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haven't been able to get to the sex yet so if your looking to get off read my other stories
this is just a sample,posted for ideas and creative responses seeing as i hit writers block

"Oh my god, Clark get your head out of Smallville mode and back to the big city!" said a voice to Clark's side.
“Sorry, Lois kinda lost my train of thought.”
“You know, ever since Lana’s niece came into town, you’ve been acting strange …….er than usual.”
“How do you mean, Lois?”
“Oh I don’t know, Clark, you’re a guy, probably thinking about seducing her or something.”
“Lois, you do realize she’s under age right?”
Clark looks out the window and lowered his glasses for a moment, his face darkening with concern.
“…….. Hicks from Smallville are.” Said Lois, not noticing Clark had dazed out again.

Mid-town Supergirl was having a difficult time with a renegade android, she had thrown in her best punches but even that didn’t seem to phase it.
“FALL. DOWN. YOU. PIECE. OF. SCRAP. METAL!!!” she screamed throwing every punch with everything she had. Sweat pouring from her skin, drenching her uniform, making form to her skin. The android stopped in mid-step, swinging its arm, it threw Supergirl through a building, causing it to collapse onto her.

“Excuse me, Lois, I need to run an errand downtown.” Clark said, turning toward the elevators.
“And what about the story, Clark?” said Lois
“It’s already on the printer.” Clark said, waving as he walked away.
Once he was in the elevator, with the doors closed, he rips open his shirt revealing a red S inside a shield. Taking of, he made his way downtown flying quickly, worried for his cousin.

Groaning, Kara Zor-EL pulled herself out from under the megaton of heated rubble that had pinned her down. Quickly assessing the situation, She noted that the building the fell on her was condemned and would have likely fallen any way. Her shirt and bra was tor and now worthless. Her skirt M.I.A probably burned when the electricity shorted. With nothing covering her but her ragged birthday suite, she took off after the robot, pissed beyond reason.
“SONUVABITCH!!!! That was my favorite skirt, you ass hole!!!” she screamed colliding with the robot at top speed.
The robot barely moved.
“GODDAMMIT! Why won’t you fall!!! “She cried punching the android again and again
Suddenly the android grew hot, burning Supergirl’s knuckles.
“WHAT THE….” She began as she watched the robot melt into a puddle of molten metal.
“You know you have heat vision, Kara.” Said a familiar voice behind her.
“KEL!!!!” Supergirl squealed leaping to hug her cousin
“I tried to use it but I just couldn’t get it hot enough.”
Taking of his cape and draping it over the half naked teen, he noticed how luscious the young heroine’s figure looked, how smooth her skin, the perk of her developing breast, causing a bulge to for in his pants.
“I have been on earth longer, Kara, given time under the yellow sun; your powers will grow to be like mine. If not stronger, given the fact you metabolize sunlight quicker.” Clark said, shaking the images from his head and hoping his cousin didn’t notice his 9 inch bulge growing in his tights.
“You may have been on earth 20 years longer than I, but I…………” Kara stopped, noticing the tent Clark was pitching. Lost for words, Kara just stood with a look of awe on her face. “What is that?” she said pointing.
“What?” Clark said, looking down, thinking he had something on his shirt. Praying she wasn’t pointing at his dick, he went through the motions of checking his shirt.
“That, in your pants. It looks like a zonglorian parasite or something. “She said innocently.
“A what?” said Clark trying desperately to change the subject? His hard-on still not subsiding
What the hell, he thought; whenever I get this way around Lois, I can either force it to go away or I can quickly jack off in the bathroom before she notices. Why is my libido going so crazy over my cousin?
“A Zonglorian parasite. A parasite that drains its victims of its blood. Once it latches on they’re almost impossible to get off.”
“Right, your parents never gave you …… the Talk before have they?”
“The talk? Talk about what?” Kara asked innocently, her face showing confusion.
“You know…. The birds and the bees…?”
“Oh that….no… my friends told me of ‘the talk’ but laughed at me every time I asked them about it. What does that have to do with the parasite?”
“This would be easier to tell if we went somewhere else” Clark said, his face now matching a ripe tomato.
“ok.” Said Kara, immediately taking flight making 5000 feet before Clark caught up, his mind in a haze.
“Kara, your 16 I think it’s well past time for you to know ‘the Talk’. Wish Zor-EL told you before he sent you off but shit happens. “He paused, savoring the use of the dirty word.” The bulge in my pants is called an erection. It’s when a male’s sexual organ fills with blood and inflates. It shows a sign that the male wants what a woman, or …..In some cases, other men, have. And that is what is called sexual intercourse.” Said Clark, not believing he’s having to tell his cousin this.
“So what your saying is you want to have sex with me?” said Kara, still confused.
“Yes and no, yes in the fact that you are an attractive young woman, and no in the fact that you’re a virgin, and it would be wrong of me to take that from you.”
“Why?” said Kara, still confused
“Because I’m your cousin.”
“But Aunt Lara and uncle Jor-EL were cousins. Is earth not like Krypton? “
“once upon a time it was considered the ok thing to do, but now its highly frowned upon. That doesn’t keep it from happening, though.”
“Oookay and? I’m not following here. Your saying you want to, and then your saying you don’t. I wanna know more about this and you’re the only other damn kryptonian around here other than Krypto and he’s a fucking dog! Show me more, Kel-EL!”
“Kara it’s taboo. I can’t

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