranma honey?" Ukyo said dropping to her knees and putting her hands together begging him, "Oh alright ill help you" He said helping her to her feet, "RANMA YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" Akane screamed, "YOUR BOTH NUT'S" She added and stormed out of the restaurant Ranma following after her.

Ranma walking behind Akane now headed home, "Look Akane, it's no different then when our father’s cooked Nabiki" He said walking up to her so they were now standing side by side and walking down the street, "I guess your right Ranma, but I can't see a girl really wanting to be cooked like a piece of meat" She said with a shudder, "You've never thought about being spit roasted?, or oven roasted?, or slaughtered and butchered???" Ranma asked coyly, "Yes Ranma I have but not the way you think" She replied.

After having convinced Akane that it was what Ukyo wanted and they should help her, Akane agreed and they headed back toward Ucchan's restaurant where they found a very sad Ukyo standing outside taking down the sign that announced her closing that she had hung earlier, "Hey Ucchan, put that back up were gonna help you" Ranma called to her as they got closer, "Oh really Ranchan?" She squealed dropping the sign and running to Ranma throwing her arms around him in a big hug, Akane was furious.

"Will you help too Akane?" Ukyo asked, "You really want me to help out Ukyo?" Akane said changing her anger to a semi-happy look, "Sure Ranma cant do it all even with my help and instruction's" she replied Ranma was now looking scared, "Oh don’t worry Ranchan I got a new recipe that even Akane's horrible cooking cant mess up" Ukyo said as she and Ranma went back inside the restaurant leaving Akane outside furious again, "Ill help alright, oh ya, just to get rid of that girl!!" Akane thought to herself with a smile as she too reentered the restaurant closing the door behind them.

"Ok you guys wait here a sec ill go get everything together and then we can start I’ve already made and gathered most of the ingredients for the Okonomiyaki, all that’s really left to do is snuff, butcher and cook my meat then add me to the mix, once that’s done all you have to do is pour the batter onto the giant grill out back turn up the fire, it will take about 6 hours to cook and will be ready when it turns brown" Ukyo said reading off her written instructions to Ranma and Akane who were listening.

Akane's eye's lit up when she heard Ukyo say "snuff", "So you want to die before we cook you into the Okonomiyaki?" Akane asked, "Oh yes, I don’t think I would survive for very long being cooked into it alive and I wouldn't want to have people accidently eating a bone or piece of me that’s not edible" Ukyo replied as she started stripping off her clothes revealing her beautiful body underneath.

"Now one of you will have to actually snuff me, I don’t thing I can do it myself" Ukyo said walking toward Ranma and Akane "And Ranma honey it would mean a lot to me if you would fuck me before I die, please?" she begged, "ah-um Ucchan, I don’t know" Ranma replied looking from Ukyo to Akane and back to Ukyo each time looking at Akane seeing her change from mad to angry to furious.

"RANMA YOU CANT REALLY BE THINKING OF FUCKING HER?" Akane yelled, "Please Akane, it will be my dying wish and then Ranchan is all yours" Ukyo said never even looking to Akane, "OK, but I get to snuff you then" Akane said walking over to Ranma and Ukyo taking hold of Ukyo's wrist and pulling her out back where the giant grill was located, "Akane wait she hasn’t even decided how she wants to die yet" Ranma said following them, "I don't care how she kill's me as long as your inside me when I die Ranchan" Ukyo replied.

"Well I see you got a tree stump and a wood chopping axe out here so I guess your gonna get that pretty little head of your chopped off" Akane said pulling Ukyo to the tree stump and throwing her on top of it, Ukyo landing flat on her chest moved her body down the stump to position her neck directly in the middle awaiting Akane's fatal blow, before Ranma had a chance to remove his clothes Akane picked up the axe and with one fast chop the axe came crashing down toward Ukyo's exposed neck and then hit the bare stump with intense force, enough force that it would have completely removed Ukyo's head had she not moved it in time, "AKANE, I ASKED TO DIE WITH RANMA INSIDE ME" Ukyo screamed at Akane.

"Oops" Akane replied with a giggle, "Akane you promised" Ukyo said as she laid her head back on the tree stump waiting for Ranma to enter her from behind, Ranma took the axe from Akane, "You will get it back when she is ready" he said as he pushed his cock to the hilt into Ukyo in one thrust, "OHHAHA" Ukyo screamed as Ranma hit bottom inside her and started to thrust in and out of her, "Oh Akane, Akane" Ukyo said between thrust's, "Come over hear" she said and Akane moved over into Ukyo's line of sight, "Sit on this - AHOH - stump just in front of - AHOH - me and lift - AHOH - your skirt" Ukyo said now panting like a bitch in heat.

"What?, you mean you want to?" Akane said stunned, "Yes Akane I want to taste you, please" Ukyo said Akane not sure now what to do just did as she was asked moved in closer to Ukyo and sat on the stump in front of her, opened her legs and lifted her skirt Ukyo dived right into Akane's pussy and started lapping away at her juices, "UM you’re as wet as I am - AHOH - and no panties you dirty girl - AHOH - you get excited by all this don’t you? - AHOH - maybe you want to be snuffed or cooked too - AHOH - don’t you?" Ukyo said as she went back to eating the wet pussy in front of her.

Akane couldn't deny what Ukyo had said but she didn't want to confirm it either so she stayed silent apart from pants and moans as a result of Ukyo's expert tongue work, "OHHHHHH" Akane screamed in orgasm her cum shooting out of her pussy and splashing Ukyo in the face, hitting her eye and dribbling down her cheeks onto her tongue and the tree stump below them, "You really know how to get a girl off" Akane said as she got up and straightened her skirt, "Yes, Shampoo taught me - AHOH - with no men in her amazon tribe - AHOH - it’s the only way some of them can get off - AHOH - your pussy taste just as sweet as her's - AHOH - are you using the same cooking oil - AHOH - that Shampoo uses on her pussy?" Ukyo asked Ranma still busy behind her, "I don’t know what your talking about" Akame replied, "Yes you do - AHOH - Shampoo uses an herbal cooking oil to make her pussy - AHOH - tender for the day when she will be cooked - AHOH - your pussy taste just like hers" Ukyo said.

"Is she right Akane?" Ranma asked still fucking Ukyo, "Um, no, um , I, um," was the only reply as she grabbed the axe from where Ranma placed it on the ground and before anyone knew what hit them Ukyo's head was laying on the grass next to the tree stump, Ukyo's headless body jerked up and her arms flailed around while her pussy clamped down hard on Ranma's cock causing him to cum inside her, Ranma pulled his cock out of Ukyo's pussy and jet after jet still shooting from his cock landed on Ukyo's body covering her from head to toe in long gooey white strings of cum, Akane moved in closer to Ranma's cock amazed at how much cum was coming out of it, she did not see Ranma's slight turn pointing his cock at her so a few jets of stringy white cum could land on her face, Akane opened her mouth in shock taking the final jet of cum in and swallowing it, Ukyo's headless body continued a shooting fountain of blood from her neck stump until her body slowed in its jerking and came to rest on the tree stump lifeless.

"RANMA YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!" Akane yelled with the taste of Ranma's cum in her mouth, "Ya just like you killed Ukyo before she had a chance to cum for herself" Ranma replied as his cock started to soften, "She didn't cum?" Akane said, "No she was about too and then you chopped her head off" Ranma said, "GOOD" Akane replied as she dropped the bloody axe and went back into the kitchen of the restaurant, leaving Ranma to drain Ukyo's body and ready her cooling meat for the butcher table.

Ranma picked Ukyo's body up and carried her to the butcher table and placed her on it on her stomach, reading from Ukyo's instruction he pulled the chain that hung over the table down until it was at the right height and then he took the hooks from the chain and pierced one through each of her ankle's once that was done he bound both of her wrist's behind her back tying the rope to the eye of an anal hook he placed this hood into her anus effectively keeping her arms in place so they will not flop around when he hoisted the body into the air to finish draining.

Placing a bucket on the floor Ranma and Akane working together grabbed the chain and pulled on it until Ukyo's body was in the air over the bucket, they locked the chain in place and let go, Ukyo's blood still flowing from the neck stump but now at a slower pace, "I guess we just leave her here to drain for awhile, that’s what the instructions say" Ranma said as he and Akane went to sit down, Akane still silent all this while, "Do you want to gut her Akane?" Ranma said looking toward her sitting in a chain next to him her clothes covered in blood, "Sure" she said with a smile, "Your covered in blood Akane" Ranma said pointing to her clothe's, "Ya Ukyo splattered me when her head came off" Akane replied as she stood up and began removing her blood soaked clothes and tossed the aside.

"Your covered too" Akane said pointing to Ranma who was still nude and now covered in red blood, "Ya her blood got everywhere" Ranma said as he stood up, "Lets go take a shower and get cleaned up when we get back down her body will be ready to butcher" Akane suggested and they went upstairs to Ukyo's apartment and into her bathroom, "You really want to take a shower with me" Ranma said as Akane started the shower water running, "Yes, but you gotta be a girl first, she replied as she sprayed Ranma with cold water from the shower hose and he instantly turned into a blood covered red-headed young girl.

Ranma with a smile on her face stepped into the shower and shut the door, "I guess you do prefer girls over men dont'cha" Ranma said leaning in and taking one of Akane's nipple's in her mouth, "OHYA" Akane moaned while rubbing her hand on Ranma's soft skin under the cold water until her hand found Ranma's pussy and started fingering her and rubbing her clit, Ranma released Akane's nipple and got on her knees in front of Akane, "Time to see if Ukyo was right" Ranma though as she put her mouth on Akane's pussy and began to taste the sweet flavor of Akane.

Ranma looked up and smiled, "Ukyo was right your pussy does taste like that herbal oil Shampoo use's" Ranma said, "OK, OK so I use it but that doesn’t mean I want to be cooked" Akane said, "AHHHAHH" she screamed as a second orgasm of the night hit her and covered Ranma's face in a gusher of sticky cum, "How do you know what Shampoo's pussy oil's taste like anyway?" Akane asked, "She is always giving me bottles of the stuff" Ranma replied, "I use some of it on my own pussy and I gave some to Nabiki and Kasume, you probably got yours from one of them" Ranma replied as she used her fingers to scoop cum from her face and place it on her tongue and sucked her fingers clean, “You use it on your own pussy, Ranma” Akane said stunned, “You want to be cooked?” Akane added, “NOO it just feels good on my bare pussy, but if I do get roasted one day my pussy is ready for it” Ranma replied with a smile.

After getting out of the shower Ranma and Akane dried themselves off and started to head back to the kitchen, "Aren’t you gonna change back to a guy Ranma" Akane said realizing there was still a naked girl in front of her instead of a guy, "Nah Akane, Its too much work changing from boy to girl all the time im just gonna finish this up as a girl and then we can go get cleaned up again and ill change back before we head home" Ranma said as they both reentered the kitchen to see that Ukyo's body was no longer dripping blood and the bucket under her was full.

Ranma and Akane together unhooked the chain from the wall and slowly lowered Ukyo's body back to the table, removed the anal hood, cut the wrist's free and flipped her over so she was on her back then the removed the hooks from her ankle's Ranma picked up Ukyo's large gutting knife and examined it, "Humm Ukyo must have butchered girls in here before" Ranma said handing the knife to Akane, "Oh honestly Ranma you can be so dumb sometimes" Akane said taking the large knife, "And what’s that supposed to mean" Ranma said as she moved back and sat on the corner of the butchering table to watch.

"Ranma all the meat Ukyo used in her Okonokiyaki's were all human, she would buy live girls from meat markets and slaughter them right here before doing what we are about to do to her" Akane replied as she sunk the knife onto Ukyo's body just below her breast bone, "What?, are you serious?, she never told me that" Ranma said, "Yep, didn't you ever wonder what happened to Lychee?" Akane said as she pulled the blade of the knife down Ukyo's body from her breast bone to her pubic mound, "You mean she killed and cooked Lychee?, I did always wonder what happened to that girl after she got her scroll back" Ranma said looking with fascination at Akane while she cut Ukyo open.

"Yep it seemed that the true happiness Lychee wanted was to be butchered and cooked, after she got the scroll back she came right here naked and offered herself to Ukyo, she snuffed her by hanging her from that tree that use to be in the back" Akane said opening the cut she made revealing Ukyo's organs, "Wow why didn’t she ever tell me about that?" Ranma asked, "She probably did, your so thick headed you never hear what anyone tells you" Akane replied as she started to cut and separate the organs.

"Read me those instructions for the organs again" Akane said, "Ok, it says to cut and remove all organs and dump everything except the liver, kidneys and heart, the liver kidneys are to be ground up for sausages that she promised to give to Doctor Tofu" Ranma said and placed the instructions down.

Akane continued to cut organs from Ukyo's body one by one they hit the table what ever wasn’t useable was dumped into a trash bin and the empty body was then cleaned out with cold water, Don’t clean out her pussy" Ranma said, "Why not?" Akane replied, "It says here she wants me to have it cooked with my cum still inside of it, so cut it away from her body cleanly and throw it on the grill for me" Ranma said as Akane used her fingers to part the lips of Ukyo's pussy too see it was full of Male Ranma's cum.

Akane used the knife and began to cut Ukyo's pussy away from her body when the cuts where made on all sides she pulled a nice slice of meat from her pubic mound and placed it on a plate still filled with cum taking it to the hot grill on the counter and dropped the meat on it, "Ok Akane Ill take over from here finish with cleaning Ukyo's body while I cook and eat then ill be over to butcher her" Ranma said as he started to cook Ukyo's pussy fillet, "I can butcher her Ranma" Akane said, "I watch Kasume when she butchered Nabiki" Akane replied, "Ya but Nabiki's meat was already cooked, you sure you can handle cutting up a raw body?" Ranma said as his pussy steak was done the way he likes it medium rare.

"Your right Ranma, maybe you should cook her meat first and then we can butcher her when its done" Akane said siting down next to Ranma at the counter, "Want some" Ranma asked, "Sure" Akane replied and they ate Ukyo's cooked pussy fillet together, when they were finished Ranma looked around and found a few bottles of Shampoo's Herbal cooking oil and brushed it all over Ukyo's body to season the meat for the roasting, when that was finished she took a long spit and placed the sharp tip into the hole between Ukyo's legs where her pussy use to be, pushed it in all the way until it came out of her neck stump, then bound her wrists behind her back and her ankles to the spit, and she was on to cook.

Ranma kept Ukyo basted throughout the whole roasting and when she was done took her off of the fire and placed her on the butchering table and then removed the spit, "Hey Akane wake up" Ranma called to Akane sleeping on a near by butchering table, she looked like meat ready for butcher Ranma was tempted to gut her while she slept, "What Ranma" Akane said though tired eye's, Ukyo's meat is ready to butcher" he replied when Akane was fully awake they striped the meat off of Ukyo's bones when they were done there wasn't a single piece of Ukyo's body left that could be recognized except her head witch they planned to preserve.

"Wow Ranma it morning already" Akane said now noticing the rising sun, "Ukyo's hungry customers will be here soon, they all expect Okonomiyaki Ukyo, and we haven't even mixed the meat into the batter yet" Akane said sounding worried, "Don't worry Akane, we got it covered, the hard part's over" Ranma said as he picked up the instructions Ukyo left for mixing her meat into the batter.

"Ok says here all we do is add the meat to the batter she mixed up last night before we snuffed her, give it a good mix and pour it onto the giant grill outside, that’s simple enough I guess she was right, something that even you cant mess up" Ranma said with a laugh and then dodged the frying pan Akane though at her, "Lets get this over with" Akane said grabbing the large pot of chopped and cooked Ukyo meat and dumped it into the large pot of Oknomiyaki batter and mixed it up, "Ranma I just thought of something" Akane said after she mixed the batter, "What's that Akane" Ranma said taking the batter pot from Akane, "What do we do with the Okonomiyaki after its cooked?" Akane asked, "We sell it of course" Ranma said with a laugh as he poured the batter onto the hot grill with Akane's help.

"Ukyo left one last note before she died" Ranma said picking up a piece of paper and reading it, "After the Okonokiyaki is cooked it should be around 10 foot round and a half foot thick, sell it to my customers at 5,000 Yen a plate and since I wont be needing it you can keep the money as payment for helping me fulfil my wish - signed Ukyo" Ranma said handing the note to Akane, "5,000 Yen a plate, that’s a lot of money" Akane said.

Sunrise came and went and the usual customers lined outside Ucchan's and brought many friends with them all wanting a piece of "Ukyo's Last Okonokiyaki" and willing to pay plenty for it, Ranma still a girl was now wearing the waitress uniform Ukyo always made her ware to help out at the restaurant but this time would be the last as she took order after order, while Akane cut normal size Okonomiyaki slice's from the larger one to fill all of Ranma's orders until shortly before nightfall they finally ran out and closed the door to the restaurant for good, "Well were finally done" Ranma said siting down next to a just as tired Akane, "Can we go home now?" Akane asked as they both left the restaurant and locked the door.

"IM HOME" Akane said as she slid the front door open and kicked off her shoes followed by Ranma with the same look of confusion on his face he had since before they helped Ukyo fulfill her dream, "What's for dinner Kasume?" Akane said walking into the kitchen hearing Kasume humming the same little tune she likes to hum when she had a piece of girl-meat to cook, "Oh just some left over Nabiki rump roast" Kasume answered taking the hot roast still in the shape of its former owner out of the oven and placing it on the counter, "I think father wants to have a word with you, Akane, he is in the dojo".


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