this is the first chapter in the continueing story of Jason and his little family. It's thirteen years later and Jason's children are just as into incest and babies as their mothers and father were at their age. Check out whats happening with Jason and his family now.
Jason’s Growing Family
Valley Honey

“Jasmin Sonia Carter,” Jason called after his twelve year old daughter before she and her half sister Nancy had a chance to get away from him. Jason was sure his daughter realized she was in trouble from the tone of his voice and the fact that he’d used all three of her names and he wasn’t surprised when the preteen took her time turning to face him. Midway through her turn Jasmin hesitated for a second to make sure that her father got a good look at her swollen belly and milk filled tits. Well into her seventh month Jasmin’s pregnancy was easy to see, especially since she wasn’t wearing a single stitch of clothing.

“Yes daddy,” Jasmin said in feigned innocense, resting her hands on her swollen belly once she was facing her twenty-five year old father.

Jason had to admit that his daughter knew how to distract him and he had to turn away from the pregnant girl before he forgot what he was talking to her about. Turning his eyes Jasmin’s ten year old half-sister didn’t help much since her naked belly was just starting to show a bulge of it’s own now that she was in her fourth month.

“Jasmin,” Jason said, turning back to his oldest daughter, determined to keep himself on track no matter how much he wanted to stroke her belly. “What did you say to your brother Mike to make him so upset?”

“Nothing,” Jasmin said so quickly that Jason just looked at her expectantly while Nancy sidled up to him and put her arm around his waist possessively. Without thinking Jason reached down to give his daughter’s developing breasts an affectionate stroke.

“Well,” Jasmin said slowly when she realized that her father was expecting more. “I did tell Mike that if he wouldn’t fuck me now then I’d never let him fuck me again.”

At eleven years old Mike was Jason’s oldest son and had always been popular with all the female members of the family, and his popularity had skyrocketed in the last couple months since he started producing sperm. Jason wasn’t sure, but he suspected that at least two of the recent pregnancies belonged to his son instead of him.“Tell me something, Jasmin, did Mike say he couldn’t fuck you, or he wouldn’t fuck you?”

Jasmine wasn’t sure why her father wanted to know exactly what her brother had told her but she knew it had to be important so she did her best to remember. “Mike said he couldn’t fuck me,” she finally admitted.

“That’s what I thought,” Jason sighed while Nancy stroked his slowly hardening cock. “I’m guessing you didn’t ask Mike why he couldn’t fuck you before you made your threat.”

“No, I didn’t,” Jasmin admitted cautiously.

“Well Jasmin,” Jason said, letting his finger drift past the slight bump of Nancy’s pregnancy to tickle her damp pussy lips, “if you had Mike would have told you that he was being punished. You see, your brother failed his last math test and I told him that his punishment was that he couldn’t fuck anyone until he passed the makeup test.”

“Oh,” Jasmin said flatly.

“And now Mike’s sitting in his room crying because of what you said,” Jason added. “Don’t worry, he doesn’t think you’re going to cut him off. He knows you’re too horny to follow through on your threat, but he feels bad because he couldn’t fuck you. Not only that, now I have to punish you because of your thoughtless actions.”

“I guess I deserve it,” Jasmin said bitterly.

“I’m glad you agree,” Jason said, taking his fingers out of Nancy’s wet pussy and giving them an appreciative sniff before he licked them clean. “I think it would be to give you the same punishment as your brother. You’re not allowed to fuck anyone until Mike passes his makeup test.”

“That’s not fair, daddy,” Jasmin whined. “My punishment depends on Mike and how well he does on his makeup math test.”

“That gives you some incentive to make sure your brother passes his test then,” Jason told his daughter with a grin. “You are better at math than your brother, by tutoring him you make sure he’s ready to pass his test and that puts an end to both your punishments.”

“That’s true,” Jasmin said with a thoughtful grin as she thought of the possibilities.

“So what are you standing around for?” Jason asked his daughter. “If you hurry you could have Mike ready for his makeup test just after lunch.”

“Right,” Jasmin said turning to head down the hall so fast that her swollen belly and milk filled tits swayed.

“Remember, Jasmin,” Jason called after his pregnant daughter, “no fucking until Mike passes his math test. And remember to apologize to him before you start tutoring.”

Nancy waited until her sister was out of hearing range before she said, “You know she’s going to find a way around your punishment, right daddy.”

“Of course she will,” Jason chuckled while he rubbed Nancy’s juicy slit. “That’s why I plan to record the whole study session. I’m sure Mike and Jasmin will stick to the letter of their punishment and not fuck, but I’m also sure your sister will find a way around their punishment and that will make for a very hot video that some of our special customers will enjoy.”

“Does that mean that you’re going to work on the website and videos?” Nancy asked excitedly.

“That’s right,” Jason said with a grin, already anticipating what his daughter was going to say next.

“Can I help you?” Nancy asked, practically bouncing on her toes she was excited.

“Of course you can,” Jason said with a smile. “I always enjoy your input when it comes to the website and our videos, sometimes I think you have better ideas than I do. Besides, I enjoy the other things we do when we’re working together.”

“So do I,” Nancy giggled as she followed her father, half-brother, and uncle to his office.

Once in the office Jason pulled the office chair away from his desk and dropped into the seat before he turned to help Nancy climb into his lap. Once his ten year old daughter had settled down with her father’s slowly hardening cock rubbing against her hairless pussy. “Now,” Jason said with a sigh of pleasure while Nancy purred against his chest, “let’s see what your brother and sister are up to.”

Jason activated the computer screen and scrolled through the active cameras until he reached the one in Mike’s room. A second later the screen filled with the image of Jason’s oldest son as he frowned at the open math book in front of him. Mike glanced up from his studies to see the red let just under the video camera and gave it a crooked smile. “Yes dad,” Mike said with an exasperated sigh, “I’m studying. You don’t have to check up on me you know.”

“Now that’s an opening line if I ever heard one,” Jason chuckled just as a soft knock came from the door. Michael’s surprise was obvious as he glanced from the active video camera to the door and then back again before he remembered to respond.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me,” Jasmin called through the bedroom door. “Daddy told me why you can’t fuck me and I’m here to apologize and help you study for your test.”

“Come on in, the doors not locked,” Michael said with a sigh before he turned to give the camera a knowing grin.

Jason watched as Jasmine came through the door and turned to give her brother a good look at her swollen belly and tits before she turned to look at him. From the hungry look Michael gave his older sister it was obvious that he enjoyed a pregnant girl as much as his father. “Mike, I’m sorry I didn’t give you a chance to tell me why you couldn’t fuck me. And I’m sorry I hurt you, I didn’t really mean it when I said I’d never let you fuck me again.”

“I knew that,” Mike said with a weak grin, “you’re way too horny to stay away from me or any other cock. It was just a matter of time before you asked me to fuck you again. Were you serious about helping me get ready for the make-up test?”

“It’s part of my punishment for hurting you the way I did,” Jasmin told her brother. “Actually it’s not part of the punishment, it’s part of the solution to the punishment.”

Mike gave his half-sister a puzzled look and she explained what she meant, “My punishment is the same as yours. I’m not allowed to fuck anyone until you pass your math test. The best way to end the punishment is for me to help you with your studies. The sooner you pass the test, the sooner we can both fuck.”

“That sounds like one of dad’s punishments,” Mike said with a wry chuckle. “So, what do you have in mind?”

“I thought we’d try the incentive method,” Jasmine said, licking her lips while she looked at her brother’s crotch.

“Hold on, sis,” Mike said, putting his hands up like he was going to push his pregnant sister away from him. “We’re not allowed to fuck, remember? And dad’s recording everything right now so he’ll know if we do.”

“I thought he might be recording,” Jasmin said, looking past her brother and waving to the camera. “We can do other things besides fucking you know, and dad knows it too, that’s why I think he was so specific about what we couldn’t do. Now, here’s what I have in mind; I’ll quiz you. Whenever you get a question right I’ll give your cock a stroke. If you get five questions in a row right I’ll give you a quick suck.”
“This sounds good already,” Mike said with a grin.
“Then, if you get ten in a row you can suck on my tits and drink my milk,” Jasmin continued. “And if you get twenty in a row you get to eat my pussy.”
“Now that I really like,” Mike said with a broad grin as he let his eyes run down his sister’s body from her milk filled tits to her swollen belly, and finally down to her sopping pussy. Bus I bet you have something really special in mind if I manage to get a passing grade on my practice test.”

“How does this sound?” Jasmin asked with a grin while she pressed her pregnant belly against her half-brother’s arm. “If you pass your practice test before lunch you get to rub your cock along my pussy lips until you cum all over my belly.”

“Oh, that does sound good,” Mike said, licking his lips while he stroked Jasmine’s belly with one hand.

“And let’s not forget that when you test your make-up test after lunch we’ll be able to fuck for real. Then you can pump all that wonderful baby juice of yours into my pussy.”

“I wish I didn’t have to wait for you to have dad’s baby,” Dave sighed, “I’d love to cum inside you and knock you up, sis.”

“Well, once daddy’s baby is born I promise to give you first chance at knocking me up with the next one. Ok, Mike?”

“Ok,” Mike said with a disgruntled sigh.

“So, let’s see where you are in your studies,” Jasmin said, leaning close to her younger brother and blowing into his ear before she turned to look at his text book.

“That does sound like fun, daddy,” Nancy said, squirming around on Jason’s lap with his cock rubbing against her bald cunt lips.

“What part?” Jason asked with a groan of pleasure while Nancy’s quivering pussy kissed his prick.

“The part about sucking Mike’s cock and fucking him,” Nancy replied. “Daddy, can I suck your cock”

“Of course you can,” Jason said, sliding his chair back far enough Nancy to slide off his lap and kneel in front of his chair. While Nancy started licking his cock with her experienced tongue slithered along the length of his shaft Jason reached for the computer mouse and shut down the live feed on Mike’s room while leaving the recording running.

“Why did you do that, daddy?” Nancy asked, taking her mouth away from her father’s cock long enough to speak while she stroked the shaft with her hands. “Things were just starting to get interesting.”

“Not really,” Jason said, “Jasmin will keep Mike focused on his studies as long as possible but it will be a while before your brother answers enough questions to really get an incentive reward. “I’ll record everything for now and then afterward I’ll edit out the slow parts so the movie will catch the highlights without the boring stuff.”

“That does sound like a better idea for our customers,” Nancy said with a wry grin.

“Speaking of our customers,” Jason said, sliding the mouse across the pad and clicking open his browser and e-mail. “I was headed here to do some work before lunch. Our customers wouldn’t be too happy with me if I got behind on their orders - or on editing the new videos.”

While Nancy sucked his cock Jason tried to concentrate on his work to keep his mind off the pleasure spreading from his shaft. While Nancy pushed him toward his orgasm Jason managed to fill the new orders and get them ready for shipment. Jason even managed to burn replacements for the videos that were running low, blessing his own insight on buying the new commercial grade DVD burner he’d purchased a year earlier.

Once he had the new discs burning Jason turned to check the fan mail sent to the site. He glanced through several letters before coming to one that made him smile and look down at his ten year old daughter while she sucked on his cock. Jason knew that if Nancy continued to work on his cock it wouldn’t be long before he blew his load down her throat. After taking a quick look through the rest of the e-mails Jason went back to the one that had caught his interest and turned to look at his daughter’s bobbing head.

“Nancy,” Jason said to his daughter, “you have a fan letter. Do you want to read it?”

“Do I really have a fan letter, daddy?” Nancy asked, taking her mouth off Jason’s prick and turning to look at the computer screen.

“You sure do,” Jason said with a grin, helping Nancy get to her feet and then into his lap.

“Daddy,” Nancy said hesitantly while she held her drooling pussy just above her father’s cock, “may I?”

“Yes, Nancy, you may sit on my cock,” Jason said with a smile as he held his shaft steady while the ten year slid her cunt down on her father’s prick until his pubic hairs tickled her bare clit.

Father and daughter sighed with pleasure and then Nancy leaned forward to read to read the e-mail on the screen:

Dear Nancy;
I enjoyed your newest video so much I just had to write and tell
you. I think it’s so horny that your daddy managed to knock you
up at just ten years old and I’m looking forward to watching you
fuck him and your brother well your belly grows big with your

baby and your tits swell with milk. Do you know if your father
plans to make a collection of your pregnancy videos like he

did for your sisters? If so I’d like to place an advance order

for the video right now.
Your Biggest Fan
Horny Boy

“What a great letter,” Nancy said when she finished reading it out loud. The little girl wiggled her ass around on Jason’s lap, making her father groan with pleasure while his hard cock shivered in the girl’s pregnant pussy.

“Would you like to write answer your biggest fan, Nancy?” Jason asked his daughter while her pussy squeezed his shaft.

“May I, daddy?” Nancy asked excitedly, reaching for the computer keyboard before he father had a chance to change his mind. Jason grinned when his preteen daughter hesitated with her fingers poised over the keys. “What do I say?”

“I’ll tell you what to say, Nancy,” Jason chuckled. “All you have to do is type it up and send it.”

“Thank you, daddy,” Nancy said, giving her father an extra wiggle that pushed him a little closer to filling her belly with a fresh load of cum.

“Dear Horny Boy,” Jason said, watching his daughter hunt for every letter on the keyboard. “Thank you for your wonderful letter. I’m happy to have such a big fan, so happy that I’ll make sure that my daddy sets aside one of my collection videos just for you. Of course it will be at least five months before the video is ready but I appreciated your letter so much that I’m going to ask him to send you an advance copy of the video for free.”

“Daddy, can we afford to do that?” Nancy asked.

“Of course we can,” Jason told his daughter. “In fact, by giving away an occasional free video we get free advertising for the rest of our videos. Ready to keep going?”

“Ready,” Nancy said, stretching her fingers over the keyboard and giving her father’s cock an extra hard squeeze with her cunt muscles.

Jason took a deep breath and concentrated on holding back his orgasm for a second before he continued dictating the letter. “In the meantime, since it will be a long time before my video is ready, you may want to check out my sister’s pregnancy collection. You may even want to check out the collection my daddy made from the day I was born to the day he popped my cherry. If you like watching my belly grow I’m sure you’ll love to watch me grow up and learn all about sex. Once again, thank you for the wonderful e-mail. Your horny, pregnant, daddy lover, Nancy.”

“Did I get it right, daddy?” Nancy asked as she finished typing her own name.

“You did just fine sweetheart,” Jason said, looking over what his daughter had typed and smiling at the misspellings. The mistakes were just enough to ensure that his daughter’s fan would actually think the letter was written by a horny ten year old. “Now go ahead and send it, and I just bet Horny Boy is so grateful for the free video that he orders the rest of them right now.”

“You could be right, daddy,” Nancy said, hitting the send button and settling back against her father’s chest while he stroked the bulge of her baby belly.

“What time is it, daddy?” Nancy asked dreamily while she raised and lowered her wet preteen cunt on her father’s hard shaft.

“I’m not sure,” Jason groaned, his eyes closed so he could concentrate on the pleasure of his daughter’s pregnant cunt sliding up and down his cock. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer and then he’d be giving their baby a cum bath right in his daughter’s womb.

“Aren’t you suppose to have lunch with mommy Beth today?” Nancy asked with a soft moan, the little girl could feel her own orgasm building every time she slid her bald slit up and down her father’s shaft.

“Yes I am,” Jason said distractedly, shifting his hands to Nancy’s hips so he could help the girl pick up the pace of their fucking.

“Well as hungry as I am,” Nancy said, leaning forward so her clit rubbed along her father’s cock with every stroke, “it must be close to lunch time right now.”

“You’re right,” Jason said, opening his eyes and checking the time display on the computer. “In fact we’re running a little late for lunch.”

“In that case, daddy,” Nancy hissed, “you better hurry up and cum in my pussy so we can get to lunch before Beth and mommy get mad at both of us.”

“You’re right,” Jason grunted, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Nancy’s pregnant belly and holding it there while he stopped resisting and let his jumping balls shoot several wads of hot cum into his pregnant daughter.

“I’m cumming,” Nancy whined as her father’s cum filled her cunt and dribbled out from around her pussy lips. “Thank you, daddy, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Nancy,” Jason said while his daughter’s pussy stripped the last drop of cum from his slowly wilting cock. “You know I can’t refuse anything a pregnant girl asks me to do.”

“Especially when you’re the one who knocked her up, right daddy?” Nancy giggled.

“Especially when I knocked them up,” Jason agreed with a grin while his soft cock slid out of Nancy’s tight pussy with a small pop. “Nancy, you haven’t had lunch with Beth and your half-sisters in a while, why don’t you come with me and we’ll all have lunch together.”

“Can I fuck you again during lunch?” Nancy asked hopefully.

“No,” Jason said slowly, “that wouldn’t be fair to Beth or your half-sisters. After all, they’re just as horny as you are.”

“But not as pregnant,” Nancy giggled, “at least Angie isn’t and I know she wants you to be the first one to knock her up. Ok, daddy, I’ll let some of your other daughters have a chance at your cock. But after lunch can we come back and watch the video with Mike and Jasmin?”

“Sure,” Jason said, holding the office door open for Nancy and then following her out into the hallway. “In fact, you can help me edit the video. With any luck we can have it ready for the website before dinner.”

“And fuck along with the video,” Nancy said, skipping happily toward her lunch.

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Have just read the 1st series and started on this one, and have throughly enjoyed your work. ...
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As a 40+ yr old woman who started my period just weeks after turning 10, I can honestly say girls today have been known to start this young and younger. I enjoyed your story and will read the rest tomorrow. I hope your changes weren't made because of rude comments. Just because you express yourself in writing, doesn't mean people have to read it.

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