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How it all began
Daddy and I part one

Hi, my name is Michelle I am 39 years old and I would like to share a secret with everyone. I have been having and enjoying sex with my step dad (John) since I was 19. I would like to share with everyone just how this came about and tell you about the fun we still have today.

First off, I will be referring to John as my dad as I hate calling him my step dad especially in that he more or less raised me. My mom and real dad divorced when I was just a baby.
I cannot tell you much about my real dad other than my mom told me that he had been very abusive to her. My mom had sworn that she would never marry again. Cause she did not really trust no guy after her first marriage went so badly.

John swept her off her feet when he came into our lives. Now I loved him right away, the first time I met this man he came baring a gift for me. He had brought me a brand new pair of roller skates. He had found out from mom that I loved to roller skate and had kind of out grown my last pair. We ended up all moving in together which was fine with me cause John would give me anything I asked for. About after a year of living together they got married.

Growing up I truly was his little girl, I grew to love him just as much as my mom did to the point I stop calling and introducing him as my step dad instead when my friends met him he was my dad. In addition, we both have blond hair, blues eyes well his are more hazel until sun light brings out the blue. My mom worked mostly nights when I was growing up, while John worked days.

John and I spent a lot of time together with my mom working nights. He would get me off to school in the morning and he would make me my supper in the evenings. Sometimes we would just go out to eat which I enjoyed cause normally we would go shopping afterwords. Later in my teen years when my friends and I wanted to go somewhere like, roller-skating, dear ole dad would take us. If we all wanted to go to a movie and one of my friends did not have the money to go with us, dad would give me extra so they could come along. Needles to say all my friends just thought that my dad was the coolest.

When I started dating dad was liberal about it as long as I got home before 11 pm. Some nights he even left me stay out later as long as I got back home before mom did. Now most of my boyfriends were a little afraid of him as he is about 6'2" big broad shoulders with a barrel chest. John has large muscular arms from lifting weights. Back then dad lighted weights just about every day.

My girlfriends and I used to sneak peeks at him while he worked out. We would sneak down into our basement and watch him pump iron. We all would stand there amazed as he lifted those heavy weights with such ease. That was when I first started to notice him and my feelings for him started to change. All my girlfriends had crushes on him also.

Dad had served in the army with Special Force and mom had a corner in the house devoted to his medals and stuff from that time. I still have his green beret to this day and will always treasure it. As long as you respected him and us, dear ole dad was a pussycat. However, if you happened to piss him off then you were in for a world of hurt.

Well in high school, I found the man (Sam) of my dreams or so I thought after only about a year and a half my dream turned into a living nightmare. He was drinking excessively, staying out all night and making my life miserable. Sam was not the same guy I had fell in love with in high school. Sam started to verbally abuse me first then he started to hit me. I left it go for a while not saying anything to my mom and especially not to my dad. A few of my friends knew what was going on and they told me to just get the hell out of there.

One night he came home late after having been drinking most of the night. He was drunk and stank of booze. Sam started on me calling me names and I believe I told him to just shut the hell up. Sam grabbed me and he started hitting me everywhere on my body. I managed to get away from him and ran to the bedroom where I locked the door behind me. Sam beat on the door fiercely trying to get in but he could not get to me. He finally went away and I did not hear any noise so I figured he had passed out on the couch.

I lay on my bed my face buried into my pillow crying my eyes out. I was just so scared this time as Sam was punching me not just slapping me anymore. My face and arms were red and a little swollen from the beating I had just taken. I got up, looked at myself in the mirror, and decided I was not going to take his shit no more. Sam had hit me for the last time I thought as I picked up the phone and called home.

Dad answered and I explained to him quietly between my sobbing just what had happened and just how long it all had been going on. I told him I did not know what to do and that I was hurting and so very afraid of what Sam might do next to me.

“Princess get out of the house right now I am on my way over there.” Dad replied.

I waited for dad at the end of the driveway, when he drove up I just ran to him and cried in his arms. Dad told me “Come we are going to get you some clothes and you are coming back home with me."

With tears flowing and my voice troubled, I replied “but daddy Sam is still in there.”

“Do not worry princess Sam is not going to bother you again" Dad replied.

As I opened the front door Sam jumped from the couch and yelled "And another thing BITCH." This was all he got out as dad pounced on him picking him up and slamming him up against the wall. I saw that Sam's feet were not even touching the ground as daddy held him tightly against the wall.

Dad looked my way and said "Princess go get some clothes and we will get the rest tomorrow me and Sammy here are going to have an little talk.”

I ran up stairs into the bedroom, grabbed a bag, and started to put some of my clothes into it. My hands and whole body were shaking as I packed my bag. I over heard my dad yelling loudly "I am only going to tell you this once you are never going to hit my little girl ever again."

I heard dad say something else to Sam but could not make out what it was. I got my bag and hurried down the steps to see dad standing over Sam. Dad had him curled up on the floor in a fetal position sniveling wildly just as he had made me do many times.

Dad glanced over at me saying "Go get in the car," I walked out the front door and I turned to see dad picking Sam up off the floor. Dad picked him off the floor as if he was just a rag doll and threw him hardly down onto the couch. Dad bent down, got right in his face, and yelled “Now you fucking lousy piece of shit you remember what I said" and dad followed me to the car.

"Your safe now princess and Sammy won‘t be hurting you no more." Dad told me as he drove us back to his house.

Dad walked me into the house where my mom was waiting for me. Mom and I went into my old bedroom where I cried and then we talked for a long time, during which she told me that I could just move back in at home. I hugged her and told her I loved her and that I would only stay until I got back up on my feet.

Well there I was 19 years old back living at home, I got my divorce from Sam who did not even show up to court. One of my friends told me that he had moved out of state. I was unhappy until I moved back home dear old dad saw to that. We all got along and it was truly wonderful and enjoyable living back at home. Mom no longer worked nights, we all worked days now so we would all do a lot together, like boating, fishing, going out for dinner and a show but movie night at home watching videos was always my favorite.

John would get steaks ready to cooked on the grill while mom and I ran to the video store to get a few movies. We would have our steaks then they would get on the couch and me in the recliner and watch the movies. Dad had his cooler next to the couch so no one had to run and get him a beer and mom and used it to keep our wine cold too. I do admit I was a little jealous of her always getting to sit by him. As for men and me, I did not want anything to do with them.

A couple months later I was on vacation from work, dad was off work as his company was doing a tooling change or something. Mom said that she was going to go away on business, which she did from time to time for a week. Monday morning Dad and I took her to the airport and saw her off, we stopped and got some lunch and did a little shopping before heading home.

On the way home dad asked, "princess just what are we going to do for a whole week."

I told him "I don't know."

Dad said "Well princess anything you want to do we will do."

I thought to myself just how wonderful it would be if daddy would just fuck me like he does mom. I Just happened to have heard them going at it the night before mom left and it brought back my memoirs of watching them when I was younger. Plus it had been a while since I had a good fucking and toys and fingers were not doing much for me right now.

"Maybe we will start with movie night,” I told him.

"Fine with me" replied dad.

As we drove to the video store, I sat there checking my dad out. I would steal a look over his way ever now and then. I thought to myself damn he is just so damn hot looking. Dad was in his prime sexually and with his weight lifting, which had toned his body nicely. I followed those muscular arms as he spun the wheel this way and that way as we went down the road. I felt my pussy start to throb thinking about getting him to make sweet love to me.

While we were checking out the video dad laughingly said, " Maybe we should go check out the dirty ones in the back room."

I squeezed his arm laughing yelling "Dad!" If he had walked into the backroom, I sure would have followed him. However, he did not so we just checked out the other movies.

On the way, home we stopped at the drive thru where he picked up some beer and got 3 bottles of wine. As we drove home, I asked him " what you trying to get me drunk?"

He sheepishly looked at me saying " Who me?"

We got home had our steaks and settled down for the movies the first one was an comedy and we laughed and drank all during the movie, him on the couch with his beer, me on the recliner with my wine. It ended and dad asked if I was ready for the next one, I said "yeah but let me go get more comfortable."

I ran into my bedroom and changed which normally would be a night shirt, panties and my robe but with the wine hitting me and with what was really on my mind I decided just my robe would be OK. Besides, my robe covered most of me and dad had seen me in it many times except never with nothing on under it.

I popped the next movie in which was a scary one. I then turned to dad on the couch giving him my puppy dog look and asked. "Would it be OK if I sat next to you in case I get scared?"

"Scoot on over here little girl I will protect you." John replied putting his big arm up to the back of the couch while patting the couch with his other hand.

I cuddled up next to him as his lovely big arm came down around my body and pulled me toward him. I felt a warm loving rush go rushing across my body as he pulled me to him. I have always felt so secured when in those arms or next to him and this time was no different other than I was just so horny for him right now. Every time a scary part would come on, I cuddled up even closer to him

"I got you princess they can't hurt you." Daddy whispered into my ear.

The scary movie came to the part in every scary movie, where a couple of lovers are about to go at it. The couple on the video were kissing and undressing. I peeked down at the front of John's jogging pants where I noticed some movement down there so to speak.

The couple started to get down to it and I just could not help myself. I slowly moved my hand down to his thigh first then I worked it to the front of his jogging pants where I started to rub his cock. John almost spit his beer across the room as he was in mid drink when I did it. I looked up at him once again with my puppy dog look while I caress that lovely cock of his threw his pants.

John said "Missy what are you doing?"

"I never really thanked you for coming to my rescue that night I left Sam," I replied still feeling his cock with my hand.

“You don’t owe me anything for that Missy,” dad told me.

“Yes I do daddy“ I told him adding, “that I was so horny and I wanted that cock of his that I have been thinking about for so long."

Dad asked, " What do you mean for so long"

I looked him right into his eyes and told him. Back when I was 16 I had woke up one night to hearing mom screaming. I got out of my bed to check what was going on. I got to your bedroom where I peeked in to see what was going on in there. I saw mom on her back and you with her legs in your hands pushing them up and spreading them apart as you lowered your face into her pussy.

I stood there and watched as you licked and ate mom out. I saw how you drove her crazy with your tongue. Her head was going side to side as you lapped at her pussy like a dog licking up water. I could not help myself; I stood there rubbing my pussy threw my panties while watching you give her so much pleasure. I watched some more as I pulled my panties to the side and started fingering my pussy. I remember seeing how wet your face was when you were done.

I watched as mom kissed you tasting her own juices from your face. I had to bury two of my fingers deep in my own pussy and taste myself as I watched mom do that. Mom rolled you on your back, you lying there with your cock all hard and throbbing she started to kiss and lick your cock, which would throb as she did. I watched as she sucked on that cock of yours. I wished I were sucking on it too.

As I am telling him this, I am still rubbing his cock threw his jogging pants, which is rock hard and throbbing in my hand. I reach up and pull his jogging pants down pass his knees to reveal that throbbing hard cock I wanted back then and wanted even more now. Dad just stared into my eyes as I played with his cock.

I went on to tell him that I remember you grabbing mom and kind of throwing her down on the bed and taking her legs and putting them up onto your shoulders and you rubbed your cock against her pussy for some time. I remember mom was begging you to fuck her finally you placed your cock into her pussy making her moan as you drove it deep in her pussy. I had to lean against the wall outside your bedroom fingering my pussy watching you fuck her deep and hard. I stood there wishing that your cock were fucking me.

I had been having sex with guys by then but not like you was doing to my mom. My juices were running down my legs as I stood their fingers deep in my pussy as you fucked my mom. I could hear the wetness of her pussy as you cock slid in and out. I watched your balls as you pounded my mom's cunt.

I took my finger across the head of my dad's cock as I told him about me watching them fuck, I felt his pre- cum on my fingers so I brought my hand to my mouth and licked his pre-cum from my fingers. I then rather straddled his thigh and our mouths met in a deep passionate kiss. Now we always kissed on the lips before and I loved that I would have to run to the bathroom and play with myself normally. I kissed him, his arms went around me, and I again got that warm secure feeling.

I could feel my pussy twitching and felt my pussy juices start to leak on his bare thigh. I could not help myself as my tongue entered his mouth and his into mine we locked in a deep passionate French kiss. I started to rock back and forth on his thigh with my pussy as our tongue did battle in each our mouths. I had my first orgasm of the night rubbing my pussy against my dad's thighs as we kissed. My wetness ran down his thigh as I broke our kiss and got down on the floor pulling his jogging pants with me as I went.

“Missy we shouldn't" dad told me as I knelt before him on the floor.

“It is OK, I wanted him and needed him,” I said.

Dad replied "But your mom."

I slowly left my robe slip from my body exposing him to my nakedness as I knelt before him. I took my hands and ran them over my breast stopping to pull then pinch each of my nipples so they were hard as they could be. I reached out and grabbed his cock once again.

I gave him my puppy dog look at him and said, " I won't tell her if you don't."

He just leaned back into the couch where he let out little moans as I cupped his balls with one hand and started to milk his cock with my other. I told him how I remembered that he told my mom to get on her hands and knees on the bed. Which at the time I thought was strange, as I had never did it doggy. I told him I watched as he took my mom from behind and how I was amazed at how his hanging balls were swinging back and forth, as he fucked her that way.

gave his ball a little licking before looking back up at him telling him I had three fingers deep in my own pussy as I watched him slamming his cock into my mom from behind. I told him how mom was moving back against his lovely cock as he fucked her. Mom was screaming by then, she was telling my dad to fuck her deeper and harder. I milked his cock with my hand as I told him how I could really hear mom pussy juices as his cock fucked her doggy style.

I told him how I had my first ever-wet orgasm right there in the hallway watching them fuck doggy style. I told dad that I heard mom scream "Give me your cum" and that you slammed your cock deep into her pussy and started to moan yourself as you filled her pussy with your cum.

My hand was pumping fast on my dads cock by now as I told him what I had saw. I felt his balls start to kind of go in and out of his sack. I told dad I had watched as his cock slid out of my mom's pussy and how his cum and her pussy juices flowed out and dripped onto the bed. I looked at my dad again his head was pressed back against the couch his eyes closed and I told him how after watching you do mom like that I had wanted his cock so badly.

I went on and told him how I used to lay in bed at night back then, fingering my pussy at night wishing he would hear me and come into my bedroom and fuck me with that lovely big cock. I told him that as his cock throbbed in my hand. Suddenly his cock grew and throbbed in my hand and cum started spurting out from his cock. I pumped his cock faster and harder watching all that lovely cum jet from his cock repeatedly. The cum just flowed from his cock, running white sticky cum all over his cock and all over my hand: it was a lovely mess.

I was still looking up at him when he opened his eyes and looked down at me. I removed my hand from his cock and brought it up close to my mouth. I stuck my tongue out stabbing and flicking it across his cum that was upon my hand. I licked and sucked on my fingers as dad watched me get the last drop of his tasty cum from my hand.

I looked him straight in those eyes of his and said, "I love you daddy."

John bent over a little took me into his arms and lifted me straight back up onto him where I straddled his lap. I could feel his soft but still big cock pressing up against my pussy. I started to grind my pussy against his semi hard cock as I gazed into his eyes, which gave a little sparkle when he said “I love you to princess.” as our mouths, again locked into a passionate kiss.

Well that is a good spot to stop for now as my pussy is soaking wet from writing just that much. I hope you enjoyed it I know I did. I come from a small town and I really do not have many people to share my secret. Has it been all fun and games threw the years? No, it has not and I will be sharing those times with you as well.

I would enjoy to hear your thoughts and please do not judge me on what I did or am still doing. Just about anything, you could say I have thought and felt threw the years. I know most would like to know if my mom knows what I have been up to all these years with her John.

Does she suspect? Yes, I think she does just not for sure. Been thinking about just coming right out and tell her that I have been fucking her John. Maybe when you hear the rest of what has taken place in my life you can help me to decide Do I tell her or not?

One more thing daddy has not changed much threw the years; he has some silver tint in his blond hair and still fucks me as well as he did back then. I can still see that special sparkle in his eyes when he spends some time with his little girl me. The next part will be about the fucking I got from daddy.

More to come...

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