This is the conclusion of the Peeping series. I would recommend reading the other parts first if you have not yet, but it is not necessary. If you do not like bi/gay, incest, or stories involving young, do not read.
The rest of the next day went by and soon it was bedtime. There was a strange vibe in the air, between myself and my older sister Kristen, and my mother’s boyfriend Brian. We all pretended everything was normal even though earlier that day Brian, my friend Matt, my sister and I had all fucked in an orgy. I wondered how much of this my beautiful mother knew about. I figured she probably knew my sister was sexually active, but what would she do if she knew that we were all fucking? I wanted to find out. I went up into my room and hung out there until everyone was in bed. My mother and Brian finally went into my mother’s bedroom, which was right below mine. They turned out the light and lay down. I snuck over to the heat vent once again and began to listen. I could hear them whispering back and forth. They teased each other and flirted for a while then the subject changed. Mother began to tease Brian about how he likes it in the ass. They joked about it then my mother said, “Did Kristen fuck your ass with the strap-on yet?”

My heart almost stopped. Brian responded, “A few times already, she is one sexy vixen, just like her mother. Damn. She screams so loud when she cums.”

“I would love to have sex with her. I just am not sure if she would be okay with it.” My mother said.

“She would love it baby,“ Brian whispered. “You could eat her pussy while I fucked her tight little ass.”

“You have fucked her ass? Did she make you suck the strap-on?” My mother asked.

“Yes, she let me fuck her ass, and she also made me suck that strap-on. She is a horny little fuck slut.”

“Mmmmm.” My mother moaned then she whispered to Brian, “I bet you would love to suck my son’s cock, and let him fuck your ass…….”

Brian moaned in response and soon all I could hear were the sounds of oral sex and then full on fucking. I stroked my cock as they fucked, listening to my own mother fucking the same cock that just earlier that day I had sucked and let fuck my tight 14 year old ass. Soon I came and they did as well and finally all was quite in the house.

The next morning I woke up to the sounds of muffled moaning. It was around nine in the morning. I got up out of bed, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. My teenage cock was hard as usual in the morning. I looked out my window and saw that both my mother and Brian were already gone for the day to work. The moaning continued. I left my room and followed the dull sounds across the hallway to my sister’s bedroom. I placed my ear to her door I could now hear a constant shuffling, no doubt the sounds of her masturbating.

I could not resist, I opened her door and walked in. She did not stop fingering her pussy when I entered. She looked up into my eyes. She was lying on her bed naked, her legs spread. She had one hand between her legs, rubbing her clitoris in quick circular motions. The other hand was cupping one other beautiful firm d-cup breasts, the fingers pinching her erect nipple. I said nothing. I pulled off my boxers and went over to the bed and knelt on it to position my head between her teenage legs. I kissed her thigh a bit and she stopped masturbating to grasp my head and bring it into her wanton pussy. I began to lick and suck on her clitoris. Her pussy was very wet and hot. With one of my hands I fingered her pussy to lubricate my fingers then I slipped my index finger into her tight asshole. I finger fucked my sisters ass while eating her pussy. She didn’t last long. Her legs began to violently quiver as she exploded into an orgasm. She began to scream and moan as her hips bucked with ecstasy. I got up while she was still cumming and quickly flipped her onto her belly. I mounted her from behind and slid my uncut cock into her pussy. She was now having multiple orgasms, her screaming was muffled because she was face down on her pillow. I only fucked her for a minute this way before I felt the urge to fuck my sisters tight ass like Brian had. I pulled my cock out of her and with one firm jab pierced it threw her asshole. She shook in pain as I began fucking her ass, I could feel her anus tightly clenching my cock, and after only a few thrusts she was bucking her hips with pleasure. I began to feel my climax coming on. As I began to have my orgasm I buried my 5 ½ inch cock as deep as I could into her and pumped rope after rope of cum into her ass. She moaned and milked my cock dry with her ass. I pulled out and we laughed a bit. I told her about mom and Brian’s discussion last night. She told me to bring Matt over at six in the evening, and that she, Brian, Jena and her new boyfriend Dave would be ready for some fun. She said Jena had a surprise for us so she would be late.

About half passed 3 I went over to Matt’s house and told him what was going on. His cock was hard before I was even done listing off the people that were going to be there. Matt and I spent a couple of hours playing video games then we got cleaned up and left. We crossed the street to my place. Brian’s car was there, so was Jena’s boyfriends’. We entered the house and went into the living room. Brian sat in a recliner naked stroking his hard cock while watching my sister Kristen who was on her knees sucking Dave’s huge 9” uncut cock. Dave was a tall athletic black teenager; he jumped when he saw us enter. My sister pulled his cock out of her mouth, and laughed, “Don’t worry; they are here to fuck too.” She then went back to sucking his cock. On the coffee table in the living room there was a few bottles of lubrication, a box of tissues, and Brian’s ass toy collection which had several butt plugs and dildos. Matt and I undressed, both our cocks already hard. I went over to Brian and began sucking his 8” cock while playing with his balls. Matt knelt down beside my sister and began caressing her ass, she was still wearing panties but other than that she was naked. Matt snuck one hand into her panties and began playing with my sister’s teenage pussy while she still sucked Dave’s cock. Matt grasped one of her breasts with his other hand, he rolled her erect nipple between his fingers. Soon Matt had Kristen’s panties down around her knees and he was finger fucking her pink pussy.

I continued enjoying sucking on Brian’s rock hard cock until he pulled it out of my mouth and stood up. He grabbed the large butt plug and some lube from the table and he handed them to me. I knew exactly what he wanted. I lubed up the plug and my fingers. I slipped one then two fingers into Brains shaved asshole. I finger fucked his ass eventually using three fingers then I placed the plug at the entrance of his man hole. I pushed it in slowly until his ass finally swallowed it. He then turned around and bent me over the end of the couch. He knelt behind me and began licking my asshole while he jerked me off. His warm tongue felt great as it swirled around my young sphincter, after a while Brian began to stick his tongue into my ass. I looked over at the others, Matt now was finger fucking my sister with two fingers in her teenage pussy and one finger in her asshole.

Dave was moaning a lot, he had his hand on the back of my sister’s head, forcing her to swallow the entirety of his cock down her throat. Dave began to say he was cumming; my sister pulled his big cock out of her mouth and told him that he had to wait. Kristen the stood up and told Matt to lie down on the floor on his back. Matt did as my sister instructed, his 5” hard penis sticking up into the air. Kristen grabbed the lubrication and slathered some onto Matt’s erection. My sister then grabbed Dave’s hand and brought him over to Matt and told him to sit down on him. Dave squatted over Matt, he grabbed Matt’s penis to line it up with his rectum as he knelt. Dave slid Matt’s small cock into his ass and began gently rocking up and down, fucking his cock cowgirl style. Kristen now knelt over Matt’s face, lowering her wet pussy onto his mouth. Matt began sucking and licking on Kristen’s clitoris. She moaned in response. Now she and Dave’s faced each other, both of them on Matt. They began to French kiss while rocking on Matt, Dave grabbed both of her huge breasts and groped them.

My attention was broken from the spectacle of my sister and Dave riding on Matt as Brian stopped rimming me and stood up. I felt his warm plump glands sliding up and down my ass crack. My ass needed his big cock in it. As Brian slid his flesh pipe into my tight ass I noticed someone peeking into the living room through the window. I quickly realized that it was Jena’s younger sister Mandy. This day just kept getting better. I gasped as Brian buried the full length of his cock into my ass. Brian started slowly pumping my ass. Mandy was still watching what was going on, I could see her also glancing over to Matt, Kristen and Dave as well. Soon Brian was pounding my ass hard as I moaned to the sensations of pleasure and pain that rolled through my body.

I looked into Mandy’s young eyes and motioned for her to come in. She disappeared from the window and soon after walked into the living room. Everyone stopped when Mandy walked into the room. Her diminutive 11 year old body was covered in a cute white dress. I told her that we all wanted to play with her, and then I told her to take off her clothes. Everyone in the room watched as Mandy pulled her dress over her head and threw it onto the floor. She then pulled off her little white panties revealing her beautiful pre-pubescent body, her flat chest’s little nipples already erect.

Brian pulled his cock out of my ass and we both welcomed Mandy and brought her over to the couch. My sister, Matt and Dave began fucking again. Brian laid Mandy down on her back one end of the couch and spread her young legs. Mandy looked at me with the smile of a vixen. Brian wasted no time and buried his head in between her legs leaving his ass up in the air, just like he did with my mother. He began to eat her bald pussy, Mandy giggled for the first few minutes then she began to moan with pleasure. I lubricated my cock and knelt behind Brian lining my cock up with the height of his ass. I pulled the butt plug out of his ass and began to fuck him with it. I could hear his muffled whimpers from between Mandy’s legs. After a few dozen pumps, I put the plug aside and thrust my hard cock into his ass. I began fucking his ass as he continued to eat Mandy’s pussy. From across the room I heard Matt start to cry in orgasmic pleasure. After Matt’s cries subsided Dave slowly stood up, with Matt’s cum dripping out of his ass. My sister also got up. She slapped Matt in the face and said, “You little bitch, I didn’t want you to cum yet.” She then pulled him up off the floor and walked him over to the coffee table. She bent him over the table and grabbed the strap-on. Kristen buckled the strap-on onto her waist and lubricated it. She then rammed it into Matt’s tight rectum. Matt cried out in pain as my sister fucked his ass. Dave grabbed my mother’s purple dildo and shoved it into Matt’s mouth. He then grabbed one of Brian’s bigger dildos and lubricated it. He walked over to me and began fucking my ass with it. The dildo was the thickest think I had ever had in my ass. I pain was intense for a minute but then it was pure pleasure. After a few minutes I felt something different in my ass, it was Dave’s big black cock. Dave fucked my ass hard while I fucked Brian’s.

We continued on like this for another few minutes and then we heard the kitchen door open. A few seconds later we saw Jena enter the room with my mother. Jena guided my mother into the room holding her hand because my mother was wearing a blind fold. My mother was wearing a tight business skirt with a sexy blouse that showed off her ample cleavage. Her legs were wrapped in fishnet stockings. Jena whispered something into my mother’s ear then she removed her jean shorts and tank top revealing her sexy 15 year old body and firm b-cup breasts. Jena then undressed my mother leaving her with nothing on but the garter belt, stockings, and the blindfold. My mother’s large D-cup breasts already had hard nipples. Then Jena led my mother over to the love seat and sat her down on it. Dave then stopped fucking my ass and went over to kiss Jena.

My sister Kristen pulled the strap on out of Matt’s ass and replaced it with a butt plug. She went over to our mother and stepped up onto the cushions of the love seat and then lowered her pussy into our mother’s face, leaving the strap on in place, Kristen held it’s dildo up and used her other hand to spread open the two leather straps that wrapped around her pussy lips. Mom grabbed Kristen’s ass, not knowing whose it was and began eating her teenage pussy. I decided to join my sister. As I walked past the coffee table I grabbed the medium butt plug and stuck it into my ass, then I went over to my mother and knelt in front of her. I spread her mature legs and began eating her pussy. I could not believe I was pleasing the same pussy that gave birth to me. As I ate her pussy I began fingering her ass. Our mother moaned with pleasure as she unknowingly was being sexually used by her children. Matt lay down on the floor and watched all of this while he stroked his cock. Jena and Dave went over to Matt and Dave helped Matt up and then he got behind Matt and began rubbing his cock head between Matt’s ass cheeks. Dave slid is huge cock into Matt’s ass, it was the biggest cock Matt had ever had in his ass. Dave began to fuck Matt’s ass. Jen knelt in front of Matt and took his cock into her mouth. Mandy watched all of this as Brian continued to lick her bald pussy. Brian stopped for a minute to grab a small anal wand and lubricated it. He then slid it into Mandy’s virgin asshole and went back to eating her pussy. Before long Mandy began to whimper more and more until her body began to shudder as she burst into an orgasm. The sound of Mandy crying out in pleasure put my sister Kristen over the edge causing her to climax as well. As Kristen climaxed she cried out, “Ooooohhhhhh, fuck yess…….oooooh eat me, yes, eat my fucking pussy, ooooohhhhhh, yes, yes, eat my pussy mother…….”

After Kristen’s orgasm toned down she stood up and pushed me out of the way in a sex frenzy. She ripped the blind fold off of our mother and began fucking her pussy with the strap-on. Mom pulled me towards her; I stood on the love seat and straddled my mother lining my cock up with her mouth. She began sucking her own son’s uncircumsized teenage cock while her teenage daughter fucked her with a strap on. This put my ass right in front of my sister’s face, soon I felt her tongue licking then fucking my ass.

Jena stopped sucking Matt’s cock and bent over in front of him to let him fuck her ass. Matt jammed his penis into Jena’s ass while Dave still fucked Matt’s ass with his 9” black cock. Mandy was still cumming when Brian laid down on his back on the couch, his 8” uncut cock standing in the air. He pulled Mandy onto him and slowly set her down cowgirl style onto his cock. Brian’s big cockhead met a lot of resistance as it parted her little bald pussy lips and slid into her tight pink tunnel. Brian held Mandy by the hips and began rocking her up and down onto his cock, Mandy’s ass still clenching and holding the small anal toy in it’s place. Dave started saying he was cumming soon. Jena told him not to. Dave pulled his cock out of Matt’s ass and began to French kiss Jena again. Matt went over to join Brian and Mandy. Now Mandy was lying down on Brian as he fucked her with short fast thrusts. Matt straddled Mandy’s ass and pulled the anal wand out. He finger fucked her butthole for a minute then he pierced her tight little virgin ass and began fucking her.

Jena lay down on the coffee table and Dave began fucking her pussy with his big cock. Now that Mandy was taking it in both her pussy and ass she began to cum again. This drove my mother over the top. She spit my cock out of her mouth and began to buck and convulse as she erupted into an orgasm. She called out for me to fuck her pussy. Kristen pulled the strap on out of our mother stood aside. I laid down on top of my mother and began fucking her pussy with my cock. My sister Kristen got behind me and pulled the butt plug out of my ass and began fucking it with the strap on. Dave began to cum, he pulled his cock out of Jena’s hot pussy and sprayed load after load of cum onto Jena’s pussy and firm teenage breasts. My mother began to cum again and I felt my own orgasm building as my mother shook with pleasure. Dave got between Jena’s legs and began eating her cum soaked pussy until she burst into an orgasm. Matt began to cum again shooting his load into Mandy’s virgin ass. He pulled out and Brian quickly laid Mandy down on the couch on her back. Brian began to fuck Mandy’s innocent pussy hard and fast as he erupted inside of her, shooting hot cum out of his big cock into Mandy’s pink pussy. Now everyone was moaning and screaming as they came. I grasped my mother’s breasts and began to cum into the same pussy that conceived me while my sexy teenage sister fucked my ass with a strap-on. I shot load after load into my mother’s pussy. After I shot the last load my mother kissed me on the lips and told me how much she loved me and my sister.

The rest of the summer only got hotter. We had several more orgies, bringing Mandy’s friend Tanner over as well as Jake. My mother and Brian ended up getting Married, My sister and Jena gave up on men and eventually became lovers and went off to college together. Years later Matt ended up becoming gay and moved away. Mandy and I continued to have flings, eventually when I was in college we became serious and later got married and had two kids. But that is a whole different story about peeping…….

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I wasn't a fan of the ending but I truely LOVED the rest 100% on the story!Except the ending....15% on the ending -.-

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amazing story but mandy was only 11 and i thought that was wrong but the rest was fuckin awsome

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Wow ! Awesome ending to an awesome series. I didn't have high expectations seeing the rating was 70%, when all the other installments were rated in the high 80's. But after reading it I knew the ratings were off, this is one of the best installments!!

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