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Delowering the 13yo housekeeper.
This is my first attempt at a story so be gentle.

I am a 34 year old middle class overweight white guy that works at a local hotel because the economy and outsourcing to Mexico forced me out of a much better job. Like most hotels it is owned by a middle eastern family, who are very tight and don't want to pay anyone anything. Which leads me to Mary, Mary is a 13 year old Mexican illegal who they let work nights. In exchange for cleaning rooms the owner lets her family stay in a housekeepers suite. She only works at night cleaning rooms that were late check outs so the public doesn't see her. This being a semi rural area her family usually work odd jobs for different farmers and whoever will hire them and are rarely there.

Mary is a sweet girl, very religious, slender, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, about 5'- 5'1”, and a developing body and smile that gives me a rise every time she walks by or sees me to get her assignments.

Pretty early in my shift I checked a rather grumpy old business traveler into room#322 being the computer said it was clean and ready. Shortly thereafter he came back down luggage in tow, and gave me the riot act because the room had never been cleaned. I apologized stroked his ego a little bit gave him a better room and got him on his way. I checked to see who was supposed to clean that room and it was Mary. Apparently it was added to her list as she was finishing her other rooms and she never checked to see if there was an updated list.

My first thought was oh well Mexicans lost a job for me so C-Ya she would be fired for sure. But just then the more deviant side me took over.

Mary was wandering the hotel doing chores and the such, so I paged her to the front desk. She showed up promptly expecting an assignment. I told her we need to go check on a room, I grabbed the key I had previously made for the occupant and had her follow me to #322. She seemed kind of puzzled as to why we were there, I asked her if she cleaned this room and of course she said no, she even had her list she produced from the tight close fitting pocket of her jeans. “Look dis room no on list!”. I showed her the updated list that she forgot to check and she immediately broke into tears. “No no Hardev (the owner) will see dat customer moved and will see why..sob..and me and parents will be kicked out...sob..what will we do? My parents need place to live..sob..”. She was in absolute hysterics. Her tears making her brown eyes glimmer and her perfect tan skin to glisten as it became wet with more tears. Then came the magic words I wanted to hear, “Please don't let Hardev find out I will do anything...please!”.

She had her back to me still sobbing, I approached her from behind and and started to slide the straps of her tank top to the side. She quickly put them back, spun around and asked me what I was doing. I responded “ You said you would do anything if I kept it from Hardev.” she answered “not that I am good girl, catholic, no sex until married.” I turned and started to leave the room and said “You might want to start packing, Hardev comes in at 7. I had just reached the threshold and put my hand on the door to close it behind me, when a terrified sobbing voice said wait come back.

She stood in the middle of the room arms at her sides, trembling and tears running down her face. I once again, this time from the front started moving the straps on her tank top to the sides. And slowly over her shoulders. She said nothing as I continued to pull the shirt down coming to rest on her waist. She now stood before me her smooth small tan breasts covered by a bra and the cross from her necklace resting perfectly between them.
I told her to take off her pants so I could see more. Her hands shaking she barely managed to get the button undone. She wiggled her hips from side to side working the tight jeans down. Sitting on the edge of the bed she had to work them off of her legs and completely off. I told her to stand in front of me again, I just wanted to take it all in.

She stood once again arms at her side, crying yet not making a sound. I circled around her looking, her eyes trying to follow me the best they could with a scared look of concern wondering what I was going to do next. Standing there in her bra and matching conservative panties I got close behind her put my nose close to her ear and neck smelling the wonderful youthful scent, I whispered to her as long as she did everything I tell her she would be fine. I ran my hands through her hair and slowly down her back just barely touching the skin. I could feel the muscles under the surface of the skin jump and twitch. Reaching her bra I undid the two hooks and I heard her gasp as I let them go, I slid the straps down her arms and the bra fell to the floor. She immediately crossed her arms in front of her to cover. Still being behind her I pulled her arms back down telling her she couldn't cover up. I started rubbing at her shoulders and worked my way towards her perfect small tits, being careful to rub everything up to the areolas but not touching the nipples. Even though this was rape I wanted her hot and bothered.

I worked my way down her belly and lower back, slipping my thumbs under the waistband of her panties as I did. I knelt down taking her panties to her ankles as I did. The aroma was intoxicating, I was also pleasantly surprised to find she was clean shaven. I gently rubbed her round ass with one hand and her pubis with the other. She was starting to whimper a little now. I continued the rub down her thighs to her calves all the way down to her feet.

Her whole body was warm but trembling as I stood up. Her now standing there completely naked. Still crying. I told her to get on her knees in front of me. My khakis just couldn't contain my penis any longer it had to come out and play. I told her to take my pants and boxers down together. She was on her knees in front of me staring up at me like a puppy begging. But I didn't want any begging I told her again to do it. As my pants got midway down my hips my cock sprung out nearly hitting her in the face as it was hard and held back. She almost fell backwards. I stepped out of my pants closer to her. And told her to play with it. She hesitantly touched it with one finger moving it from side to side a little. She had obviously never seen let alone handled a cock before. I grabbed her hand put it around my dick and told her to play with it showing her how.

A short time later I ordered her suck it. She looked at me in horror I told her again “suck it” she shook her head an refused. I said “fine pack your shit.” she then started to just put her lips on the head and kiss a little along the shaft. I waited until she had the head was in her mouth again to grab the back of her head and ram it home. She gagged and coughed, and her eyes bulged. I then said “suck it right suck it all” Now she was scared and crying but I could care less I had a 14 year old sucking my dick and it felt good. God I was losing my mind my balls were boiling, I couldn't take it anymore. I blew my load as she was taking taking it in. She pulled back coughing cum it was running down her chin and her tits were covered in it. That had to be one of the best orgasms I ever had, I was shaking at the knees.

I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned the two of us up. She started walking toward her pile of clothes but was stopped by me grabbing her from behind. I told her we weren't done yet. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I laid beside her and gently rubbed her whole body again to get her to calm down a little bit. Her nipples were solid from where I had been teasing all around them, So this time I ran a finger right over them, and she gasped and the sensation went through her. I started licking on and around her nipples and she quickly stopped her objections and seemed to enjoy it.

I began licking southward down her tummy as she tensed up again apparently guessing where I was eventually heading. I danced around her bellybutton for a second as I descended. I positioned myself between her legs so she couldn't shut them, and began licking all around her tender slit. I licked around the outside and then slowly up and down the inner lips and the opening to her love canal. The warm and surprisingly wet opening had a sweet odor that made me hard as a rock again. I licked upward in a straight line from her hole to her clit. When my tongue got under the hood and touched her bare clit her back arched up and she was seemingly moaning and crying at the same time. After a minute or two I went back down to her opening and started thrusting my tongue in and out suddenly realizing that just inside I was hitting a barrier. I just suddenly dawned on me that not only was she 13 she was a virgin. I had to have it.

Between my saliva and her natural juices she was wet enough for what was going through both of my heads. Already between her legs a rose to my knees. She saw that I was hard again and the proximity to her virgin pussy and she started shaking her head at what she knew was coming. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her shaved slit getting her juices all over it. I brought it to rest right at the opening. She started sobbing again as I pushed slowly forward meeting the pressure of her hymen against my dick. She was yelling “No No” and some Spanish babble. With the head against her cherry I slammed forward all the way to my balls. She tried to scream but just couldn't do it, she was totally winded, gasping for air. I steadily pumped in and out admiring the white froth from her own lubricants with a tint of red from her cherry being torn. She eventually relaxed a little as the pain subsided. So I picked up the pace a little bit. With my dick still in her I rotated her on to her hands and knees doggie-style grabbed a handful of hair and began pounding her hard. I could feel my balls slapping off of her pussy. I could feel the cum filling again. I held it for as long as I could but alas I released inside of her as I pulled her by her hair as deep as she would go.

I pulled out and she fell onto her stomach crying, my spooge pulsing out of her snatch. I stood and got straightened up and dressed. Threw the updated list on the bed next to her, told her to clean the room, and if she did it perfect I would make her problems go away. I left my options open by also telling her that if she ever fucked up again I would not be so gentle the next time.

Doing my part for Border Security


2018-05-11 13:33:28
LOVED IT! She was saving it for her future husband but her old white boss claimed what was his by birthright! What better way to teach a Mexican girl her place than to pop that virgin pussy!

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2017-01-19 12:34:20
Sick story from a mentally deranged jackass who's mother is the girl in the story but she got pregnant to have this bastard to be a mental retart

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2011-09-26 23:53:31
U crazy azz mother fucker fuck someone ur own dam. Age

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2011-03-03 03:47:24
Excellent story. I loved the wetback angle. If they break into our coutry, they deserve anything they get.

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2010-12-11 08:53:34
Good yarn - well written.

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