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A getaway filled with non-stop, mind-blowing sex.
Ok, so this is another true story, courtesy of me and my boyfriend Jack. We wanted to get away for a weekend to a small, inexpensive-but-satisfying beach resort. Of course, we both had to lie to our parents that we were going in a group with a whole bunch of other friends or else they would never hear of it.

I don't think I'd mention the exact location because of certain circumstances but that's not the point anyway, is it? Since we started off on our journey, both of us knew even though no words were exchanged between us of the matter that the entire weekend was going to be filled with hardcore, brain-blasting sex and not much on the sand, sea and surf thing. It was just the tension in the air between us and we both sensed it with words unspoken.

We arrived quite late and it was already getting dark out so we decided to just wash up and turn in for the night to prepare for our day ahead the next day. I had striped and wrapped a towel around my body, securing it under my armpits while Jack was peeing in the bathroom. When he came out, I saw that he too had already removed his clothes and was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist which was doing miserably in concealing his gradually swelling cock.

I smiled and moved up to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he circled his arms around my waist as we kissed deeply for a few minutes. He ran his hands down my body over my towel. Somehow, the weird sensation of him groping me through the towel and not touching my skin directly triggered something in me and I got hornier. I stretched and arched my back, pressing my chest against his as I took his soft warm mouth in mine.

I giggled and playfully tugged at his towel and it came away in my hands, revealing his now rock-hard cock pointing all it's eight inches of amazing girth straight at me. He returned the favour by roughly pulling at my towel and it too easily came undone, leaving my bare naked body fully exposed for him to admire. He had only seen me naked on few previous occasions and so he was not bored of ogling at me yet. In fact, he gazed at me with such passion in his eyes I thought his stare might burn right through me. I could see the lust and the wanting in his eyes as he massaged my swelled breasts slowly, working his way down my stomach then lower still to between my thighs where he rubbed in between them, his thumb teasing and brushing against my pussy lips lightly with each stroke. Knowing that he genuinely wanted me so badly, and that he would give anything to fuck my tight little cunt turned me on like never before.

"God, you're so sexy," he whispered. He brought his hands back up to my breasts and twiddled my nipples between his thumb and forefinger till it puckered up hard and erect. "Oh, God.." he kept whispering. He half-closed his eyes and continued rubbing me down, one hand on each breast. "You're so fucking hot. I just want to fuck you senseless."

"Then go ahead and do it," I playfully challenged him as I found myself getting more and more aroused at his wonderful tit massage. My pussy was starting to drip it's juices down my thigh and I was so caught up in a wave of hormones coursing through my body and clouding all logic thought in my head that I didn't even realise that my hand had been gripping his cock hard the whole time, stroking it up and down with increasing rhythm.

"Oh, not just yet. I plan to have a little fun first," he grinned. He pulled me back in for more bouts of kissing but this time we slowly made our way into the bathroom while doing so. We got under the shower and he fumbled for the knob, his mouth never leaving mine as our tongues writhed and twirled together in an endless, hot mess. A jet of hot water rained down on our skins as we continued kissing.

Now, I've never taken a shower with him before and the feeling of our naked bodies pressed together against the torrent of water streaming down on us, feeling each other's bare, wet, hot skin pressed tightly so close was absolutely thrilling. I played with his cock a little longer as he slipped a finger into my pussy. His strong, magical fingers that have never failed to pleasure me each time worked their charm on me as he slithered them in and out like a pro, knowing exactly what I liked and the right spots to hit along the way.

I knew I was on the verge of cumming and would erupt at any moment if he kept it up any longer and because I didn’t want to spoil the fun by ending the party just yet, I willed myself to pull away from him and ask him to stop. “You’re the one who said you wanted a little fun first, right?” I asked saucily as I picked up a tiny bottle of the complimentary hotel soap that came with every room. “I’m feeling reeeeaally DIRTY, baby.” I rubbed myself against him, the water still running down our entwined bodies as I pressed myself up against him and nibbled his ear seductively. “Clean me up a bit, won’t you?” I whispered as I pressed the bottle into his hand.

He undid the cap shakily, his hands quivering from excitement. I wrapped my arms around his back and arched my spine backwards away from him, pushing my breasts pointing straight out towards his face. He emptied the contents of the bottle onto my chest and I heard the empty bottle clatter to the floor as he placed both hands on me and slowly smoothed the slimy solution down my body and over my breasts, taking his time once more to massage those sex globes of mine so lovingly like he always loved doing. I writhed and moaned as he continued applying the soap all over me, working his way down to in between my thighs. And here he did something that was so sensual it made me cry out. He slipped a soapy finger deep into my pussy. The feeling of the soap burned the inside walls of my vagina and it hurt extremely bad for one instant then changed to an erotic pain that sent my body shuddering the very next. He played his finger around in me a little, soaping up the inside of my pussy real good before he pulled it out again.

“You wanted me to clean you out thoroughly, remember?” he said. “And your pussy is very, VERY dirty.”

I brought myself back up to face him and wrapped my body as tight as I could around his, squeezing my slimy boobs and his hard wet cock between our two bodies. He brought his hands around to my back and slowly started working his way down there too. When he reached my butt, he first applied the soap all over my gleaming buttocks then slapped my big ass hard a few times. An involuntary whimper escaped my lips at the rough contact and he stopped with some hesitance, unsure of whether he was hurting me.

“Don’t stop,” I gasped into his shoulder.

He spanked me again repeatedly with all his might, his smacks growing harder and harder with each spank. My whole body convulsed at each slap and I rocked back and forth in rhythm to the pain, ramming my hip bone into his cock which was getting more and more squashed between us. When he was done, my whole ass was red and raw and the hot water that washed over my sore skin caused it to burn further. I didn’t think it was possible but I actually grew hornier than before. I picked up a second bottle of soap.

“Now it’s your turn.” I told him.

I did the same, unscrewing the cap and pouring out the contents into the palm of one hand as he stood in front of me, his face twisting in agony as I rubbed my palms together to smooth out the soap between them. I smeared some across his chest and rubbed them slowly in circles, moving my way down to his abs and finally his fully erect cock. I took my time here, working my hands up and down faster and faster, lathering up his entire shaft. He groaned as I did my job, then surprised him by dropping to my knees and taking his soapy length into my mouth. A small cry escaped his lips as I pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, pushing it deeper into the back of my throat with each thrust. The feeling of his lubricated cock mixed with my hot saliva was as wonderful for him as it was for me. I stood up and he pulled me close to him.

“Now I’m going to fuck you like a dirty little slut,” he grunted into my ear.

He pushed me up against the shower stall and slipped his hand between my legs, forcing them open. He fingered my clit and rubbed me a little down there until I was practically begging him to get it over with already. He positioned his cock at my opening then pushed the entire length in. I gasped as it entered me, his still-soapy cock now buried deep into my soapier-still pussy. The effect was amazing. The fucking felt almost frictionless as he pumped harder and harder. I didn’t realise that I was screaming and it didn’t take long for me to explode, finally orgasming with his cock still wedged hard inside me. But he wasn’t done yet and continued fucking me till he was satisfied, then cummed inside me as I circled my hands around to his back and gripped his firm butt hard from behind, digging my fingernails into his ass and pulling him in closer towards me as he convulsed with the intensity of his sexual climax.

He pulled out of me and the two of us stood panting in each other’s arms as the water continued to run over us, washing away all our soapiness and filth. We slowly helped to clean each other off, making sure to stop and give a thorough cleansing at all the juicy bits and parts, using our mouths and tongues where necessary.

Being young and active teenagers with raging sexual hormones, you can pretty much guess that with all the nude fondling, the two of us already were beginning to feel up and at it for round two by the time we got to drying off. We took our time towel-drying each other. Jack worked his way from my hair to my breasts, where he paused to deliberately rub them till they felt sore, passing the tip of his tongue briefly over each nipple before continuing his journey downwards. Somehow, that small quick flick of his tongue aroused me more than his usual long sessions of sucking and biting as it only gave me a sneak peek of what was to come and left me longing for more. He then worked the towel down my abs and towards my thighs, where he took extra care in wiping each leg individually then dabbing at my pussy just enough to leave it still slightly wet and once more did his tongue-brushing trick across my clit that sent a fresh wave of shudders down my back.

I took the towel from him and returned the favour, stopping to give him love bites along the way as I dried him off. I was delightfully surprised that by the time I reached his cock, it was already throbbing and ready to go, erect and stone-hard as ever before. I wrapped it with the towel and yanked it gently and playfully, teasing him by jiggling my boobs in front of his face as he watched. I knew that was his weakness. He was about to dip his head back down into my cleavage and bury his face in between them when I pulled away and walked back out of the bathroom and into our room. He didn’t need to be told to follow.

I lay on the bed, my naked body still semi-dripping and raw in places, fully exposed. I spread my legs wide and he jumped up on the bed in between them, giving my pussy the licking of a lifetime. He played his tongue in and out of me till I was wet and I had to pull him upwards again. He kissed me, all the way from my stomach up to my breasts then to my neck and shoulders, taking his time and making things as sensual for me as possible. I groaned at the feel of his hot mouth all over my skin and I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in harder, pressing his monster cock up against by belly. He tuned us over so that he was now lying on the bed with me on top of him. I slithered down to his crotch and once again took his shaft into my mouth, sucking and kissing the entire length hungrily. With one hand, I gently brushed my fingertips against his balls, tickling them and playing with them till he squirmed in dirty pleasure. He gyrated his hips slightly in momentum to my thrusts, grabbing the hair at the back of my head and repeatedly pushing me in deeper to take in as much of him into my throat as I could. My pussy juices were already leaking down the side of my thigh and just as I was about on to beg him to fuck me, he himself grabbed me from underneath my armpits and lifted me up, positioning my pussy over his cock which was now pointing straight up, glistening with the combination of pre-cum and saliva. He slipped in and I moaned as he entered, the pleasure unbearable.

We rocked together in perfect momentum for a few minutes in this position, his grunts of concentration mixing with my horny groans and occasional demands to fuck me deeper or harder. “Baby, you feel so good.” I cried as he quickened his rhythm. It was not long before I felt my pussy walls contract around his cock, gripping it hard as I screamed another orgasm out of the way. I was done but he wasn’t. He obviously had other plans.

“I’m going to get you horny again and make you cum with me in you again.” He said, switching us into a lying position without removing his cock from my pussy. I was pretty sore but I admit that I wanted it badly so I let him have his way. We lay on our sides facing each other and he began to thrust into me again, groaning as he got my pussy wet all over again. He continued pumping hard then suddenly, with my legs still wrapped around his waist and his cock still inserted deep in me, he picked me up and walked across the room towards a table at the other side, rocking his hips gently and keeping my pussy well pleasured even as he moved. He placed me on the table which was the perfect height for him, just up to his hips, and sat me down in a comfortable enough position. He then grabbed my hips and pumped me hard against his throbbing cock and I screamed at the ecstasy he was causing me.

I placed my hands on his shoulders for support and threw my head back, dimly aware that he was observing my boobs bounce up and down with his thrusts in front of his face with an almost carnivorous glare. I removed one hand from around his shoulder and played with one breast, tweaking the nipple and pinching it hard so that it puckered up and swelled. For some reason, the sight of me molesting myself sent him wild and he pumped me harder, both our groans filling he room in unison.

I was about to cum again and I knew he was too. I wrapped my arms around his neck tight and pulled myself in towards him for support, screaming as we both cummed together. He filled me up for the second time that night, causing my pussy juices to drip all over the place. He finally pulled out of me and stood with one hand against the table, leaning to support himself as he panted next to me.

“I hope you weren’t expecting to sleep tonight. Or leave the room much tomorrow.” The cheeky glint in his eye told me that he had exactly what I did in mind.

“Not at all, baby. As far as I’m concerned, I’m your dirty, horny, slutty little sex slave for the rest of the weekend.”

“Good,” he replied in delight, rubbing my clit with his thumb and arousing it again. “Then I hope you’re ready for round three.”

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