I fumbled with my belt and zipper trying to quietly get my cock out with one hand while I tried to lower the crib gate with the other. I really need to put some WD40 on these hinges like the wife has been nagging me to do for weeks. The gate lowered and made a small crash sound. I froze and looked back behind me to make sure Kira, my 4 year old, was still sleeping. She was.

I glanced back down at the baby. So cute and chubby laying there on her back with her knees apart. I just wanted to get a quick taste, empty my load, and sneak back into bed before the wife wakes up. She hated when I stayed out drinking late with my buddies, but anything is better than hearing her nag all the damn time. I lifted the babies night gown up over her baby tits and quickly brushed over each nipple. Then I went straight for the diaper tabs. I got the right one off, steadily gripping my cock with my left hand. The tape on the left diaper tab made a slight snapping sound, the way tape sounds when it's coming un-stuck, then the diaper went loose. As I slowly unveiled the baby pussy, Kiras soft sweet voice became audible behind me.

"Daddy?" she said out into the darkness.
Whispering, I replied without turning around, "Yes honey, I was just giving sissy a kiss goodnight. Go back to sleep."
She whispered back, "Daddy how come you never kiss me goodnight?" a little bit of sadness in her voice.
My heart breaking a little, I stuffed my cock back in my pants and covered the opening with my shirt. I guess I won't get to have any fun tonight. Turning around, I said, "I'm sorry honey, I will kiss you goodnight more."
I walked over to her bed and as I did, she quickly laid down on her back, hoisted her butt in the air, and yaked her panties off! She splayed her knees and laid there smiling.
I was stopped dead in my tracks.
Had she seen me in the past playing with the baby late at night? Shit, I thought I was being so slick.
"I watched you before daddy, come kiss me."
I stood there dumbfounded for a second and then finally walked over to her.
"This has to be our little secret, ok?" I said.
"Ok Daddy"
With that, I kneeled down on my knees.
I was stunned that this was actually happening.
I grabbed her leg and swiveled her around so her pussy was right in front of me. I got my cock out of my pants and it was rock hard. There was some pre cum on the tip making my cock head glisten in the darkness. I gave it two long strokes.

I dove right in. I probably should've been more gentle, but my tongue was so hungry for her pussy juice. Her pussy was covered in my saliva in seconds. My tongue was going crazy on her slit and her pussy hole. I could taste her salty but sweet child liquid. My tongue found her tiny ass hole and I forced my tongue half way in, it cutting off the circulation in my tongue. I licked my finger and shoved it in her tiny pussy. It would only go half way in and I realized I was being way too rough. I looked up at Kira and she was wincing. I wiped my mouth,

"I'm sorry honey, I got too excited. You are just so delicious... I... I..."
I lowered my mouth and gently kissed her pussy all around.

"Daddy are you going to let me taste some of that stuff that comes out of your pee pee? The last time you kissed sissy goodnight I tasted it when you went to your room." She giggled. "I licked it off her cheek. It was good. I like it."
Shit I thought I was doing good at cleaning up after myself! Is she fucking seriously begging for my cum? This must be a dream!
"Yes baby, I will give you some of daddys juice."
She put her hands by her side and opened her mouth. I was in heaven!
I kneeled by her head and put my cock in her mouth. With my left hand I fingered her tiny slit.

She started sucking on my cock head and I felt like melting. I put my hand on the back of her head and slowly forced my cock deeper in her throat, gently fucking her mouth. My pre-cum was filling her mouth and making it so slippery and wet. Soon I was gently throat fucking her and fingering her pussy at the same time. I pushed her nightie up over her tits and I couldn't last any longer... I jammed my finger up her little cunt and I shoved my cock down her throat with a big thrust and started pumping my cum directly into her stomach. I could hear her cough and choke as my sperm filled her esophogus. I heard myself grunting with every spurt and tried to quiet myself as I unloaded in my 4 year old daughter. Instinctively, Kira began gulping the sperm down and sucking it right out of my cock.

My dick got soft in her suckling mouth. I caught my breath and looked down at Kira. Her eyes were closed, my cock shoved in her mouth, drooling with spit and sperm, her shirt up over her tits, and my hand splayed over her pussy. It was a beautiful sight.

I bent down and began licking my sperm off her face. I tongued her mouth and kissed her sloppily, still playing with her tiny pussy. After regaining oxygen, I eventually kissed her baby pussy goodbye and made it to my own bed, but with much reluctance.

I sure can't wait to go drinking with the boys again...

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awsome, i wish i could kiss your little daughter goodnite

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