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If a blonde could be any fish, what fish would she be?

A blowfish

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2014-03-04 18:31:19
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2013-10-17 09:08:59
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2013-06-20 01:05:08
the joke that was posted on this comment page is sucks balls iv heard it a million times

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2013-02-04 22:47:10
Okay, so here's a funny joke.

So, a kid was taking a shower with his dad. He looks down and asks, "What's that, dad?" His dad answers, "It's a limo, son." Two days later, he takes a shower with his mom. He looks down and asks, "What's that, mom?" His mom answers, "It's a garage, son." That night, he slept in his parents' bedroom. He hears some noises. He looks down and asks, "What are you guys doing?" They answer, "We're parking the limo in the garage."

Tell me if you like this joke.

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2012-09-15 00:53:25
fuck u im a blonde and that shit is funny

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