Chapters 65-67
Hello fans and people who like my writing! I'm sorta losing steam on this series so some encouragement would be nice I know how it ends well everyone knows how it ends but its the journey that is soo much fun. This is Part 19 of a monster that has now exceeded the limit of just a story and at almost one hundred thousand words is well into a Novel. Please let me know what you think. I know you all are missing the your freinds on the island. But really did you want to hear about two weeks of our hero being unconcious? and two weeks worth of recovery? So I inserted more plot that will tie in later I promise! Pregnant girls are sexy! Thanks for reading

Chapter LXV

Clarissa smiled at the chunky brunette who was licking her husband’s cream from her gash. The woman had obviously done this before her husband spent was passed out on a couch nearby another woman was kneeling by the couch licking the slime drooling from his now limp cock. The woman Margo, she remembered now was getting drilled by her husband’s best friend, and there was a line behind her. She made eye contact with the man plunging his cock into Margo’s pussy and mouthed in her ass to him. He pulled back and that elicited a moan of disappointment from Margo but then she felt the head of a sizable cock pressing into her poop chute. Her eyes crossed for a minute as he pressed himself slowly all the way inside of her stretchy tube. Clarissa rubbed the girls face against her clit as she brought herself off on the tip of the woman’s nose. Clarissa beckoned for one of the men to come and take her place as she slipped a robe on and walked downstairs to check on the kids.

She walked into the door that led to the playroom and stopped. It wasn’t so much out of shock it was more out of sheer amusement. The babysitter was there with the three girls clustered around her showing them the finer points of cock sucking, on a boy no more than four years her junior. She wondered if Amber had set it up, really she didn’t care it was her chance to enjoy herself with this girl that she had fantasized about since she had met her. “I see you kids are keeping busy” she said, all heads turned to her. “So what should I do about this”

“I um It’s not my fault” Kimmy said

“I see so you’re accidentally sucked that boys cock in your mouth?”

“I um” Kimmy stammered

“And your clothes they just happened to fall off?”

“I” Kimmy Gasped

“So what am I going to do with you?”

“I… I’m sorry”

Clarissa turned and walked out of the room. Kimmy caught up with her in the hallway “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean”

“Kimmy I’m very sorely tempted to tell your parents and all of the other people you baby-sit for that you are less than responsible thought I should tell your parents why.”

“Please? I’ll do anything?”

“Will you now?”

“Yes please I can’t “

“I see very well next Friday you will come here and we will talk about it.”

“Oh okay”

“Now go back and finish your lessons”

“I um…”

“Well you already started you might as well show them the whole deal?” Kimmy looked at Cassandra dumbfounded. “We will talk Friday”

“Yes mam”

“Good Girl” Cassandra turned and walked up the stairs.

Chapter LXVI

Amanda walked to the edge of the dock, “Come on Star just out to that little island out there” She said pointing to the a small rock island beneath a line of cliffs covered with trees.

“Isn’t that kind of far” Star asked.

“It’s only about 100 yards its not far at all just swim with me it will be quick”

Amanda dove in and started swimming she paused and looked back to see star making for the same point of land that she was. She swam slowly and was soon pacing Star. It took them several minutes to reach the rocky island. Amanda pulled star up onto the large limestone rocks sticking up from the water in the cove. “Lets get some sun and we can talk”

“About what?”

“Well Brandon if you want to?”

Star blushed slightly “Okay”

“You like him don’t you?”

Star nodded, Amanda unhooked the fanny pack that she was wearing. Inside was a bottle of water and suntan lotion. Amanda stood up and unfastened her top and tossed it down beside where star was sitting. She then peeled down her bikini bottoms, Star looked up at her shading her eyes against the sun. “Wow” Star gasped, Amanda sat down on the rocks besides her smiling “Your breasts are beautiful”
“Thank you” Amanda said squirting some lotion onto her hand. She started covering her legs
“Do you think I’ll look like that?” Star asked, “I mean have nice boobs like you?”

“I don’t see why you wouldn’t” Amanda responded.

“Mine are so weird and deformed” Star complained.

“Nonsense, they are beautiful the way god made them”

“You think so?”

“Of course”

“Is it okay if I take off my clothes too?”

“If you want to,” Amanda said putting lotion on her arms.

“You won’t laugh?”

“Of course not star, I’m your friend and I would never laugh at you”

“Okay” Star said hesitantly untying her top and letting it fall beside her she stood and slipped off the thong bottoms and then sat back down.

“Would you like me to rub some lotion on you?” Amanda asked.

“Oh? Sure I guess” Amanda squirted more lotion onto her hands and began by applying it to Star’s legs. She slowly worked her way up to the girl’s thighs and then her belly.

“We don’t want this to burn do we?” Amanda asked as the slid her oily fingers over the young girls smooth slit, gently rubbing the oil into Star’s sensitive flesh. Amanda looked up at Star who had her eyes closed and was lightly biting her lip. “These too” Amanda said putting her hands on Star’s breasts,
“These are beautiful you know?”

“You really think so?

“Oh yes I love your nipples so delectable”

“I thought they were too big for my boobs, and they were kind of ugly and deformed”

“Oh sweetie don’t think that you have a lovely body, I know Brandon likes it”


“Oh yes Star I saw him checking you out just before we swam out here”

“You really think he likes me?”

“Why not Star?”

“Well I don’t know I mean?”

“You don’t think he’s cute?”

“Well yeah but I mean I’m kind of nervous about you know kissing and…”

Amanda smiled “Sometimes you just have to just do it lean in and steal a kiss, you remind me of the first time Nicole had a boyfriend.

“Nicole was your daughter right?”

“Yes she was”

“Brandon talked about her before she must have been really nice?”

“She was, she got mixed up with a bad girl but she was sweet and wonderful and I miss her very much”

“I’m sorry”, Star said looking up at the other woman.

“Its nothing you had any control of sweetie, it was a freak plane crash. Would you care to put some lotion on me?”

“Oh sure? Star said getting to her feet and started slathering oil, Star started with Amanda’s legs and worked up, “how come yours stick out and mine don’t?” Star asked as her fingers slipped over the Amanda’s slit

“Every girl is different just like every boy is different”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I mean look at my boobs they are different form yours right?”

“Well yeah?”

“And they are different from your moms”

“I guess they are”

“Well girls pussies are different”

“Why do people call them Pussies?”

“Well because if you pet them like it was a pussy cat it’ll make a girl purr”


“Oh yes, that and a girl loves to have her pussy licked?”

“Eww you mean people actually lick each other down there?”

“Yes they do?”

“Has anyone ever licked you down there?”

“Oh yes and it was wonderful”


Amanda nodded “And you know boys have a cock”

“You mean when someone calls someone else a cock sucker it means that they eww that’s so gross!!!”

“I love to do it for the right guy”

“You mean you have?”

“Star darling I have done a lot of things I have sucked cock, I love to suck the seed out of a hard cock, and I have licked and sucked my fair share of pussies too.”

“With another girl?” Amanda nodded “does that mean I mean could you show me?”

“Show you what my dear?”

“I mean could you lick me and make me feel wonderful?”

“Would you like me too?”

“If you want to… I mean I just want to know… “

“Well if you want me to I will but only because you asked me to”

“Okay then what do I do?”

“Just lay back darling and let me take you to a wonderful place,” Star lay back on the rock “Now Star close your eyes” Amanda lowered her head to the young girls ripening breasts, she lightly licked the slope of the girls breast circling her areola slowly moving from one and then the other. Star gasped as Amanda’s lips brushed her nipples. She sucked gently on one of the girl’s nipples and flicked it with her tongue. Amanda then let her tongue drag across the smooth flesh of the girls belly, swirling around to taste the soft flesh of her hips intentionally avoiding the target of her own desire, she could feel her own juices running down her thighs as her lips pressed against the girl’s nether lips. She probed between them tasting the sweet nectar of her peach shaped flesh. As she lapped and sucked star moaned and her hips bucked up to Amanda’s eager mouth. Amanda sucked the girl’s sweet juices from her snatch as the girl moaned and bucked, after increasingly intense orgasms Star cried stop.

Amanda sat up looking at Star her face plastered with a smile, Amanda wiped some of the girl slime off her face, Stars breathing regulated finally and she looked up at Amanda smiling “Wow! That was awesome”

Amanda Smiled, “I think that’s enough sun for today don’t you?”

“Only if I can do that to you later?”

“Sure maybe tonight?” Star Smiled and the two of them packed their things and started the swim back to the houseboat.

While all this was going on back at the houseboat.

“Oh Brandon I didn’t see you there. “ Denise said as she walked out into the living room wearing only a towel on her head. Brandon looked like a deer caught in the headlights as his eyes rested on Denise’s breasts. “Hello Brandon? You like my rack? Brandon just sat on the couch his mouth open and his eyes wide open he just nodded. She sat down on the couch next to him, “looks like you have some wood here” she smiled at him and caressed the front of his shorts. “Lets see what you have here” she whispered pulling his shorts off of him. She straddled his hips taking his hard cock in hand and guiding it into her already wet slit. “Mmmmh that feels nice she said, “Want to suck on my titties Brandon” she asked offering him one of her swollen breasts. “That’s nice isn’t it Brandon?” Amanda moaned as her hips slowly rose and fell, her slick slit sucking at Brandon’s throbbing member. “That’s it baby fill me up with your juice” she whispered as she rode his cock faster and faster. Brandon’s hips bucked and Amanda grabbed his butt pulling him into her as she felt his hot seed spilling into her fertile field.

Chapter LXVII

Jeremy smiled watching the sun come up, he was feeling better it had been a week since he had regained consciousness and his daily exercise routine had forced him to get better quickly. Of course the girls tying to meet his every need hadn’t been particularly helpful with his recovery but he had recovered he was happy about that. He swam out to the wreck to see what he could salvage further. Most of the ship was waist deep in water but there were some things that he found useful. Buckets for one there were about a dozen empty 5 gallon buckets that he managed to find, he also found more restraints and a few thousand pounds of Opium. Two pallets worth anyway, that was a more drug than he wanted to believe existed. He also found a medical kit, bandages and some light anesthetics, sutures, that kind of stuff. He rummaged further and found several bundles of money, the type and denomination were a mystery to him or at least what they were worth in terms of dollar values. He piled up his booty on the listing deck and settled it against the rail. He dove into the clear water of the bay and went to look at the hole in the side of the ship. It was a good 8 inches long and ran along a seam in the hull almost from the bow to stern. There was a larger dent where he had dropped the hand grenade apparently the hydrostatic shock opened an already weakened seam. Without a welding rig there was no way he was going to be able to fix that at least not sufficiently that they boat wouldn’t always list to that side. Well it was an idea he thought but there was no way that the pumps would ever be able to keep up with that kind of flooding.

Jeremy retrieved the buckets and other supplies and returned to shore. He carried all of his newfound loot back to the camp he dispatched a few of the girls to take them to the base. He shook his head sitting on the ground beneath one of the palm trees. This truly was the last thing that he expected nineteen women willing to bear his children never mind that they wanted even sometimes fought over the right to sleep with him. He tried to be fair but with all groups of women there were cliques and while the girls often cooperated under his supervision they were jealous of each other who was pregnant who was not. Who was sleeping with him tonight and who would be his noon fuck. He looked up and saw a flash of tanned flesh, on the ground in front of him was a small package wrapped in rags. He unfolded it, and found it to contain the missing spark plugs.

Do you all really want more? Send me something, talk to me inspire me to write more! And in the meantime Look out for Part two of Man of the House which should come out shortly after this one.

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Hello. I'm probably Anonymous reader number eighty thousand or something. Please don't stop this story, there are so few on this site that aren't writen porn. Stories like these have all the emotion thats not only read for flapping but are read to learn about the characters. I noticed that a few people don't care much about the moms. Well I sort of agree with them, Cassandra or Clarissa I don't care about because they are written pornos and you kinda dragged Sara's mom into also. Nicole's mom, Amanda, her story is getting interesting. I'd like to see more of her, Denise, Brandon, and Star. Finally, in regards to the Jeremy's recovery, it would've been cool if you did chapters on the original females on the island. You know, character development for them. Any who, this is a great story. Keep on keeping on. I hope to see you continue with how Jeremy is going to get all the girls off the island.

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