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The incestual love continues
I thank everyone for their comments and i do realize that i did need paragraphs after i posted the story and i apologize for that. So here is the continuation of what happened on my 21st birthday. Hope you like it and comments are once again welcomed. Enjoy!

After Daddy had just given me my first oral orgasm i was on cloud nine and i didnt want to come back down anytime soon. Daddy crawled up my body and was kissing every square inch of my stomach until he reached my tits and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. That made me moan loudly and push his head further into my tit and i said "bite pookies nipple daddy i want to feel some pain with my pleasure." He was more than happy to oblige and he bit the shit out of my nipple that made me scream in ectasy. Then Daddy released my nipple and starting back kissing up towards my face where we shared another passionate hot kiss that melted me from the inside out. We kissed more like lovers than father and daughter and that turned me on so much! Daddy looked me directly into my eyes and asked " are you ready baby?" At that point we had come this far to go back and without hesitation i said " yes daddy i am ready."

Daddy parted my legs and comfortably in between them then he reached down and grabbed ahold of his massive hard 9 inch cock and started stroking it up and down. All the while im looking on with amazement and anticipation as to how this was all going to feel. Daddy rubbed his cock on my clit and i swear i felt a spark because i jumped and yelp daddy smiled and then i felt his cock at my opening. He slowly pushed his cock inside my tight hole he couldnt help but moan to himself so that let me know that it was feeling good to him. I felt soon to be ex virgin pussy stretch and daddys cock hit my hymen and he stopped moving his cock inside me. He looked at me and said "babygirl this is gonna hurt a lot but i will not move until you tell me to." All i could was shake my head cos i was so nervous as to how this was actually gonna hurt and with the shake of my head daddy pushed himself deep into my no longer virgin pussy. The pain shooted through me like a bunch of knives and i scream so loudly that i thought i was gonna lose my voice.

The whole time Daddy was looking into my eyes rubbing my face and being entirely still so that i could get use to the pain. It took about 6 minutes for the pain to subside and i felt so full inside with that i told Daddy that i wanted him to start moving. I felt his hips start to move slowly and i also his felt his cock start to leave my pussy and his hips moved towards my body. His cock was moving more and more into my pussy and it started to feel soooo good! I couldnt help but moan into his ear he took that as a good sign and he quickend his pace. Before i knew it his hips were jabbing into my hips and i heard this squishy sound between us and i got sooo turned on that i wrapped my legs around his legs and said "fuxk your pookie harder daddy! Dont hold anything back! This feels soo good!"

Daddy leaned up onto his hands and starting really pounding my pussy hard and fast and the look on his face told me that this will not be the last time that we will be in this position. I felt my first induced vaginal orgasm on the horizon and i told daddy "daddy i feel something coming!" Daddy said "just let it come pookie. Dont be scared k?" I trusted daddy so i did just that: i let it come and it took me over like a tidal wave!! I felt the pleasure from deep within my cervix and i screamed "DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I felt my pussy tightened around daddys cock like a vice. He knew that i was coming so he did not stop ramming my insides and i was screaming at the top of my lungs cos i had never felt anything like this before. Daddy was on top of me grunting and panting like a mad man then he told me :pookie im gonna cum! im gonna cum!!!!!!!"

I felt this hot liquid shoot into me and that made me cum again even though i wasnt done cumming the first time. This time i was clawing at Daddys back because this was too much for me to handle. Daddy was moaning louder than me and he just kept cumming and cumming i didnt think he was gonna stop anytime soon. After a few more hot spurts daddy collasped on top of my body while i was passed out from all the pleasure that i had just received. Daddy started kissing me awake and when i opened my eyes i knew that Daddy loved me more than anything in the world and i loved just as much. He asked me :are you ok babygirl?" I said "oh im more than ok daddy im in love and i want to do this more and more with you everyday." His face filled up with light and we shared a passionate kiss to seal our lovemaking.

We drifted off to sleep in each others arms and awoke in the morning with the sun beaming into our room. My pussy was massively sore but it was a good kind of sore i reached down and dipped my fingers into my cunt and felt daddys dry cum on my pussy. I looked over at my handsome sexy daddy sleeping blissfully i got out of bed and went to the shower to clean up. I was looking at myself in the mirror and i was a whole new woman i was my daddys woman and that felt good to feel that way. Daddy had woke up and he came into the bathroom where he put his arms around my waist and kissed the side of my neck and said "good morning pookie." "Good morning daddy." it felt great to have his arms around me i was in heaven.

But something dawned on me that didnt come to me before. I was not on the pill cos i never had sex before and i knew that daddy had a high sperm count. I was thinking to myself "omg daddy came inside me and im not on the pill!" The word that came to my mind was: BABY!


2015-09-16 21:15:35
Hopefully you create a third part toats interested and hot.

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2015-08-13 18:51:17
Awesome story she was a little old should of been like 10 r 12 and just had her first period and ready for breeding and then breed her and maker her ur fuck toy

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2015-06-29 06:47:03
I have three beautiful daughters. But fortunatlyI have never secumed
To the temptation thank god.
I really didnt want them growing up with the guilt of having made love
With their father.
I am really glad I resisted the temptation, because I really don't think
I could've lived with myself either.

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2011-08-13 04:02:09
did u have ur daddt baby?

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2011-07-21 11:38:03
wow i wish i was ur daddy

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