Young Chloe’s Experience 2

Male/Pre-teen Female, Nudity, First Time


I have repeated the last paragraph of chapter 2 to refresh your memory of Chloe’s experience. I hope that you enjoy her experiences.

Not realizing that he was dreaming, Frank began to stir in his sleep. As he turned to his right, he felt the naked body next to him and believed that it was his long lost wife that he had so loved. At twelve, Chloe was as tall as her mother was. His right hand began to roam the length of her body and he wanted it. His cock was hard and exhibiting a degree of pain. Pre-cum was oozing from the tip and smearing a trail on her ass as he turned completely onto his right side. His left had slowing caressed her body beginning at her small titties and moving to her ass and pussy. Slowly he turned her onto her back. He was still asleep and so was she. His hands had full access to her body now as he began to make love to his “wife”.


While still sleeping, Frank raised the sleeping Chloe’s legs up over his shoulders so that he could align his torpedo with her pussy. Opening her lower lips, he drew back and plunged into her breaking through her hymen and slapping her cervix head-on.

At first Chloe woke with shock, then wonder, and then pain. She screamed which woke Frank from his slumber. At first, he did not realize what was going on, but as the sleep left his eyes, he began to focus and realized that Chloe was beneath him. Looking down he then realized that his cock was buried in her twelve-year-old cunt. Immediately, he tried to pull out, but the tightness of her young pussy held him in. She had settled down by this time and tightened her cunt muscles around him. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry, I thought you were your mother…I’m so sorry,” Frank exclaimed. Unconsciously, Frank had begun to move within her pussy. The pain had left her and she was beginning to feel pleasure. Her body had adjusted to his buried cock and she did not want it to stop. “Daddy, daddy don’t stop, its okay. Oh Daddy, just fuck me now. I want this, keep moving,” she cried.

So Frank began to fuck Chloe in earnest. His balls were slapping against her ass with each thrust. She was so tight and he could feel himself getting close. Ah, ah, ah she panted as she neared her first orgasm with a man. On instinct, her hips rose to meet his every thrust. Finally, she cried out with orgasmic bliss as she spewed girl cum all over his balls. When Frank felt this, his dam broke. He began to shoot rope after rope deep into her pussy. “Daddy, I feel you Cumming in me,” Chloe cried out. When Frank had cum his last, he rolled to the side still buried in her. He was exhausted. He wanted to go to sleep, but knew he could not. He had to talk to her, but what could he possible say. The damage was done, he could not undo it.

Baby, I…

Daddy, don’t. I wanted this. I have wanted this for a long time. Yes, it was a surprise tonight and I did scream, but still, I wanted it.

But you are only twelve.

What, I don’t have needs! I know you have missed mom, I have too, but you need this too.

You talk as if you are much older and wiser than a mere twelve.

Well, I have had to grow up a bit since mom died. You have been a basket case yourself.

I know and I am sorry about that. I loved her so much, and I love you too.

I know you love me daddy. That is why this is so right. Now lets get some sleep, I have school tomorrow.

You are right sweetheart, let’s get some sleep.

So Frank and Chloe drifted off to sleep. He was still buried deep within her as they entered dreamland. Twice more that night Frank fucked her and filled her cunt with his baby juice. By morning, they had rolled apart to opposite sides of the bed.


Chloe awoke first and rushed into the bathroom to sit on the toilet. Rushing from her pussy came dollops of cum tainted with her cherry blood. As she finished she returned to her dad’s bed to find him still asleep. She surveyed her father in all his glory and discovered his morning wood. Slowly, she climbed back up onto the bed at his side and took his cock into her mouth. This was her first attempt at giving a blowjob, but she had heard about from her friends at school. As she began to suck his cock, he began to stir in his sleep. Giggling a little at the power she wielded over him, she sucked him deeper into her oral cavity. It was but a few minutes that she felt his hand holding her head in place. Her sucking increased as she felt his cock grow in her mouth. Suddenly, without warning, he exploded against the back of her throat. She withdrew until only the head was lodged in her mouth as he continued to cum five, six seven ropes of cum. Quickly she swallowed as he finished. As she rose and released his cock, she said, “Thanks for the breakfast, dad.” The both then got out of the bed and went in to take a shower for the day. Father and daughter dressed for their busy day and left. Both realized that their lives had changed forever, but neither knew if it was for the good or bad. Only time could tell, and time was not telling yet.

This is the second installment of Chloe’s experience4. Hope that you like it.

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next installment should have the daughter get pregnant with her fathers baby

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