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It wasn't supposed to happen...but it did.
I wouldn’t go so far as to say my childhood had been rough, per say. I grew up in a fine family; just bad things seem to of followed us. At a young age, my brother gave me a sex DVD. My sister lost her virginity at 13, and my dad was constantly looking at porn. My mom’s MySpace was filled with messages of sex stories she and her friend created of the famous Gary Levox from Rascal Flatts. So I got involved in the world wide web of porn around 11 myself. At 15 I became a Christian and sworn away all of that. Yet here I am, trickling back the same devious path. I was 17 in this story, and a little firecracker. I wouldn’t say I had the ‘best’ of bodies…well we’ll get there soon enough.

I walked down the hallway after ditching my last class, and called out Olivia from hers. We laughed and went to her house early, and hung around. I had a crush on her for a very long time, but we were both Christian teens and so I quickly squashed the emotions every time possible. It was hard to tell, because I would bring up my two friends who were together, and she would flip. But we would be lying on the floor together and she would start to rub my arm and I’d think ‘This is it!’ only to just have it be a friend thing. So I tried to keep my thoughts pure and unwavering from what I should be thinking of.

Olivia’s parents both loved me, and mine loved her. It was always really easy for us to hang out, I was 17 and she was 14. I was a junior in high school. I’m about 5’9” with the classic blonde hair and blue eyes. I was one of the girls that never got hit on however, I was about 180 pounds and I never thought of myself as pretty. What I thought was strange is I had large breasts, D cup and still didn’t get noticed. Just my luck. I go to school, church, and home, for the most part.

Well Olivia and I hung around a lot, and Mom (hers) always treated me nice and would listen to whatever I had to say. Dad (hers) would be very friendly; he always seemed absorbed in his newspaper or whatever. He loved to hunt, and so most often he would tell me stories. He hugged me as I left and always joked around. Mainly though Olivia and I kept to ourselves and Mom and Dad kept to themselves. We were all Christians and I would often steal Olivia from the pew with Mom and Dad and we would sit elsewhere. Her parents were very religious and I respected that.

My own parents were going through a bit of a rough patch, so I stayed clear from them as much as possible. I liked Olivia’s house, she treated me well and she was the only kid left at home, like me.
It was 2nd block and I was in band. I sat next to Olivia; she was about 5’2” and was also classically blond hair and blue eyed. She wasn’t fat, but a tad bigger than me. She had large breasts and toned legs because she ran track and played tennis. Olivia leaned over and whispered to me.
“Hey you want to come over after school today?”

“Oh thank goodness. Yes please! I miss your house. So much nicer than mine.” I said and chuckled. “So much more drama free!”

“Yep, that’s us!” she said, and then we went back to playing.

We got in my car and I drove her to her house, since Olivia was a freshman she was more than thrilled not to have to ride the bus. We walked in and she started to make jello for her dad, he was having a colonoscopy the next day and was on clear liquids. We sat down and started to watch a home movie, giggling at baby Olivia. She had just said “Daddy I choke on corn!!” So we were rolling with laughter by the time her dad actually walked in. Her dad was 53, and okay looking for his age. He was balding down the center of his head, and had a beard. He was taller, about 6 feet I would say. Dad had always been friendly to me, I liked him.

“Hi Dad!” I yelled at him between giggles. I always called my friends parents mom and dad. Dad was especially grumpy because of the no eating factor. I settled and lay on my stomach with Olivia in front of me lying on her back. We were watching baby Olivia run around when I notice Dad standing behind me. I wasn’t concerned; I was wearing jeans and a tank top with a light jacket over it. How Olivia stayed warm I had no idea, she was in shorts and a t-shirt. Dad kneeled down though, and I felt his hands on the back of my knees heading up. I stayed frozen unable to move. He caressed over my butt and his thumbs slid down and ran over my pussy. I was a virgin and never had anyone touch me down there, so I shuddered slightly and tried not to move.

“Uh Dad, what are you doing?!” Olivia said startled, she sat up and tried to push her dad away from me, her eyes wide in alarm.

“Stop it Olivia, that’s enough.” He said harshly, still playing with my ass and pussy.

“Dad, get off her!!!” she yelled, and I heard a large smack. Dad had backhanded her and Olivia crawled up by my head and whimpered. She hadn’t ever been hit by them before. I was just as alarmed. Dad kept messing around and then got up a little bit, sliding his hands to my hips. He flipped me over hard so that my front was facing him.

“Take off your clothes. Now.” He said in a cruel tone. His eyes were glistening as I watched them roam over me.

“D-dad p-p-please don’t make her-r” Olivia managed to stammer.

Dad raised his hand and threatened to slap me like he did Olivia. “I said NOW!!!” he roared.

I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down, and lifted my tank top over my head. Dad looked over me more, his hands finding their way back to my pussy. He ripped off my underwear harshly, and threw the tattered pieces to the side. Then he reached behind me and unhooked my bra, throwing it somewhere. I now lay there completely nude in front of him. His hands traced up my hips and cupped my breasts, tweaking the nipples. He leaned down and roughly kissed me. His beard scratched at my face and he slapped both my breasts together firmly. The only way to describe the way he looked at me was hungry. His eyes were soaking me up as his hand roamed over my belly. He touched my soft flesh with callused hands and I jerked away from him and tried to run to the phone.

This displeased him; he grabbed my hair and threw me down on the floor. His face was about an inch from mine. He tusked and said “That was a bad decision, girl. Now I will give no mercy on your pure body.” He laughed in a harsh manner and resumed feeling me all over, squeezing my tits roughly and bruising the tender flesh. I began to try and scream for help, and he wrapped his large hands around my neck and chocked me until he had left hand prints there too and I was gasping for air. He slapped me roughly on the face, and flipped me over and gave me nothing short of at least 30 hard spankings on both cheeks. He even spanked my pussy for a while. He roughly flipped me back over and slapped me so my neck snapped to the side.

He backed off and took off his plaid shirt, and unzipped his jeans and pushed them down a bit. His large cock sprang free and pointed upwards. It was huge. I’d sucked a couple boyfriends off before, but there’s all looked insignificant now next to Dads.

“Suck it now you little whore!” he yelled, and thrust his dick towards me.

I came up on my knees and started sucking him, tears streaming down my face I did my best not to gag. He groaned and put his hand on the back of my head, pumping his hips. Then he threw me down suddenly.

“Lift up your hips you little bitch!” I obeyed and he inspected my pussy. Olivia had crawled forward and we held hands as I cried. I felt his stubby little hands thrust a finger deep into my virgin cunt. He wiggled it around a bit.

“Yeah you like that? You like the way that feels huh?” He took out his finger and pointed to above my bellybutton. “Well my cock is going to be right here you little whore.” He dug his nail deep into my skin and then brought my hips down harsh with his hands. I felt his cockhead at my entrance, and I tried to squirm away. He slapped me roughly on the cheek, “If you try and squirm anymore I’ll go up your virgin ass too!”, and I quickly stopped and looked up at him with tear stained cheeks. He grunted and shoved his cock up into me with one quick second, and I bent over in pain and cried out. He slapped me roughly and began to pump in and out at a quick pace. Olivia bent down and started saying in my ear “Ssshh…it’ll be okay it’ll be okay. Things are going to be okay. “I nodded and help onto her tightly.

“Olivia, kiss her. Don’t look at me like that, NOW!” Dad yelled, as he continued to saw me in half. Olivia did as she was told, her own face full of shock and be wilderness. She bent down and I took my other hand and stroked her cheek softly, and kissed her gently. My juices at that moment began to really flow, and my head swirled with ecstasy. I had waited so long for this moment and I never thought it would come. We kissed more passionately, and I know she had to of felt something too as we got almost hungry. I had my first orgasm because of her; I kissed her tightly and probed at her lips with my tongue. She opened her mouth and our tongues wrestled for a bit. I hardly noticed the painful beating Dad was giving me anymore, all I knew was Olivia and how wonderful she tasted. My vision started to go black in spots, and I came again, this time with Olivia fondling my breasts with a clumsy novice attempt. It felt wonderful to me though, and I wrapped my arm around her and cupped her boobs with my hand.

“Well Olivia, looks like you found yourself a fuckmate too. She certainly is hot for you!” Dad said as he continued to fuck me relentlessly. “Strip and sit on her face now Olivia, and suck her!”

Not wanting to get slapped again, Olivia reluctantly undressed in front of me and her father. She bent down on my face and I began slurping up her juices, already flowing quickly. She moaned and thrust her head back, and Dad begin to thrust quicker, I was certain I was bleeding from his harsh beating. Dad all the sudden flipped me over on my stomach, and ordered Olivia to lay down in front of me. I wrapped my arms under her legs and pulled her towards me and resumed sucking her. I felt a protrusion at my ass hole and like before a quick thrust with no warning he began to fuck that hole too. I muffled my cries in Olivia’s dripping wet cunt. He thrust in and out of me, reaching his hand down to fuck me in my pussy too. I remember Olivia came right before Dad, and after I came with Olivia I blacked out.

The next thing I remember is waking up next to Olivia; she seemed to have fallen asleep, across the room. Dad was lying on the couch snoring, and I saw that he had busted Olivia’s cherry too. ‘He probably wasn’t satisfied enough by me after I blacked out, sick freak.’ I thought to myself. I crawled over to her and woke her gently, our eyes immediately filled with tears, and her lower lip trembled softly. She pulled me down beside her and held me, rocking me gently. We didn’t need words, I knew and she knew that. I looked up at her and she kisses my eyes and then my lips.

“At least one good thing came out of this,” she started to say, “I found out that I really and truly like you. I’m so so sorry that this happened. It’s not okay.”

I shook my head and tightened the embrace.

“It’s okay Olive. I found you.” I whispered, and we kissed one more time, oh so passionately, and my hands began to roam all over her. I just wanted to feel all of her all at once. I leaned my head down and began to lick and suck on her neck, lifting my legs over hers and intertwining them. I didn’t understand why I felt so strongly after her after being so distraught over what happened. I just knew that she felt right, and later I would deal with the emotions of the day.

“I am so glad that we have each other Olivia. Thank God for you.”

Later on, Dad and I stayed far away. I know that Olivia cowered from him. We never spoke of that day. Olivia and I were just, together. It was as simple as that for us. Though, there were many more fun times to come…

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