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Almost got together with another girl
I have never been with another woman and do not consider myself bi, but there have always been the thoughts, wanting to know what it would be like to be with a woman. The closest I ever came to being with another girl was about a month ago. As you may know, I am an exhibitionist and we like to trade pics with people and one morning I had received an e-mail with a picture of this guys huge cock. It was early morning and I was home alone and was checking my e-mails and had his pictures on the screen. I was sitting there in the family room naked and had one of my toys out and was going to play with myself while looking at these pictures, when the doorbell rang.

I put my short red robe on and went to answer the door and it was Judy, my friend. She was there because we were planning to go to the gym together and I had forgotten about it. I invited her in and got her a cup of coffee and I was going to go change into my gym clothes. As we were walking to the bedroom, we had to go through the family room and she saw the pictures of this guys cock on the screen and asked what that was. We have been close friends for a long time and she knows that I like to flash guys, but that is it. We have talked about sex together and have compared stories about our sex life, but nothing really graphic. So when she asked about the pictures on the screen I blushed and was a bit embarrassed and told her that Paul and I trade pics with other couples and these were some of the guys that I trade with. She was curious and asked more about it and I started to tell her how we trade pics and stories and she asked to see some more of the pics that I received. As I started to show her these other pics, she saw the dildo I had out and asked about that. Now I was really embarrassed and blushing, and I told her that I was going to go play with it while I was looking at the guys cock on the screen.

As I was showing her the other pics we had, she asked to see some of the ones of me that we trade with the guys and I did show her some of them and she said they were really sexy. I was starting to get horny again and then Judy told me that she would have also played with herself while looking at these guys cocks and that just because she was there I should not miss out using my dildo and play with myself. Embarrassed, I said that I couldn't, I was too embarrassed, but she said why, she has seen me naked in the shower at the gym and has already seen my naked pictures, what’s the big deal. I was now really blushing, saying that I couldn't do it and she kept on pushing me and saying why not. Then she asked if I had our camera handy and that if I wanted she would take pictures of me using the dildo, so I could send them back to the guys and tell them about it. Finally I relented and said ok.

We went to the bedroom and I got the camera out and gave it to her. I was really nervous now and didn't know if I could do it. But Judy made me feel really comfortable and started to direct me and was telling me what she wanted me to do and was taking pictures of me, first still in my robe and then with my dildo in my hands and she even had me lick it and suck it as she continued to snap away. Finally I took the robe off and I was so wet and excited that I laid right down on the bed, closed my eyes and started to push the dildo inside me. Once it was all the way inside me, I opened my eyes and she was there taking pictures and I started to work it in and out and then reached down with my other hand and started to play with my clit as I was pushing this huge 9" black dildo in and out. I was so overwhelmed by the feeling that I closed my eyes again and continued until I had a great orgasm.

As I opened my eyes and started to pull the dildo out I saw that Judy was not taking any pictures, but instead had her hand inside her sweat pants and was playing with herself. She looked at me and said that was great and that it really made her so horny watching me and just had to have her hand inside her pants and play with her clit. Now that I saw this I said to her why not use one of my toys. She was hesitant first and then asked if I would mind and I said not at all, as long as I could watch. She hesitated a bit and then said why not and got undressed and took my 7" dildo and got on the bed and started to play with it. She would not let me take any pictures, so I just watched and it got me so excited again that I went to the dresser and got another one of my dildos and got on the bed next to her and we both used these toys until we had wonderful orgasms together.

I really wanted to hold her and cuddle with her, but could not get up the nerve to do it. I really wanted to taste her pussy and see what it was like, but it did not happen. Maybe someday. I hope this is not the last time we play like this. I showed my husband the pics she took and at first did not tell him who took them and he was really excited. I finally told him what happened and now he wants to have Judy over more often.

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2013-05-24 00:57:43
Vince and Latasha - Josh you are truly amazing in what you do. This is only the perivew and we can't wait to see what all the pictures look like. It was a true blessing that we found you. We can't share enough how great it was to work with you on the day of our wedding. I would be honored to refer all our friends and family to you. Thanks for making our day perfect! PS: Really the chair picture with the bride?

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2013-05-22 02:01:24
This article is a home run, pure and smplie!

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2010-12-24 03:06:05
sexy story i like it :)


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2010-12-11 11:24:26
sexy story i like it :)

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