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**This chapter contains very very little sexual content and mainly serves as the background for the rest of the installments. To understand the rest of the chapters, you will want to read this one first!
Please, if you don't read the entire chapter, just read the following paragraph. It contains some of the more important plot details.**

The main character is a boy named Ben. He was given up to Gaia Conception when he was just a baby. Gaia Conception raises these boys to the age of 16, and then they become Patrons. Women pay Gaia Conception for the use of their Patrons. Patrons have sex with these women to impregnate them. It is less expensive than in vitro, and the women have their pick of traits of their Patron that they may want their children to have such as eye color, hair color, height, musculature, intelligence, and even penis size, among other possible traits.

Gaia Conception Patron Number: #1005

GeneralName: Benjamin
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Fitness: Well Above Average

Race: Pure Caucasian
Eyes: Pure Blue
Hair: Pure Blond
Projected Adult Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Current Penis Size: L - 7 inches
W - 1.8 inches

Projected Adult Penis Size: L - 9+ inches
W - 2+ inches

Mental Health: Perfect
Intelligence: Exceptional (IQ: 147)

Disease Predispositions: None
Blood Type: AB(-)

Patron Rating: Class A
Price of Services: $10,500.00

*Until conception is achieved, additional visits with the Patron are included in the total price listed above.
**Please contact us for additional information regarding our services and/or the above product.

Thank you for choosing Gaia Conception.


That's me, Ben. Or rather that's my Patron file here at Gaia Conception.

Put simply Gaia Conception is a facility that provides safe, easy, and affordable fertility services to women who:

a) cannot afford the cost of in vitro fertilization or fertility treatments
b) wish to choose specific traits and features for their child or
c) don't want to go through the hassle of finding a mate.

No matter the case, that's where I fit into this whole thing. Like all the other guys here, I was given up at birth by my parents. They filled out paperwork with Gaia, and they were extensively screened and tested. So was I, and by the time I took my first steps I was in the care of the Facility.

The Facility is located on an island just 5 miles off the coast. It has a nursery building to house all the younger children that Gaia adopts, a building to house all the staff on the island, and a separate two building complex for those who enter the Patron Program. Basically it's home to all those old enough to reproduce, ranging from as young 10 years old all the way to 30. It's paradise.

Buildings 1 is a four-floor housing building with ages 10-15 on floor 1, 16-20 on floor 2, and so on. Each patron has their own 5x10 room all to themselves, which are mostly just used for reading and sleeping.

Building 3 is the recreation building. It has any type of entertainment imaginable. Game systems, television, table games like pool and air hockey, and so much more. But the rec building is only open for three hours a day, to limit our idle time. Instead we're encouraged to use the library and active recreation area, consisting of a basketball court, pool, and a weight room.

Every room of the facility is monitored, including personal rooms. The day a boy is observed masturbating is the day the monitoring for semen begins.

One day when I was 11, I had been in my room reading when I noticed my penis was as hard as a rock. It was not the first time I'd noticed but I'd always just dismissed it. This time I decided to touch it. Touching it felt good so I touched some more, rubbing the small shaft up and down from hairless base to pink head. That felt amazing, like nothing I'd ever felt before. I remembered the black dome camera positioned in the center of my ceiling, and immediately slid under my blanket to attempt to shield myself from suspicion. Somehow in my innocent mind, I knew what I was doing wasn't supposed to be seen. And from the privacy of my blanket I continued my journey, discovering that using my other hand to touch my little sac added to the good feeling I was having. After a few minutes of this new "good feeling" I almost decided to quit, not knowing that there was a much better feeling just down the road. But something in the back of my mind, some primal urge, kept my hand moving. Up and down and up and down over the smooth, velvety shaft. With every stroke the feeling strengthened. I picked up the pace, feeling the heat building up in my body with the work my arm was doing. My eyes were shut tight in concentration, sweat beading on my forehead. That first spasm made my eyes shoot open as I was racked with a pleasure previously unknown to me. As quickly as it started, it stopped and I went limp, catching my breathe. I was amazed, and scared. I had no idea what so ever what had just happened. Later that night I tried to recreate that feeling, but just fell asleep with so many questions.

The next day all my questions were answered when I was visited by a facility doctor who explained what had happened and what would happen to me in the years to come. From that day on I was taken to the lab building once a month to monitor my hormone levels and to be checked for fertility. This meant I was layed on a table and asked to masturbate to fruition, at which point the doctor would inspect for semen. Three months of that, and I think I forced myself to cum just to stop those exams. I pity the boys that discover themselves early.

Once I started producing semen, I was evaluated. They took all my measurements and stats, gave me physical and mental tests to gauge my ability, then moved me to the Patron Complex. But because boys under 16 can not legally become Patrons, a sperm donation system was put in place. From the day a boy first produces sperm, he is given the option to deposit all sperm into the Gaia sperm bank to be used in the in vitro branch of Gaia Conception. The boy's bank account is credited for each deposit.

Males over the age of 16 become Patrons, their services listed for purchase by women. This was all explained to me as follows: Women pay Gaia Conception in return for Patron services. "Patron" being males, "services" being impregnation. Most boys are ok with this, considering that they would be having sex, and that a percentage of the money made from a patron's services goes into their bank account, to be accessed at the age of 18. Those that don't want to be involved in the Patron program, or want to leave the island all together, are sent to the mainland to a mainstream orphanage owned by Gaia. In short, I was given the choice: Money and sex, or no money and no sex. Umm, decision made?

I'm 15 now, and if I'm not working out in the weight room, I'm most likely in my room with a book from the library. I've gotta keep my Class A Patron Rating, right? Although I'm not a Patron yet, apparently I'm in high demand. Today is my last day as a 15 year old. Tomorrow is my first day as a Patron, and I've been told I've got a busy day ahead of me.


Again this is simply the introduction to the facility and our main character, Ben.

If you've read this, thank you for getting the back-story before reading on. All of the installments after this will have sex, I promise!day as a Patron, and I've been told I've got a busy day ahead of me.


Again this is simply the introduction to the facility and our main character, Ben.

If you've read this, thank you for getting the back-story before reading on. All of the installments after this will have sex, I promise!

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