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If anybody is offended by the writing of this story they can suck it up, i will try to write without any mistakes, however if i make a few, i am sorry... if you don't like the story in general then don't read it...... duh..... if you like the story but think you can give me some advise please do so in the comments.... thank you....

It was a warm summer evening late in May. I came home from night school (been too lazy in my younger years so having to pay for it now). My daughter was sitting in the backyard, her skin was still sparkling from the water on her young skin. She must have taken a dive in the above-ground-pool I had bought with part of my student loan.

Amanda was a young, 5`5, dirty blond, intelligent girl. she had a perfect C-cup that was firm and perky. She was all I had since her mother left us 4 years ago. She got good grades and guys were falling for her. A hot little nerd indeed.

My name is rick 32 years young, 5`11, dark blond and less intelligent (the school thing). I work at 711 to pay for life, and my daughter didn't mind that i took home crap from there all the time. We live in a small house off main street, little backyard that could just fit the pool and still have a little patio.

As she sat on the patio in her (extremely revealing) bikini, I popped my head it to say hello. She in return came running at me to give me a wet sloppy hug. I thought to myself that now i am wet and started to get frustrated, but the feel of my daughters breast on my chest were making me forget all about it. After she let me go she decided to go for another little swim and asked if i wanted to play Marco-Polo. Sadly i told her i had to get back in for some studying.

Later that evening I heard her come in the house, run to her room and close her door. Then suddenly, not 10 minutes later, I could hear her moan quietly. This was not unusual since she was at that age and the walls were paper thin. The unusual part however was me getting hard from it. Amanda did grow up in these last few months, she really blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. After she stopped I couldn't get it down so decided to go to bed, since it was closing 3am.

The next morning I overslept and called into work if they still needed me, they said I had to take it easy and that I had been working to hard with school and work and taking care of my daughter. The manager told me to get a goods night rest and start fresh tomorrow. Apologizing I hung up and decided to go back to bed when something caught my eye.

In the backyard my daughter was sitting bare naked in the morning sun, the water on her skin made her look irresistible and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She probably thought I went to work (which would have been 4 hours ago), and easy mistake since I had to sell my car for tuition. Again getting hard, but this time I couldn't resist, I needed to touch it. At the moment I took it out of my boxers, she spread her legs a little, I assumed it was for tanning purposes, but how wrong can somebody be. Her hand started to massage the inside of her legs, as her hand was nearing her very young and very wet pussy with every stroke.

The sight was gorgeous, Her nipples were hard and perfectly shaped, She shaved apparently, a neat shave into a little heart. She has the perfect hourglass figure, her wet hair looked slightly darker now but made her look so much more mature. Her whole body was just perfect, from head to toes.

One more stroke and she will be there, I held my breath as her hand cupped her pussy and started to move her hand up and down, not long after she was getting her fingers to play with her love button, and not long after that I noticed her fingers disappearing. The windows were too thick to hear anything through, but from reading her lips it looked like she was enjoying herself, and.... hold on did she just say what I think she did, her lips were moving making words: "Daddy, oooh dad please, give it to me harder, deeper". Must be my mind fucking with me.

I didn't notice i was getting so close to the window until I bumped into it. I quickly pulled away from the window since I saw she noticed the sound and was looking around while blushing so badly she could have lit up half the city.

I heard the backdoor open, and slam shut again. her footsteps on the stairs, into her room. Pffff I am save, I thought to myself, but her door didn't close, and I heard her moving again, closer, closer, closer. I quickly jumped into bed, when the door opened slowly. The sweetest voice ever called for me: "daddy?". "Yes honey", I replied, "don't get to close, I fell ill, must have been your wet hug yesterday". she was wearing a tiny robe, almost small enough to look under. "Can I stay here for a bit?", she asked. "Sure.", I replied.

Seconds later she was laying next to me, and I could smell her young fresh juices seeping out of her. She hugged me and said: "Daddy, I think somebody was spying on me while I was tanning in the back yard."


2016-06-28 01:03:10
oh good! a daddy daughter incest tale,,my fav kind,,,love,,,love family incest!!

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2012-01-28 19:10:00
hhhmmmm, cute tale, cliffhanger,,,,,like it a lot,,,,more like this, please!!

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2011-12-02 16:15:45
Nice cliffhanger! Be coninue the next part.

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2011-10-16 11:53:46
Gotta find ouot what's next!!!!

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2011-08-08 19:02:16
What a tease . . . so what's next?

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