Part 1a
Hello fans, all my fans, I hope you like this one Part 1 of what looks like a 4 part story assuming you all like it and become ravenous for more. Thanks for reading, if you want more Vote! Comment, tell me what you want.

Katie was bored; she had spent the summer chasing one boy after the next and had always been terribly disappointed. The trouble was she loved cock; she craved it she loved the feeling of hot cum spurting into her mouth, down her throat. She loved the feeling of her pussy being pounded by those hot thick pieces of meat. She could never get all she wanted and there was never enough when there was just one guy.

That was the problem, but then how to get guys to come in groups’… guys’ cumming in groups her mind wandered hot cum all over her tight ripe breasts, shooting inside her till it ran down her thighs. She gently rubbed her cotton-clad pussy as she thought about it. What do guys get together for she thought? Games, she smiled to herself she did have a 67 inch TV that was almost every guy’s wet dream of television. She called her friends Jared and Max, she had never fucked either of them but that wasn’t because she hadn’t wanted to, the opportunity just never presented it self. She invited them to come over for the next game; she’d provide some beer and some refreshments all they had to do was show up. The agreed to come, Wonderful she thought.

The weekend came and She dressed in a slinky blouse and a loose fitting skirt. The two men showed up about thirty minutes before the game. She had them each pick an end of the couch, as she went to the kitchen and got the chips and dip, the pre-game show was on, and she stepped in front of Jared and bent at the hips intentionally letting her skirt ride up she arched her back as she set down the appetizers. She then went into the kitchen and got them each a beer. She knew from experience, well from hanging out with them what they liked and so she brought them each a beer leaning over so that she was sure they could see her cleavage. First with Jared and then Max, she then turned back around and got a plate of sandwiches. She bent over in front of Max this time making sure he got a good view of her cotton clad pussy and ass. She sat down between them, “How long before the game starts?”
“About Ten minutes”
“Oh good” she said, “I need to run to the bathroom and get a drink I nearly forgot.” She stepped into the hall and waited.
“Dude” Jared said, “I could nearly see her tits”
“Yeah you should have seen your face when she bent over in front of you” Max replied
“My Face,” Jared quipped, “you looked like you needed a bib”
“Well shit Jared, face it Katie is hot”
“I’d do her”
“Well that makes two of us you want dibs?”
“Shit man looks like she is giving us both signals, first to the finish?”
“Works for me”
Katie Smiled and ducked back into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine, she sipped it trembling, was she really going to go through with this a threesome with her two friends. Another drink and she refreshed her glass. She sauntered back into the living room and sat down between the two men. Kickoff and the game started, and it really started for Katie after a few minutes of watching the game both men had moved closer to her, Max was kind of on the thin side, cute but not bring home to mom cute. Jared on the other hand looked and dressed like the rebel almost a James Dean clone he was nice and pretty easy going but then so was Max, which was why she chose them for this experiment. She leaned back and watched the game. She felt her pussy throb when Jared put his arm around her, she saw Max glance over and he accidentally put his hand on her thigh. She tried to pay attention to the game, but it was difficult she had to remind herself to breathe. She sipped her wine and waiting, this was excruciating she thought. Jared sucked down the end of his beer and asked her to get him another next commercial. The commercial came on and she got up to get the beer again she paused in the hall.
“No stop signs dude” Max said.
“Yeah well I’m betting it’s just a tease”
“Play it out?” Max asked
“Why not?” Katie opened the fridge and got two more beers and returned to the couch handing one to each of them. She sat back down; Jared put his arm back around her shoulder and after a sip or two of beer Max put his hand accidentally on her thigh. After a great play by the home team Jared’s hand slid down and his fingertips tickled the top of her breast. Max’s hand slid up her thigh, squeezing it and sending tiny little thrilling electric pulses straight to her clit. Her pussy was dripping and she bit her lip as she let her legs part a little bit. She leaned back and felt Jared’s hand slip further onto her breast. Max’s hand also slipped higher on her thigh, under her skirt. When Jared Squeezed her breast she couldn’t take it any more and pulled her knees up on the couch, She kissed Jared putting her ass right in Max’s face. Max wasted no time and grabbed her panties and pulled them down. She felt his breath on her pussy and she quickly fumbled with Jared’s pants opening them and fishing his cock out. She inspected it a moment and then she felt Max’s tongue on her ass cheek and she sucked Jared’s cock into her mouth. Jared’s hands were on peeled her shirt over her head and she struggled to get her shirt off and keep her mouth on his delicious cock. She milked the pre-cum from his cock with her lips, and tongue. She reached back and unhooked her bra with one hand and shrugged it off. Jared’s hands went directly to her breasts his fingers tweaking her already throbbing nipples. She almost lost it when Max’s tongue circled her asshole and then probed it. She moaned and sucked harder. She almost stopped when Max’s tongue stopped its teasing but she could tell that Jared was ready to shoot. She slowed her frantic pace until she felt the lips of her pussy being split by her favorite thing in the world a big hard cock Jared turned on the couch and she pulled his pants down as he knelt in front of her on the couch. She used her fingertips to tickle his balls and she could feel them tightening. Max was fucking her from behind at a frantic pace. Katie arched her back down tilting her hips so that the head of his cock was hitting her right on.

Jared moaned and hissed “Katie I’m gonna cum”
Katie swallowed all of his cock her tongue slipped out and tickled his nuts; his cock throbbed in her mouth, and then she tasted the delicious cream jetting from the tip of her cock. She swallowed and kept sucking milking the very last drops from his balls.
“Katie please enough” Jared stammered
“Katie I’m gonna cum” Max gasped
Pulling her mouth reluctantly from Jared’s cock. “Cum inside me” she gasped
Max Groaned and slammed is hips against her ass. She felt his hot cream boiling inside her like a steam engine. When he pulled out she turned to lick and suck the last drops from Max’s cock. Finally pulling the cock from her lips she looked at the Television, “Halftime” she smiled. She stood and let her skirt drop. She walked into the kitchen and got some more beer. She came back and held out the beers. “You stallions need a rest or can you go again?”
“Time out for beer” Max said popping the tab on his.
“Yeah let me cool off for a minute” said Jared.
“Shit boys I’m just getting warmed up.” Katie smiled.


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i really liked it next up part 2

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Great story, why not include some dp though? One in the pussy & one in the ass.

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