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My sweaty hands held tight onto the backs of my knees as my virgin pussy opened to my Lush Daddy. His hard, black cock forced its way into my white pussy, the pain shooting up my spine.

I opened my eyes and saw a blurry picture of the roof in the back seat of his old Porsche. Chris’s lips caressed my cheeks softly, kissing my tears away. “You okay baby girl?” he asked me with genuine concern in his deep, sexy voice.

Unable to find my voice, I nodded my head weakly. Chris was a lot bigger than I had originally anticipated and his large cock had stretched my poor pussy over its boundaries.

Chris kept his hips still for a few minutes to let me adjust to his invading member before he began shallow strokes. His full length gently rocked into my sleeve, his thrusts picking up speed and depth. Within a few minutes, every crevice of my pussy was filled with my daddy’s cock.

“Ohhh yes daddy,” I sighed to him, one hand releasing my leg to rub my sensitive clit. By now my hips had started thrusting, our groins slapping together loudly.

My daddy’s hands landed on my hips to pull me closer to him with each push. I felt my pussy tighten around his girth and throatily moaned for him. “Oh fuck daddy, I’m about to come all over your cock. Make me cover your cock daddy! I’m coming – Oh fuck! I’m coming daddy!”

Chris pounded harder into my milking cunt, his hips powerfully fucking through my mighty orgasm. My newly opened hole stretched with an unfamiliar feeling before I felt him release his load into my womb.

My eyes shot open as he pulled his cock out of me, my first load of cum slowly dripping out of my pussy and down my slit. Chris’s cum leaked down to my puckered rose bud and slipped even father to the towel he had brilliantly placed under my naked body.

Bringing my head up, I saw that Chris’s thick cock was still fully erect, his hand stroking the length slowly. “You made daddy come so hard baby girl. You know what he wants now?” he rasped out as his gaze was glued to my gaping pussy.

“What do you want from your little girl daddy?” I huskily asked him, my pussy still hungry for more of his hard cock.

I jumped as I felt a finger rubbing against my asshole. It was now clear to me what daddy Chris wanted his little girl’s anal cherry. “Do you want daddy’s cock in your tight ass you filthy little slut?” he asked as his finger slipped into my brown ring and began to saw in and out.

Though I would’ve rather had his cock in my wanting pussy, I remembered our Lush cyber sessions and how he would put his fist into my gaping cunt. Taking a chance that he would finger my pussy as he pumped my ass, I eagerly nodded my head.

Remembering all that I had read about from ass-fucking stories, I tried to relax my whole body and let Chris replace his finger with his mushroom-capped cock head. A small burn accompanied his entering prick, but the pain quickly faded and turned into pleasure.

Chris steadily fucked my ass as the car softly rocked me. His hips pumped into my tight ass quickly as one hand left my hip to force three fingers deep into my cunt.

My back arched as his thumb deliciously brushed against my hard clit, my inner walls quivering with the onslaught of an approaching orgasm. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as his thumb worked harder and faster on my button.

“Oh yes daddy! Pound your little girl’s tight asshole!” I begged ass his fingers curled into a spot I had never felt with my own fingers. Chris had found my g-spot and my body couldn’t thank him enough. My eye sight was beginning to go black, unable to bear thee ecstasy that i was feeling from his pounding cock.

He continued to massage my g-spot as his throbbing cock made quick, shallow thrusts into my ass. I kept calling him “daddy” and was rewarded with hard thrusts that almost knocked the breath out of my lungs.

A strong throb in my aching pussy made me scream in pleasure. “Oh shit! OH fuck daddy! Oh God, I’m coming! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck my horny asshole daddy! Yes, Chris, yes!!” I cried to him as my cunt exploded with a torrent of cum. Chris leg his fat cock explode in my ass as his lips clamped onto my stiff nipple.

My juicy pussy milked and rippled over his fingers as if I was being fucked by a large cock. My body was jerking uncontrollably as Chris’s cock head shot his strings of hot cum into my worn bowels.

“Oh thank you daddy,” I sighed with content as we tried to capture our breaths. Chris rewarded me with a soft thrust of his hips, just as he would in our online chats. My laugh started his and we kissed as his softening pole slipped out of my ass.

Chris pulled his cum-covered hand from my soaked pussy and brought it to my lips. Obediently, my tongue snaked out of my lips to clean his hand. “Good girl,” he cooed with smiling lips, his head resting on my bare chest. I shivered as I felt his warm breath float across my hard nipple.

We spent a few more minutes holding each other before getting dressed and heading back to the hotel he was staying at.

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