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Unexpected Stay
Chapter 1: Unexpected Stay

Harry quietly opened the door and peered out for any signs of movement. Uncle Vernon was loudly snoring in his room, Dudley seemed to be playing his PS2 and Aunt Petunia was out for the week. Harry quietly tiptoed out of his room, walked down the staircase and out of the house. Everyday since he arrived from Hogwarts, he had been sneaking out to practice flying.

He came back in the house at 4:00AM to find Uncle Vernon waiting in the kitchen. “How Dare You” barked Uncle Vernon “You could have been seen. You are not going to stay in this house anymore. Pack up your bag and leave by tonight.” Harry furiously marched upstairs and started packing. He did not know where he was going to stay since the Weasley’s were in Scotland. He would have to spend the rest of the summer at the Leaky Cauldron alone. Suddenly, he got an idea; he could spend the summer at Hermoine’s place.

That night he left the Dursleys and took the Knight Bus to London where Hermoine lived. Hermoine’s house was smaller than the Weasley’s but it was more impressive. It was a midsize brick house in a middle class neighborhood. He went and rang the bell. He was hoping to see Hermoine at the door but instead it was her father. “Hi Harry,” said her father “What are you doing here?”

“I was wondering if I could perhaps stay at your house for the rest of the summer since the Dursley’s have kicked me out”

“Of course. Come in; you are welcomed here anytime.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“Since we only have two rooms you can stay in Hermoine’s room: Its upstairs to the left.”

“Thanks. By the way where is Hermoine?”

“She is upstairs reading a book. She will be so surprised to see you.”

Harry climbed up the staircase and knocked on Hermoine’s room. “Who’s there?”

“Its me Harry.” As she opened the door, Harry couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked. Her tangled, messy hair was now straight and neatly tied in a ponytail. Her disfigured body had transformed into a very beautiful body with lots of curves. The tight jeans that hugged her ass showed the real beauty of the girl.

“Oh Harry what a surprise. What are you doing here?” Harry told her about what happened at the Dursleys and she was shocked. “Why were you flying in a muggle area in the night?”

“Cut it out. I’m in no mood to talk about it. By the way what are you reading?”

“I’m reading about spells and hexes for the upcoming year.”

“Oh! That’s great!”

“It’s time for dinner,” screamed Christina, Hermoine’s mother. Harry and Hermoine walked downstairs to find the whole table covered with food. Harry had never tasted food this good at the Weasleys. After dinner, Hermoine went upstairs to take a shower. When Harry reached upstairs, he saw that Hermoine was still taking a shower and that the bathroom door was not fully shut. That gave him a wonderful idea. He searched through his bags and found the invisibility cloak and put it on. He tiptoed towards the bathroom door, slowly opened the door without making a noise and slipped inside.

Her bathroom was in an L shape with the sink right in front of the bathroom door. To the right of the sink there was an open space which had a door for the toilet and a see-through door for the shower. Peering through the see-through door, Harry could see Hermoine washing her hair. Her hands were on her head scrubbing the shampoo which allowed Harry to see her breasts clearly. Her breasts were perfectly round shaped, a size 34C. She had red rosy nipples, the size of buttons, which stood out clearly against her peachy skin. Water droplets from the shower hit her face and flowed slowly down her neck and up to her breasts. The droplets came to a pause on her nipples, trying to savor the moment; but as more droplets joined in, they became one mass and fell off her nipple and flowed down her belly to her crotch area. Since Hermoine was facing the wall, Harry could only see her round, plump ass. Furthermore, the flowing water made her ass sparkle as if it was oiled. Hermoine soon lathered up a scrub with body wash and began cleaning her hands. She then moved to her breasts, rubbing them to get them clean as well. She circled her breast with soap and then pushed it up to get the dirt from underneath them. As she let go of her breast, it fell back down and bounced around. She did the same thing with her other breast before she began scrubbing her nipples. She started of by circling her nipples with the scrub. With the soap lather still on her breasts, she used her fingers to rub the lather on her nipples. She squeezed and pulled her nipples to ensure that they were completely covered with soap. When she washed off her breasts, Harry had a better view as her nipples stood erect from all the squeezing and pulling. After cleaning her breasts, Hermoine moved down to clean her stomach and then her crotch area. Viewing her hand motion, Harry could assume that Hermoine was rubbing her clit with her soap laden fingers instead of using her scrub. She rubbed her pussy for a minute before she took her scrub and began cleaning her legs. As Hermoine bent down to apply soap on her feet, her round, juicy ass was stood out calling attention. Underneath her ass, an outline of her pussy lips was visible. The amazing view lasted only seconds as Hermoine stood up and began washing herself completely. Harry knew Hermoine would finish any moment now so he slipped out of the bathroom and put the invisibility cloak back in his bag.

When Hermoine emerged from the bathroom, she was fully clothed, although her hair was damp. As Hermoine used a towel to dry of her hair, Harry couldn’t help but think about the water droplets that got a chance to feel and caress her body. He wished he could transfigure himself into a water droplet and flow down her neck and up to her breasts underneath that silky pink top she was wearing. He would then be able to caress her breasts and get to suck on those rosy nipples.

He had to snap out of his wonderful dream as Hermoine asked him if he wanted to take a shower to freshen up before bed. He was tired from his trip and could use a shower so he took his clothes, locked the bathroom door and went to take a shower. The hot water felt wonderful as it relaxed his muscles and eased away all his stresses. With Voldemort out of his thoughts, his thoughts wandered to Hermoine. She had indeed gotten lovelier over the summer. Added to her luscious beauty, she was wearing muggle clothes which hugged her body instead of the loose robes she wore at Hogwarts. His thoughts then wandered to the shower where he saw her nude. Her expression of innocent pleasure as she played with her nipples while trying to clean them was priceless. He could imagine how much more pleasurable her face would look if she played with herself for real instead of just a routine shower scrub. Thinking about her got his dick to stir and soon it was hard as a rock. The warm water dripping on his cock provided some relief but he needed more. He grabbed some of Hermoine's body wash and poured it on his hand which he then used to massage his dick. Thirty minutes ago this wash was being rubbed on Hermoine's breasts and up and down her clitoris and now it was being rubbed back and forward on Harry's dick. Faster and faster his hand moved with thoughts of Hermoine still on his mind. His heart raced, his hips swayed and adrenaline was pumped through his body. In minutes his body locked up and his dick erupted with cum. Spasms of cum flew across the shower and hit the opposite wall, slowly seeping down the wall and into the drain. Harry had to grab hold of the door to avoid falling down as this was one of the most powerful orgasms in his entire life. After cleaning himself up, he wiped his body with a towel from his bag and changed into his pajamas.

Outside he found Hermoine lying on the bed in her pink silky pajamas reading the book about spells and curses. I inquired as to where I would be sleeping as I figured that I would be sleeping on the couch downstairs. I was surprised and shocked when Hermoine told me that I would be sleeping in her room on the floor. “We can't use magic or I would have made you a bed so you can sleep more comfortably.” “I don’t mind. Remember, I used to sleep in a closet for thirteen years. The floor seems like heaven in comparison to that.” Harry grabbed a comforter out of the closet which he laid on the floor. He lay on one side of it and used the other side to cover himself up. “I'm exhausted! I'm going to bed.” exclaimed Harry. “I will read some more before I sleep but I will the dim the lights so I don't disturb you,” said Hermoine. With that, she got off the bed and went to dim the lights. As she walked away, Harry could see the faint outline of a thong underneath her pajamas. With the lights dimmed Harry couldn't see Hermoine's front side as she walked back to her spot on the bed.

The next morning, Harry awoke before Hermoine. He gazed at the bed and saw Hermoine wrapped in a roll of blankets. Her hair was messily spread out over her pillow, with a portion covering the right side of her face. She looked so peaceful and innocent as she laid there with her eyes closed and her right arm outside the blanket. Her face showed the remains of a smile which made her seem even more
beautiful. As Harry stood there watching her, there was a knock on the door. “Hermoine, Harry, wake up!” screamed Christina through the door. Harry instantly sat on the ground pretending to have just woken while Hermoine stirred on the bed. She pushed her blanket aside and stretched her arms in a yawn. From the ground Harry could see that Hermoine's shirt has risen up during the night. As she stretched, her shirt rose even higher till it rested on the bottom of her breasts. From his low viewpoint, Harry could see the bottom of her round peachy mounds. Harry was shocked to see that she was not
wearing a bra but figured that at home she didn't feel the need to as she lived alone with her parents. As Hermoine rose from bed, Harry quickly looked away pretending to do some stretches as well. Hermoine adjusted her top and went in the bathroom to brush her teeth. After finishing his stretching, Harry joined Hermoine in the bathroom. There was only one sink in the bathroom so Harry waited for Hermoine to finish. Standing behind her, Harry got a good view of her ass. Every time she would bend down, her ass would extend out giving Harry a closer view of her ass as well as the outline of her thong.

Hermoine finished brushing and went downstairs to help her mom with the cooking. Harry quickly finished brushing and joined everyone in the dining room. Hermoine and her mom had made omelets for everyone, which turned out to be delicious. After breakfast, Hermoine's parents left to go work leaving Harry and Hermoine alone in the house.

With her parents gone, Hermoine turned to Harry and said, “How was your summer? I was worried about your safety living by yourself with Voldemort after you.” “My summer was filled with horrible nightmares about Voldemort and the death of Cedric. Let's not talk about it. I'm not in the mood right now.”“Oh. That's horrible. On a lighter note, have you found a girl you like yet or do you still fancy Cho?” “I am over Cho. She cries too much and adds to my depression.” “Oh. Did you get anything out of that relationship or was the kiss at Christmas all you got?” “That was it.” Harry said depressingly.
“WOW! I can't believe it. You are Harry Potter who saved so many people from the Dark Lord and you only managed to get one lousy kiss.” “Like you have gotten anymore.” Harry said furiously. “Actually I have. Remember when I was dating Victor Krum, we actually got physical once.” Harry stared at her astonished and shocked. Hermoine looked at Harry and at once replied, “We got physical but I didn't have sex with him. We just fooled around.” “What did you two do?” questioned Harry. “That is a secret. No one is going to find out.” With that, Hermoine left and went upstairs to read her book. Harry sat at the dining table shocked.

As days went by, Harry kept trying to get Hermoine to tell him about her physical experience but she would not budge. Days turned to weeks and August quickly approached and with it, letters from Hogwarts.

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2011-11-06 06:36:41
i agree with Xseverence

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2011-07-07 22:49:22
i did not follow very well you switched narritves to many times no emotion or spark
omfg if any of you would read the books you would know that harry slept in the cubbord under the stairs for 11 years [first book after he starded getting more letters fom hogwarts palese]
harry started to have feelings for cho in the fourth book diggory died in the fourth book to so considoring your matter he hasent even met cho yet hermione hasent even heard of victor krum anyway and why would the weasleys be in scottland they sould be at the quidditch world cup with harry and hermione and besides hermiones parents names are jane and matthew [matthew im not for sure but still] but i rated it positive for actually being brave enough to publish somthing like this how do you know if youll be a hit or a miss it doesnot matter internet is forever ttyl l8ter dichead

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2011-04-04 08:43:36
I think it's a good story, but definetly more detail. Oh and HERMIONIE SAID 'DARK LORD'!! SHES A DEATH EATER

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2011-02-10 22:41:16
all of the mechanics are great, but the whole thing lacks spark.

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2010-12-31 01:57:01
Switching narrative is not ideal in a story, and you should decide who is telling the story and write it from their prospective. Don't change to someone else telling the tale.

Also, you could use a few more proper paragraphs. Walls of text are annoying to read generally, as it's not easy on the eye to follow.

Other issues about timelines with your choosen material. As its just fiction you can get away with it, but it makes a better story if you get your facts right, due ot it being more immersive that way for the reader.

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