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We come now to the end of the road, Ranma's last battle with the spit.
Ranma's Last Battle
Story #: Ani-Can 5
Copyright ©2006
Written: October 11 2006
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed by: KaosAngel
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Ranma and Akane walked back down the stairs, "Akane are you ready to be prepared to roast?" Soan asked her as she entered the living area and walked passed Soan and Genma, "Ya we need meat for the rest of the month" Genma said looking to Akane salivating, "YA WELL I BET PANDA MEAT TASTE BETTER THEN GIRL-MEAT!" Ranma said as he grabbed the collar of his father's shirt and flung him into the cold water pond in the backyard, Genma instantly turned into a large black and white Panda Bear holding a large wooden sign that read, "What was that for?".

"If your so worried about meat pop why not let us roast you?" Ranma said walking toward the pond to his panda form father holding a new sign that read, "Come closer!" Ranma moved closer to the pond and before he had a chance to realize Ganma grabbed him and pulled him into the icy cold water, "What’s your problem old man" Said the beautiful red headed pig-tailed girl that now replaced boy Ranma next to his father in the cold pond water, Genma holding a new sign that read, "If your so worried about Akane we could roast you!!" That’s when Ranma realized he was standing in the pond, looking down he saw that like the million times before now he had turned into a girl.

"BUT IM A GUY" Ranma shouted, "Not from where im standing, you look pretty girlish and good enough to eat to me" Soan said while Ranma and Genma got out of the cold pond and reentering the house Ranma looked at Akane, "Ok ill take her place on the spit" Ranma said in a high pitched feminine voice, "Ok my boy, after dinner tonight Soan and I will take you out to the backyard and spit you good, just like we did Nabiki" Genma said siting next to Ranma with a hot water kettle that he had just dumped on his head and changed back into a human man, Ranma however was a girl now for the rest of her life witch would not be much longer.

Ranma went up stairs to prepare herself for her impending roast, "Ranma you cant really be thinking of doing this, are you?" Akane asked following him from the main dining room, "Akane we been over this it's no different then when they roasted Nabiki" Ranme replied with a slightly sadder look on her face then the last time she made this statement.

"Yes this is way different from when they roasted Nabiki, she was a girl, you’re a guy!!" Akane said looking up at him from the bottom of the staircase, "Like pop said im not a guy right now im a girl with all the same girl parts you got Akane, That means my pussy was made to take a spit just like yours, after that night we spent in the shower together at Ukyo's place I thought you would have figured that out by now" Ranma replied and then took the last few steps up the staircase to her bedroom to await the time when Soan and Genma would call her down for tenderizing of her meat.

Akane went back down to the main dining room where she had just left moments earlier, "Dad you cant be serious about roasting Ranma" Akane said sitting next to her father, "Akane we need the meat, you know that, its either him or you!" Soan replied without ever looking at Akane, "But dad, this whole thing is stupid why do we need meat?" Akane asked, her eye's starting to tear, "We cant all turn into vegetarians Akane, haha" Soan replied, "OK, But why dose it have to be girl-meat?" Akane said as she started to get up, "You know why Akane, Men are to tough and stringy, they tried roasting a man fifty years ago, OHH the horror of that day!!" Soan said starting to cry, "That's not what I meant and you know it!" Akane said as she walked to the door and left the house.

Akane was walking passed the dojo when she heard he sounds of fighting inside and stopped to check it out, "Ranma?" Akane said as she opened the door and found Ranma inside naked throwing punches and kicks around in the air, "Hey Akane" Ranma replied, "What are you doing in here naked?" Akane asked, "Well if their gonna roast me I want to get in a little more training befo--" Ranma said stopping before she finished what she was saying, "Before what Ranma" Akane replied, "Before I die" Ranma said looking into Akane's eye's.

"Ok ill train with you" Akane said and she stripped off her clothes to match nakedness with Ranma, "Now were both nude" Akane added as she started to throw punches and kicks at Ranma who could only defend herself, Akane was wrapped up in a furry in her attacks on Ranma, "Akane what’s gotten into you" Ranma said still fending off the furious blows unable to attack for herself, "What’s gotten into me is what there gonna put into you in a little while" Akane replied, "Why you so upset about it?" Ranma asked, "Why am I so upset about it??, the question should be why aren’t YOU upset about it?" Akane replied.

"Why be upset over something I chose to do, If I didn't agree to let them roast me your sweet tasting pussy would be going on that spit" Ranma replied as he finally got one blow in on a distracted Akane causing her to fall flat on the ground, "Akane, Akane, you alright??" Ranma called running to her side, "Im ok Ranma" Akane answered as Ranma knelt down beside her and lifted her head into her arms.

Looking into each others eye's, Ranma leaned into Akane and kissed her passionately, Akane pushed her lips harder into Ranma's kissing her back, Ranma broke off the kiss and started working her way down Akane's body kissing every inch of her until she found her sweet spot between her legs and started to lick all over enjoying the taste of Akane's pussy and loving the squeals of pleasure coming from Akane's lips.

Before they realized it they were both in a sixty nine position enjoying the sweet juice coming from the other's pussy, many orgasm's were had by both by the time Genma called for Ranma, "Ranma my boy, It's time to tenderize that girlish pussy of your's" Genma called from the main dining room where he and Soan had been talking about Ranma's roast since she and Akane had left the room.

Ranma picked her head up from Akane's pussy, "Looks like im up" She said just as the door slid open, "Ohh there you are Ranma, looks like my Akane is already helping to tenderize that pussy of your's" Soan said as he entered the room to see Ranma and Akane still in the sixty nine position, Akane had not seen or heard her father enter the room and continued to lap at Ranma's pussy hungrily.

"Dad?, what are you doing in here?" Akane asked looking away from Ranma's pussy long enough to catch a glimpse of her father standing in the doorway, "It's time for Ranma's tenderizing, thanks for getting her wet for us Akane" Soan said as he walked over and took Ranma's wrist in his hand, "What?, already?, dad this is wrong you cant do this to Ranma!!" Akane said standing up to meet her father's eye's, "Akane we of the Tendo family have been tenderizing and roasting young girls since long before you were born, fifty years of Tendo barbeque's even your own dear mother offered up her pussy to the spit" Soan said and walked off with Ranma close behind.

"Dad that’s not what I meant, Ranma is a guy not a girl" Akane said following after them and into the dining room where she found a person she hoped never to see again especially at a time like this, sitting in the room next to Genma was a young man named Tatewaki Kuno, "PIG-TAILED GIL AND AKANE TENDO" Kuno screamed as he jumped from his seated position at the table over it and landed in front of Ranma and Akane, grabbed them both one in each arm hugging them until Ranma and Akane each grabbed his arms and threw him into the wall, "Stop that you jerk" Ranma yelled.

"What's he doing here anyway dad?" Akane asked looking just as mad as Ranma, "He heard that Ran--, I mean the Pig-Tailed Girl was here to be tenderized and roasted he came to help" Soan said, "You mean I gotta -- with him, and then I gotta -- with you?" Ranma replied scared, "Ohh no, no" Soan said and Ranma gave a sigh of relief, "After I have my go at you, your father will have his turn as well, then Akane again if she wishes, then its off to the roasting spit for you" Soan replied.

"Ohh no you don’t" Ranma said as she started to leave the room, "And where do you think your going boy?" Genma said while blocking the only exit, "Look I don’t mind being impaled on a spit and roasted for food, BUT NO ONE IS PUTTING THEIR COCK INSIDE ME!" Ranma screamed load enough to wake Kuno who was laying on the floor at the other end of the room, "Ohh Pig-Tailed Girl, it would be my honor to put my cock in you" Kuno said as he reached up taking Ranma's hand in his and stood up to stand next to her.

"GET OFF ME YOU CREEP" Ranma yelled and hit Kuno over the head again knocking him out, "Ranma you have no choice, you volunteered" Genma said, "Well then UN-Volunteer me!" Ranma replied, "If you un-volunteer then we will have no choice then to roast Akane" Soan said and everyone looked over to Akane who then got very scared, "Wha- wha-, me?" was Akane's answer, "Look like I said I don’t mind being roasted but I don’t want the last thing I feel to be a man's cock inside me" Ranma said, "A cock wont be the last thing you feel my boy, you been to enough Girl-Roast's to know that the spit is the last thing a girl feels in her pussy after the tenderizing" Genma said and scratched his balls revealing a large erection, he was ready for business.

"I DON’T CARE I AIN’T GETTING FUCKED BY NO MAN!!" Ranma yelled and tried to make a run for it, "GET HER!!" Soan yelled and everyone went after Ranma even Akane herself, "Got'cha" Genma said as he caught Ranma's ankle and pulled her to the floor where everyone then used rope to bind her wrist's behind her back, "Your not going anywhere boy" Genma said, "Ohh pop come on, let me go" Ranma asked as Genma, Soan, A now awake Kuno, and Akane all went into the next room.

"Akane how could you help them catch me?" Ranma asked as Genma dropped her on the bed in the middle of the room, Because if you don’t roast then they will roast me, remember the promise you made me?" Akane replied and Ranma got very sad, "Ya I remember, ok lets get this show on the road" Ranma said as Soan and Genma got on either side of the bed, "Wha-, Is it too late for the tenderizing?" Kuno said as he entered the room behind them, "Not yet" Soan said as Kuno joined them by the bed, "Ohh Pig-Tailed Girl this will be a dream come true" Kuno said as he started to strip away his clothes and stood before Ranma as naked as she was.

"Ohh Kuno baby why don’t you come over here with that big tool and use it on me" Ranma said in a very sexy voice, "Ranma what are you saying?" Akane whispered into Ranma's ear, "Well everyone keeps telling me im a girl now so I might as well act the part and see if I can enjoy this" Ranma replied as Kuno got onto the bed and started to touch Ranma's body starting with her breast's, this caused Ranma to shudder slightly and then moving down to her stomach leaning into kiss her, "Ohh I cant wait anymore" Kuno said as he got between Ranma's legs and pushed the head of his cock into Ranma's pussy, "WAIT KUNO!" Ranma yelled, "What is it Pig-Tailed one?" Kuno replied keeping his cock just barely inside her, "Im a virgin, please push it in easy at first" Ranma said with a tear in her eye.

"Your wish is my command, Ohh Pig-Tailed Goddess" Kuno said as he slowly pushed his cock forward until he broke though, "AAAHHAAHHA" Ranma screamed, "IT HURTS, IT HURTS" Ranma added as Kuno started an in and out trusting motion picking up speed with each trust, "Come now Ranma your pussy has to be broken in before it can take the spit, you know that, how many virgins have you popped over the years, HaHa" Soan said, after the first few of Kuno's thrusts Ranma's screams of pain were changing to sighs and moans as she started orgasm after another.

The tenderizing went on like that for sevral hours with everyone takeing their turn in Ranma's pussy Akane even had a turn at eating Ranma's pussy sucking all the cum from Kuno, Genma and her own father out of Ranma while the three men, includeing her father Soan took turns fucking her from behind, A good time was had by all even Ranma who lay on the bed filled with and covered in cum.

When the time came to get to the actual roasting Genme picked Ranma up and threw her over his shoulder then headed to the backyard with Soan, Kuno and Akane following close behind, when they reached the backyard Genma dropped Ranma onto a picnic table cuaseing her to fall flat on her chest with her hands still bound behind her back, with Ranma in this possition both of her legs were bound to the legs of the table, while Soan went to get the spit.

Once Soan returned with the spit it was time to spit Ranma coming in behind her Soan raised the spit to Ranma's pussy and started to slowly push it in, "Hold on there Tendo" Genma said coming over and standing next to Soan, "What now Saltome" Soan said as he stopped pushing the spit and held it in place, "Ranma is my boy I should be the one to spit him Tendo" Genma said grasping at the spit trying to take it from Soan who would not give it up, "This is my house Soltome ill be the only one doing the spitting around here" Soan said holding firm on the steel rod.

"But you got to spit Nabiki!, Tendo" Genma said making another play for the spit in Soan's hands, "She was my daughter!" Soan replied, "Exactly Tendo, she was your daughter, just like Ranma here is my bo-, I mean daughter" Genma said taking the spit from Soan who at this point released his hold on it and Genma started to push the spit deeper into Ranma, "OOHHAAHHAAAHHOOH" Ranma screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain as the spit went deeper into her body at the same time rubbing on her clit causing her to have orgasm after orgasm.

"You ok Ranma?" Akane asked, "Ohh, I cant tell if im feeling pleasure or pain, or both, OHH" Ranma said as the spit continued to push into her, "Now do you see why I don’t want this for me?" Akane whispered into Ranma's ear, "Its not as bad as you thought" Ranma replied, "OHHAAAAHHHH, IM CUMMING AGAIN" Ranma screamed, "I guess its pleasure after all" Ranma added.

"Ok Soan I need your help, It went through his uterus without a problem but I cant pierce the stomach wall" Genma said trying to push the spit further into Ranma, "Ohh now you want my help Soatome" Soan replied as he stood up from where he was sitting and walked over to Genma, taking part of the spit in his hands both Genma and Soan working together gave one hard push of the spit "AAHHHAHAH, OHHHHH" Ranma screamed as they continued pushing it though her another foot, passed her heart and lungs, "I can feel it, I can feel it, Its at the base of my throat" Ranma said and then turned her head to the right quickly giving Akane who was still sitting next to her a last kiss, "Hear that Tendo?" Genma said looking to Soan, "Yes Soatome, one more push should do it" Soan replied, “Ok boy looks like this will be your last battle” Genma said as he and Soan gave one final push forcing the spit out of Ranma's mouth and into Akane's mouth.

Before Akane could react she was sucking on the bloody tip of a sharp spit, "DAD WATCH WHAT YOUR DOING!, IF I DIDN'T MOVE YOU WOULD HAVE HAD US BOTH ON THAT SPIT" Akane screamed, "Wow Akane that’s a good idea, why don’t you put the tip of the spit in your pussy and we will push it through you next" Soan said, "NO WAY" Akane screamed and walked out of the room, "That girl has an identity crisis, she don’t know what she wants" Ranma thought to herself as Soan and Genma went back to work readying her for the fire pit, placing an anal stabilizer onto the larger spit they locked it in place and shoved the sharp tip of the spit up her anus, "AGHMMMAMHHMMHHMHM" was heard from Ranma as she tried to scream around the pole in her mouth.

After the stabilizer was in place Soan and Genma untied her legs from the picnic table bent them at her knee’s and retied them to the spit, Ranma was now ready to go over the fire and start her cooking, "OHH this feels so good, I should have turned into a girl and let them do this to me month ago" Ranma thought to herself, "I only wish I could tell Akane how wonderful this feels" Ranma thought again as Soan and Genma picked up her spit walked over to the hot fire pit and placed one end of the spit on each side of the spit frame, Ranma had another orgasm when the spit bounced on the frame and rubbed her clit.

Akane was in her room thinking about all of what had just happened, "If I hadn't moved my mouth from Ranma's in time I could have been reverse spitted mouth to pussy" Akane said out laud to herself, "I cant believe my own father wanted to roast me and Ranma on the same spit together" She said again as Kasume was walking passed her room, "Believe it Akane, father roasted mother and Nabiki and one day he will roast you as well as me" Kasume said as she entered the room and sat down on the bed next to Akane, "You cant escape it, no woman can, Ranma may have taken your place this time but father will get that spit up your tight little pussy sooner or later” Kasume added as Akane leaned forward and placed her face onto Kasume’s chest and started to cry.

“But I don’t want to be roasted!!” Akane said with tear filled eye’s, “Ohh Akane I know you don’t want to hear it but you have to get over this, you’re a woman now not a child, you have known for along time that you would one day ride a spit” Kasume said as she stood up form the bed, “Now I’ve got to go down and baste Ranma so father and Mr. Soatome don’t burn her” Kasume said as she walked over to the door, “Think of it this way Akane, Ranma is a boy who turns into a girl and even his girl side know's its her time to ride the spit” kasume said as she left the room and went back down stairs and outside to the back yard.

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