the story takes a twist for the worse
Over a month had past, since that incident in the woods.
I was doing my best to forget it, but Mark wouldn’t let it go, he kept on saying he would get even with Colin for the things he had done to me.
I kept telling him that it was over, but he refused to let it be over.
He loved me and wanted revenge for the way I had been treated.

However, two weeks later Mark came home and came straight to my room.
“I’m going to have to go away Kate.”
“Why, go where?”
“To prison.”
“I don’t understand, what do you mean, what have you done?”
He then went on to tell me.

“A week ago I saw Colin in a shop; he works there on a Saturday, with Paul that other one from the woods. He didn’t see me, any way I went back today.
I took a knife from the kitchen drawer, the biggest I could find. When I went in the shop Colin was there, I waited till he was in a part of the shop alone and went over to him. I asked him if he recognised me, he said he did. I pushed him up against the wall, and told him I was going to pay him back for what he had done to my sister, and got the knife out of my pocket, he started to get nervous, but he was still cocky, he said I hadn’t got the bottle, and started to walk away from me. I said I had got the bottle, and with that I stuck the knife in his back, he screamed out, which brought another person over, it was Paul. He saw what I had done to Colin and ran towards me, I held out the knife and it went in his stomach, I hadn’t meant to do that, but I’m glad I did Colin.”

My eyes were filling with tears.
“You didn’t kill him?”
“No, I ran away, I saw an ambulance come and take him away, he was still alive. Then I came home here. But some one who knows me saw me, they were in the shop as well, so they are bound to know who I am and where I live.”
“You had better run away, get as far away as you can.”
“Its too late Kate, they will catch me, I think I will wait with you till they arrive.”

We sat on my bed holding each other, we were both in tears, I was going to lose my brother, and we kissed each other and told each other how much we loved each other.

“At least now he won’t hurt you again Kate.”
“I wish you hadn’t done it Mark, now I will lose you.”
“But you will be safe from him; I won’t tell them why I did it.”
“Oh, Mark, I wish you hadn’t.”

We sat on my bed frightened of what would happen, we kissed and hugged each other. With in an hour the door bell rang, Dad answered it and called for Mark, we knew who it was.

I went down with Mark, holding his hand, it was the police.

We all sat in the lounge, I wouldn’t let go of Marks hand, I think Mum and Dad thought it strange.
Mark didn’t tell them about what had happened in the woods, he decided not to in case I got into trouble.
The police told Mum and Dad what Mark had done to the two boys, and Mum began to cry, Dad was furious with Mark for being so stupid.
The police arrested Mark, and Dad went with them to the police station.
Mum, Lauren and I sat crying in the lounge.

Dad came back an hour later, with out Mark, because the crime was so serious, and for his own safety they were going to keep Mark on remand till the trial.

It was a month before Mark appeared in court, he had admitted what he had done it, so it was all over in a couple of hours dad told me.
I wasn’t allowed to go as I had to be in school, just Mum and Dad went.
Mark was sentenced to 5 years in a young offender’s prison, and the judge said he had to serve a minimum of three years.

Dad learnt later that the knife had severed a nerve or something in Colins back, and he had lost the use of his legs, and may never walk again.
I should have felt sorry for him, bit I didn’t I knew that at least he couldn’t put other young girls through what I had been through.
Paul was ok he had a minor stab wound to his stomach, and all he would have would be a scar, nothing more.

When Mark was settled in the prison we all went to see him, I broke down on the way home, seeing him like that.
I couldn’t kiss him or hold him it was against the rules, I so wanted to kiss him, and tell him I loved him but I couldn’t.
My world was turned upside down, knowing I wouldn’t be able to do the things we did for at least three years.
I wanted to tell him that he should have left Colin alone, and not gone after him, but even that was impossible now.

Dad and I would go and see Mark every two weeks; mum never went back it made her cry, as it did me.
I didn’t like seeing Mark in there either, and I would always cry on the way back home.

Almost a year had past, I was now nine.
I came home from school one day.
Dad was sitting on the sofa crying, I thought something had happened to Mark, and asked him.
He told me to get Lauren and he would explain.
We both sat on the floor and Dad told us what had happened.

“Your Mum has left us, she has found another man, and has gone to live with him.”
Both Lauren and I began to cry.
“Will she ever come back?”
“No I don’t think so Kate, we can hope she will.”
Lauren or I didn’t know what to say or do, we both cried.
We had lost our brother, and now our Mum, all in a year.

“I shall do my best to look after you both, but you will have to help me around the house, I can’t give up work, so when I’m not home, Kate you will have to look after your sister till I return. Do you understand Kate?”
“Yes, we will both help you, Dad.”

We tried to be as good as we could and help dad.
We kept the place tidy, and washed and dried the dinner things, Dad wasn’t much of a cook but he tried and we ate all he gave us with out comment.
Life now was very different to the life we used to have. Dad was working long hours to make ends meet, it seemed all our family had left us, and Lauren and I were alone.

About a year later, we were due to go and see Mark; Lauren went to visit Mum as we both did on Saturday. But the Saturdays when I could go and see Mark I didn’t go to Mums for the day.

Mark was ok, he had got used to being in prison with the other boys and he was behaving himself in the hope that he would be allowed out after the three years were up, but he still had at least a year to go.

I felt a little better after seeing him, and didn’t cry any more, I just hoped that Mark knew I still love him as I did before he went away, and he loved me the same.

I had gone upstairs to lie on my bed and read, there wasn’t much else to do until Lauren got home in a couple of hours.
I hadn’t been there very long when Dad came into me room.

“Are you alright Kate?”
“Yes Dad why?”
“You normally cry after seeing Mark, I wondered that’s all.”
“I’m looking forward now to him coming home again, it makes me feel better, not like when he went away when I wouldn’t see him for a long time.”
“I realised you two were close, normally brothers and sisters fight like cats and dogs, but you two don’t.”

He was right we never fought, we had always got on well together, even from when we were toddlers.

Dad put his hand on my knee.
“The time will soon pass Kate the worst is over now; perhaps he can come home after another year.”
“I do hope so, I don’t want to wait another three years for him, I can handle a year.”

I felt his hand move up my leg slightly, to my thigh.
“You have grown into a lovely girl Kate.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“You will have no trouble finding a boyfriend.”
His hand moved further up my leg.
“You have lovely soft skin Kate, nice legs too, I hadn’t noticed before.”
He was leaning over now, as his hand moved to my bum.

“What are you doing Dad?” I asked in a worried voice.
“You know it’s been a long time since your Mum left, and I haven’t been with a lady since she left, I miss her still very much. A man needs female company sometimes, I expect you know that Kate.”

His hand was on my bum and gently rubbing it.

“I’m your daughter though, not a woman, I’m only ten.”
He was pushing my skirt up higher.
“Please don’t Dad, it’s not right.”
“Kate, I’m your Dad, I have been taking care of you since your mum left, and I think its time you took care of me for a chance.”
He hand moved my skirt over my waist and was looking at my panties.
He slipped his fingers in the waist band of my panties and began to pull them down.

I struggled and tried to get up but he was far too strong.
“No Dad please don’t do this.”
He pulled my panties down, and I was naked from the waist down.
I closed my legs and tried to cover myself with my hand, but he pulled it away and looked at me.
“You have a lovely pussy Kate, let me look.”
I told him no, but he forced my legs open, and was staring at my pussy.

By now he was on the bed and positioned himself between my legs.
“I won’t hurt you Kate, but I have to do this.”
I was struggling and fighting but he was far too strong for me and held me down with one hand, as his other inserted his hard cock at me pussy entrance.

One hard push and it entered me, I wasn’t ready as I had been with Mark, and Dads was far bigger then Marks.
I screamed as it entered me, still pushing him trying to get away. I couldn’t
He was fucking me hard just as Colin had in the woods, and all the memories were flooding back in to my mind.

He now had both my legs in the air and his hands were holding my arms, he tried to kiss me but I turned away, his kiss landed on my cheek.

He was still pumping me hard, going in fully; it wasn’t hurting as much as it had from the start.
“Don’t struggle so much Kate and it won’t hurt you.”
I did as he said, and lay back, I couldn’t get away so I submitted to him.
He was fucking me harder with every stroke.

“That’s better Kate, its better for both of us.”
I felt him pull out of me, and his sperm covering my belly, there seemed so much more then Marks or Colins, but then I had just been fucked by a man, not a boy.
I knew it was over.

He collapsed on the bed; I had my chance to get away.

I stood at the door screaming at him, calling him all names I could think of.
He sat on the bed his cock still out, and smiled at me.
“You loved it as much as me, I know why Mark and you are so close, I saw you both together one afternoon, when you both thought I was out, long before he went into prison. I have been waiting till you were older, but if you let Mark do it to you then so can I.”
I stood there silent, not knowing what to say.

“You were no virgin Kate, there isn’t a sign of blood, and I didn’t hurt you. You are used to a cock inside you. When you screamed it was out of surprise, not pain. I think we will have to do this again, otherwise I shall tell the police about Mark fucking you and he will stay in prison even longer.”
“You wouldn’t do that to Mark would you?”
“I will if you don’t give me all I want, I want to fuck you like Mark has been all those years, or you wont see Mark for a very long time.”
“How could you do that to your son? My brother.”
“He had brought shame on the family; I nearly disowned him when he was arrested. I can quite easily do it, you watch me if you don’t believe me.”

I began to cry, if he told the police I would never seen Mark again, and my Dad didn’t care.

“Do you agree? Or have I to tell the police?”

What choice did I have, I had to agree, and nodded.

“Good girl, now go and get showered, and I want to cum inside you, and so you don’t get pregnant I shall put on the pill. Then I can fuck you any time I want, and as Lauren is staying at your mums for a few days, you will sleep in my bed. But the first things you have to do it get rid of that hair around your pussy lips I have never liked pubic hair on a girl, so it’s coming off.”

I didn’t know Lauren wouldn’t be home.

“Why isn’t she coming home tonight?”
“Your Mums taking her out some where tomorrow, and keeping her for a week at her house, so we can stay in bed all day and fuck.”
“Why didn’t she want me?”
“Because you wanted to see Mark, and I thought it would give us some time together, so I said yes to Lauren going, and I told your Mum you had exams to revise.”

I was dreading what I would have to do that evening, now I had found out Lauren wouldn’t be back, he said it hadn’t hurt me but it had.

I headed for the shower room, Dad followed me.
“Ill shave you Kate, I’ve got a razor.” He told me.
He made me lie on the floor and carefully put shaving foam around me pussy.
Then he took his razor and carefully shaved all my hair off, around my pussy lips, and mound.
He then got some warm water a washed off the excess foam, sat back and looked at me.
“You have a lovely young pussy, I can see why Mark loved it so much, now you shower and when you are clean come down for some tea. Don’t bother dressing, just wear a t-shirt, no panties, I want to sit and look at you.”

I did as he asked; I knew I was trapped, if he told any one about what Mark had done it would mean Mark would stay in prison longer. And I wanted him out and back home, and I didn’t care what I had to do to get him home again.

I was in the shower and thought all my life some one as used me as a toy, the only person who was caring and gentle was Mark.

First it was Colin on the field at school, then Colin and his three mates, and now my own father, did this happen to every girl?
I wished I had been born a boy.
That’s all boys and men think of is fucking girls, except Mark.
He made love to me.
I wanted Mark back to love me.

I went down stairs and Dad had made some tea for me I sat and ate it, I didn’t say anything to him.
He went into the lounge as I washed up the dishes, then he called me.

“Kate come in here, let me look at you.”

I walked into the lounge and Dad was sitting on the sofa.

“Come here Kate.”

I walked to him, and stood in front of him.
His hands were on my legs and he moved them slowly up.
“You have lovely legs Kate.”
His hands were on my bum, and squeezed the cheeks gently.
“Turn around Kate.”

I turned around; he kissed my bum and pulled the cheeks apart before licking my bum hole.

“You are so lovely, lay on the sofa Kate let me look at you.”

I lay down, he pushed my legs open.

“That’s much better I can see every part of you now, no hair in the way.”

He moved his head between my legs and licked at my pussy, just as Mark had done, but I preferred Mark to do it.

He was licking the full length of me from my bum hole to my pussy.
His mouth covered my pussy and he gently suck the skin inside his mouth.
This time he was being gentle with me not like in my room.
I was beginning to get the sensations that Mark gave me so; he forced my legs open more.

“That’s better Kate just relax and enjoy it, it will be better for both of us.”
He went back to licking me; his hand found my little nipples and was squeezing them gently.
“You are beginning to get wet for me Kate that will make it better for both of us.”

I didn’t know what he meant, but what he was doing was better than I imagined it would be, even though I knew it was wrong.

“I think your ready Kate.”
He pulled me to the edge of the sofa and with out any resistance from me, he entered me, he didn’t move, but just looked at me.
“Does it hurt?”
I shook my head.
“That’s because you are wet.”

And he slowly began moving back and forward.
My legs were wide, and I felt as if I were full up, but I still didn’t want him to do it, but if being wet meant it didn’t hurt then I was glad I had got wet.

His full length was going in and out, I just lay there, no reaction at all, I wasn’t enjoying it like he was.
Once again I was being raped.

He stopped and lowered himself to the floor, pulling me down after him.
He made me sit astride his cock and he went straight in.
“Fuck me Kate, fuck me now.”
His hands were on my hips forcing me to move back and forward.
I could feel it all in me, and he was squeezing my nipples.
I felt strange down there and began to move faster, until a strange tingling began in my pussy and I couldn’t stop the feeling, I just moved harder and faster on his cock.

Then I screamed and collapsed on his chest, he was kissing my face and lips.
“You have just had your first orgasm Kate, wasn’t that better then fighting me?”

I had to admit it was, but now I realised I had enjoyed it with my father, and felt ashamed of myself, I knew it was wrong.
I began to get off him.

“Wait Kate, get on all fours.”
I knew this position from the woods.
And did as he instructed.
He entered me with ease, his hard cock deep inside he began to move once again.
His finger found my bum hole and he inserted it.
I then I heard the familiar grunts and felt his sperm gushing over my bum.

I slept in his bed that night, but he only touched me, he didn’t fuck me again that night.

After school the following day he took me to the clinic, and he made up some reason why I had to be put on the pill.
The nurse must have thought I was a real slut, for wanting to be on the pill at my age.

That night he made me suck his cock, I had to lick it like a lolly and suck it into my mouth.
He asked me “is this the way you suck Marks cock?”
I just nodded, I couldn’t speak I had all of him in my mouth.
He stopped me before he cum, and then he fucked me.
And I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed it once more, and had another orgasm.

But I was beginning to have an intense dislike for my father, even though I had enjoyed what he had done to me.
It was wrong and he knew it, and didn’t care, from this I assumed he didn’t care about me, I was just his fuck toy.

This continued until Lauren came back from Mums.
She was full of all the things that they had done together, and told me Alan; mums boyfriend was a really nice man.

Another month went by, and Dad would fuck me when Lauren wasn’t around, I still felt guilty and dirty for letting him, but there was little I could do if I wanted to see Mark home again.
I had to give into him.
But I hoped Mark would never find out, and it was helping to get Mark home earlier, so I let him do it to me.

Saturday arrived again and I was able to go and see Mark with Dad.
Lauren was once again going to mums, and I knew this time she wouldn’t be home Saturday night.
We stayed for an hour, and Mark had been told that he could possibly come home again in nine months.
I was overjoyed and hugged him, and got told off for doing it, but it was nice to hug Mark again after so long.

We got in the car to go home, and drove home.

On the way I said to Dad “it will be nice to have Mark home wont it?”
His reply was, “as long as I can carry on fucking you it will be, but just because he is home, don’t think he wont go back to prison, it will only take one phone call.”
I told him, “I could tell the police about you too.”
“Do you think they will believe a little girl like you, I will just deny it, and who knows you may go to prison for wasting police time.”

I knew they would believe him rather than me, so it seemed nothing would change between Dad and me even when Mark finally got home.

We had dinner when we arrived home, Dad got a take away, but I still had dishes to clear up.
I sat down to watch the TV, I wondered when Dad would want me to undress, but up to now he hadn’t said anything about it.

There was a knock on the door, Dad got up to answer it.
He came back in the room.
“Guess who has come to see you?”
“Your uncle John.”
Uncle John was Dad’s brother, I didn’t see much of him, although Dad and John were quite close, they would go drinking together.

His head appeared around the door.
“Hello Kate, how are you?”
“I’m ok thank you Uncle John.”
I thought to myself, “I hope John stays a long time then Dad won’t do anything to me, not in front of him.

He sat with Dad drinking a beer and talking, I was watching the TV.

“I was just telling John how grown up you are now, developing into a lovely sexy girl”
I didn’t take any notice, didn’t even look across at them.
John said, “She’s gone all shy.”
I was wondering just what my father had said to him.
It didn’t take long to find out.

“Come over here Kate, let’s look at you.”
I got up reluctantly and walked over.
Dad lifted my skirt, “look she has a lovely pair of legs.”
The skirt was almost up to my panties.
I tried to push it down, Dad smacked my hand away.
“Be a good girl Kate, think of Mark.”

The worse thoughts were running through my brain, surely he wouldn’t let John?
The thoughts I had, weren’t even out of my head, when he spoke again.
“Why don’t you take your skirt off and let John look at you?”
“no please, I don’t want to.”
“oh, ok, but Mark will be very disappointed in you to say the least, having to spend even longer in prison.”
“She won’t do it John sorry mate, looks like I had better get on the phone tomorrow, and tell the police something they don’t know.”

I stared at my father, I knew from the look in his eyes he would do it.
He didn’t care about how I felt or what would happen to Mark, as long as he got his way, but I never dreamt he would share me with his brother.

I slowly unbuttoned my skirt, and let it slip to the floor.
“Oh John, she has changed her mind, what a good girl she is.”
I was standing in front of them in my knickers.
John stroked my legs, “you are right they are a nice soft pair of legs, very nice, you are a lucky man to have such a lovely daughter.”
“She has nice little titties now as well, John, show him Kate.”

I lifted the t-shirt over my head, I was almost naked but for my panties.
Again John reached out and touched me, this time my tiny nipples.
“Wish I could see her naked.”
“She won’t mind if you see her naked will you Kate?”

Once again I looked at him; I was beginning to hate my father for what he was making me do.

“Take off your pants Kate, let John see your smooth pussy.”
I slowly slid them over my knees, and they were off, I was now naked.

“God yes what a lovely cunt you have Kate, pity I cant touch it”
“Oh you can John she won’t mind, and I’m sure Mark will want John to touch your pussy Kate.”
Johns hand stroked my pussy; his finger slid a little inside, and rubbed me up and down.
“God I could eat this all day long.”
“Kate loves being eaten, lay down Kate.”
Tears were beginning to fill my eyes; it was bad enough my father doing it, but he going too far to allow my uncle John to do it as well.

He raised his voice to me “lay down Kate, be a good girl for John.”
I lay down; John got on the floor, and opened my legs fully.
I closed my eyes as I felt Johns finger probing my pussy.
“I would love to take some photos of her Mick.”
“Did you bring your camera then?”
“Yes, I always have it with me.”
“Then take a few photos John she won’t mind.”

From then began half an hour of photo taking, he had me in every position he could think of. Most of them were open leg shots, of my pussy and bum hole.
Dad got them some more drinks, and he sat watching as John probed my bum with his fingers, causing me a great deal of pain.

He stopped taking the photos then turned to my Dad.
“I have to have her mate, is that ok?”
“I’m sure it is she won’t mind at all.”
I looked down and saw him putting a condom on his cock.
Then positioned it against my pussy and pushed forward, I wasn’t ready, I didn’t find what was happening to me sexy at all, I was being abused and my Dad was letting it happen.

He was fucking me hard now, and I had to bite my lip to stop myself screaming or shouting at him.
He stopped for a second, and asked dad.
“Could take some photos and then some video of my fucking her.”
Dad didn’t answer; he picked up the camera and began taking photos then video.

“God she is so tight I’m going to cum, I want to cum in her mouth, take a video of that so I can watch it later on my computer.
I felt him pull out, and take off the condom, he forced my mouth open.
And as Dad took the video streams of his sperm entered my mouth and splashed across my face, it was over.

I got up and ran to the door, as I watched from my safe point I saw Dad turn on his lap top, and they began to download the photos and video.
“Don’t go Kate stay and watch, you are a movie star.”
I ran upstairs and washed his sperm from my face then brushed my teeth, putting a chair against the door I lay on my bed, wishing Mark could have been here to protect me.

Dad tried to open my door but he couldn’t, surprised he had forced the door open he shouted.
“Kate, the photos and video were very good you should have stayed and seen them, John says he knows someone who may be interested in buying them, he said he would split the money 50-50, so we will have some extra money to buy things, would you like that Kate?”
I shouted back, “go away, I hate you, and Uncle John.

He left, and I was alone with my thoughts, my face covered in tears, I lay back and went to sleep.


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