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Chapter 3

“Come on, Dave,” Jane said, grabbing her cousin’s hand and pulling him toward the bedroom she shared with her sister so fast he was actually stumbling down the hall. “You really don’t want to keep two girls waiting when they’re as horny as we are.”

“Slow down,” Dave begged, “give me a chance to get my clothes off before you pull me into bed with you.”

“He does have a point, Jane,” Kim said with a chuckle. “It is hard to fuck if we’re still dressed.”

“That is a good point,” Jane agreed, letting go of Dave’s hand reaching for her halter top. Dave was surprised to see how fast both of his cousin’s stripped out of their clothes. Even before he knew what was happening Kim had tossed her bikini top, Daisy Duke’s, and pink panties onto the livingroom couch and was standing straight, her boobs dancing from her exercise before Jane dropped her bright red panties to the carpet.

“What’s taking you so long, Dave,” Jane giggled, “it was your idea to get undressed so we could start fucking.”

“Ah, yeah. That was my idea,” Dave said with a slight stutter, grabbing his t-shirt by the collar and pulled it over his head. It wasn’t easy but Dave managed to keep his eyes on Jane’s naked body, especially her bald wet pussy lips as they quivered in anticipation of the cock about to slide between them.

Dave’s cock was so hard by the time he reached for his pants that he had trouble getting them off but once his boxers joined the rest of his clothes on the floor.

“About time,” Kim said, pushing her cousin toward the bedroom she shared with her younger sister. When Dave saw Jane rush ahead of them and duck into the bedroom he didn’t bother holding back but ran for the door faster than Kim could push him. As fast as he was Jane still managed to reach the bedroom ahead of Dave and by the time he stepped into the bedroom his younger cousin was on the bed with her legs spread in obvious welcome.

“You should know better than to keep a girl waiting, Dave,” Jane said, spreading her legs even further to give her cousin a clear view of the redish brown fuzz at the top of her otherwise bald slit.

“I’m just enjoying the view,” Dave said with a silly grin on his face while Kim pushed him toward the bed and her sister’s drooling pussy.

“Well stop enjoying the view and start enjoying my cunt around your cock,” Jane snapped, “I want you inside me right now.”

“Don’t you want me to lick your pussy first?”Dave asked, kneeling between his cousin’s open thighs.

“Are you kidding?” Jane chuckled, “I’m so horny right now that I’ll cum for sure if you touch my slit with your tongue or anything else. But I don’t want to cum until you shove your hard cock into my belly.”

“How can I refuse a hot little slut when she asks me to do something like that?” Dave asked Kim with a crooked grin.

“Stop talking and do it,” Kim said, dropping her naked ass down on her sister’s bed so the springs creaked under her weight. “I just wish I had a camera so I could take pictures of your first fuck.”

“I’d love to have pictures of our first fuck,” Jane said. “Kim why don’t you go get dad’s camera? “

”I would if I knew where he keeps it,” Kim sighed. “Do you have any idea where he keeps the camera?”

“No, I don’t,” Jane said with obvious disappointment. “I guess we’ll just have our memories - though I’m sure Dave will enjoy having another pair of panties for his memories and collection.”

“Sounds good to me,” Dave said, bringing the tip of his cock up against his cousin’s drooling slit running it up and down along her pussy lips. “But I think I’d enjoy pictures too, maybe next time?”

“If you’re fishing for another chance to fuck us after today you should know better, Dave,” Kim chuckled.

“That’s right, cousin,” Jane chipped in, “our bedroom - and out pussies - will always be open for you and your cock.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Dave said with a grin, looking down at where his cock leaked pre-cum down his youngest cousin’s slit. “So why don’t we get this fuck started?”

“Good idea,” Jane said, locking her legs around Dave’s legs and pulling him closer so the head of his cock popped into her tight pussy. “Now push the rest of your cock into my pussy and fuck me until you fill me up with your cum and knock me up just like you did Kim.”

“You told her?” Dave asked.

“She’s my sister, Dave. Of course I told her,” Kim told her cousin before she turned to speak to Jane.

“We’re not sure that Dave knocked me up yet,” Kim pointed out. “I hope he did, but just to be sure I plan to keep fucking him until my pants start getting tight.”

“And I’ll be fucking him when you aren’t, even after my pants starting tight,” Jane said with a grunt as Dave shoved his whole cock into her preteen pussy until his balls bounced off her naked ass.

“Sounds like my cock and I are going to be busy,” Dave said, swiveling his cock around in Jane’s tight slit until the sleeve of her pussy clamped tight around his shaft and his cousin screamed in pleasure. Dave gritted his teeth and fought against the urge to shoot his whole wad into Jane’s fertile womb while her pussy tried to milk the cum out of his shaft. Somehow Dave managed to resist the best effort’s of his cousin’s cunt to milk the baby juice right out of his prick.

“Oh God, Jane, your pussy is so tight I’m going to cum already,” Dave gasped.

“Don’t you dare,” Jane said, squeezing his cock so hard it hurt and distracted him just as he was about to shoot his load. “Now you fuck me properly until I cum again on your cock, is that clear, Dave.”

“Crystal clear, Jane,” Dave gasped when his cousin’s pussy released his shaft so he could start thrusting his cock in and out of the preteen’s tight wet slit, stroking the shaft across his cousin’s clit every time he entered her cunt.

“Sorry, Dave,” Kim said, stroking her own pussy with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other hand while she watched her cousin fuck her little sister. “I guess I should have warned you about the strength and control Jane has in her cunt muscles. I probably should have warned you that she likes to cum at least twice every time she fucks someone too.”

“Those things would have been nice to know,” Dave growled with pleasure as he enjoyed the feel of Jane’s slit around his cock. “But now that I do know I’ll do my best to give you what you want, Jane.”

“Including a baby of my own?” Jane asked hopefully. “You do know I want your baby just as much as Kim does, right?”

“You’ve made that pretty clear,” Dave chuckled, “and I promise to do my best if that’s what you really want.”

“Oh, I want it all right,” Jane groaned as her cunt muscles milked the full length of her cousin’s cock and she felt her second orgasm starting to build between her belly and her clit. “And you’re doing a good job with my second cum.”

“I am learning,” Dave gasped, “after all, this is only my second fuck.”

“In that case you’re a fast learner,” Jane panted, her orgasm building with every stroke of her cousin’s cock. “When I started fucking it took me almost two months before I stopped cumming every time I got a cock in my pussy. Now I’m able to hold it and enjoy the buildup as long as I want.”

“I don’t think you should hold off your orgasm this time, Jane,” Kim said. “I don’t think Dave’s up to another one of your cum stopping squeezes.”

“I know that,” Jane gasped, her belly starting to quiver with her approaching orgasm. “Just hold out for a few more seconds and we’ll cum together, Dave.”

“I’m trying,” Dave panted, “but I don’t think I can hold out any longer, in fact here I cum now.”

Dave managed one last thrust, burying his cock as deep as it could go in Jane’s pussy and holding it there while his balls squeezed five wads of his baby juice through his shaft and into the horny girl’s fertile womb.

“I can feel your cum inside me, Dave,” Jane screamed. “Just knowing that you’re really trying to knock me up is enough to make me cum too.”

Jane’s pussy clamped tight around Dave’s cock again, but this time it didn’t hurt, in fact his cousin’s cunt seemed to be milking every drop of his cum out of him while giving him as much pleasure as possible with every squeeze. Dave looked down at his youngest cousin and gave her a contented smile, “Thank’s, Jane, that was great.”

“It sure was,” Jane sighed. “It was so good I forgot all about switching to doggy style before you came in my pussy.”

“Why doggy style?” Dave asked in confusion.

“Don’t tell me you actually believe that old wives tale,” Kim put in before Jane could answer. Dave turned to Jane’s sister and realized that the older girl was still stroking her red furred pussy.

“What old tale is that?” Dave asked.

“Some people think that it’s easier to get pregnant if you fuck doggy style,” Kim sighed, “but there’s no proof.”

“There may not be any proof,” Jane sniffed, “but it there’s any chance that it will work better I’ll try it. Besides, I like doggy style.”

“I know you do,” Kim said, watching Dave’s limp cock slide out of her sister’s cum filled slit and licking her lips in anticipation, “but you enjoy other positions too.”

“Jane,” Kim continued, “it’s going to be a few minutes before Dave’s cock is in any shape for my fuck, do you want me to eat your pussy while we wait?”

“Oh no you don’t,” Jane said with a warning growl. “I’m not going to let you lick even one drop of Dave’s cum out of my pussy, it all stays there where it belongs.”

“Ok, I promise not to do anything with your pussy, but what if I eat your clit and you eat my pussy until Dave’s ready to fuck me?”

“That sounds good,” Jane said with a nod. “Let me shift around so my pussy is toward the head of the bed, that way your cunt will be facing the other end so Dave can reach it as soon as he’s ready for another fuck.”

“Good thinking, Jane,” Kim said, waiting for her sister so shift around on the bed before she straddled the younger girl’s face.

“So what do I do while the two of you eat each other out?” Dave asked, trying to stroke some life back into his limp cock.

“You sit back and enjoy the show until you’re ready to join in,” Kim said, pointing to her own bed where Dave would have a clear view of the two sisters.

“And if you want to join in before your cock’s ready you could always play with our tits, or give our pussies and asses a good licking until you’re hard enough to stick your cock in Kim’s slit.”

“Sounds like we’re all going to have fun,” Dave said with a grin as he dropped his bare ass onto Kim’s bed, he lifted his feet up on the bed and slowly stroked his limp cock back to life. Since his cock was still coated with a mixture of Jane’s pussy juice and his own cum Dave occasionally raised his hand to his mouth and licked it clean while he watched the scene.

Kim was good to word and kept her mouth away from Jane’s cum filled slit, licking, sucking, and nibbling her sister’s erect clit until the younger girl was squirming with pleasure every time her sister touched her sensitive little button. In spite of own pleasure Jane managed to give Kim even better than she received, licking her sister’s drooling slit and sucking on her juicy pussy lips until the older girl’s whole body was quivering with her own approaching orgasm.

Dave held off as long as he could but his cock was just starting to react when he decided he just had to get into the act. He bounced out of Kim’s bed and hoped across the space to Jane’s bed where he slid across the covers on his back so he could reach Kim’s nearest breast. When Kim realized what her cousin was trying to do she shifted her body just enough to free her tit so Dave could suck on her distended nipple while he used one hand to squeeze her breast. With the other hand Dave managed to reach between Jane’s quivering thighs until he reached her cum filled pussy and used his fingers to push his sperm back into her hole and then sliding two fingers in and out of her cunt lips.

It was obvious to Dave that his two cousin’s were enjoying themselves as much as he was and by the time they both jerked and spasmed their way through two orgasms he realized that his cock had gotten hard while he’d enjoyed playing with their bodies. With prick ready for action Dave reluctantly pulled himself away from Kim’s tit and Jane’s pussy and scooted down the comforter to the end of the bed.

Dave placed his knees on the edge of the bed and looked down at Jane’s smiling face when she took her lips away from Kim’s drooling pussy to say, “Looks like someone’s about to be fucked doggy style.”

Kim’s reply was muffled by her sister’s cunt but Dave couldn’t help but chuckle when Kim spread her knees to give him a clear view of her inverted slit as her pussy juice oozed out from between her lips. Dave also noticed Kim’s puckered ass hole and he couldn’t help but wonder if his cousin’s ass would feel as good around his cock as her pussy did.

“I know what you’re thinking, Dave,” Jane said, looking up at him from between Kim’s thighs, “but you can’t go there yet, not until Kim knows she’s pregnant. Now come on and put that baby maker where it belongs, I’ll even help you.”

As good as her word Jane reached up to grip his cock and pulled it down to her mouth so she could lick it, coating the shaft from root to tip with her slippery saliva. Jane placed the tip of Dave’s cock against her sister’s swollen pussy lips, “Now shove it in and knock the horny slut up!” Jane told her cousin.

Dave gave Jane a quick nod and shoved his cock as deep as it could go in Kim’s tight hot pussy. As soon as Kim’s cunt muscles wrapped around his cock Dave couldn’t help but notice that her pussy was tighter than Jane’s, but she didn’t have the cunt muscle control that her younger sister had. Dave wondered if that was because Jane was more experienced than her older sister. Either way both of his cousin’s had something special when it came to fucking.

While Dave slid his cock in and out of Kim’s juicy pussy Jane’s tongue slid back and forth between her sister’s engorged clit and her cousin’s balls whenever they swung into range. The extra stimulation of Jane’s tongue was enough to push Dave close to the edge faster than he expected but he managed to grit his teeth and keep going until Kim’s body jerked and shivered while her cunt muscles clamped tight around her cousin’s prick.

With a loud groan of pain and pleasure Dave pushed his cock as deep as it could go in Kim’s slit and shot five wads of cum deep in the teenager’s fertile belly. “Wow,” Jane said, licking the cum that oozed out of her sister’s pussy around Dave’s imbedded cock. “If I didn’t know better I’d say that you want to impregnate Kim as much as she wants to get knocked up.”

“You could be right,” Dave panted, wiping the sweet from his brow while he tried to squeeze one last drop of cum from his balls with Jane’s help. When Dave pulled his limp cock out of his cousin’s pussy he slid to the floor and tried to stand on legs so weak that his knees almost gave out on him.

Kim and Jane rolled to their sides still locked together and Dave managed to stumble back to Kim’s bed to collapse bonelessly on the covers. “Thank you, Dave,” Kim mumbled happily. “Every drop of your cum gets me that much closer to having a baby.”

“No, thank you, Kim, for everything,” Dave sighed wearily. “For taking my cheery, for fucking me, and for showing me how much I want you - both of you - to have my baby.”

“Now be careful, Jane,” Kim told her sister. “I kept my promise and didn’t eat any of Dave’s cum from your pussy, now I want you to return the favor.”

“Not a drop,” Jane promised.

“So, Dave,” Jane said, turning to look at her cousin’s limp form on the other bed, “how long do you think it will be before you’re ready to go again?”

“Too long,” Dave sighed, “that last fuck took everything I had. I just hope I recover enough to head home before my parents get suspicious.”

“You’re still young, you’ll recover,” Kim chuckled. “In fact with enough practice three cums a day will be nothing.”

“Right,” Dave muttered.

Before Kim or Jane could respond all three of them heard the front door open and a man call out, “I’m home! Kim, Jane, Dave? I saw your bikes out in the garage so I know you’re here.”

“We’re in our bedroom, daddy,” Jane called through the bedroom’s closed door.

“Jane, are you crazy?” Dave hissed at his youngest cousin. “What happens if your dad walks in here and sees us like this?”

“Relax, Dave,” Kim told her cousin.

Dave started to ask what Kim meat but the bedroom door opened before he could do more than open his mouth. Dave held his breath, waiting for the explosion when his Uncle Ted stuck his head into his daughters’ bedroom and looked around. It was clear to Dave that his uncle took in everything but he was surprised by the satisfied smile that crossed the older man’s face before he gave his nephew a firm nod.

“Good job, Dave,” Uncle Ted said. “About time those two horny daughters of mine had their way with you. When you’re ready why don’t you come out to the livingroom and we’ll talk.”

“What just happened,” Dave asked, staring at the door his uncle had left open. “I thought for sure your dad would explode when he saw us like this. Actually he should have exploded when he saw all our clothes scattered around the livingroom.”

“Why would he explode?” Jane asked in obvious confusion.

“I guess we forgot to tell you, Dave,” Kim chuckled. “Who do you think’s been fucking Jane for the last six months? I told you that I watched Jane fuck every night for the last six months, did you think she was sneaking her boyfriend past our parents all that time?”

“What about your mom?” Dave asked, “does she know?”

“Who do you think taught us to eat pussy?” Jane snickered. “Maybe you better go out to the livingroom if you’re going to have a chance to talk to dad before you have to go home.”

“Good idea,” Dave said, sitting up in bed and taking a deep breath before he stood up. “Do you think your dad will give me a chance to get dressed before we talk?”

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