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I lived out one of my fantasies when I met this young surfer at the beach.
It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining bright and it was exceptionally warm. What a great day to go to the beach. It should not be too crowded because the kids were still in school. So I went to the bedroom and put on a white sun dress on, nothing else and grabbed a bikini and decided to take my husbands sports car and I drove to the beach.

I found an area where there were some surfers in the water and I parked near their cars, waiting for someone else to drive up. After about 15 minutes, another surfer drove up and he parked about 20 feet away from me. As he was getting his wetsuit on and his surfboard ready, I got out of the car, opened the trunk and got my bikini out and slid the bottoms on under the dress and then unbuttoned the dress completely, and slid it off my shoulders, standing there topless with only my little string bikini bottoms on. I know I got his attention and he was watching me as I folded my dress neatly and laid it in the trunk and got the bikini top out and put it on. I grabbed my towel and strolled past him toward the beach and said hi, and as he said hi, I could see the bulge in his wetsuit. I definitely got his attention. I strolled down the beach a bit, away from where the other surfers were and laid out my towel and got comfortable. I lay down on my stomach and reached behind me and untied my top so I did not get any bikini lines in my tan. I was watching the surfer in the parking lot the entire time from behind my sunglasses and he was definitely watching me. When he had his board out, he walked down the beach right past me and then went into the water. Since I was on my stomach I could not see him now so I rolled over on my back, holding the top in place. I then untied the string that was around my neck and made sure my nipples were covered as I sat there and watched him surf. It was absolutely gorgeous, the sun was bright and the weather was warm. If it was not a Monday, I am sure the beach would have been packed, but since it was Monday and the kids were in school there was practically no one there.

After about 45 minutes, he was getting out of the water and I acted as though I was sleeping. As he was walking past me, I moved a bit and my top fell away from one of my tits and he just stopped and looked and then started to walk to his car as I stayed there for a few minutes. As he was cleaning his surfboard, I got up, tied my top back on, leaving it very loose and then walked to my car. As I got to the car and opened the door, I noticed that he was taking his wetsuit off. He wrapped a towel around him and then peeled his wetsuit off. I did not know that they didn't wear a bathing suit under it until then. So as he was doing this I walked over to him as he was putting the wetsuit in his trunk and asked him if he could help me put the convertible top down on my car. I acted as if there was a problem with it. He said sure and started to reach for his shorts, so I just said thanks and grabbed his hand before he got them and pulled him to my car telling him how much I really appreciated this. I still only had the bikini on and when we got to my car, I got in the drivers seat and told him there was something wrong with the latch. He bent down to look at the latch in the center of the roof and fumbled with it a bit and then he leaned inside the car reaching for it and unlatched it right away. I acted surprised that he did it so quickly and thanked him as he stood back up. I told him that I wanted to give him a tip for this and he refused and said it was not necessary. Then I asked him to show me again how it was done and he leaned in again, pulled the latch closed and then again unlatched it telling me how it was done. I leaned toward him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and as he started to back out of the car I grabbed the bottom of his towel without him seeing it and as he stood up, his towel fell off and I could see that he had a hard on as he tried to grab it and pull it back on, acting embarrassed.

He was young, maybe 20 years old and he started to apologize about it as he put it back on and I just giggled and said it was cute as I started to get out of the car and stood up. I told him that I wanted to give him something for helping me and he kept saying no, so I reached up and put my arms around his neck and pressed my body next to his and kissed him. He was surprised at first, but when I opened my lips a bit he pushed his tongue into my mouth and kissed me more passionately. With my right hand I untied the top string of my bikini top and leaned back a bit and it fell down and I then pushed my tits into his chest. His hands were now grabbing my ass and massaging it. I then broke the kiss and grabbed his cock under his towel and told him that I was going to take care of this and sat back down on the seat of the car and pulled his cock out from under his towel and started to stroke it with both hands as I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed now and was just enjoying the feeling. As I leaned forward and took the tip into my mouth, he just let out a gasp.

Here I was sitting in my car, topless, with a 20 year old kid's cock in my mouth, right in the middle of a beach parking lot. It was so exciting that I started to really suck on his cock, taking him all the way in until it touched the back of my mouth and then back out again. Here I was, actually acting like a real slut giving this young stranger a blow job. After a few minutes of this I took his cock out of my mouth and asked him if he was enjoying this and he said absolutely. He still had his eyes closed as I was stroking his cock, but he was now also leaning on the car with his hands, holding himself up. I continued to kiss and lick the tip of his cock as I stroked it with one hand and rubbed his balls with the other. As I took his cock back into my mouth, I sucked on it with a frenzy, taking it in out of my mouth as quickly as I could and then reached back and started to rub my finger around his ass and he started to moan a bit more. Finally he said that he was going to cum and I took his cock out of my mouth and told him to look at me as I stroked his cock with one hand and pushed my finger in his ass with my other hand and he just erupted, shooting stream after stream of cum all over me. The first spurt landed on my face and then I pointed his cock to my tits and continued to stroke it. He was shooting so much cum I could not believe it and it was running down my chest and to my belly. I have never seen so much cum from a guy before. When he finished, I took my fingers and wiped his cum from my face and licked it off my fingers and he was still recovering from his orgasm.

I turned into the driver’s seat and started the engine and pushed the button to lower the top. When it was all the way down, I looked at him and said thank you as I put the car in gear, reached out and grabbed his towel and as I started to drive off, his towel came completely off in my hand and he stood there naked now and did not know what to do but run to his car and grab his shorts. I drove away looking at him in the mirror, laughing about it all the way out of the parking lot onto PCH and honked the horn as I drove past him. I was so wrapped up in this that I forgot that I was topless for about a mile down the road when a guy in a truck was next to me and honked his horn at me. I smiled at him and then sped away.

I eventually pulled onto the side of the road in an area that was deserted. Here I was sitting in my car on the side of the road, topless, with this strange kid’s cum all over me and I was so excited. I took the towel I grabbed from the kid and wiped his cum from my chest and belly and then tied my top back in place and rushed home where as soon as I got in the house I ran to the bedroom and got my big black dildo out and fucked myself silly with it. I could not believe that I would do something like that, but I did and it felt great. I think that every woman has thought about seducing a young kid like this, but they are afraid to. Now I can actually say that I lived out one of my fantasies and enjoyed it and do not regret it.

ron jonReport

2017-01-04 20:54:46
Yes very hot!!! short and to the point. I've been seduced almost that same way 3 times. The hottest was a husband and wife team. I still get hard thinking about it. Wished I knew how to write stories so everyone could enjoy that one

Anonymous readerReport

2016-07-26 08:21:24
Hot story! I've never done anything like this but I love sex in public places so it's a real turn on for me. My cunt is dripping wet! And I love sucking dick - maybe I should go down to the beach right now...

Anonymous readerReport

2016-06-15 17:22:58
nothing wrong with being a slut.!! If I was your man I would watch you enjoy different cock....

Anonymous readerReport

2014-11-15 14:10:49
I had that had happen

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-02 20:01:42
You seem like a good woman buny. I must admit though I would've never closed my eyes

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