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I could write this whole part just on the emotions that I went through in protective custody. It is similar to solitary confinement, but with books and supervised recreation time. It wasn’t easy getting the guards to let me in. I told them that I was afraid I was going to be raped. The problem is that the guards figure that if you have ever sucked or have been fucked, that you can’t be raped. I was told that I liked dick so how could I be raped. Luckily there was some sort human rights group there that week and they didn’t want them to get wind of my denial of protective custody. I got the standard 30 days. If I needed it for any longer, I would have to press charges on someone.

My first week was heaven, for I didn’t have to perform sexual favors for anyone. I didn’t have to shave, douche or put on makeup. I didn’t have anyone insulting me, intimidating me or assaulting me. I showered alone, ate alone and my recreation time was with people in similar situations as myself. During the second week, being alone started to take its toll, I was still happy that I wasn’t be abused, however you have too much time to think. I began to wonder how I had let things go as far as they did. I mean, why didn’t I fight? In my life I had always fought back, why not now. After speaking to a guy who was in protective custody with me, he told me that once you are labeled a fuckboy, you can’t fight. You would have to fight everyone in the system. The system is set up to prey on the weak, and once you are labeled weak, everyone preys on you. Then they dress you up like a doll which in turn makes you believe you are weak. Can you imagine fighting someone while wearing pink panties and makeup? You are then made to do what males consider the weakest thing in the world, take another man’s cock. He told me that the most important thing I need to do is to have a black man’s protection, preferably a Miami black. The whites will kill you if they get the chance. They will kill you by fucking you in the ass with something sharp if they can, but they will kill you.

These revelations were terrifying. If he is correct and logic and experience says he was, I will be abused for at least 8 years or up to 15 if I had to finish my sentence out. Over the next two weeks this was heavy on my mind, I became depressed and I was becoming more and more scared that my 30 days was quickly evaporating. I came to the conclusion that when I got back to general population, if I could keep Mike from killing me for going into protective custody, I would need to find a way to become Thye’s property. It was the best solution I could come up with.

The day came when I had to either press charges on Mike or go back to general population. I knew that if I pressed charges on Mike, no matter where I went in the Florida prison system, I would be killed. Most likely tortured and killed, but definitely killed. He was part of the Miami blacks and they were the largest gang in Florida. They put me in D dorm (the dog house). This dorm is the roughest dorm on the compound. I was terrified moving in. I was approached as soon as I got there and was told by this black guy to sit tight, for I was going back to the honor dorm to be with Mike. This should take place within a couple of Days. It was that same night that my name was called to pack my shit. I was so scared of what Mike would do to me that I had to run and puke in the toilet.
To my surprise I was given a room on the bottom floor of the honor dorm. This meant I would have a room to myself. I was making my bed and wondering why I wasn’t moved into Mike’s room when Mike came in. I jumped to my feet and immediately told Mike I was sorry. I was trembling and crying when he put a arm around me. He gave me some new panties, makeup and told me to shave. He said he would talk to me tomorrow. I was shaving my legs when Thye came in, he smiled and asked if I needed any help. He took the razor from me and finished saving my legs and ass. When he was done, I looked at the new panties and they were all neon pink. Thye smiled and said that, Mike had paid for some pink material and ended up getting that loud pink. He said he probably had a 100 pair of panties made up, so you should probably get used to the color. Society he said, I have some good news. Mike has agreed to let you go to me. We will still owe him some money, but we can pay him off in time. You will still have to work for him on Friday and Saturday nights until we are paid up, but at least you will belong to me.

This was the best news that I could have possibly heard. I know this sounds bizarre that I was happy to become someone’s property, but after 3 weeks of thinking Mike was going to kill me, this was a relief. Thye had treated me better than anyone else had and I was now going to be his. I was getting completely dressed when he said that we should celebrate. He went back to his room and brought back some juice (prison wine). We drank a couple of cups and he started caressing my hair and back. He kissed me and told me to pull his cock out of his boxers. I reached down and suddenly remembered how big he was. Thye was about 6’4” tall and 230 to 250 pounds. He didn’t have an inch of fat on him and he still had the largest cock I had ever seen. When I pulled his cock out he leaned over and pulled the hair grease I kept in my locker. He told me he wanted me to be on top. This meant facing away from him for obvious reasons. I pulled down my panties and slowly, very slowly lowered myself down to his cock. There was no way. I had been in PC for 30 days. My ass was not going to open enough, at least not willingly. After multiple tries, he turned me around and pushed my head on his cock and I really wanted to make him feel good, so I took my time and teased it with my tongue and fingers until I knew he couldn’t take it anymore. He blew his load in my mouth, or should I say the back of my throat. I could tell that he probably hadn’t even masturbated while I was gone, for he came a monster amount. I know I shouldn’t have felt this way, but I was happy to please him.

The next afternoon after work I went upstairs to Mike’s room. I was surprised to see a young white kid (about my age), smaller than me, blonde hair (like me), and dressed the same as me. The only difference was he had bright pink panties on and I was wearing tight briefs (because I was walking the halls). Mike really had him dolled up and I thought, wow he is beautiful. He introduced him as Brandy and had me sit next to him. He stepped out and brought one of his two of his friends back with him. One stood next to the door and I knew something was going to happen. Mike said that what I did was wrong, but he was going to forgive me this time. He said I still owed him for everything he has done for me, not to mention the money that Thye owes him. He asked me if I was taped (I forgot to mention this in the previous parts, taping is to push your balls into your abdomen, pull your dick between your legs, pull your ball sack over your dick and tape this all in place. This keeps anything from showing when looked at from behind) I told him I was. He had his friend sit on the bed and pull out his already hard cock. He put me and Brandy on our knees and had us both suck his friends cock at the same time. He told us to make sure our tongues touch and to share the wealth when he gets off. He then greased his own cock and pushed it inside me from behind. He put Brandy in the same position as me and alternated between my ass and his. He got off first and pulled Brandy around to take his cum and told him to share with me. Brandy came over to me with his mouth full of cum and started to kiss me. We tongued each other’s mouth and swallowed as we were kissing. When we were done we went back to sucking the guys cock. Mike switched out with the guy outside and I felt another dick entering me. He also alternated back and forth between my ass and Brandy’s. The guy on the bed got off first, and again we shared his cum by kissing. The last guy got off by cumming on Brandy’s ass. I had to lick it off and then share it with Brandy by kissing again.

When we were all done, Mike told me that on Friday and Saturday nights that I will be working with Brandy when people could afford it. He told me that he charged quite a bit more for the both of us together but most people would rather come up with the extra money just for the chance to be with us both. There may be times when we wouldn’t be together, but most of the time we would. He said to take the rest of the night to get to know each other. The guys all laughed and left. It wasn’t a minute after they had left when Brandy started crying. I hugged him and told him that it wasn’t the best situation he could be in, but I would try and look out for him as much as I could. He stopped crying after awhile and started telling me about himself. After about an hour or so, he looked in my eyes and said that I was beautiful. He said he couldn’t believe how much I looked like a girl. I told him that he was going to turn heads everywhere he went. I said that he looked so innocent and dressed and made up the way he was, he looked like a 14 year old girl. He blushed! He turned bright red and I told him that he better not do that too often, it makes him look even more like a 14 year old girl. He leaned over and kissed me. When he pulled back he looked me in the eyes. He said that we could both fantasize about being with a girl if we wanted to. I looked at him, he really did look like a girl and my dick was trying to get hard. I gently pulled the tape off of myself and him. I asked him what he wanted to do, he reached over and touched my now free and hard dick. Looking in my eyes he smiled and said that we could do whatever we wanted. Fucking each other won’t be a big deal after what we went through. He laughed and said that we aren’t exactly huge in the cock department. Laughing he said I hope we can feel each other. I laughed with him. I guess I could call it the closest thing to making love there was in prison. His ass was small and round. His skin was silky smooth and he even had a feminine voice. Mike had scored on some perfume so we both smelled really good. I fucked him and got off like a rocket. It had been months since I had masturbated and this felt awesome. When it was his turn, he licked my asshole before fucking me. It had my dick hard all over again. I could have gone for another but the horn sounded for last count. I had to hurry back to my room.

The next night, Thye came to my room and he was able to fuck me. It was like I was being split, but feeling him laying on top of me, groping me, his strong arms and legs. I was really getting turned on. He made me feel sexy and I responded telling him how big he was, how hard his dick was, how much I wanted to please him. He started to bite the back on my neck and if it wasn’t for the tape on my cock and balls, I would have stiffened myself. When he started to really fuck me hard I knew he was going to cum. I told him that I wanted that hot cum inside me and he blew. He lay on top of me for quite some time, sweaty and breathing hard. I could feel his cock going limp, my ass was spread so wide and it was slowly able to retract. I used my muscles and squeezed his cock and I could feel him chuckling. When he finally pulled out he pushed my head down to clean his cock. I knew I was to clean him, but previously I would have done it with a wet cloth. When I was done, I asked him why he made me do that. He told me with an attitude of superiority that I was his property now, and it was my job to keep his dick clean. Look he said, this isn’t asking too much after all I have done for you. Besides he said, I like to watch you clean my cock with your mouth. I smiled and said ok. I was thinking that this was a different side of him that I had only seen once before. It made me a little scared.

Two weeks went by, Brandy and I were a hit, we were booked from 6 to midnight every Friday and Saturday night. Mike said that because we were doing so well, Brandy will only have to work with me on the weekends. Of course this didn’t include taking care of Mike and his friends during the week, but it gave us both most nights off. Occasionally Mike would have me up for a repeat of my first session with Brandy and his friends and because Thye was only 5 doors down from me, he could visit me after last count. One night when Thye was in my room he told me that I would have to turn some tricks for him. He said that all his money was going to Mike to pay him off and he was tired of living poor when I was sitting on a money maker. I told him that if I did this I would be in the same boat as when I was living with Mike. His reply was yes, but not as often and not forever. I told him that I was servicing him, Mike and his friends and everyone else on Friday and Saturday. He told me not to worry it won’t be forever. I agreed, not that I really had a choice. I asked him how much we still owed Mike. He told me we were making progress, but weekly interest and your personal debt to him is why it was taking so long. I said what debt? He said that I owed him, but I thought taking care of him and his friends was paying him back. He laughed and said that the price was double after I check into protective custody. He said that taking care of him and his friends is just a perk. I was mad now and I asked how much we still owe him. His reply was not to worry about it. He said this really stern. He said he would handle men’s business and that I should handle women’s business. He left my room.

The next two months were hell. I was expected to turn tricks during the week, take care of Mike and his friends on his whim, and work with Brandy on the weekends. Thye even had me giving head in the store room at work. He started fucking me with little care to my feelings. He stopped kissing me and when I asked him why he said that he couldn’t kiss my mouth. You eat too much cum. You suck cocks that have come out of yours and Brandy’s ass. You lick cum off of toilets seats for fucks sake. You want me to kiss you. I started to cry and said it was his fault that I did all this stuff, I don’t want to. Do you really think I want this? He replied that in the beginning he didn’t think I did. He said that when he first started fucking me, he didn’t think that I liked it. But after I came out of protective custody and I was able to finally get my dick in you, you showed me that you not only like it, you loved it. Your hips were moving when I was fucking you and you were talking like my dick was the best thing in the world. You even played with my cock with your ass when I was lying on top of you. You fuckin loved it. I told him that he made me feel sexy and after all you did for me, yes, I was happy to make you feel good. He laughed and said, you mean happy to use my cock to make yourself feel good. Look I have seen this before he said, guys get turned into girls and after awhile they realize they were always girls in the inside. They just needed a man to show them they are. He left my room. I cried for a long time.

During this time I got a regular customer named Tiny. He had one of those ironic nicknames, because he was incredibly fat. Looking back on everything, I now believe Tiny fell in love with me. He was a twice a week customer, sometimes three times a week. He never wanted me and Brandy together, just me. My first time with him I was disgusted. His fat covered his groin area and I would have to lift it out of the way to get to his cock. He was always sweaty, we were in Florida prison and we didn’t have air conditioning. He liked to fuck me while I laid on my back and he put my legs over his shoulder. Most guys wouldn’t do this because even though I was taped, you could still tell I had a cock. He said he liked to look me in the eyes. When he was done I would be covered in sweat. The first time he fucked me he finished on the floor. When he climbed off of me I immediately went down on all fours and started to lick his cum off the floor. He stopped me and handed me some toilet paper. I told him that Mike would be upset if he knew and he told me Mike didn’t have to know.

His visits weren’t what I would call pleasurable, but he was always nice and talked to me. We started to become friends, I guess you could call it that. He still fucked me each time he came, but would seek me out whenever I wasn’t in my room. He would talk to me about everything. I enjoyed our talks. One day when he came to my room he had me sit on his lap. I was sitting on his lap and he asked me if I liked what I was doing. I told him, no, I don’t like what I am doing. He said that if everyone were to leave you alone, would you ever fuck again? I told him that I don’t know, my only time I have to reflect on that is when I was in PC. I said that even there, I knew that I would not get away from this life, so I never considered it. He asked me what I thought of Thye. I told him that Thye was good to me in the beginning, but has really turned out to be a prick. I told him that Mike had sold me to him and I thought my life would be better, but it’s just as bad if not worse. I told him that it should get better once we pay off Mike. Maybe Thye will treat me better once he has me to himself. What he told me next floored me. He said I am not supposed to tell you this, but my homeboys (Mike and Thye) have been running a game on you. Thye doesn’t owe Mike anything. When you first came out of lockup you were already Thye’s. Thye is what you would call the leader hear at Sumter. He either owns or gets a percentage of all the girls the Miami boys own. He gets a percentage of gambling and drugs also. He said, look you can’t tell them I told you this, but I thought you should know. Looks like you have another customer, so I should go. I will talk to you tomorrow.

That night I realized that my life would be like this forever. They would feed me as many dicks as they could to make as much as they could. I will confront Thye tomorrow, how much worse can it get? If I couldn’t get him to stop, I would say he raped me and take my chances. The next day after work I went to Thye’s room. He wasn’t there and I knew that I had to find him fast because I was supposed to be taking this time to shave, douche, get dressed and put makeup on. I went upstairs to the recreation room and someone told me to check Mike’s room. I went to Mikes room and saw Thye fucking Brandy. I don’t know why I was shocked, but it hurt to see him fucking her. I ran down to my room and started to hurry up and get ready. I did a quick everything before my first customer came in. When the night was through I was lying on my bed thinking how I would confront Thye when he came in. I told him I want to talk to him he told me to bend over the bed. I said I needed to say something and he laughed and pushed me over. He pulled down my panties and greased himself. Even after getting fucked 4 times that night, I still was jolted hard when his cock entered me. He wasn’t gentle this time he started fucking me really hard. I was cramping up and I told him, but he kept on fucking me hard. I guess it was because he had gotten off previously that night with Brandy, that he took so long to get off inside me. It seemed like an eternity he pounded my ass with his cock. I was cramping and biting a pillow to keep from screaming. When he finally got off he kept his dick inside me. I could feel it getting smaller. He laughed and said, now what did you want to say. No hold on, you got something to do with your mouth first, then you can tell me. He pulled out and started laughing. He grabbed my hair, turned me around and shoved his cock in my mouth. I immediately tried to pull off. I had tasted that before. I realized that I didn’t spend long enough with the mustard bottle, douching myself. His cock had shit all over the head. The head of his cock was huge, so it was a lot. He told me to suck. I used my tongue to loosen it up and then my lips to pull it off his cock. I was sitting there with shit mixed with cum and grease in my mouth and he laughed. Didn’t you have something important to say to me, he said. What cat got your tongue or should I say shit got your tongue? He sat down on the toilet and said he wanted to watch me swallow. Mike said you liked this when you did it for him. He then stood up grabbed my nipples and started to squeeze. Swallow it he said. I swallowed. He told me to rinse my mouth. I rinsed it the best I could before he grabbed me by my hair and forced me to my knees. Now lick the rest off. I stuck my tongue out and he pushed his cock against it, raising my head with my hair, pulling me up and down on his cock. His cock was getting hard. He continued this until his cock was hard again. He bent me over the bed and shoved his cock back in my ass. He thrust a few times and pulled out. He forced me to my knees again and shoved his cock back in my mouth. It was covered this time and I started to gag. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I puked on the floor. He grabbed my washcloth and told me to wash his cock. I stood up grabbed my soap and wet the cloth with soap and water. I could barely think. I had shit in between my teeth, on my tongue, all around my gums and caught on the back of my throat. I washed his cock and he got up and laughed. This was fun he said, maybe I will take your bottle from you so we can do this every night. Then he left.

I spent hours cleaning. It took me forever to get the taste out of my mouth, then I had to clean the puke and shit off the floor, with just a wash cloth. I had shit and cum running down my leg. I had had enough. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I didn’t sleep that night, I waited until it was real early in the morning and I went out to take a shower. I went back to the room and dressed as much like a boy as I could, considering the clothes I had. I went to the supply room and grabbed a cupful of bleach. Early in the morning the water heater used for making tea or instant coffee was at its hottest. No one had used it all night. I grabbed a cupful of this water and went back to my room. My idea was to bleach the floor, but I couldn’t believe what I was made to do the night before. I think I just snapped. I added the bleach to the hot water and snuck into Thye’s room. He was still asleep. I threw the piping hot water mixed with bleach into his sleeping face. He immediately started to scream. I have heard a lot of screams from being in prison, but I think this one was the worst. I ran to the guards room and told him what I did. He called for backup and I was brought to lockup. End of part 5

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2014-06-25 04:59:14
Hell yeah finally. U should've gouged his eyes out then punched him in the throat, bit his dick off something the very first night. The worst it could happen is death and death would have been better. That's no life.

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2012-12-20 22:31:04
There you go! That's what I would have done on day 1! It's so much better to be angry than scared.

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2012-12-20 22:29:41
There you go! That's what I would have done on day 1! It's so much better to be angry than scared.

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2011-09-01 18:53:17
Great thing what u did there
Seco d time im reading this story and i still like it

Grtz belgium

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