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chapter 5 of this continuing story as to how my wife would react to all of the things tat happen to her in this story
Gambling MY Wife and Black Business Partner

Chapter 5

OMG ! Diane is terrified, she is sure she is going to jail and can see herself almost naked wearing white stockings, garter belt, heels, hand cuffs, and a smile? This is how she pictures herself on the evening news . CJ has already gotten out his license registration and proof of insurance. The bright spot light from the cruiser is trained on the back window of the Porsche and the just married writings are vividly displayed as the officer slowly walks up to CJ's open window. On the smaller side window are the words Grand Opening! The officer is an older distinguished looking black male who asks for his license and registration and at first has not noticed that Diane is naked, saying you were going a little fast there, are you on your honey moon? I missed another car a minute ago that made the same turn around. You guy's aren't playing some sort of tag are you? No of course not this is your wedding night and how about the bride, you two shouldn't be racing around out here on the highway in the middle of the night! You should be in bed enjoying each other! ...As he shines his light on Diane's bare breasts and then discovers she is naked, with only the seat belts covering very little of her . She is blushing and is not only embarrassed but has already resigned herself to the fact that she is probably going to spend the night in jail. The officer then says whats this? Directing his comment at CJ, okay out of the car, both of you! Diane has trouble releasing the belts and after struggling with them finally releases the buckle. The officer has walked around to the passengers side, opens the door and helps Diane out saying, as he gives a low whistle, wow nice, in less than a professional manor. He then shines his light up and down her shapely legs stopping at her bare bottom!

The officer goes on to say have you been drinking? There just has to be alcohol or drugs involved here somewhere?... as he starts asking Diane to walk a straight line ignoring CJ the driver, altogether. My wife has a hard time walking straight in 4' heels under the best of circumstances without hanging onto someones arm, but for some reason though seems to have no trouble following the officers directions this evening. Next he says, well you seem to be sober but I am going to check you for drugs and since I am alone I am going to handcuff you. He tells Diane to place her hands behind her back, she is now fully in tears and knows she is going to jail for sure, as she dutifully complies. She feels the cuffs snap tight and then escorts her back behind the Porsche, and has her bend over the front fender of the cruiser and spread her legs, still ignoring CJ. Her bare breasts are against the shinny hood she can feel the engine idling and the warm metal, this is in stark contrast to her bare bottom that has a slight breeze caressing it from the night air. The flashing red and blue lights cast an eerie presence over her nakedness.

His fingers with out any warning easily enter her pussy that is now wet from the excitement and dread. It is all she can do to keep from peeing all over him and herself, due to her concern as he manipulates her ever more ardently! More and more his fingers and thumb touch her in just the right place she has gone from wanting to pee in the excitement to OMG !!!...he ..going to get me off!!!!.. Diane thinks to herself as her knees weaken with aaaah! A trembling orgasm. As he says off offhandedly and pulls his fingers out! well no drugs there! I guess I am going to have to book you for at least, indecent exposure . Just as he starts to help her up he notices the words Black Cock Whore on her bare bottom and using his flash light with one hand grabs her ass cheek pulling it apart taking a much closer look at the tattoo that says BLACK COCK WHORE!.

Whats this, he asks CJ? No longer ignoring him, CJ says she's mine I own her and can do whatever I want with her. The officer then says incredulously, anything? CJ then says anything as long as it has to do with sex! The officer helps her up off of the cruises hood and marches her back opening the rear door of the patrol car and helps her into the back seat . She is still cuffed wearing only stockings garter belt and heels, and closes the door.

Diane is still sniffling as the excitement along with the orgasm has tempered what she now thinks is her fate, an overnight stint in jail. The officer with Diane in the cruiser and unable to hear the conversation then tells CJ, I see you guys with your super sports cars screwing around all the time and you usually stay out of trouble, but I am going to give you a warning! Go up to Sonoma into the north bay and out where there is little traffic to play your games. So that no one gets hurt or at least out of my territory. The officer then goes on to say, a Black Cock Whore? Just exactly what, does that mean? CJ explains that she, my wife is his and will do what ever she is told or he asks her especially when it comes to sex with black men. Explaining further that she has fantasy's about black men and, do to her gambling addiction he has paid off her debts and in doing so she has ended up owned by him as a submissive black cock whore. The officer still with some dismay then asks..... does she have any fantasy's about black police officers? CJ says hesitantly not knowing quite what to say, I don't know? The officer then says Ill tell you what, I was going to let you both go anyway with only a warning, but I would like to know for sure if this is true?...,and would you mind showing me that she is indeed what is so elegantly tattooed on her bare white bottom.? …...
CJ can not believe his luck and asks could he have a moment with Diane, The officer says be my guest waving him to the back of the cruiser. CJ opens the door and sits for a moment next to her. Diane is still in tears and sure she is going to jail. CJ grabs her face and says hush up, look at me!

The officer has suggested a way out of this little mess, all you have to do is prove to him that you have no problem having sex with black men! So what I want you to do, is to let him take you out into the bushes and you can give him a good blow job or let him give you a good fucking and he will let us go! Diane is speechless as to what CJ has just said. As she realizes the power of a little consensual sex can quickly and easily resolve this........ misunderstanding?
She has gone from resigned crying and what she thinks is certain jail time to an almost up beat smile as the thought finally sinks in. To have sex with a black police officer at night in the bushes is somehow quite perverse and stimulating although not one of her fantasy's is quickly becoming one. Suddenly she feels like a hi school girl that has gone parking in the woods on her first date with her dream boyfriend and when she gets out of the car finds out that there is more than one boy!! Parking is something that we did a lot before we were married and continued to do even after we were married and this quickly escalated into me taking her out of the car and into the woods naked bound and blindfolded!. The feeling brings back wonderful memories only they were not with a black police officer!.....
We did get caught once out parking one night as a county sheriff deputy had quietly crept up and apparently watched us before pounding on our window and shining his flash light on Diane's naked body. Thankfully I had not blindfolded her or taken her out of the car just yet. Then he asks her, to step out of the car! She was wearing nothing and he really looked her over before telling us to get dressed and go home as some sadistic sex pervert might come along and do us harm! Little did he know that this was exactly what my wife had fantasized about, happening to her!

The CHP officer then turned off his lights and called dispatch telling them that his shift was over, was off duty and would be returning shortly. He asked CJ did he want to watch and coach his sweet little black cock whore? Or did he just want to hear her beg for more cock, as the little black cock sucking whore she is! CJ said he wouldn't mind watching. All of this talk about her, and from two big black men one in authority with a gun and the other her black lover. This had left Diane flush, wet, and trembling with sinful anticipation, as she never heard anyone talk about using her like a whore! The officer had walked back to the cruiser and helped Diane who was still cuffed, out of the car by grabbing both of her soft 36” tits rather hard by her nipples and forceful pulling her up onto her tip toes and as he did so gave her a deep and very passionate kiss! Diane was not expecting anything like this. She was naked and helpless to resist, melting into his fully clothed arms. This hard touch of a big powerful black CHP officer who was easily old enough to be her father was even more exciting and very stimulating! His firm grip on her nipples had gone from them, to one of her buttocks as he squeezed it even harder he put his other arm around her back and crushed her tits against his chest as he continued to kiss her!

Then with one big black hand squeezing her ass cheek escorted her back into the bushes next to the 280 and away from the highway. Diane was getting wetter by the minute at the thought of being manhandled used and abuse by this powerful black officer. OMG the feeling was incredible she naked and helpless and he fully clothed. She of course was unable to do anything to resist nor did she want to. The thought was bringing her closer to orgasm and all he had done so far was to pinch her nipples squeeze her ass cheeks and forcefully kiss her!.....

Once in the bushes he lets go of her bottom, turns her around bends her over and says to CJ I don't think I can last very long as he unzips his pants telling him would you mind sticking your cock in her mouth as I don't want her making any noise. His, black cock is every bit as big and hard as CJ's and is throbbing and almost dripping with anticipation to find its way into my wife's tight young white pussy as he grabs Diane's cuffed hands. Then he kicks her ankles wide apart and places the head of his gigantic cock into the opening of her wet and ready cunt. Then he pushes the big head up tight against her cunt lips and opening encountering some resistance. CJ has also unzipped and is teasing Diane with his equally hard black cock then slowly forces the head between her red lips and down into her willing throat! For Diane it is again fantasy turned into reality something she had only before, fantasized about being impaled like this with a big black cock in both ends of her!.

The Highway Patrol officer apparently has not had much in the way of sex lately and is not a young man. But my beautiful young naked wife is so willing and helpless that it only takes him a few minutes after forcing his big cock all they way into her and giving her several good hard deep thrusts before he enjoys her to the fullest and CJ only little more. She tries to squeal out but cannot and only is able to emit a gurgling squeak! as she is easily stroked at both ends, for her this has only brought about another trembling orgasm. The officer after enjoying himself for several minutes quickly pulls out leaving her cunt stretched wide open and gaping! A large amount of cum is now running down the inside of her thighs onto her white lacy stockings in the cool night air. He cleans up as best he can and makes himself presentable. Diane takes her time really sucking all of CJ's ejaculation. The results for him leaves his knees weak and dick pleasurably sensitive as she now more than ever has become his willing wanton black cock lover and is trying to suck all of his jive jizz!

The officer has popped loose the tight cuffs and places them back on his belt letting her arms free, they both escort her back to the Porsche. As she is led back Diane's crotch is still wet between her naked legs and she really has to pee now, she pulls back and squats down just as her bladder lets go.

You would think that after all she has been through over the last several days and the fact that she has just been hard fucked by a big black law officer along with giving CJ a mind blowing, blow job that peeing in front of them would not bother her at all! But My wife is every bit as embarrassed as if it was the first time anyone caught her naked down on her haunches relieving herself in the bushes. After this episode CJ opens the door and the officer helps her in. Diane protests as she is going to soil the red leather seats of the Porsche CJ says not to worry as she sets down. When the leather seat and her more than moist pussy meet the sensation it creates is erotic. The officer kneels down and expertly re adjusts the crotch belt so that the groove on the back of the buckle is directly on her cunt lips and clit. He then snaps the lap belts and directs the double belts of the shoulder harness around the sides of her naked breasts forcing them together. He then gives the straps a forceful tug that leaves her wet posterior tight against the red leather seat, with her breasts pointing straight out, and her unable to move. He the gives one of her nipples a sadistic pinch again as he kisses her on the cheek and whispers into her ear what a lovely black cock whore she is! He stands up and says to be careful I wouldn't want anything to happen to such a beautiful young thing, as he closes the door!

By the time CJ gets around to the other side the CHP officer is gone. He fires up the Porsche and heads off down the 280 its only a few minutes until they are back at the big warehouse. For Diane it is pleasurably agonizing the tight seat belt buckle has dug in to her soft wet flesh and the sensation of the powerful engine vibrating through them along with the wet leather seat and the bumps in road have almost brought her to another orgasm. Everyone is back, CJ and Diane are the last to return they have lost this rally game by more than an hour longer than anyone. CJ has never lost before, Sadie still wearing nothing and with the biggest smile, is waiting as they pull to a stop and he gets out. She then says to CJ I really wanted you, but the other girls get you first, that's okay as I get to use your girl! Sadie then walks around to the other side of the Porsche and opens the passenger door. Diane is in glassy eyed bliss as she fumbles with the seat belt and again can't quite figure it out, the fact that it is really tight does not help, she again has trouble releasing the belts.. Sadie helps her and once released is rewarded when Diane in relief has another shuddering orgasm as the tight belts finally snaps loose!
Diane is trembling spent and unable to move as Sadie helps her up and then steady's her. She is wet vulnerable tired and naked still wearing her red heels and the white garter belt and stockings. Sadie has taken hold of Diane's hands has pulled her up close and with out any warning at all, easily kisses her very deep and passionately right on her smeared red lips! My wife is stunned and does not know how to react or what to do, as she limply allows this big black attractive woman to have her way and continues kissing her!

Diane is not bisexual and has only thought of other women in her fantasy's and even then only get together when it is incidental to, or part of her fantasy's! But some how her actually being kissed by another woman is much more enjoyable and appealing than she has ever imagined! Diane is trembling with incredible feelings that she has never had before, flooding through her body. The tender forceful touch and the helplessness of having this woman's arms around her in such an intimate and desirable way is strangely overpowering. Diane's mind thoughts and fantasy's are zipping by and she cannot seem to comprehend the mixed lustful submissive feelings. Her body is responding in total surrender but her mind is uncertain? It is like when her mom caught her masturbating at 8 yrs old and told her that nice girls don't do that! Later she thought how could something that feels so good be bad? Once she had remembered this, any thought of resistance was instantly gone and her mothers advice quickly forgotten. As I had once reminded her that nice girls do pleasure themselves and as she started to kiss back, Sadie was now doing the very same to her!

Sadie after coming up for air says, off highhandedly and with a quizzical look in her eye! What have you been doing? I can taste black cum on your breath, lots of it? Diane again blushes as if she has been caught half naked and petting, like what happened to us when her older well meaning uncle caught us in her bedroom with me on top of her, just Pryor to our third date! Sadie has produced a red leather collar and has buckled it tightly around Diane's neck followed by snapping a leash to it. She has told Diane to clasp her hands behind her back ( My wife on many occasions has, during some of are most interesting and abusive sessions kept her hands behind her back and they were not even tied!) and then tugs my wife off rather forcefully towards the other four couples that are all standing around by their super cars. With Diane now in the middle of this group Sadie has pushed her down onto her knees and has stepped over the leash pulling it up tight behind the crack of her ass!.
She then has placed her other hand on the back of Diane's head and is guiding her red lips directly towards her cunt! The results have placed Diane's nose and red lips up against Sadie's bare wet mound and cunt! My wife as I have said before is not a lesbian or even bisexual her interest has never been in other women. Her fantasy's though have always included other women but most are only in her fantasy's, this is no fantasy and she has little choice as the leash is pulled tighter yet. Sadie is enjoying this and has told her to start sucking she does so reluctantly at first, but now especially after being kissed and then having lost the rally race. For this reason alone it has given her the desire to voraciously go after this older attractive black woman!

Diane is now sucking, and biting Sadie's wet cunt and clit with the reckless abandon of a bull dyke experiencing a young female virgin for the first time . She can't believe her own new found desire and how much she wants to do this!..
Everyone is watching as my beautiful young wife works harder and harder to get this older woman off! Sadie is purposely holding back making Diane work fervently and more aggressively!... CJ has taken a few pictures with his cell phone camera that he will show me later. The whole point of this is to show that my formerly innocent young wife not only loves to suck black cock but is equally good at getting off other women and the fact that this woman is black matters little. Sadie can no longer hold it and has let go of the leash, placing both hands on the back of Diane's head. Pulling her up even tighter, against her cunt and large clit, as the first orgasm flows out! OMG!.. Sadie can hardly speak the words as she holds my wife's face in her puss and rubs it up and down over Diane's willing lips and tongue ever so more vigorously .

The first is followed by a second orgasm as Sadie is now able to say wow!.... she is really good at this! Not knowing that this is Diane's first real attempt at pleasuring another women. Sadie is finally able to pull Diane's lips loose from her clit with a pop! With her still naked and on her knees Sadie has pulled her by the leash over to her husband Richard aka big dick hurts, who has his pants down and his enormous black cock coming to attention. Sadie with little warning pushes Diane's head forward and onto his cock with surprise almost chocking her. She, then starts to ram Diane's head back and forth rather sadistically forcing it deeper and deeper with each thrust!.. The picture of her, with her head bobbing back and forth as she is helplessly impaled deeper and deeper along with the gluck, gluck, gluck! noise she is making is priceless. Richard is thrusting his hips forward in time with Sadie's forceful head bobbing so that Diane has no choice but to gag on his big black dick, as she does her own helpless deep throat impression with everyone watching! The veins in her throat pulse and swell with each savage thrust!

Little does either Sadie or Richard know that they have made and are going to make one of my wife's favorite fantasy's come true. She has told me this story over and over usually while masturbating or when we are having sex!. Her fantasy goes something like this, she has been brought to some back ally in an all black section of the city is totally naked wearing absolutely nothing only heels and a blindfold and has no idea where she is or where her clothes are. She has a leather collar fastened tightly around her neck that is almost choking her and a leash snapped onto it, she has been told to keep her hands clinched tightly behind her back an and older full figured black woman has led her into the center of a bunch of black men, at least a half dozen preferably more. They all start fondling her and threatening her, as to what they are going to do to her and that she is going to give them all blow jobs, get cummed on and the hardest fucking of her life!

They are telling her that she will be used and abused as a helpless and willing piece of cunt meat to all of these black men! This delicious and perverse thought is the one that has always given her an incredible mind blowing orgasm!...
It only takes Richard a few short minutes to get a full erection and then he slows her face fucking down and savors Diane's throat pushing his big cock slowly in and out! Until he two cannot hold back and fills her throat and mouth as he cums and cums. Sadie is holding Diane's head onto her husbands cock so she is unable to move at all and is commanding her to suck! Diane is almost smothered and can hardly breath from his cum load and gags and chokes as his cum squirts into her! This helpless display of her choking and slurping up lots of cum as Sadie jerks her off of his dick and hands the leash to one of the other super car drivers. With her still naked and on her knees he has her crawl helplessly around naked on all fours ( Another Of Her Fantasy's) into the center of these four big black men. She is treated like a bitch dog in heat, they are still wearing suits and are fully clothed, but all have there pants unzipped and their hard cocks out at the ready. This situation is, like I said one of my wife's fantasy's to be naked on her knees with her hands behind her back and made to helplessly give blow jobs at the pleasure of these black men. Her fantasy is also that they are all very big, very forceful, abusive men and they use her as a submissive and helpless little white whore!

CJ has his own problems as the four young white women, the girlfriends of these black men descend on him they are wearing little also, as they unbutton his shirt and belt. Hands are all over him, he has to do, or let them do what ever they want as he has lost! He is used to being in charge and this new role of being a submissive at first is very uncomfortable. Hands are in his pants one has grabbed his dick but this small white female hand with painted finger nails can barely fit around it as it starts to harden. Another is around his balls as others are under his dress shirt! A beautiful young red head with freckles starts to kiss him and then her tongue is deep in his mouth. Diane has already pleasured him earlier, but with two of the girls now on their knees taking turns sucking on his black manliness his dick is again quickly getting harder and harder. This beautiful young red head is kissing him ever so deeply as if he is her lover and the fourth girl has reached around from behind and is pinching and twisting his nipples. CJ has never had any one do this before, and they are quite sensitive. The results are predictable as he squirms and one of the girls sucking on him is rewarded with the fruits of her labor! If this was what happens to the loser he is thinking to himself maybe he should lose more often....
Diane has a big smile and lots of Richards cum all over her dark hair and face. Black hands are all over her as four hard black dicks are pointed in her direction.

She goes from one dick to another her cheeks bulge out with head probing around and then pulls out as the first man cannot hold off and squirts a big stream of cum into her open mouth! Diane quickly goes for him aggressively and sucks out what cum is left, the results almost brings him to his knees in orgasmic pleasure!

Another black hand finds her dark hair and the back of her head as he guides his cock into her mouth this forces cum out the corner of her lips that drip off along with the gobs of cum already dripping from her chin and onto her bare white tits that are jiggling obscenely as she gives him some aggressive head! Diane is really loving this but her dark fantasy is to be brutally forced to do this and these men even with the exception of her hands behind her back are all gentlemen. Several of the men that are jacking off are planning to squirt cum all over her as her 36” breasts jiggle up and down. Her head is bobbing on one dick and then another she is smiling as she sucks another dry he moans in agonized pleasure holding her head and forcing her to suck him in deep throat sinful pleasure. He is not sure whether to keep holding her or to push her away as pleasure turns to agony! Her eyes are big in wonder even she is surprised at her new found ability as she pleasures and sucks yet another black cock! Four down and one to go, the last is bigger than the others and this man prides himself in having the ability to prolong his ejaculations. With both hand clinched tightly behind her back she attempts to perform the age old battle of the sexes . A young white girl cock sucking, against a big black and very hard piece of cock meat!

OMG ! I thought my innocent young wife would never do anything like this! But I am wrong as she is now acting like a perverted little whore as she licks the cum from her lips swallowing as much as she can. She has stuck her tongue out and under the head of his big cock she knows this part of a mans cock is the most sensitive as her red lips barely are able to close around its big knobby black head! She is sucking for all she is worth and he is gritting his teeth and trying to think about orange groves and palm trees anything to take his mind elsewhere, but she presents a sensuous target and is so naked helpless willing and innocent looking, or so he thinks . She is on her knees hands behind her back with a vulnerable submissive look in her eyes! He cannot resit much longer as his mind is no longer focused else where. She is going from the head of his cock with her tongue. To tantalizing the soft sensitive underside of his prick and then deep throating him, and back again. From open and willingly to the deep and aggressive biting of the big cock head! She is surprised, as he has an overwhelming orgasm she was a novice at this only days ago, but still has no idea of what this pent up black man is capable of releasing. He two can not resist any longer, grabbing the back of her head and holding her helplessly on his cock as he ejaculates. Of all the men she has sucked off, his load is twice what any of the others have been able to do, he of course is an exception.

But for Diane this is nothing compared to her dark fantasy and is only a foreboding for what is to come at the cab company with the weasel! Diane looks up into his eyes trying to smile with cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth as she pulls off and swallows several times trying to get rid of as much of his cum as possible. One of the men has now lifted her breasts up together and points one of her cum covered nipples so she can lick the cum off of the tip!.. .

After pleasuring Richard and all four of the super car drivers several have recovered and are taken turns fucking her dripping pussy they are not as big as CJ or the CHP officer but all are big enough to keep her pussy stretched so much that she will easily be able to take on any enormous cock or sadistic toy. She is having little trouble with these big cocks as the pleasurable fucking continues. It is wonderful to watch big hard black cocks thrust into and out of her white formerly tight pussy as they spread the wet folds of her mound and cunt lips! Her clit bigger than most women is swollen to a dark reddish pink and is very sensitive from her thoughts and the attention it has received. She is like a female animal in heat as her clit is sticking out begging for some sort of sadistic and abusive attention! This is another of her fantasy's that will become a reality. Her fantasy's will now need a bigger and bigger cock than the last, as her obsession with size and the reality of it is becoming more over powering!

After all are finished with my wife CJ and Sadie have brought several glasses and some champagne. My wife loves sparkling cider as alcohol has never been of much interest do to the fact that her father was an alcoholic. She is so tired and used that it means little as Sadie pours her a drink. All salute in a toast to the evenings adventure as my wife is now very thirsty from all of the cock sucking and eagerly gulps it down. Sadie at CJs earlier insistence has laced her drink with a mild date rape drug the results in a matter of moments leave her almost comatose as she slumps back into CJs arms! Sadie and her husband Richard help CJ carry Diane over and place her into the passenger seat of the Porsche and fasten her seat belts.

Continued in Chapter 6

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