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Why are pubic hairs curly?

So you don't poke your eye out.

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2013-06-20 01:03:01
why dont u suck ur dads balls

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2012-05-30 18:00:48
did you not notice the guy next to him? and if that is cedeinsrod racism then well i'm racist, even though my friends and family are probably so much more diverse than anyone you even know, and they will all agree that this mo fo needs to get deported, and there is a white guy, arab guy, or a asian guy out there they would get sent to prison along with this guy and if you didn't know this guy if this was real would only get deported for aiding this guy and disposing of the body

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2009-02-23 17:48:10
it sucks my dick like ur mom ohhhhhhhh


2009-01-09 01:09:25
go fuck ur mother.............


2008-09-20 21:22:28
Sophmoric writing - might be funny to young teen, but that's about it!

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