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Something I have always dreamed about, with many girls that I know. Please rate and comment.
In the flight terminal I looked around. There were rows of chairs, some with people in them, some without. Directly in front of me, a mother comforted her young child who was scared by the new environment, behind that a man was sleeping. It was near supper time so this puzzled me.

It was my first time flying alone. I was going to Hawaii to meet up with my grandparents, who retired there. My mother thought it would be a lesson to learn, and since I was already 17 I thought I could handle it. Now that I was actually living it, it was rather frightening. I continued scanning the crowd.

All of a sudden an emotion that felt like I was about to throw up my heart hit me as I recognized one of the girls in the terminal with me. It was Cassandra, (or Cassy for short) a girl of the dreams that you never want to wake up from. She was a girl in my class, and a girl in a league so far from my own that would have to pay money just to hear about it.

She had gorgeous wavy chocolate brown hair that never seemed out of place, perky smile, and perfect perky boobs to go with it. Her bubbly, happy, wacky, ever-so-perfect personality was nothing like those bitches at school that she hung out with. When she bent down to get something out of her suitcase I caught a glimpse of the perfect ass that haunted my sub-conscious. She was the girl that one lays in bed crying, thinking about what they would do to even hold her hand.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I watched every graceful movement that hypnotized me into a trance I never wanted broken. She had the posture of a queen, and the face carved by angels. Everything I had ever wanted slipped away into a starry floating dream that was this girl.

The flight was called and I watched her get up and I made sure I was far enough behind her in the line that I could still see her, but not close enough so that she would recognize me. Everything that was worrying me before about the airport seemed to disappear and I went smoothly through the line, and before I knew it I was on the plane, standing beside my seat.

To my dismay she was 2 rows behind me so I wouldn’t get to see her the entire flight, unless I faked going to the bathroom. I then reflected that I may not need to fake it, with the 11 hour flight ahead of me.

Everything then happened as usual. I watched the luggage get tossed onto the plane, we pushed off of the gate, and taxied to our run-way. The flight tower gave us the all clear and we took off. As we levelled out in the heavens stewardess gave out small tastes of snacks, and a cupful of the soda of your desire. I wondered to myself what Cassy was getting. Pulling out the iPod in which I had put into my carry-on, I moved the seat back the inch it allowed and plugged into my headphones, drifting off into a sleep that was filled with the flawlessness that sat just 10 feet from me.

I awoke to turbulence and screams of fear. The plane was a different one that I had fallen asleep to, with the oxygen masks suddenly everywhere and the crying and the praying that the terror. I could see what was left of the engine out my side window, and the ever so quickly approaching water that seemed to innocently sparkle behind it. My thoughts were immediately on Cassy. It seems immensely unfair of the beauty and innocence to be so violently taken out of this world of hate, but I told myself not to jump to conclusions. I fumbled with the oxygen mask, as I knew I would soon be in a place that would have none. I glanced out the window one final time, and braced for incoming death.

What happened to the plane was what would happen if your can opener used a pneumatic drill to get you your beans or tomato sauce. The plane had hit at a slight angle, and was torn to shreds in the front. I was thrown into the seat in front of me and the windows burst simultaneously as if they had done it on purpose. Metal flew everywhere, and I watched a jagged piece the wall that had once protected me cut into my leg. Then it was freezing. Water enveloped everything.

Somehow I had managed to stay conscious through the entire performance, something that was not commonly shared with the rest of the audience. People all around me it seemed had been knocked out by the initial impact, and were being swallowed by the unholy coldness that was the Pacific Ocean. I couldn’t even see the people in the front, and I realized the irony of them paying extra to be up there. My thoughts were again on Cassy. I looked back to see her one last time before I died and I saw that she too was unconscious like everyone else. I then also saw a gaping hole beside her, from which sunlight was creeping in and dancing off her face.

It was either the sheer beauty of her, or the shock of the crash, that took me a second to realize that that hole was freedom. I took my seat beat off and climbed over the seats to reach her. I paused for a second, as this would be the first time I would really touch a girl, but got right back at undoing her seatbelt that so unfairly held her in. Adrenaline does amazing things to a person’s strength, because I had somehow managed to heave her over my shoulder and jump out the few feet there was to the water.

Luggage, dead bodies, and seats were floating everywhere, and I could hear someone scream from inside, but I couldn’t care less. I had Cassy and that all I wanted. The plane sunk surprisingly fast, before I knew it the tail wing was all that showed. I lay Cassy’s unconscious body on some floating debris. I had to protect her, was all I could think about. I don’t know why, but I started swimming, pushing her in front of me.

For what seemed like hours I did this, until I could see the faint outline of an island ahead. I pushed her onto the island set her on the beach, and passed out.

I awoke for the second time that day, only this time it was to an infinitely better situation. There was Cassy, standing in all her gloriousness above me. She smiled with such relief in her eyes as she watched mine open. All of a sudden she was crying and hugging me. I didn’t know what I had done to her to make her cry, but all I wanted was to make it better. I hugged her back. Then it hit me. I was hugging her back. She was hugging me and I was hugging her back. Never had I imagined something like this. I think I was in shock again.

When she calmed down she lifted the trance with her body and looked at me and whispered with such sweetness, “Thank you.” I didn’t know what to do, so my mom and dad kicked in and I said, “Your welcome.” She started laughing, and the melodic tune of that laughter made me happier then ever before in my entire life. I joined in. When we had both finished she stated, “I know what you did for me, I saw what you brought me on. What happened to everyone else?” Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, but also not wanting to deny her anything, a looked back at the ocean and told her, “They all died I guess.” “Oh God!” she gasped, covering her mouth with her hand, “how did this happen?” “I don’t know,” I said, “but I’m so glad you’re alive.” The look on her face made me realize that I had spoken out loud, and I quite quickly changed the subject. “So why were you going to Hawaii?” “It was a present from my mom and dad,” she said, “I was going to meet them there.”

We small talked for a little while, but soon realized that we would have accept the fact that we didn’t know where we were. She told me that I was out cold for quite a while, and that she hadn’t seen anything else from the plane. I had heard once that the best think to do right away was figure out if it was actually an island by walking around the perimeter. Soon her stomach growled and I the walk around the island could wait for supper.

Since I didn’t know what was going to be beyond the trees I stepped in carefully. A tree with what looked like mangos was just inside and I climbed up and dropped some to her. We both ate in silence as we were both very hungry, and these fruits soon quenched both hunger and thirst. We grabbed a few more mangos and continued our walk. It wasn’t long before we reach where our footprints started. I then realized that I had the most beautiful girl in the whole world all to myself. Maybe that hug was just the start of it.

Night was falling and I suggested making a camp and a fire. “How will we make a fire?” she enquired. I pulled a lighter that I had in my pocket, which I had snuck onto the plane. “I never thought that this would be so handy!” I exclaimed.

After we had made a fire on the beach, it started getting surprisingly cold. I gave her my hoodie, and she snuggled up against me. I was in pure bliss. We started talking about our families, and who we missed. She looked very sad when she talked about her mom. I leaned over and gave her a kiss. I had never kissed anyone before, and I think it topped the hug. I put my hand on her side. She grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. It took me a second to register what had happened, and when it did I froze. She just pushed herself on top of me when she felt my lips stop moving. Her hand travelled down my chest, and onto my crotch. My dick immediately figured out what was happening and sprung to attention. It seemed to be the only part of me that actually could function.

She broke the kiss and looked down at me and said, “I don’t know why you saved me, or what we are doing here, but I want to give you the best night of your life before we die.”

I didn’t know we were planning on dying, but I was in no mood to protest what was happening. Her other hand joined the first one, and they worked together at my button to the jeans I was wearing. They started to slip away and I felt the ocean air hit my skin. I felt something else touch my skin, but this was warm and feminine. Her head started lowering and before I knew what was happening, warm moist ecstasy was around my penis. That fact that all this touching was completely new to me, and that I couldn’t have picked a better partner, made that feeling turn even crazier as I exploded my manliness into her. She milked it dry, swallowed, and looked up at me. Out of nowhere she said, “I’m completely new to this, was that ok?”

I wanted to express all of my joy to her, but all I managed was an unconvincing nod. However unconvincing it was she smiled. Being the virgin I was it took no time flat to get my dick right back up there. With new found strength and male assertiveness, I let my primal instinct take over. I pushed her over this time, and almost ripped off her shirt and pants.

To begin to describe how beautiful the female form in front of me is impossible, so I will let you as the reader imagine what you please.

I began at her neck, kissing my way down her flesh until I reached her boobs. The feeling of them in my hand was unimaginatively awesome and the nipples just begged to be sucked on. I twirled over them with my tongue and plunged into them like an infant to his mother. After I felt I had enough, I began kissing and licking down her stomach getting slower as I began to reach my prize. The smell of the moist folds furthered my lust and I plunged into them with vigour. Licking and sucking at it until I could hear her cries of pleasure fill the night sky, and her body tensing up with anticipation.

The pleasure explosion happened, and wave after wave of intense bliss rolled over her. After she went limp and stopped breathing quite as heavily, I had to stick my manhood into her. I began to position myself over her and she grabbed my arm and said “wait!” but there was no stopping me. I knew she was a virgin but I plunged into her. She screamed out in pain, but I kept going. Eventually it turned back into pleasure, and I knew there was no where for her to go, and that I was the only one for hundred of miles with fire, so she was going to have to stick with me no matter what I did.

I smiled, as this pleased me, and flipped her over. “What are you doing now?” she said. They say that actions are louder then words, so I spread her perfect little ass and spit on the hole to answer her. To my surprise she didn’t protest, but instead relaxed her ass to make it easier. “If it wasn’t for you, I would be dead.” She explained, “Please go ahead.” We she did have to ask me twice. I slowly eased in, tighter then anything I imagined, and began to pump in and out. My balls slapped her pussy and I went faster and faster into her shithole, and I could tell she was loving it. I exploded into her, and collapsed on top of her. I pulled out, and watched my cum drip out of her little abused hole. The best part was that she she had a pleased look on her face. I had never ever been more proud of anything in my entire life. She cuddled up next to me and pulled our clothes on top of us, and we both fell asleep

If more is desired, please say so.

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Make a Part 2! It was a little short with not much detail but other than that, it was really good!!

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