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Lured a14 yo employee
I have discovered over the years that hiding in the shadows or fucking younger family members can be inherently risky to ones freedom. I have a pretty good gig going here that is a whole lot less risky and a lot less difficult.

I am a manager at a local hotel so I make it a point to hire only the youngest and prettiest girls to work part time at the front desk. So let me fill you in on how it goes down.

Just the other day I was coming in right after Crissy, a part time High school we have help out on the front desk.

So she has her attention on helping a guest, and this is the perfect time for me to slip a few hundred bucks out of the drawer, and slip it in my pocket. Now needless to say when she goes to get ready to leave, she counts her drawer and comes up short. She goes into a panic, so I count the drawer and yep its short(snicker). So I act like I am calling the owner to find out what to do, and make it sound like a deadly serious conversation, “But sir I don’t want to have to put her through that.”. By now she is trembling.

So the conversation goes something like this... “Crissy I'm sorry honey but the owner says because of the amount I have to call the law. They will probably question you for a while and call your parents. Also your parents will probably be sued for the missing money.” She is blubbering by now absolutely terrified. “Mr Greg please no....can we work this out...I will work for free until its paid off...My parents would never believe I screwed up that much...(sobbing) I aaam iiin sooo mmmuch trrrooubble!”

Now just the fear in her eyes along with the tears flowing across her pale freckled skin was starting to give me a rise. So I figured it was a good time to move on with the plan. “Crissy honey settle down, I think we can work this out without anyone finding out about it.” “How Mr Greg? You already called the owner.” “Well,I will pay it out of my pocket, and say it was miscounted, there was money under the drawer.” “Thank you Thank you Mr Greg I will pay you back I swear.” “Now wait a minute Crissy, I am glad you want to pay me back, but I don’t want money I want you to do something for me instead.” “OK! what Mr Greg?” “Follow me, I'll show you.”

I had her follow me to one of the unoccupied rooms. She had this look of glee and willingness like we were about to go do some cleaning or other menial work that a manager wouldn’t want to do.

Crissy is a very cute, fully freckled, ivory white skinned, redhead from our local high school's work program. She is 14 just a few months short of 15. She is very shy, and very sheltered with little to no confidence in herself. Her family is Irish Catholic very stringent. I have heard her in conversion with other younger employees talking about holding on to her virginity until she is married. She is about 5'2 100lbs 32B typical Irish pale white with red hair, beautiful green eyes. She was wearing her hotel uniform of khakis and a golf shirt. None of the buttons on the shirt were buttoned and you could see the contrast of her gold cross against her milky skin.

I approached her from behind and started giving her what seemed to her to be casual friendly shoulder rub. She was appreciative and thanked me. I let my hands a little lower now rubbing around her shoulder blades she hung her head down as she was enjoying it. My hands made it around through her armpits and I started rubbing very closely to the side and base of her breasts.

“Mr Greg I think you want something else besides work.” With a grin on my face I replied “Yes Crissy I do, you are young, beautiful, and have something I want. I am 34 and cant legally get what I want unless I am sure you wont let the cat out of the bag.” Crissy seemed to be flattered and scared at the same time, she trembled a little but offered no resistance as my hands got closer to brushing more sensitive areas of her bosom. “This is win win for both or us, your mistake gets forgotten, no police, no suit, and your parents never know anything. I get to fulfill a fantasy with a young girl, and all is well.” She pondered my words for a while as I was still massaging. “Ok Mr Greg, but I have never done anything with a boy...uh man before except for a little kissing.” “That’s ok Crissy, I'll be slow, gentle, and make sure your first time feels wonderful. She gave me a shy but scared smile.

I turned her to face me and hugged her reassuringly. Running my fingers through her red hair I held her by the back of her head and gently kissed her, admiring her gorgeous green eyes, and the subtle scent of mint from where she had been chewing gum earlier in the day. She was surprisingly relaxed. I untucked her shirt and pulled it up over her red hair. That hair was such a turn on the red hair, the gold cross, and her pale skin with a seemingly gleaming white bra covering her still hidden breasts. On her pale chest and face were hundreds of freckles. She watched as I took of my shirt and gave her another hug just to feel her against me. I am what I would consider an average white guy as far as skin color goes. I am not dark nor pale but just typical but the color of her skin against mine was like night and day. I unsnapped her khakis and unzipped them making sure to go slow and intentionally rub against the sensitive area underneath. Her pants slid down her slender legs to her ankles where she stepped out of them and her shoes.

She was standing there before me in her white bra and matching conservative cotton panties. She was obviously still going through puberty. She was skinny without much in the way of hips, but her breasts had already developed to a nice size. I had her turn around with her back to me, I unclasped the two troublesome hooks on her bra and pulled the straps down and let it fall to the floor. She instinctively crossed her arms across her chest. I got on my knees behind her and gently pulled her panties down and she lifted her feet out for me. I knelt there with my face right at her barely developed behind and placed my hands on her hips and spun her back around. It was almost like an awakening, it was true, the carpet does match the drapes. She had a beautifully trimmed strip of red pubic hair almost like a landing strip about an inch wide. Apparently she had been trimmed up to wear a bikini. At that distance I could smell a wonderful sweet aroma of perfume and young girl. Fighting every urge I had to throw her down and go at it, I regained composure and stood up and gently uncrossed her arms to see her perfect little B cups.

“Mr Greg do you still think im pretty like this?” “You mean naked Crissy?” “Yea, I am skinny, and not as pretty as the older girls in my classes.” Now I may have led her into this situation by deceit but my answer was as honest as the day is long. “Honey you are beautiful. Different guys like different things, and I happen to like you exactly the way you are.” She shyly thanked me, and then she surprised me. “Mr Greg this isnt fair.” “What do you mean Crissy,you agreed to this.” “No Mr Greg I am naked and you aren’t.” “Well Crissy come over and help me take off my pants like I did for you.” She stepped up to me and nervously started fumbling with the button on my pants. “ Kneel down like I did hon, so you can see what you're doing.” She got down on her knees, and managed to get me unbuttoned and pulled my pants and boxers down together. She about fell backwards in surprise when my aching hard on sprung out and nearly missed hitting her in the nose. Her eyes got as big around as pie tins from the shock. We both giggled a little bit. She was curious and kept staring at it. I asked her if she had ever seen one before and she said only her little brothers when she used to have to bathe him.

She examined my cock closely almost acting like it was going to bite her if she got too close. “Go ahead and touch and play with it sweety, it's ok.” She pressed downward on it a little with her forefinger and let it spring back, she had a sheepish smile like it amused her. She wrapped her hand around it and felt up the full length, looking at how red the head was, the veins, and how it had a pulse. She felt her way under and felt my balls she seemed to like how soft the scrotum was. I wasn’t going to be able to take much more of that soft touch, so I helped her back to her feet.

I was determined there wasn't an inch of this beautiful girl I was going to miss, so I had her lay face down in the middle of the bed, I gave her a gentle massage starting at her feet, up her calves, she cooed a little as I went across her butt and on to her lower back, worked my way up her back, shoulders, and neck. Now in order to get to the more interesting parts I had her roll over. I rubbed her arms from the hands up to her collar bones placed one of my hands behind her neck and kissed her,while the other hand lightly dragged the fingers over her breast. She took a deep breath when I drew across her nipple which was hard surrounded by a puffy areola. I retreated from our kiss so I could use both hands and see the wonderful body I was handling. I played quite awhile petting, squeezing, rubbing, and finally sucking on those soft mounds of pale flesh.

By now she was breathing heavier as I could see her chest rising and falling while kissing a soft straight line down onto her stomach, I teased around her navel a little. She giggled softly apparently that was a ticklish spot for her. I kissed along her waist just above where her pubic hair stopped, as well s along the sides onto her leg and thighs,being careful not to touch the prize yet. “Are you ok Crissy? Does this feel good?” all she was able to manage to get out was “uh-huh” I was amazed, most usually put up a struggle or argument, and have to be reminded of what will happen. Not Crissy, not one iota of resistance, she was visibly scared and nervous but seemed to be genuinely enjoying what was happening.

“Are you ready for things to feel better Crissy?” I said with my mouth right near her wonderful smelling pussy, so she feel my breath and the vibration from my voice. “Uh-Huh” she squeaked. I put the tip of my tongue just below her oozing opening and licked slowly straight up until I hit the hood covering her clit. She moaned and shook the whole way. Flicking the hood around with my tongue I licked just under it hitting her bare unprotected clit. She bucked up in the air like something under the bed kicked her, and about crushed my head by clamping her legs closed. It took her a minute to get used to the feeling. I went back down and started licking and tongue fucking around the honey hole. I had to go just a little farther and lick right around her rosebud. She jumped and gasped “Mr Greg that’s my butt!” “Yes I know didn’t it feel neat?” “Well yea..I just didn't think you would touch my butt.” As I did it for a minute she just went back to moaning.

I rolled over on my back with my mast pointed skyward and said “Ok girl..your turn.” she looked confused. “I want you to suck on my dick, that feels as good to me as what you felt when I licked you.” She didn’t object but said “What if I do it wrong and it don’t feel good?” “Don’t worry you can't do it wrong I will tell you what I want.” She held it close to the base and gently licked the head like a lolly pop, kinda sampling to see what it tasted like. “ooh yea lick the whole thing from bottom to top” she did just that she got me throbbing and my dick all wet. “put it in your mouth and suck on it” she put the head in her mouth and gently sucked. “move up and down when you suck, move your young around and put as much of it in your mouth as you can.” next thing I new she was sucking like a pro “oh honey you are doing too good I m so hard and so close to cumming, I need you to stop and lay down for me.”

She stopped and lid down on her back and I climbed between her legs. She saw how close my cock was to her pot of gold and immediately got nervous. “Mr Greg are you going to...uh going to put it....uh in me?” “Yes Crissy this is what I've been waiting for the whole time.” “Will it hurt? I've never had anything in me.” “Nothing? Not even when you play with yourself?” “My parents told me it was a sin, so I’ve never tried it.” “Don't worry honey I'll be careful not to hurt you. It will be ok, how can anything that feels good be a sin?” “I guess your right Mr Greg.” I rubbed gently around her warm muffin to make sure it was still nice and lubed. Slowly I started to shallowly finger her tight hole. I could feel resistance as it came in contact with her Hymen. I was careful not to break it, as that was reserved for another part of my anatomy. I worked my finger in and out and she was liking it moving her pelvis to match my strokes. I slowly pulled my finger out and inched my cock closer to her.

I could see her tense up at the sight of it being near her entrance. “Crissy honey I wont lie, it will hurt for a minute, but then it will subside, and then feel really good. Ok?” She nodded her head, as I placed the head of my manhood at the opening at her love tunnel and pressed on until I met the same resistance of her cherry. I went in and out slowly only that far for a little while until she was fully relaxed and thought that’s all there was too it. She was very wet and well lubed. So in one swift thrust I drove it in all the way to the root. I felt her cherry give way, all her muscles tightened and gripped the foreign piece of meat in her no longer virgin pussy. She bit her lip and you could see tears running down the sides of her face. She was a brave girl and never said a word yet I knew it hurt. I continued slowly moving my cock in and out of her wonderful snatch now filled with her natural lube and a small amount of blood mixed in.

As a few minutes had elapsed of me slowly fucking her she began to feel the pleasure and started moving in rhythm. I picked up the pace and began to quicken with some stronger thrusts, hard enough that I could feel my sack hitting her ass. She was in the groove now moaning and her little Bs were jiggling from the pumping. “Crissy take your finger and play with your clit, that’s where I licked earlier and you jumped remember?” “Uh-huh” her finger was already at work before she replied. Her moaning and breathing got more and more erratic. I could feel her vaginal walls rippling around my cock. Her pale skin was now glowing red. I could barely hang on any longer. “MMMR GGGGREG IMMM....” her body bucked and tensed up stiff her pussy was convulsing and squeezing my dick. That was it. I went as deep as it would go and began pumping load after load of cum in her sweet pussy. Soon I could feel in running down between her bung hole and my balls, and onto the bed spread. I pulled out now most of the way soft and a pool of semen ran out of her. She was still shaking and speechless, I couldn’t have walked if I wanted too my knees were shaking.

We laid there for about a half hour. I just held her in my arms. I whispered in her ear “Thank you, you are incredible, and beautiful.” To my surprise she responded “Thank you Mr Greg. I am glad my first time felt so good and was with someone experienced instead of those grabby guys at school.”

We showered together. She grabbed her backpack and left to get home before her parents did. I returned to the desk to help the girl that was watching it, and put the money back in the drawer. Crissy still thinks to this day that I paid it, and I'm her hero. Every so often she calls me into a room to help with something and throws me a naughty wink.

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